Links à la Mode, July 14

Cropped this, cropped that. Floral here, floral there. And off the shoulder everywhere. It seems that these three fashion design elements have become essential to just about every outfit this Summer. Will they continue into Fall?

IFB bloggers didn’t just stop there where trends are concerned. They also showed off fringe, flowy shorts, and chambray. Add in a few good color stories on red, black, and what happens when you combine red with stripes, and you have the making of a complete Summer trend guide right here on our own little Links à la Mode. Ever wonder what it’s like to come out from behind the scenes, compete in a pageant, shop for fashionable plus size looks, or blend perfume in Paris. Yep, we have that covered too. And don't miss the fun tutorial on minimalist nails and a lesson in handbag buying–a fake is a fake is obviously a fake, or is it?

Links à la Mode, July 14

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