Links à la Mode, September 27th

Fall is in full effect. Seriously, can you believe we're in bootie season? Us neither. And so we're soaking in all the advice from transitioning wardrobes to the best teas for your bodies. You'll find yourself rejuvenated by the think pieces and all around style.

Links à la Mode, Sept 27th, 2018

Heads up! We’ve changed our submission process. First, read LALM’s submission guidelines here. Then submit your blog submission on our Facebook page starting Friday.

If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code. (Note – we’ve changed where we are leaving the code, and hopefully this is easier for you to insert into your site.)

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  1. citrabook

    I really like this: “Building genuine connections is something that starts before you even have an idea how this person can help you.” Also about the “free” gift. Well, it is never too free but people tend to return the favor in general. It’s about finding that one thing you know/you have control over and the other part does not.