10 Apps To Boost Your Instagram Photos (iPhone and Android!)
By: Taylor Davies

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The last couple of weeks have been huge for Instagram. First, they launched their app for Android phones (yay!) and next, they sold their 18-month-old company to that other social media giant, Facebook (for a cool $1 billion). With Instagram’s Android downloads already topping 5 million, it’s clear the photo-sharing app is hot (and not going anywhere, anytime soon)!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from our many posts, the IFB office is one of Instagram’s biggest fans, and we’re so happy we can finally share all that enthusiasm with Android smart phone users. Being the tech-savvy, bordering-on-obsessive users that we are, sometimes the app’s filters aren’t quite enough for us. We want more. A collage, a cross-processing filter or those pretty bokeh light spots.

Below, we present 10 extra camera and photography apps that are sure to make your Instagram photos even better.

Create a Grid of Photos:


Lens Boost:


(Also, check out lots (and lots) more Android photography apps here, and all your iPhone apps here.)


Do you know of any brilliant camera or effects apps we may have missed? Please share in the comments!


  1. Yelena says:

    My favourite picture app on Android has to be Retro Camera. I use the free app which gives me 6 different types of “cameras” to use which give the photos I take different affects. You can then share your pics via different social media platforms. I used the pics when I started my blog. Quick, versatile and produces beautiful quality pics.

  2. Stephanie says:

    PhotoShake for Android is better than PhotoGrid! I swear by it! I have them both but will run to PhotoShake in a heartbeat!

  3. Try these; Lomo Camera for Lomo effects (obviosuly) and One Man with Camera – it has many types of lenses and filters. InstaG. is pretty good too. You get to save photos into your phone and look at the pictures you like. The only one weakness is that you can’t upload. Hope this helps! :)

  4. Great post! Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Emily Ulrich says:

    My new favorite app for iPhone has to be Frametastic. Not only is it free, but I find its editing feature to be far superior to the others. There’s a nice supply of edits you can add to individual images in the set, the ability to modify size and space within the chosen frame, as well as a great line of sharing options. :)

  6. GSTAR says:

    I would like to know what app they used to created that text on the instagram pic.

  7. Susana Juarez says:

    A few photography apps I really like are Camera FV-5 and MagicHour. I like that Camera FV-5 feels more like a manual DSLR camera but for your android phone. (Not sure if it’s available for iPhone) Magic Hour is great for post processing. There are oodles of filters from other MagicHour users as well as you can create your own to share with others.

  8. De says:

    My fav by far for Droid (besides Instaram) is Pixlr-o-matic. TONS of filters and effects. Think its free as well. I pre-process in P-o-m and then finish by applying an Instagram effect. My latest addiction…

  9. EdEditz says:

    The camera app I use most besides Instagram is Pixlr-O-Matic. It has a really huge amount of free filters in three categories: film, light and frame. I usually put my picture through Pixlr first and then go to Instagram. You can get some really awesome looks this way. Try it! :)

  10. ChicGeek says:

    Great article!

    What font did you use on the word “instagram” is it from phonto?

    Thanks so much!

  11. Lsm says:

    I’d like to know what app can I use to put hearts as a filter on my photos ?

  12. Bunnie says:

    I’m very fond of Camera Awesome and Camera360 for iPhone.

    Camera Awesome has an ‘all in one’ switch for color and level editing, which you can just switch on and half the time it does a perfect job! Otherwise you can tweak all the individual elements. I’ve saved a lot of low-light photos that way.

    Camera360 has several ‘magic skin’ and color filters which are AMAZING; their magic skin is now my go-to for days when the lighting is unflattering or I’m not in full makeup. It makes you look perfect!

  13. Fashion-isha says:

    Wow! Instagram sold their company to FB for $1 billion?? OMG!!

  14. Leighton says:

    PhotoWonder has been my go-to Android app for about 3 years. It’s by far one of the best photo editing apps available for Android.

  15. Nick says:

    Since I got my droid ‘Little Photo’ has been my all time favourite app. Does different types of Lomography, with lots of options like to control the intensity of effects. Like it more than Instagram. That’s a must download app!!

  16. chanel says:

    I’m just wondering if anyone knows of the app that you can do circle or heart shaped frames around your photo? For android.

  17. Jill Fox says:

    Hi! Omg! I loved reading this article & comments. Fed my addiction for pic taking and editing! I can’t believe a billion, huh? Very cooL
    Can anyone tell me the app to add hearts? I tried what one comment above said called PEStudio, but it could not be found. Great tips from all!!
    Happy gramming :)

  18. Lindsey says:

    I personally LOVE Afterglow. It has LOTS of filters and frames, and you can transfer your picture directly to instagram to share! Definitely the best photo app I’ve tried!!

  19. Brydie says:

    Bezel allows you to do shape frames, including hearts!

  20. Meg says:

    Hiya, i was wondering if anyone knew what apps do the symmetric app? Thanks :)

  21. Hello,
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  22. Beth says:

    I would like to know if there is an app for android that allows you to be able to post whole pictures without having to crop them. I know there is for iphone, but I have yet to find one for android. Please help.

    • Billy (@nights55) says:

      Hello Beth,

      Not sure if you ever received a response to your question asking if there’s an android app that lets you post full pictures instead of squares.

      There actually is a GREAT app called Streamzoo! Its like Instagram only better (WAAAAY BETTER) for posting full sized photos! Hope this helps and good luck!

  23. Joshiesgirl says:

    What app do you use for the photos used at the beginning of this page?

  24. Julia says:

    pudding camera is the best photo app ever. I’ve been only using this app since i downloaded it. it takes photos with effects already with it, you can take fish eye, its just so perfect. <3333333

  25. Dhel says:

    I would like to ask if what app in Android phone or iPhone has a girly frame and heart stickers also has a sparkling effects.

  26. Giselle says:

    Um id like to know if there are any apps for android like the symbolgram for iphone

  27. Infinity 101 says:

    N for iPhone: juxtaposer which is free, superimpose which is 0.99

  28. Zahra says:

    Hey Everyone.
    Can someone tell me how to make infinity signs on a photo & To look like it has space on it (Infinity things that are popular now lol) And make triangles on it. If someone Knows please tell me<3 Thanks:)
    By the way: To edit my photos i use: Pics Art , Cymera I totally recomend them, :)

  29. Jessika says:

    I really want to find out what this app is called. It makes white frames in circles and cross and etc. someone in the comments said that there was one called Shaped and I can’t find it I my AppStore and I don’t know if its because my phone is Swedish and stuff? Please help me lol

    • kathy zamora says:

      if you have an iphone i would use instaframe it works amazing ((: , also just try looking for shapely also works amazing hope this helped and can you try to answer my question :\

    • Aria says:

      I’m Pretty Sure The App With All The Diff. Shape Frames Is Called DipTick
      (Its For iPhones) It Lets You Do A Million Things Totally Recommend!

  30. kathy zamora says:

    I see some of followers on my Instagram posting a photo with this very light effect and I was wondering if any of you know the app , I have this app if any one wanted it , it’s called instasize so your photo won’t crop on instagram it works really well , a app to make your picture shaped is this app called shaped its amazing a good collage app is , picsart (: hope I helped some of you now can you help me ((: ?

  31. Lynn says:

    We take before and after photos of people who have instant results from our body wrap application. We need a photo app (android) that will allow us to put the pictures together in a set of 4 or 6 maybe even 8 very quickly but still allow for some croping and light adjustment etc. We have seen one for iphone called CamWow but there is no crossover for android. Any help?

  32. Aqsa says:

    I want to know any free android app for camera zoom other than camera zoom fx ..?

  33. neyim123 says:

    Shottext is a free app used to add text to photos with many color and font options.

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  37. My fave apps are VSCO cam, Luminance, Over, Mextures, and Fragment. Hands down.

  38. Profile photo of Roxanne D'souza

    I live on Instagram and my photo editing and enhancing apps. I have over 22 apps just for that on my phone!
    The ones I would really recommend are – VSCO cam, mextures, phonto, Image blender, Fuzel, Squaready and Studio.

  39. Samantha says:

    What are the best collage apps for instagram?

  40. Max says:

    Ive seen a few photos on random pages where it looks like the sky or clouds are turned into the universe with dark purples and stars and planets different types of space, cellestial (spelling?) Scenes. Thought I had an app that had it but deleted it becore I used it and dont remember. Please help

  41. soumik says:

    i use instafusion app.

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