How to Start a Fashion Blog
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Instagram Essentials: 10‑Day eCourse for Bloggers

This course is for anyone who hopes to grow their audience and increase engagement on Instagram. It gives you clear, explicit instructions on improving your images, thinking about how you schedule them, and int...
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How to Negotiate an Ad Contract for Your Blog

I've talked about negotiating on IFB a couple of times now, both on the affiliate side and the ad sales side, but there's always more to say because negotiating is a complex topic...especially when you're fir...
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10 YouTube Stars to Watch (& Learn From)

In the internet galaxy, YouTube is a universe unto itself. In just over eight years of existence, YouTube sees over 1 billion unique visitors who watch over 4 billion hours of video. PER MONTH. While the traffi...
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Jane Aldridge in a Sea of Controversy

As you may have read last week, there was a flurry of controversy over a recent profile of Jane Aldridge, the blogger behind Sea of Shoes, in a publication called Texas Monthly. In it, the reporter rather candi...
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What the FTC Really Requires Bloggers to Disclose

The controversy last week surrounding Lord & Taylor’s blogger campaign made one thing clear: The rules surrounding disclosure for bloggers are a lot more complicated than simply adding a disclaimer on a blo...
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11 Super Handy Scheduling Tools for Bloggers

The Holidays are here. You may be taking your annual vacation to see family, or to go on an actual vacation. Hanging out at a computer may NOT be an option. Whether you will be far from an internet connection,...
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How To Conduct A Successful Fashion Interview

Many of us start blogs as a way to keep our skills sharp when it comes to writing and talking about or keeping up with fashion. Your blog can be a calling card or gateway to a job if you’re smart and savvy with your content! A great clip to pass along to a potential employer or publication you might want to contribute to is an interview.
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Boost Your Blog Traffic With Tumblr

One of the fastest growing social networks in the world right now is not Facebook or Twitter. Instead, it is Tumblr. In the past year alone, Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, Gucci, Kate Spade and Modcloth hav...