How to Start a Fashion Blog
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How to Write a PR Plan for Your Blog

If you are serious about growing your audience, building your reputation and turning your blog into a business, then the first step is to think about your blog as a business. How are you going to promote your...
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3 Ways To Make Money Off Of Instagram

While Instagram has gained a reputation for turning just about anybody with a smart phone into a decent photographer, some entrepreneurs have been using the free social media platform for marketing and selling their product. In an article by Business News Daily, they interviewed fashion businesses that have utilized their Instagram accounts for e-commerce. See their three secrets to Instagram success here:
Simple Design Tweaks Make Blog Better

6 Simple Blog Design Tips For A Better Blog

When it comes to designing your blog's layout, simplicity is key - especially if you're a beginner. Your overall blog design should be kept simple and clean. Content should always be the main focus of your blo...
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21 Link-Ups to Promote Your Outfit Posts

Never has there been more places to promote your blogs, and particularly, outfit posts! While, "What are you wearing" communities ie. have existed for a long time, not as well-known, but equally ...