Links a La Mode Roundup

Links à la Mode Fashion Roundup

Links à la Mode, February 16, 2019Tips to Help You Plan and Shoot Your Own Outfit PhotosYou don't need a photographer on hand to take quality outfit photos. The key to shooting your own pictures is all in the planning process. This post will share...
How to Start a Fashion Blog
top 10 fashion bloggers

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Who Nail Their Niche

So what exactly quantifies "nailing your niche" by IFB standards? Well, this won't be  your typical list of blogger who make bank and have insane amounts of traffic and followers, command $10,000 appearance fee...
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facetune fashion blogger

7 Facetune Functions for Fashion Bloggers

When Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me shared the little tweaks she makes to her Instagram photos using apps including Facetune, her deft hand with the app made me see it in a whole new light. I had tried Facet...
style bloggers over 30

30 Spectacular Style Bloggers Over 30

Someone once told me that your thirties are the best decade of your life. Your angsty teen years are more than a decade in the past, and perhaps you overcome that whole "figuring out who you are" thing of y...
diy fashion

How To Write A Great DIY Post

Over here at IFB, we've noticed that DIY, or Do It Yourself, projects are popping up all over the blog-o-sphere. Some blogs like P.S. - I Made This... are entirely devoted to such projects, and some use it ...