How to Start a Fashion Blog
Generate Blog Post Ideas

10 Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas for a Year

According to data from WordPress, there are over 70 Million blog posts generated every month. That number is increasing every month as more and more bloggers join the web. If anything, the competition is ge...
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What Carrie Bradshaw Can Teach You About Blogging

Is it just me, or is Carrie Bradshaw the patron saint of fashion bloggers?  Oh, it is just me--my bad.  That's okay, because either way I'm going to share with you why we can all take a few lessons from Sai...
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Daily Inspiration: Independence is Happiness

 Happy 4th of July! Here in the US, it's Independence Day... which usually means a day off, fireworks, something off the grill... hamburgers or veggie dogs.I usually like to reflect on what it ...
8 Best Grammar Checker Tools For Bloggers

8 Best Grammar Checker Tools for Bloggers

There are a lot of grammar checking tools, but which tool is best for bloggers? We did some research and now will share the results with you.Why Check? Automatic grammar checking is useful for everyone, from...
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3 Ways To Say “Thank You!” To Your Readers

You know that feeling you get when you open up your mailbox and see a small, pretty envelope addressed by hand, specifically to you? It makes you feel special, doesn't it? It's even better when it turns out tha...
a fashion blogging history

The Most Important Moments In Fashion Blogging History

Do you know your fashion blogger history? Our community has been rapidly changing over the past couple years -- so fast, in fact, that we've barely had time to take a look back at our progression. In honor of our 7th IFB Con (can you believe it!? 7!!), here's brief peek at how bloggers have evolved thus far, a la timeline format.

Why Fashion Bloggers Should Love Instagram

The first time I saw Instagram was a few months ago, Ann from Holier Than Now was using it to take a photo of something. At the time I thought it was just another photo filter application, so I didn't think ...
Successful woman using laptop building online business making money

Blogger Compensation: To Charge or Not To Charge?

When you're starting your business as a blogger, one of the toughest questions you'll face is knowing when to charge and when something should be done for free. It's a delicate process as you want to make s...
blogger title chief

What Title Should You Give Yourself?

I've always felt a bit ambivalent over what to tell people my role is, publish on the site, or print on my business cards as my title for my blog. Since it is essentially self-declared, I don't want to give...