How to Start a Fashion Blog
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Best Blogging Phones

This post is by Lauren Cooke of A Typical Atypical Photo of Jordana and Geri using their Windows phones at NYFW.Blogging is no longer a matter of sitting down at a computer and hammering at the keyboa...
SEO Tips Boost Traffic Keywords

5 SEO Tips to Boost Traffic Using Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of an SEO strategy aiming to increase the traffic of any website. When they are executed properly they bring the required traffic and even more importantly the necessary conver...
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Photography 101: Know Your DSLR Dial

You know all those little symbols on that wheel at the top of your DSLR camera? They can elevate your photos to a more professional level. We've broke it down for you symbol-by-symbol so you can make the most of your camera.
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10 Places to Find Creepy Halloween Images

Halloween is in two days. I am hosting a Halloween party at my house and am frantically sewing, gluing, and putting everything together for the big day. But in the digital world, Halloween is an awesome time to...
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10 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Do you ever find that the mind can be seriously annoying? At least that's what I thought last Friday. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and wasn't sure how to get myself out of my very own creative rut.</ Inste...
Fashion Blogging vs Magazines

Fashion Blogging vs. Magazines: What Does The Future Hold?

As magazines begin to tap into bloggers more and more, I began to wonder: will this progression continue to meld together, eventually evolving digital magazine platforms and blogs into one? Or will magazines and blogs forever be of two different mindsets in fashion?
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Why Your Job Title is Killing Your Credibility

A quick scroll through LinkedIn offers a dizzying array of job titles. CEO, Editor in Chief, Social Media Guru. Funny? Yes. Entertaining? Sure. Professional? No. As a blogger, you want to showcase your many ...
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Run Your Fashion Blog Like a Magazine

Timing is crucial in the fashion industry and especially when it comes to fashion blogging. To stay relevant, you need to keep up with trends and publish according to the season.The trick is being ahead of ...
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5 Tips On How To Set Traffic Goals For Yourself

Higher traffic on your blog means a greater possibility of making your blog a self sustaining business. So, what's the magic formula behind getting higher numbers? There's a myriad of things you need to do, but one way to grow your reach is by setting tangible traffic goals for yourself.