Links a La Mode Roundup

Links à la Mode Fashion Roundup

Links à la Mode, January 10th, 2019The Fashion Trends I'm Keeping (and Ditching) for the New Year by Venti FashionThis article will kickoff your style for the new year! Are biker shorts still in style? Should we toss our dad sneakers? Read the full...
How to Start a Fashion Blog
guy fashion blogger

What It’s Like to Be a Guy Fashion Blogger

After all of these years blogging and sharing advice and tips at IFB, I only recently came to the realization that I've been doing it based on assumptions, and to a certain extent, even bias. What I'm referri...
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How to Write a PR Plan for Your Blog

If you are serious about growing your audience, building your reputation and turning your blog into a business, then the first step is to think about your blog as a business. How are you going to promote your...
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6 tax tips for bloggers

Six Tax Tips for Bloggers

Have you filed your taxes yet? In the business of blogging, taxes are the biggest drag. For most of us at least. In fact, you many be reading this post in procrastination of actually doing your taxes. But no ...
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5 Ways to Establish Credibility

This post is by Amelia Marshal of Further AdoBloggers get a bad rap from the press sometimes. When they’re not calling us biased, they say we don’t know how to check our facts. The main problem, it seem...
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The Top 5 Inspiring TED Talks for Bloggers

Inspiration, hope and motivation. That's what TED, a nonprofit started in 1984 devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, has brought to many of its viewers and today, TED celebrates one billion TedTalk views, a hug...