27 Signs You’re Addicted to Instagram

We’ll be the first ones to raise our hands and admit that we might be addicted to Instagram. Okay, okay we definitely are. The photo-sharing app has become something of a phenomenon for everyone from bloggers to brands, celebrities, magazines and athletes. We all love to see what everyone else is up to, and the more access we get and the faster we can get it, the more obsessed we become. Luckily, this is one addiction that’s more fun than it is dangerous.

Here are 27 signs that you, too, are addicted to Instagram.

1. You choose your outfits in the morning based on how they will look after filtering.

2. If you didn’t upload it, you didn’t eat it.

3. If you didn’t snap a #mirrorshot #selfie, you didn’t wear it.

4. You’ve started to view the world exclusively in squares.

5. Accordingly, rectangular photos on social media now look positively amateur.

6. In bed, after you turn out the light, you give Instagram one last refresh, just to make sure you’re caught up.

7. You find yourself frequently reviewing your own Instagram stream critically to assess what other people might think of you, based on your most recent photos.

8. You’re extremely judgmental of the filter choices of others. (“Kelvin? With the frame?!”)

9. You say things like “Hold on – I need to Insta this really quick,” more than once a day.

10. You consider anything less than double-digit likes a failed photo, and delete it.

11. You obsess over your statigr.am statistics on a daily basis, especially lost followers and your “most liked” photos.

12. You’re an app purist – and frown upon using photos uploaded from the web instead of taken with your iPhone.

13. The hashtag(s) for your image is of utmost importance #nofilter #OOTD #throwbackthursday #latergram

14. You have the use of “tilt focus” down to a science.

15. You’ve read all of IFB’s Instagram posts.

16. 90 percent of the reason you even have a smart phone is so you can use Instagram.

17. You pre-edit your Instagram photos with other apps to maximize their impact.

18. You’re envious of dog and cat owners, purely because of the photo ops.

19. You can’t understand why in the world anyone would have a Blackberry.

20. Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.

21. You can’t remember the last evening you didn’t take a photo of the sunset.

22. More than a few times, you’ve chosen your shoes, your manicure, your coffee shop or your route to work based on it’s “Instagramability.”

23. You consider your ratio of followers to follows to be one of your greatest accomplishments in social media.

24. A loss of 3G (or 4G if you’re fancy) connectivity without a wifi network nearby is reason enough to leave a party, boutique, restaurant, wedding, concert, or baby shower.

25. You have serious opinions about people’s wedding hashtags, and might already know what yours will be.

26. Instagram stalking is your new Facebook creeping, and you’re obsessive with your “clear search history” maintenance.

27. You’ve turned down a potential romantic partner because of their sub-standard Instagram photos.

How many of these signs can you identify with?

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17 Responses

  1. Purple Paparazzi

    This is absolutely hilarious and so true…I identified so many that applied to me, it’s not even funny! So, yes I am Instagram obsessed….the first step is admitting right!

  2. Profile photo of Brytani Sierra
    Brytani Sierra

    How funny!
    I can totally relate to many of these haha.
    I’m definitely addicted to Instagram! It’s super helpful when trying to market my jewelry business plus I love looking at all the fabulously glamourous pictures people post!

    XX Brytani Sierra

    Shop Hate’er Jewelry
    The Hated Jewel

  3. Profile photo of Susan Mejeh
    Susan Mejeh

    Yeah, I identify with most of these. My favorite is: Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.
    Seriously I might have been late to work a few times because of this problem. LOL!

  4. Shamim

    hahahahha many of them relate with me….i cant lie im insta addict ,number 1-3, make me to feel shy of self

    follow me on instagram @8020fashions
    😉 this show how addicted i am uh?!!

  5. Mercury

    I’m pretty sure that my girlfriend is addicted to instagram! “Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.”-oh yeah believe me it’s the most important moment in her day… Earlier her mother installed parental control called PCWebControl but now we need something for her mobile phone… I want my girlfriend back!

  6. Lydia

    I’m Definetely addicted to Instagram I’ve not had it very long but it is my favorite app of all time and these things show that I’m addicted


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