5 Easy Ideas for Your Next Blog Post Series


Original content can be hard to think of, especially after a time when it seems like there aren’t enough days to post the plethora of seasonal content available during the holidays. For that reason, we’ve compiled some easy to execute ideas for new content in 2013. Hopefully one or two of these can inspire some fabulous posts for your blog. Be sure to comment below if you have more ideas that other bloggers could be inspired by!


  • Resolution Diary

Now that you’ve declared your resolutions for the year, why not make it a point to hold yourself accountable? Set up a regular series for your blog in which you will check in on your resolutions and blog about your progress & setbacks. This is a great way to keep your goals top of mind and it also creates both relatable and interesting for others to read.


  • Start a Series Based On a Topic

Stemming of the above resolution diary idea, you could kick off the new year with a blog series. The series could be on anything that you choose – fashion icons, new trends, blogger highlights or Men’s wear (so underdone in the fashion blogging world!). Series posts are great because they help you to plan ahead while varying content type from your typical posts.


  • Make Your Own Trends

Have an idea for a trend that you think is fiercely fashionable? Do outfit posts that frequently highlight that trend worn in different ways. You never know – it may just catch on and become the next big thing!


  • Style Your Friends

Outfit posts are fun and they’re great for establishing a connection with readers, but it’s nice to vary up your images once in a while. One way to do this is to feature your friends as models. This makes for some cool image opportunities – and will most likely put a smile on your friend’s faces also.


  • Make a List Series

Top 10 Trends of winter. 7 Ways to Style a Hair Bow. 3 Looks for Ice Skating. Lists are easy to digest and are a great way to add a twist to your writing. When paired with imagery and sharable content they create posts that are as unique as they are creative.




About the Author:

Emily VanderBeek is a digital advertising professional living & playing in Chicago. She is the blogger behind Isn’t That Charming, a lifestyle blog focused on the fashions, DIY projects & inspirations that charm her socks off.

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  1. Profile photo of Michelle

    Such a great post, particularly the point about ‘Start a Series Based On a Topic’ (so obvious, but I never got round to doing it!)

    Also just wanted to say I’ve recently started blogging (after many failed attempts) and reading heartIFB has helped an INCREDIBLE amount – if you look through my browser history you’ll find that I scoured 18 pages worth of blogging tips (and maybe a few cat videos in between). So stoked to blog now!

    Thanks a bunch,


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  2. Profile photo of Pinksole

    I started a series called Thirsty Thursday, every Thursday I make a post based on a trend, a holiday, a particular print or color. And I display pieces or outfits to get people to be creative and to encourage shopping. And I always put all my affiliated links in there. And also after I’ve worn an item 4+ times I make a # of ways to wear “something” post, and try to engage people by asking them to vote for their favorite outfit.


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  3. Fauxionista

    I follow IFB on Twitter and the tweets on curating editorial content for this year had me starting a Wishing Wednesday series whereby it could be a “want” at the moment or a way to incorporate recent news/events that I wish was XYZ.


  4. Belinda

    Some great tips! I’ve been thinking of some new series posts for my blog like a street style maybe? But I’d be too nervous to ask people for a photo! I currently do ‘fashion lusts’ and ‘beauty lusts’ posts and show items which I’ve spotted online or recently purchased and write about them which I really enjoy :)


  5. Anastasia Polosina

    I found far-reaching the idea to highlight usual things as trends, looks e.t in a new manner. We all have more or less the same ingridients, the question is how you cook and serve them.

  6. Lamia L

    Great ideas! I’d definitely use these as soon as I’ll get my new camera! Thanks! Please feel free to check out my blog! :)

  7. Profile photo of Iggy arts
    Iggy arts

    really cool i deas . as a fashion artist a began video blogs and talking about my collections …..i have a series of jean bags that i named REINCARNATION where i take name brand jeans and customize them in to handbags ……….. http://www.iggyarts.com the fashion artist

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  8. Leora

    I’m so happy to have come across this! As a new fashion blogger, this will definitely come in handy for future posts. Thanks!


  9. Profile photo of Raquel Ramirez
    Raquel Ramirez

    Hi, I’m Raquel and I am kinds new on this fashion blog thing, I’m trying to be as succesful as all of you are, posting the things I like and about my style and lot of fashion inspiration, if you want to check it out:

    blog (its a secondary blog so i can’t follow back from there): http://urbanvoguette.tumblr.com
    bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/9728807
    twitter: http://twitter.com/alohafromraak
    instagram: @raakrguaura

    I am new on this site and new on fashion bloggin so it woul be amazing if you can give me some advices or feedback!

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  10. Profile photo of
    rio juntilla

    It’s very helpful coz as a beginner, I really find a hard time on how to start my blog. :( thanks a bunch.

  11. peter max

    I am totally agree with you while writing a blog post you should think about the users, users interest and users likes n dislikes. It has to be small and informative and most important thing is social plugins on your post so your post can go viral easily. There are few things Ive in mind so I shared with you hope you like it.

  12. Karen Lopez

    I’ve prepared a post series earlier. It helps me prepare for next week’s posting.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  13. Leonyce

    This has been super helpful! I have been stuck in a rut trying to figure out topics to add to my blog posts!

  14. Profile photo of Janelle Hawes
    Janelle Hawes

    I definitely like the idea of writing a style series. With either the season, a pop icon, a popular movie, or whatever they’re actually pretty easy to come up with. My only issue is that I can’t always teach something in a series post, which is my whole reason for blogging. With it now being summer, I think I’ll take another shot at it!

    Blog: http://www.sashabowmanshops.com/apps/blog/

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  15. Jacqueline Jax

    Great ideas. I have found. That diary like series where I’m sharing information in a series work very well for me. I just recently did a 20questions post from my readers questions and broke them up into two posts 10/10 on two of my blogs. So one set of 10 posted on http://www.jaxcouture.com and the other 10 directed my subscribers to my personal page http://www.JacquelineJax.com so both set of subscribers got to engage with the other blog pages and the links were valid for google. I noticed a lower bounce rate and more engagement on this style post. I would definitely do it again.

  16. Sophie

    Fab post! As a new blogger, I’ve been stuck in a rut concerning how to organise all the ideas I’ve got in my head. This is certainly most helpful. Thanks a lot!

  17. Wade Fisher

    This was an interesting read and amazing article. Thanks for sharing it. I am thinking to include some of its key points in my own blog.


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