15 Plus Size Bloggers Redefining Fashion Blogging
By: Ashley Robison

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As a plus-size woman…

WELL. There are a lot of ways I can finish that sentence.  I am a plus-size woman. I know what it’s like to feel ignored by the fashion industry.  I know what it’s like to compromise style and fit for what you can find in your size. I know how it feels to be told fashion isn’t for you.

I know what it’s like to feel ignored by the fashion industry.

For all of those reasons, I’m thankful for the internet.  I’m thankful for the variety of bloggers of all shapes and sizes. I’m thankful to find women who share a body shape similar to mine: plus-size bloggers.

There are a hundreds of plus-size fashion bloggers out there, but I wanted to highlight a handful who I love and whose names get recommended over and over again. Ladies who promote self love and promote the continued growth of plus-size fashion. Not only do these ladies have swoon-worthy style, but they’re bright, educated, and thoughtful bloggers helping cultivate and change the landscape of fashion.

What I love about this group of bloggers is the diversity. Even within plus-size blogging, we aren’t limited to one cultural idea of a beautiful plus-size body. They show that the full figure doesn’t have to be clothed a particular way or we don’t have to shy away from particular fits, colors, patterns, or styles of clothing.

When we talk about how fashion blogging need to be feminist, plus size fashion bloggers are a great example of that in motion.

When we talk about how fashion blogging need to be feminist, plus size fashion bloggers are a great example of this in motion.  They’re advocating fashion for all. These ladies challenging our society’s standards of beauty. They are women rallying for fat acceptance and believe in health at any size. Women who are sexually and ethnically diverse, and whose great style traverses the globe.  They challenge, and work alongside, brands to develop and market clothing that is fashionable and accessible. They work in fashion and ARE fashion, proving that fashion does not have to be an impossible goal of 5’10, blonde, and a size 2.

These 15 are just a few handfuls of my favorites– I’d love to hear who your favorite plus-size fashion bloggers are in the comments below!


  1. Profile photo of Desires by US

    Respect! They look all fabulous!

  2. Helen says:

    From the photos alone – they look amazing.

    Definitely adding these to my bloglovin reading list :)


  3. Nadya N. says:

    I’m kind of surprise that Nadia Aboulhosn isn’t on the list, but still a great list of inspiring ladies!

    • Ashley says:

      Nadya, I actually spent a LOT of time debating whether to include Nadia. But her site lists her as typically a size 10/12 (just an awesomely curvy size 10/12!). Since most clothing stores begin plus-size at size 14, that was the standard I used. That’s not to say Nadia’s not an awesome blogger– but that she’s making strides and changes for women who fit the national average!

      • Jen says:

        agree! Im glad you did your research on it… Nadia is not really a plus size blogger. She has hips for days and is very curvy but not “plus size”. I hate that term too but there is nothing else I can think of that is better. I get it alot too because I am curvy and have thick thighs but I dont fit a size 14 etc…

        I love love love this list and post and will check out these ladies ASAP

      • Nadya N. says:

        ah! thanks for the clear up! I never thought of it that way.

    • claudia says:

      I agree. She is my favorite! But everyone else here is amazing as well!

  4. Style4Curves says:

    Great post!! Love seeing fellow plus bloggers!! ♥♥♥

  5. Emily says:

    Hi, i just wanted to point out that when you click on Nicolette Mason, the link goes to Gabi Fresh again.. that’s it! :)

    Emily – Plus size blogger from Montreal

  6. I’m a curvy blogger too. I’m from Italy and there are a lot of amazing curvy and plus size fashionistas here! Take a look at my blog
    www. myvintagecurves.it

  7. Catherine says:

    They all look amazing. I love that these women defy rules of “what is most flattering” (a construct I don’t believe in). The most flattering outfit to me is one in which the wearer feels beautiful confident and adorable, no matter what the body type of the wearer, and all of these women fit that to a t. Though I’m not plus size, I read curious fancy everyday because her outfits are great for anyone. This is what fashion should be.

  8. Great article, Ashe! These are all wonderful bloggers. Being a plus size blogger myself, I know it can be difficult – but it’s worth the challenge!! xo

    • Ashley says:

      It really, really is a challenge, like you said Kirstin Marie! But luckily there are so many strides being made in our area… let’s just hope it’s trickling up to fashion overall, yeah?!

  9. MJ says:

    *Standing up Applauding*

    I am so, so happy you highlighted plus size fashion bloggers. Indeed we are a feminist movement and it’s awesome to see these group of women paving the way for us! :)

  10. julia says:

    love this Ashe!! I’m so glad you wrote this!!

  11. Sandra Costa says:

    plus size bloggers are an example of how to apply trends in real life.


    • Bianca says:

      It is so true. These girls put what they know and what is new to the test by reworking them for their style and not just the standard mannequin body.

  12. Love all of these ladies! Wonderful to see diversity in the curvy blogging world. Jay Miranda is my favorite!
    I’m a curvy blogger as well, feel free to check out my site!


  13. This is wonderful. Just because plus size women are bigger than the average fashion model doesn’t mean they are not fierce and don’t have any style. I salute these bloggers. What a wonderful way to represent themselves and other plus size women. They are ALL beautiful.

  14. Lenore Hume says:

    As a fellow plus-size blogger, these fine ladies are all on my blog reading list and have been constant inspiration. Keep it up!


  15. Profile photo of
    beka nicole says:

    This article is inspiring. I’m not plus size at all, in fact I’m very petite. But I have so much respect for plus size fashion bloggers. I think they pull off clothes so much more better then skinny mini’s like myself. Because they add their personality to everything. and they’re such beautiful people. Much love to all of you plus size babes<3 You're beautiful. Every shape is beautiful.
    That Seams Lovely

    • Carla says:

      Big respect back to you! All bodies are beautiful. :D xxxxxxx

    • Ashe says:

      Seconding Carla! All bodies are beautiful, and being petite– you’re still providing a great service for bloggers all around. I’m sure there are women whose bodies are vastly different than your own who take inspiration from you too.

  16. Robin says:

    Awesome list of fashion forward gals! Definitely proving that style is the thing, and size is secondary. Love to see more plus size blog focus on IFB as its really been the blogosphere and social community that has driven plus size fashion when the broader market has not. On TheRunwayPlus.com our mission is Fashion for All — thanks for the article, we are inspired!

    • Ashe says:

      “as its really been the blogosphere and social community that has driven plus size fashion when the broader market has not. ”

      Yes! I wish I had 5000 words to talk about all these women have accomplished in the market and for pushing forward plus-size fashion and the options available. It’s truly incredible.

  17. Spencer says:

    Inspiring list of fashion bloggers. Love their work!

  18. Julie John says:

    I’m totally agree with you. These blogs are leading blogs in Plus size fashion industry. Here is mine favorite http://plussizesavvymom.com/ I love it because with latest plus size fashion trends, I also get plus size coupons here.

  19. Celia says:

    LOVE this! I saw that the girl who started the Big Girl in a Skinny World column for Marie Claire started her own blog recently, and her posts are always gorgeous! I want that girl’s whole wardrobe! Her site is http://ashleyfalcon.com

  20. I’ve been a member of IFB since I started blogging. It has been a great source for information how to grow and making my way through the world of bloggers. So seeing this article today is beyond great. I am plus size and I love fashion. I’m glad you chose to emphasize the diversity side of this topic. Although there are amazing plus size / curvy bloggers rising up, as a European I must say it is still a battle to get accepted on “mainstream” fashion channels for your talent or creativity. That being said I would like to add some names to an already inspiring list: Belgium blogger Valerie of Blog To Be Alive, Parisian resident Stéphanie of Blog de Big Beauty, Spanish blogger Lidia of Just Shoot Me. Thank you for sharing Ashley.

  21. Profile photo of Filipa
    Filipa says:

    I’ve been following Cupcake’s Clothes for over a year. I love Georgina because she’s really great, she puts a lot of effort in her posts and photos. She’s that kind of a girl that can really inspire you.
    I haven’t heard of the other blogs before, but they are all great and beautiful!

    Filipa from http://ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

  22. Airen says:

    Wow! This is super inspiring. I’m thin myself but it gets disheartening seeing perfect model bodies in which clothing drapes so perfectly T.T

    These are a wonderful contrast to what I’m used to. Very refreshing!
    I don’t think size matters as much as the fit of clothing. You could be anywhere from a size 2 to size 20 and not look so great if clothing doesn’t fit properly. These girls do a great job on well-fitted clothing.

    I may not be plus-size, but I believe there’s no reason why plus size girls should have to sacrifice style because of their figure! It’s absurd, really.


  23. Curvy CEO says:

    It’s wonderful to see IFB recognizing the fierce flyness of fellow plus-size bloggers!!! Thank you and congrats to all the ladies!

  24. It’s so refreshing to see so many plus-size bloggers. Thanks for compiling the list!

  25. Profile photo of Megan House
    Megan House says:

    I was recently asked to model for high street fashion. In high street fashion I wear a UK Size 10 clothing and when asked to model I must admit I was slightly shocked that I was told if I chose to accept this opportunity I’d be a plus size model? I’ve nothing against plus size women as I think every woman is beautiful however this has just shown me how the fashion industry is trying to make models smaller and smaller. Originally a plus size model was a size 16 and now as a size 10 I’ve been asked to become one? It seemed rather strange to me and makes me wonder just how skinny you must be to become a normal model. I did turn the opportunity down, not because of the plus size remark but simply because I can not see myself as the model type and do not feel that getting into the cruel industry would do anything for my self esteem!
    Megan x x x

    • Profile photo of Jennine Jacob

      That’s crazy. I’m a UK size 10, when I’m not pregnant, which is a US 4-6 (they “say” UK10 is a US 8, but I never wear a US 8, unless it’s a luxury designer, even then…). I would think that was a scam offer…. unfortunately..

      • Profile photo of Megan House
        Megan House says:

        The worst part is is that it’s not just one company that have said this to me, I’ve four different companies! Which generally did shock me, I thought the same as you the first time, until then I realised that it’s now the reality!

  26. Phyllis says:

    I love http://www.DANIMEZZA.com
    I run a fairly new “plus size” clothing and accessories online store and love her comments.
    Check out my store http://www.allcurvy.com.au

  27. Profile photo of Haute Muse Social (City Muse)

    Awesome post Ashe!

    It’s always great to see what beauty is really all about self-love, confidence, strength and living out-side-the-box of what society feels should be acceptable beauty. Next should be the very stylish plus-size men to step into the spotlight.

    Thank you again for sharing an inspiring post like this. Oh and I love your blog too! ;D

    Graffiti Mimosa

  28. Profile photo of The Science of Happy

    Awesome to discover these girls! I find that curvy girls have it all, not the mention they actually get more value’s worth from clothing!

    For anyone interested, I’m holding a MAC giveaway on Friday!


  29. Ashe, THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting to see plus size fashion bloggers highlighted on IFB, and I’m so glad you did it! This is a great list of amazing bloggers, and I’m thrilled that the list is so diverse, highlighting some bloggers that I think sometimes don’t get enough recognition. Yay for plus size fashion! :D

    <3 you forevs!
    xo Allison

  30. Admiral Row says:

    Love, love, love this article. We were just discussing this same issue with a friend a few weeks ago, so it is great to see IFB highlighting the diversity in the fashion industry. Continuing doing an awesome job…

    xoxo, Admiral Row

  31. Chastity says:

    Thank you for the inclusion and I am in such good company. It’s so crazy how getting up every morning and liking yourself and expressing that through you clothing can be considered feminism just b/c we don’t look like Barbie. It’s a bittersweet concept. It gives plus bloggers an amazing platform and allows us to encourage people to love themselves as is, but it saddens me that so many let the media affect how they feel about themselves. Revolution ladies!

  32. Lanae Roxas says:

    Love the article…and respect and admire the bloggers covered in it…I hope to be added to this list one day!



  33. Lisa says:

    Would love to make contact with curvy bloggers over the age of 35… the older, the better! If you are one, or can point me in the direction of such a creature, please email. :)

    Thanks, Lisa. xxx

    • Chastity says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m probably the oldest on the list. Ill be 33 this year…LOL.

    • Omega says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I turned 40 today, does that count? My blog “Fashion Adjacent” is about fatshion, beauty and “The Pursuit of Pleasure”. I also work as a personal stylist (www.bodypositivestylist.com) :)

      • Renée says:

        Ah, I’m likely the oldest—44! Looking for curvy blogs that don’t exclude me because of my age. Just because I’m seasoned doesn’t mean I don’t want to be fashionable!

      • loveyou says:

        I am a new blogger who is very young and all i see are older women who are comfotable with themselves yet the young crowd with not so much confidence is still trying to get the hang of finally coming to the conclusion that they will not be a size 2. What would you say to young ladies who are still trying to find themselves and where they actually fit in .

    • Cassie says:


      I’m 35, and I’m a curvy petite blogger.
      My blog is called Style Cassentials – I’m at http://stylecassentials.blogspot.com



    • Profile photo of Danielle L. Green

      Hi Lisa,
      I’m 40. I’ve been blogging for a few years at http://www.projectdanielle.com.

    • Joy says:

      So glad you posed this question, Lisa. I’m 43 and plus, and I’m always on the lookout for curvy bloggers in my age bracket! <3

      I do have many, many favorite blogs that are published by women much younger than me (this is a great list, btw!). But it would be nice to find some bloggers around my age as well.

  34. ellomennopee says:

    Nice to see some diversity being promoted at IFB, and thanks for these links!

    I know a new plus-size fashion blogger to look out…ahem…ME!

  35. Profile photo of ebey04
    ebey04 says:

    I’m joining the comments here saying I’m a plus-size blogger myself! I follow two of the bloggers mentioned and know how amazing they are from personal interaction with them… thats one reason why they are so great is that they communicate back-and-forth with readers & bloggers.

    Have to say I don’t personally just do fashion, I’m a plus-size lifestyle blogger! But I hope to be added to this list some day soon as well.


  36. Profile photo of friendsarefashion

    I am glad to see pluz size bloggers. Because just shows that fashion goes beyond size!!! Well done.


  37. ebby.K says:

    Awesome post! Love this

  38. Profile photo of Mercedes
    Mercedes says:

    This is fabulous! It’s nice to see plus sized bloggers being highlighted. There are plenty of women looking for fierce fashion inspiration in plus sizes. As a size 12 blogger of color, I know exactly what it’s like to be ignored. Rarely do you see bloggers of color or above a sample size in the greatest blog lists around the web. Great article!

    • Ashe says:

      It’s true, Mercedes, you really don’t see a lot of women of color or various sizes in the “best of” lists. It’s a shame, because many women have substantial followings and deserve the recognition for the work they do outside of blogging!

  39. Natasha says:

    As a curvy blogger myself – I’m really glad to see this post on IFB. I think it’s important to remember that most women are not what’s reflected in “mainstream blogging.” That being said – I always hate that we have to separate ourselves – skinny bloggers vs. curvy bloggers vs. plus size…etc. I would love to see a blogging landscape where the top bloggers were a mix of all sizes – mirroring society – instead of separating them by size, etc.

    Great post – always glad to see this conversation being surfaced in top tier places like IFB.

    xoxo Natasha

    • Ashe says:

      Natasha, I hate that bloggers are separated as well. But until everyone is looked at with an equal eye, which I genuinely believe we are far from, then I can do my best to make sure that the hard work and accomplishments of bloggers is being recognized.

      Until the day we’re all on a level playing field!

  40. Lottie says:

    You have to add Bethany Rutter and her self-styled ‘fatshion blog’ Arched Eyebrow to your fashion blogger list: http://archedeyebrow.com

    She just wrote an excellent piece in the Daily Telegraph on the first Official British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9971542/Bethany-Rutter-sizes-up-the-new-collections-for-larger-women.html

  41. Not mad at this article at all! Wonderful group of women represented here, each with a fantastic POV.

    -erin b.

  42. Profile photo of CynthiaCM
    CynthiaCM says:

    Great to see a post on “diversity” and “plus sizes,” but in this world, do those terms equate each other? Whenever I read about “size diversity” it almost always means “plus size.” What about all of us shorties out there? Extra Petite and Alterations Needed are EXCELLENT petite-focused blogs.

    • Ashe says:

      Alterations Needed actually HAS been featured on IFB before: http://heartifb.com/2012/04/25/blogger-spotlight-alterations-needed/ and if you use the search tool above, Extra Petite has been mentioned in posts as well.

      I don’t think that diversity and plus-size are synonymous. In this post, I can only write what *I’VE* personally experienced and can relate to– hence the focus on plus size. I’m not petite, and I never will be, so it’s unfair for me to cover what I have no experience with. I can’t claim expertise in a niche I have no knowledge of.

      I think size diversity focuses on a lot of people, even exclusive of plus and petite sized. There are many bloggers who are the American “norm” at a size 12/14 and in the 5’3 range who are also underrepresented as well. You may be plus and petite at the same time, or particularly taller than avearge. Again- I can only speak with what I have experience of.

  43. Hannah says:

    This is a thoughtful and well written article. Thank you for using the HeartIFB platform to bring more plus size blogs into the mainstream hands.

    I’ve been growing my personal style blog for 3 years and have been plus size for most of it (recent health issues have changed that drastically). Along the way I’ve met and befriended many awesome people, plus & straight size. A few of my favorites would be Dani @ http://www.diyfatshion.com, Hanna @ http://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk, Gazel @ http://www.bonjourgazel.com, Erin @ http://plussizedpretty.blogspot.com, and LuAnne @ http://www.iamweesha.com. Just to name a few!

  44. Great list ! As an Italian plus size blogger I washington definately inspired byte all these amazing bloggers and others like jessica kane and french blogger Stephanie Zwicky. It was crucial to have their example of diversity As you say because in Italy it’s still a sort of taboo to be a plus size and a fashion blogger and there are very few plus size bloggers. So thanks to these ladies!

  45. P.s. Sorry for the typos on my mobile ….

  46. I may be a bit biased, but I think I am a kick ass plus sized Lifestyle Blogger, I’m also Latina, but I have always considered my blog first and foremost a Lifestyle Blog! But my passion has always been accessories, like Handbags and Boots (and I’m a total tech Geek too!) :-)

  47. when i was little i never thought i could enjoy fashion as many thin girls, but I grew up and find out the amazing world of bloggers, and realized that is not true.. here is a good example.

    congrats!!! I am 11-12 size XD

  48. Cassie says:

    Thanks for providing info on more plus-size bloggers. As a petite and curvy blogger, I don’t really fit into any spectrum I’ve seen (not quite plus-size, not quite petite, etc.). I follow blogs from women of all shapes and sizes. Fashion inspiration is everywhere, and I love seeing the different ways people have fun with fashion!

    If interested in my blog, I’m at http://stylecassentials.blogspot.com


  49. Bianca says:

    This post is great! Honestly, people think plus size bloggers are being ridiculous or they call us “overly confident fat girls.” It is ridiculous. These women have amazing blogs and I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful community.

  50. Profile photo of Sian DeCiantis

    I love this post you have introduced me to some amazing plus size blogs. Fashion is for everyone no matter what the size and that is what makes the web so great. I am especially in love with cupcakes clothe’s she has such cute style. This has truly inspried me to be comfortable in my skin.

  51. Mel Chillag says:

    WOW! How refreshing to hear of fat bloggers being mentioned on IFB. Its a shame we often get overlooked because there are some truly inspirational and fashion-forward fats out there in blogging who are leading the way for community.

    Some of my favourites are:


    … I could go on forever!

  52. Xenia says:

    I follow the 4 on the top of the list (not saying top 4, you know what I mean) and now will check out the other 11! Thanks for giving them the love they deserve!

  53. Mary says:

    As a fellow plus size blogger in a country where plus size fashion is a tabu is great to read articles like This one!

    Mary ;)*

  54. ola munia says:

    Gorgeous woman! All of them, with a remarkable sense of fashion and style.
    I love them all. It’s so refreshing to see woman who are confident with their bodies.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing these.

  55. I’m so glad this exists.
    I’ve been so tired of ignorant people who think fat/plus size is unhealthy and are not willing to consider genes or medical cases! I had a fight with my ex about the same topic because he once laughed at a plus sized woman.
    I fall in the curvy category (Size 8-10) but I really do respect woman who are proud of their bodies and are not afraid to flaunt their gorgeous curves!

    Sharing this article!

  56. mian nabeel says:

    Fashion is all about image and what we look like when we are in public. People are on longer paying for a good piece of clothing. Every person is fashion conscious
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  57. Roosevelt P. Moore says:

    Yes fashion has no boundaries and not limited to perfect body shape and size people. They are for every one and every have right to look attractive and beautiful by their clothing style. I like you blog and its post about the plus size fashion.

  58. Sara says:

    Great list, I’m looking forward to checking out these awesome blogs!

    A couple of my favorites are adorable Brit gals (one is an Australian transplant) – even though I’m in the US. :)

    Check out Em “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” at: http://boombands.blogspot.com/

    And Naomi “Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls” at: http://www.diamondsnpearls.co.uk/

  59. It’s nice to see plus sized bloggers being highlighted. Awesome list of fashion forward to girls .Thanks, Emily. http://goo.gl/hdqm5

  60. Kimmie says:

    I have a small boutique with trendy plus size clothing and more to come! I am plus size myself and plan to cater more to plus size. Check me out

  61. FemininePlus says:

    Great to see the amount of fashion blogs out there for us fuller ladies. I often read Girls with curves, but the others are all new to me. Thank you for this list, amazing.

  62. Yvonne Yap says:

    Everyone can become pretty, even wear plus size can look Confidence , awesome.

  63. Natasha says:

    Beautiful that called confidence in you dear.. i really appreciate you, because plus size women like me gets confidence and even she can look like you. Really loved your style, keep on adding more pictures so plus size women and me as well ,gets inspiration from your clothing sense, especially women like me, i would like to suggest as i buy my clothes form xmexclothing com They provide wide variety of plus size trendy and fashionable clothes.

  64. Hanna Amar says:


    I am not a blogger, but I recently launched a plus size clothing line with my sister. I invite you to go check it out Ninabitton.com also, if you are in the Toronto area, we are launching a party for our new line Aug 21 2013. If you are interested in coming, please send me your info and I will send you an invitation info@ninabitton.com

    Thank you

  65. Vanessa says:

    Great blog, such gorgeous women!! A friend of mine recently launched an online consignment store (perfectfitconsignment.com) where ladies can buy and sell fashion, footwear and accessories. We would REALLY love to have more plus sized selections on the site. If any plus sized women have some fabulous fashions they dont need anymore and would like to make some cash, please check us out! Thank you!! :)

  66. Kita ku says:

    What an inspiring writing is!
    I am thinking now to make me more stylish though being plus sized. About the list, some of them are mine favorite too. They are all good. I try to write on plus size clothing a bit. Here is my blog http://kitakuclothing.tumblr.com/a&gt;, give a look.
    Plus size women are getting great confidence from this blog.

  67. debz says:

    Love this list. I know so many bigger women who have come on leaps and bounds with confidence thanks to the BBW world and fatshion blogs like these and many others.

    I use them for inspiration on my own blog. I’d love it if people could check it out.



  68. Such inspirational women and role models. I’ve just started my own plus size and diversity advocacy blog http://www.plusbeautyblog.com and could only hope to reach as many people as these women!

    Congrats to you all – you deserve to be celebrated!

  69. Aja says:

    Great to see plus size women looking stylish. Check out my brand new blog (VerticallyCurvy) for PLUS SIZE TALL women at younger914.wordpress.com. If you are a designer willing to design for TALL plus size women or if you already design plus size clothing for tall women please check out the blog also and contact me

  70. Anita says:

    Great blog, Ashley! Your words have been echoed by me and most women I talk to. They all say the same thing, “We deserve to have clothing that makes us look and feel good.” I’m new to the plus-size fashion scene and would like to get more involved – especially in the Toronto area. I just celebrated my first year in business. My company is called Not So Skinny Bitch – golf & athletic apparel for regular to plus-size women. My clothing is tailored to shape & flatter the female figure. Please check it out at http://www.notsoskinnybitch.com. And, tell everyone! We ship across Canada and the US!

  71. Genie says:

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  72. Abbie says:

    Lovely list but I’m really sad to see that Mary Demetra doesn’t even make the list. As a size 30 fashionista she really embodies the movement and her timeless fashion sense is enviable! :)

  73. Natasha says:

    This is a great list – I follow and love most of these ladies!

    I also have a curvy fashion blog here in Seattle – I float between straight and plus sizes, and I’m pretty tall as well. Check it out – http://www.thechiccurve.com


  74. Angie says:

    Blogging is not for the faint of heart and I really admire each of these ladies and the inspiration they gave to thousands of women every day.

  75. Girls Tops says:

    Curvy fashion the tremendous markup to fashion .Amazing style and amazing life .

  76. Gina says:

    Awesome! Thanks Ashley for compiling all the great info!
    I’m just starting my blog and hope that you will follow me.

  77. Chynna says:

    Thank You so much! Plus size women with fashion blogs are everythinggggggg.

  78. david grey says:

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  79. Susan Jones says:

    Beautiful…thank you for taking us there!

  80. John Goodman says:

    Great article leading to many wonderful bloggers… We believe all women deserve to look great!!

  81. biggiedresser.blogspot.com is a plus size fashion blog too from Indonesia! And we got inspired by 10 of those plus size fashion bloggers. Confidence is the key of it all!

  82. Dana says:

    We will totally check out every blogger mentioned.
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  83. Sandy says:

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  84. 2ni*mnc says:

    Love the feedback you give us curvy girls. Do any of you know a plus blogger in the Miami area?

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