Keep Your Content Fresh: 7 Places to Get New Post Ideas


“I blogged my outfits for three years and just got tired of it, so I stopped blogging.”

“I've been busy & haven't blogged in two weeks. I don't have time to think of fun things to post about.”

“My blog feels stale but I'm not sure what else to talk about.”

How many times have we heard those statements – or made them ourselves? One of the biggest reasons bloggers go for days or weeks without blogging (or abandon a blog altogether) is because their content is almost on autopilot. We've all been there; pressed for time, it's easiest to do what we're most familiar with. Take outfit photos. Post said photos. Add affiliate links to all the items you're wearing. Throw in a few half-commital sentences about your day or said outfit. Call it good. Going on autopilot is the fastest way to extinguish whatever passion you've got for blogging. Your beloved readers will pick up that you're blogging for the sake of blogging, and soon will lose interest too.

How do we avoid letting our blogs go stale? By always being on the lookout for post ideas! Tweak your perspective just a tiny bit as your go about your every day, and soon you'll see you've got fleeting ideas for great blog posts coming at you all day long. I showed you how I like to keep track of these ideas right in my editorial calendar in this past post. Here are the top places I find ideas to keep my blog content fresh:


I can't keep up with my favorite sites and blogs unless they're in my Feedly, an RSS feed aggregator (my personal choice for replacing Google Reader last year.) I catch up on news from all of my favorite places to get the latest, then I email myself articles that inspire a blog post idea or two. Feedly's also a great resource to keep up on what other fashion bloggers (ones you'd consider ‘competitors') are currently doing! I like to check out how bloggers are redesigning their sites, refreshing their logos or trying new kinds of content.


Pocket is a social media and browser-friendly bookmarking tool that's perfect for saving things you see online but want to view later. Mine is full of blogging articles, fashion sites I want to shop later, food recipes to try – you get the picture. Needless to say, it's also full of reads to get blog post inspiration from.

Twitter favorites

Take a look through my Twitter favorites and you'll see a mix of articles I want to read, motivational quotes, tweets that made me laugh and snippets of past conversations I've had with my Twitter friends. Because I work in social media, sometimes this is the best way for me to catch things I want to research for possible blog post ideas even when I'm in the midst of client work. Not using your Twitter favorites? I highly recommend you do so, and save interesting tweets that inspire you. It's so easy since it's an option underneath each tweet!

Good ol' traditional media (TV & print)

Sometimes nothing can jog the creative inspiration like a good magazine or your favorite TV show. Make notes of trends the girls on your favorite show are wearing in that last episode. See if you can find parallels between the character stories and struggles and concepts in your own life (i.e. What Game of Thrones has taught me about networking.”) Get your hands dirty and make a mood board out of your latest stash of fashion magazines!

Your inbox

Pitches that land in your email inbox are likely unsolicited, but that doesn't mean you should just write off every one you get. There might be a new designer, beauty product or event that could become your new favorite must-have!

Old blog posts

You can still get some mileage out of your old blog posts. Take a look at your most-read/popular posts. Can they be revamped or updated with new, more timely or relevant information? Maybe an old post will inspire a whole new one (or two.) A good look through your archives can be much more than just nostalgia for your blog!

Editorial calendar/idea bank

As I mentioned, I like to keep all of my possible post ideas in part of my editorial calendar. When I get too busy to just open up my laptop and crank out a post, I like to look through my “idea bank” to jog my memory about anything I felt like I wanted to write about before. Since I update my editorial calendar weekly, I'll also take a quick glance through my idea bank and delete anything that doesn't sound exciting to blog about anymore.

Where do you like to look for new blog post ideas?

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18 Responses

  1. Laura C.

    Great idea’s. I know that if I find a blog I usually love to read is going stale I eventually stop visiting it or at least stop getting as excited as I should about a new post, so I must keep my own content as fresh as possible. Thanks for the reminder!
    Laura. xx

  2. Pearl

    These are amazing ideas. I always favorite interesting articles or inspiration or bookmark something on the web that I really like and make a wishlist or favorite links post. I think it’s a great way to show your readers your varied tastes besides fashion or makeup.

    P for Pearl

  3. Monica

    Thanks for this post. Great tips. Never really thought of revamping old posts, will be looking to see what I can do with them now. I love finding inspiration from prints, love my mags 🙂

  4. Joelle

    For me, the best way to gather inspiration and to keep things interesting to take a step back from my computer, go on a long walk in my city and just do some good old fashioned people watching. It always amazes me how individualistic and stylish people in my metropolis are, and I always draw inspiration from their unique looks.


  5. Lorna Mai

    I haven’t been blogging long so I shall be bookmarking this page for future reference. Great tips!

  6. Anastasia

    Editorial calendar is a very helpfull tool! I always used it at work to keep track of publications to be done during the certain period of time and I try to apply this in blogging routing as well – I have a special carpet on desktop where I copy all the materials that can be useful for future posts.


  7. Rachel

    I’ve been in such a creative funk lately, this has been so helpful! Definitely ready to get those creative thoughts flowing again!

  8. Lizz

    Great post! The twitter favorites and editorial calendar idea are definitely two that I’m going to start using!

  9. XO Style Stalker

    I think when a blog I read stops posting for days or even weeks, and I check each morning for a new post, I kind of forget about it after a while. It’s really sad but true, if you have no new content people will stop coming to your blog, so this is a great article to stop that from happening.