15 Australian Bloggers We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Australians seem to be stepping up their fashion blogging game as of late, and we're super excited about it. To celebrate, we're rounding up some the coolest Aussie blogs we can't get enough of:


A Girl A Style: See how a Australian girl captures her fashionable life living in London.

Not So Naked: Adelaide-based content that takes a closer look at the local Australian fashion scene with photography and design.

Boy Moments: A man-about-town, Boy Moments interviews some of the coolest people in fashion that Sydney has to offer.

Oracle Fox: Mandy Shadforth lives in Queensland, Australia and is a photographer and visual artist. Her blog is a visual jolt of fashion inspiration.

I Want What She's Wearing: Take a look at Sydney street style and a bevy of other inspiration with this stellar blog.

We The People: Also Australian-based street style with a taste level nobody can beat.

K Is For Kani: A personal style blog that keeps up the cute and quirk factor.

Love More: Both personal style and mood board, her edgy looks make you want to listen to some rock ‘n' roll.

Harper and Harley: Sara Donaldson is part blogger, part e-commerce fashion exec, living in Sydney. When describing herself she says, “Online fashion is not just her passion but her life.”

Gary Pepper Vintage: This chick not only sells some really awesome vintage, she also rocks it on her blog.

Spin Dizzy Fall: This 19-year-old highlights fun finds, vintage threads, and her personal Australian style.

Heart and Bleecker: With many shots of personal style near the beach, her chic finds and interestingly framed photos make this blog a visual treat.

Shine By Three: This girl lives for the camera, both in front and behind, photography and videography.

Style Me Romy: Since 2009, this stylist and creative director has been giving readers a peek inside her life and personal style.

4th and Bleeker: Model Alexandra Spencer shows off her editorial and styling skills that are learned from working with the best industry with her “behind the scenes” blog.

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26 Responses

  1. Neekoh

    A personal favorite: Friend in Fashion! Must read. Jasmin has impeccable style and a sweet personality to match. Check her out!

  2. Katerina

    Absolutely love all these blogs, they are young gorgeous and stylish. Would love you to come and check out mine. It is for both men and women from teens to 40s, runway to real way and everything in between.

    Please let me know what you think.

  3. Laura

    Meh, honestly I’m a little disappointed at your choices here. Not say that these blogs aren’t great because yes they are. But they’re all the same blogs that get mentioned in every single ‘Favourite Blogs’ or ‘Blogs to Watch’ list around the world. There are so many amazing Australian blog’s that rarely get the recognition they deserve. Check out some lesser known ones like: Mint Maison, Flourished and Sunkisses, Lucy and The Runaways, The Unknown Pleasures!
    Expand your horizons don’t just choose to follow big blogs because they’re big! Out of 15 blogs you only chose 3 that aren’t the stock standard ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A Girl, A Style

    Thank you so much for including me again; such an honour to be amongst so many great Australian blogs.

    Another one you *must* visit is Tuula Vintage for her incredibly flawless outfit shots (it helps that she is 6 foot tall, blonde and leggy too!)

    Briony xx

  5. Hera

    Always looking to meet new bloggers and explore new blogs. I will take a look at this list and the ones recommended through the comments.

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  6. irais de la Fuente

    I was just looking for Australian fashion blogs and bloggers so this post is perfect. I am new in Australia and I really like the style here, as a mexican it’s interesting for me differences in international style scene

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  8. serendipityrose

    Great list of Aussie bloggers. I am in New York for fashion week this week so keep updated from a new Aussie fashion blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to share the latest from fashion week! x

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  11. weburl

    Oh.. nice collection of someone should inspired with.. fashion , lifestyle !..
    Here I think that the “beauty in the autumn leaves background is very nice and attractive !
    Cheers ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. thirteen culture

    awesome bloggers. all lovely. too girly though. I mean, I love them all but actually, my favorite parts is the boy moments. I really like when women try to look like us. Showing flesh in fashion is not always what we want, we like to see mystery and a manly appeal at times. ๐Ÿ™‚

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