The Blogger Name Generator: 9 Easy Ways To Name Your Blog
By: Chelsea Burcz

9 Easy Ways To Name Your Blog
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Fashion crisis alert! You want to start a fashion blog but have no clue of what to name it! Help! SOS!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is sarcasm. While sarcasm is having this ‘moment,’ I figured I’d push it for its full fifteen minutes. I have categorized and made up extensive examples of fashion blog names that could, hypothetically, exist. (Zomg! She’s giving fake blogging advice on IFB!)

Before we get started, you must always remember, alliteration is always preferred when naming a blog. Please — never, ever, forget this.

1. Pick your favorite fashion related item and a dessert-type food, place both together:

- Sugar Plums and Saddle Shoes
- Cheesecake and Charm Bracelets
- Animal Crackers and Couture
- Peplums and Pineapples
- Manicures and Extra Frosting… Please
- Braids and Brownies
- Models and Macaroons
- Lipstick and Lemon Drops
- Celine Bags and Sour Skittles
- Kate Moss and Candy
- Polka Dots and Popcorn

2. Throw a shout out to where you live:

- Buschwick Babes
- Parisian Popsicles
- Western Motion
- Finding Frocks in Fargo
- Blue in Dubai
- Kansas, I Love You
- T-Shirts in Tennessee
- Hamptons Hippies
- Sassy Seattle
- A-line in Alabama
- Meet Me on the Intersection of Main Street and Style
- Lace in Louisiana
- English Rose Garden Forrest Flowers
- Hippies Head Home
- Chic Le Chinatown

3. Add -ista to the end of a word often used in the fashion industry:

- Chanelista
- Diorista
- Anna Dello Russo-ista
- Gypsyista
- Jet Settista
- Manicurista
- Audrey Hepburnista
- Sparkle-ista
- Parisianista
- Romancinista
- Hippy-ista
- Rouge-ista
- Lipstickista
- Pin Stripe-ista
- Karl Lagerfeldista
- Choupettista (I went there.)

4. Give yourself a quirky nickname. Go ahead, give it to yourself. Isn’t that how cool nicknames really start?

- The Crispy Lipstick
- Pristine Polly
- Jackie O.’s Twin
- The Aristo-chic
- The Couture Creature
- Boss Betty Blogger
- Iced Coffee Cowgirl
- The Plaid Princess
- The Roaming Feral Cat

5. Use the word “Fashion” and then pick another random word:

- Fashion Vitamins
- Fashion Pancakes
- Fashion Frosting
- Fashion Giraffe
- Fashion Crisco
- Fashion Ninja Turtles
- Fashion Sushi
- Fashion Haley Joel Osment
- Fashion Rainbowz
- Fashion Folk Tales

6. Ask a question about fashion:

- How Do You Wear That?
- When Do You Wear That?
- Why Do You Wear That?
- Who’s Hat Is That?
- Where Did You Come From?
- How Many Dresses Do You Own?
- What’s Your Favorite Color?
- How Many Models Do You Know?
- Who Wears What When They Go Where?
- WTF is Fashion?
- Wait, What?
- Are You Talking To Me?
- What’s That Smell?
- What Are You Looking At? Take A Picture Already, Jerk.

7. Pick an animal, then incorporate that animal into an aesthetic:

- Fox Trotting Through Brooklyn
- The Butterfly Flies Beautiful
- The Lovely Llama Guide
- Cat Backpacks
- Owl Caller
- Cats with Kittens… in Dresses
- Seagull of Style
-  Otter Spotter
- Street Style Snakes
- City Street Cub

8. Vogue and… [random object]:

- Vogue and Vagabonds
- Vogue and a Picnic
- Vogue and Vibes
- Vogue and Whispers
- Vogue and Puppies
- Vogue and Shooting Stars
- Vogue and Graham Crackers
- Vogue and Sunglasses
- Vogue and Disco
- Vogue and Vogue

9. Something having to do with style. Really, it could be anything:

- Style Mermaid
- Style Macaroni
- Style Carrots
- Sweating Style
- Seal of Style
- Style Worm
- Style Shirt
- Style Spring Roll
- Style Chair
- Style Hamster
- Style Respect
- Fried Fish Style

So, what is the point of this article? The point is to wake up and be creative!!! Don’t be a blogger cliche or a copy cat, come up with you own title that portrays YOU.

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  1. Avatar of Christina Noir

    Lmaoooo….omg…. how about “Let me borrow that top”. lol

  2. Avatar of Molly Laurenn

    Thank you for helping me! I came up with a name in the first 10 minutes! Diamonds and Dachshunds

  3. Avatar of Georgia Lloyd

    I was worried that I’d read your article and think ‘D’oh, I wish I’d thought of that when naming my blog’ – So I was happy to see that what I did was on your list! (Number 5 – Satiable Fashion)
    I love your list, it definitely would have been a great help to me when naming my blog.
    Georgia x

  4. Ley says:

    …can I call dibs on “Otter Spotter” and “Cats with Kittens… in Dresses”?

  5. Avatar of savvynista
    savvynista says:

    These are cracking me up but some are pretty savvy! Thanks for making me laugh today. Luv IFB!!
    xo, Maria

  6. ohchincha says:

    I’m taking Fashion Ninja Turtles.

  7. Avatar of Promiscuous Lola

    This is cheeky, I get it. I actually thought these were hilarious, but naming a blog *is* a source of major headaches, so it would be awesome to get some actual advice on how to do that. This should have been called “Blog Naming Cliches and How to Avoid them.” Because it’s hilarious to me how many of these titles sound completely legit to me now…

  8. Avatar of purevwlz
    purevwlz says:

    This is funny! But so true.

  9. Rachel W. says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Quantum Law of Interneting states that as soon as you invent a fake blog name, that blog pops into existence! Having a ton of fun imagining what Fried Fish Style and Fashion Folk Tales would be like… I bet I would read the latter!

  10. Avatar of FashionableUnicorn

    haha I’m seriously laughing out loud right now :) I’m totally a ‘Karl Lagerfeldista’ haha
    xx Michaella

  11. sahra says:

    ahahahaha I love this…. but on a serious note, I feel like changing my blog to StyleMermaid….so 90% serious!

    Xo Sahra

  12. Taylor says:

    I love that you put Dior and Dunkaroos in all caps; that’s hilarious. The Roaming Feral Cat actually made me laugh out loud. Great “ideas”!

  13. Wina Puangco says:

    :) ) THIS IS HILARIOUS. Hahhahaha

    Laughing at cliches aside though, this is really a huge part of Fashion blogging. I was looking back at my archives and realized that my blog’s first name was “Spit & Sweat” (taken from a song by my favorite rock band, Rooney)–it’s shocking that I couldn’t understand the spike in readership after changing the name. xD

    • Anelia says:

      “Spit and Sweat” is actually really original and awesome, I would want to read a blog called that.

  14. Vanessa P. says:

    cute and funny…..

  15. kimmie says:

    OMG this is hilarious!!! The funny thing is, I’ve been wanting to start another blog but I couldn’t figure out what to call it. Well, I thought if names but every time I thought I had something original I saw it already existed lol.

    There actually are a few gems in these names – we’ll see in a few weeks if anyone registers the names lol.

  16. Missy Duran says:

    Perfect, so many of these are believable!

  17. Shilu says:

    Amazing way of creating catchy yet meaningful names. I was drooling over to change the name for quite sometimes and here it is. sounds quirky though.

  18. I’m happy with my name SNOWBLACKBLOG ! ;-)

  19. Avatar of WorkOfStyle
    WorkOfStyle says:

    Guilty of using ‘style’ lol
    this article is hilarious! However, it IS really complicated to find a name. i’ve struggled. Still now, I’d like to change sometimes! But between what’s already been done, what is too close from another bloggers names, what’s too long for a name (or too short) etc., it really is difficult to find one great name!

  20. Avatar of moiminnie
    moiminnie says:

    When I clicked on it, it thought this was a legit article haha!
    It’s funny because it’s true, every other FASHION blog is called FASHION SOMETHING or STYLE SOMETHING. It’s like, it’s clear as daylight that your blog is about fashion, why you gotta stress it that much? Of course people are having difficulties to find a perfect name for their blog, but it think they also strategize: having fashion or style or vogue in your URL attracts so much more attention from Google and other search engines then other unique blog names.
    I’m pretty satisfied with my blog’s name though, I wouldn’t change it for the world! My nickname has been Minnie for years now, and my blog being named MoiMinnie indirectly describes me as a person, my style and what I’m all about!

  21. Becky says:

    I love this article. I’ve been asked before why my blog name was “different”. It’s not traditional for a fashion blog, but it’s totally me! 
    Btw—> You are quite creative with names! Too funny.

  22. Jade says:

    Haha I love this story! Some really cute and quirky names here :-) Mine sounds boring now :(

  23. Avatar of Jordan Phillips

    This clever post is hilarious… and so true! I loved it so much that I tweeted it and reposted on my blog:

  24. Avatar of The Artful Poser

    Oh, haha, talking about fashion clichés, sarcasm and names, I come up with different user names in my blog all the time, like “Outfit posts ate my loan”! Take a look! Love your suggestions as well! xx

  25. Ana says:

    This list really had me smiling :D .

    Oh, and I’m stealing half of these.
    Wait, What? would, in my case, be the “title that portrays YOU” :) .

  26. Dulcie says:

    Oh dear some people didn’t realise this was a joke…. :S

    Although, yeah, I am aways really paranoid that my blog name is lame or that people think its really unoriginal and I just spelt Dolce wrong as well.

  27. Avatar of Libertad
    Libertad says:

    OMG this is so funny, hahahahaha!

    I think that music is one of the biggest inspiration in life, and using songs’ names or bands’ names or that kind of things could be interesting.
    For example, my blog is name behind a Hadouken! album called ‘Not Here to Please You’. I love that album and also I thought is a good name for my blog, as I don’t pretend to be complacent to anyone – It’s my blog, so I can say and show what I please ;P

  28. Francy says:

    great article it was funny but actually helpful at the same time. The way I named by blog was actually on the list #4 “Fancy Francy”.

  29. Elissa says:

    wow i’m surprised some people didn’t understand that this was a joke. can’t wait to see “fashion haley joel osment” around lol

  30. OK, this article is HILARIOUS! But, I have to admit, I kind of love the name “Peplums and Pineapples”…

  31. Adrian Wand says:

    Well.. My name is Kårvand, which englishspeaking people pronounce corewand, and then I just used wand. Even though it sounds like a pornname, it’s fucking awesome. I can actually go up to people and say “Wand. Adrian Wand”.

  32. Em K says:

    This was hilarious! I can’t stop laughing, at #7 the most. Omg!

  33. Anelia says:

    The Roaming Feral Cat! LOL!!!!

  34. Sascha says:

    This is awesome. My blog, Coffee and Heels, is named according to nr 1…almost.

  35. Kristian says:

    Haha! Great joke (though a little sad some people did not seem to get it, but then, they could have and I just missed the sarcasm…)

    Though, is it bad I kinda want to see a blog Cats with Kittens… In Dresses. If it really was cats in dresses. I don’t know. So random.

  36. Nataya says:

    Catchy, very catchy, why I’ve never think about those in the list???

  37. Chyme says:

    Hahaha I can relate. I made myself a nickname for my blog… Aka Chymecindy :) ))!

  38. Vivi says:

    I’m filed under #9.

  39. Sabina says:

    Yeah it was a joke but there are still some actual cute names in there. Lighten up, people.

    And yes very funny post. And I’m laughing at myself too since my blog is called My Style Canvas.

  40. Avatar of testaholic
    testaholic says:

    Also try adding – AHOLIC to just about anything you like or do, this is how I came up with my name – TESTAHOLIC ;) ) Other examples: SHOP -AHOLIC POLISH -AHOLIC BAKE-AHOLIC GLAM-AHOLIC BOOK-AHOLIC DESIGN-AHOLIC CHIC-AHOLIC DIY-AHOLIC and so on. Aaaaand if anything else fails, try adding “heart” before anything ;) )

  41. Avatar of Charnel Graham

    being original is always a good thing

  42. Style Macaroni is my favorite.

  43. This article was hilarious, and some of the comments of the people who actually thought it was a legit categorization instead of sarcasm was even better!

    We’re totally trademarking CampusSartorialista and CampusSartorialisto in case any of you get any funny ideas from #3 :)

    On another note, just as important as having a witty and easily remembered name is having a custom domain…’s hard to take any blog that ends in or seriously…god forbid it’s or something more exotic. A custom domain is usually in the $10-$15 range/year and it shows people you’re serious about your blog and that you’re not just another person who thought it’d be cool to start a blog, especially when you name it something as awesome as StyleMermaid and not make the best of it ;)

  44. Gabriella says:

    Ha! Funny article, I never thought about how there are so many blogs with similar-ish names…and strange ones too! Some of these are quite hilarious! lol I like my blog’s name, it’s original at least and I think it’s cute. :) ♥ Check out my blog and let me know what you think :) : Principessa Gabriella

  45. hilarious!!!!! hahahhahaha

  46. mimi says:

    lol this is funny cuz my blog name actually falls under these rules do i get away with it since i named my blog before this was posted? lol this article is too cute for words :)

  47. Avatar of Dee T. ♥HauteFrugalista♥

    Haute Frugalista is mine! love that in every social media theres only one of me so I dont have to be anything / _ or 1 or anything add on! this are really funny and cool ideas! thanks for sharing!! Xoxo

  48. Avatar of Dee T. ♥HauteFrugalista♥

    Haute Frugalista is mine! love that in every social media theres only one of me so I dont have to be anything / _ or 1 or anything add on! these are really funny and cool ideas! thanks for sharing!! Xoxo

  49. Jummy says:

    This was fun to read. I was thinking earlier in the week about how annoying that first category of blog name you mentioned is…if I see another blog that uses that naming convention, I think I’ll scream!

  50. Jessy says:

    My blog is “The Little Dust Princess”. Most unique because it comes from my Chinese name! ;D (

  51. Avatar of Khadijat Yussuff

    Haha it took me forever to name my blog! I tried LuluMontenegro ( I thought I was being clever changing up the name of a flower, the Lily Montenegro). Turns out there were real people with that name, and it became disenchanting really easily. So then I tried adding a STYL’D: , so it became STYL’D: LuluMontenegro. But then I found out that styld. is a GAP campaign and it was really awkward for me. Plus it made my blog name uncomfortably long. So then I tried savage youth, but it was taken on blogspot, and I literally sat on it for two days before it occurred to me to change the order of the words to get Youth Savage! This is a hilarious post, and I wish I could have read it a month ago!

    • Avatar of Monica
      Monica says:

      I know what you mean! You think you have something great when you have a “shower moment”… then later you find out that not only has that idea been taken… five variations of it exist!

      I liked your Lulu Montenegro idea even if plenty of people are named that.

  52. Lol it’s funny how even though this is a joke (and I’ll admit I was fooled at one point) a lot of these names are quite nice. I can almost bet some of these names will pop up in the near future. I sometimes think the name for my blog mygoldmine is a bit boring but I guess in all actuality it does describe what I think my blog is, my collection of finds in the fashion world that inspire me.

  53. Avatar of Zoe
    Zoe says:

    I love love love Lipstick & lemon drops I want it now! some of these are hilarious though

  54. I really loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I also thought this was a serious post before reading it… what ‘fabulous’ suggestions, I don’t think I realised there were formulas like this but they make sense now! But on the flip side, as some others have said, there are some suggestions that could be pretty cute blog names…!

    I’ve only ever had one blog name (which after one year I’m still really happy with) and I’m pretty sure I will never need to change it – I purposely avoided naming it anything to do with my actual age, despite being an older style blogger. I never wanted the name to become “out of date” as it were… it will now suit me until such time as I stop blogging (if and when that happens)!

    Thanks for the great article… they really made me chuckle :D

    Not Dressed As Lamb

  56. LOL, Is so real. I hope that my blog doesn’t here.

  57. Stylester says:

    LOVE this post and your sense of humour. Amazing! and amazingly clever. Made me giggle. x

  58. Asmá says:

    This post is hilarious and fantastic! I laughed out loud at some of the choices but they do work really well. It’s about being unique and being yourself. I went through countless blog names before settling for “A Box of Pretty Shoes”. You just have to find what works for you and your blog.

  59. Tiffany S . says:

    Thank you for the funny post. I tossed around a bunch of ideas before I came up with my name. Saint Salvage… I love to DIY and upcycle.

    Tiffany S
    Saint Salvage of NJ

  60. Katie Lee says:

    This is cute!! Great job, very creative names. My personal favorite is WTF is Fashion!….. and obviously Cat Backpacks are the new thing, nobody knows it yet. Hurry, quick!! Someone cop that.

  61. FutureLint says:

    Ahahahaha! So funny and sooooo true… I’m surprised half of these don’t actually exist… they might, did you have to Google them just to make sure? I bet you did!

  62. Avatar of Monica
    Monica says:

    Love the post, very funny.

    However I have to say that I’m getting really annoyed that sometimes people actually take a well known blog name and “personalise” it… such as [insert word here not fashion]toast. That’s just a little sad.

  63. HAHA, this literally made me laugh out loud! I’d be Collegiate Prepsters and Cobblestones (for Cambridge, England, where I live), or Jewels and Macarons. LOL!

    …although somewhat concerned that many commenters didn’t get that this was sarcasm!

    Thank you for having the most diverse range of helpful topics every single week (even those that make me laugh out loud).

    Briony xx

  64. Nik says:

    Loved this article. If anyone’s curious about blog names and U.S. trademarks, check out my post at . It’s not legal advice, but may also be helpful if you’re stumped on choosing a good name. : )

  65. vyeekie says:

    OMG! thank you thank you thank you.

  66. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have been trying to come up with names for a new blog all day but they all sounded lame… after reading this I already have a few new ideas! Thanks :)

  67. Mattea says:

    THANK YOU! I found my blog name! You helped a bunch!!

    YOU ROCK!! Thanks a whole bunch!

  68. jo says:

    Heey :D hahah even though I don’t really have a fashion blog, ur article gave me a nice idea for the title of my blog :)

  69. pam says:

    Thanks for the article! I have a blog I want to start and need a name! I went with idea number 1: favorite fashion thing plus dessert. I wrote a column of fashion things (I crochet) and beside it another column of desserts (I am also a dairy free baker.) I compared columns and have a couple of name ideas: CAPES AND COOKIES or COLLARS AND CAPES. I will continue to play. How about WRISTIES AND COOKIES ? I like the sound of that one! New year, new blog! Thanks so much!

  70. Ingz Morrz says:

    The generator helped me out! The name “Shimanista” just came to me while reading throu the lists. happy new year! /shimanista

  71. Thanks for the ideas!! I came up with Lipgloss and Candyfloss!! Love my blog name :)

  72. Sophia says:

    So so helpful! Check out my blog!

  73. chynasky says:

    hey thank you very much. That was great. I’ve finally have some ideas how to make a name for my blog.

  74. emily says:

    I loved this article!
    it really helped me find a blog name, so thank you!!

  75. kishore says:

    dude thanx a lot./
    can u suggest a name for my blog/
    its for helping poor, needy, orphans and old.!
    please guys anyone can help me for this…..!!

  76. Marija says:

    Is Plaid Poppies a good name?

  77. Eva says:

    Does Viva Sass Vegas sound good? x) Or does it sound misleading as a travel blog? It’s sort of a beauty and fashion blog. Anything advice. comments, or opinions will be really helpful! Please and thanks y’all!:D

  78. Débora says:

    amazing article! It helped me find the perfect title for my blog!

  79. Cece Grace says:

    So true! Check out my blog Aliteration really is the key!

  80. Mollee:) says:

    I died laughing but I decided on my blog name: Stripes and Skittles! Check me out at

  81. Kim says:

    Wow! These are great! Some of the suggestions are really funny!
    I would have loved to have come across this when thinking up a name for my blog. I managed to do as you suggested anyway! Idea 4 – gave myself the nickname ‘The Misunderstood Fairy’!
    Kim x

  82. Kajol Paul says:

    Loved this article! Such creative and quirky names. I was absolutely clueless as to what to name my blog. This article helped me think out of the box. I named my blog “The Chichuahua”. Check it out –

  83. Avatar of Wat2Dress
    Wat2Dress says:

    A good idea is to incorporate a number in your blog name. Like or

  84. Nicki says:

    Fashion Haley Joel Osment!!! Yes.

  85. Vera says:

    How about mine: Skinny Jeans and Chocolate Cookies

  86. parveen says:

    This is amazing I have come up with a name for my blog!!!

  87. Kimbella says:

    This may have been a joke article lol but it did help me find a name for my soon to be fashion blog.

    -Leather and Macarons

  88. cassy says:

    Please what do you think about my nickname.www.Runwaybeautifash/ getting confuse

  89. Jari Ullah says:

    That is the first article which put some light on my problem :)
    Thanks for this,, Now I can select a suitable title for my blog..

  90. Maria says:

    I have the
    fashion blog, duuuuh.
    But i would like to change to wordpress
    anyone that would want to be a co-author?

  91. erin says:

    This is hilarious and sadly true!

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