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Coming up with a good name for your fashion blog, Instagram, tubmlr or Princess can be hard! Stuck? All out of good fashion blog name ideas?

Fashion blogger Kim Toomey has you covered in the post below, where she's created a great method of generating catchy blog names, a list of the best names, and some useful name tips. Check the comment section as well with over 100 unique ideas from our readers for all kinds of fashion blogs!

Best Fashion Blog Name Ideas: 9 Ways To Name Your Fashion Blog


If you looking at starting a fashion blog but don't have enough time on your hands or love social media, consider giving Insta-blogging a try! We get into everything you need to know before starting a blog with Instagram here.

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Fashion crisis alert!

You want to start a fashion blog but have no clue what to name it!



Ladies and gentlemen, this is sarcasm. While sarcasm is having this ‘moment,' I figured I'd push it for its full fifteen minutes. I've categorized and made up extensive examples of fashion blog names that could, hypothetically, exist. (Omg! She's giving fake blogging advice on IFB!)

Before we get started, remember that alliteration is a cool tool you want to take advantage of when brainstorming for fashion blog name ideas.

What else do you need to remember?

But first, let's take a look at some key characteristics of a successful fashion blog naming. Make sure that your name:

  1. is memorable, original, catchy, unique
  2. has a generally positive connotation
  3. is relatively short and it is simple
  4. appeals to your target audience
  5. is easy to pronounce, understand, type, and spell
  6. has the domain (preferably, .com) is available

How to come up with a good name for your fashion blog?

  1. Brainstorm for a lot of ideas:
    1. play on words
    2. think of good blog names you remember and like
    3. read this article for inspiration
  2. Narrow down your choice, shortlist 3 – 6 names
  3. Get feedback from your target audience, from friends and family
  4. Pick the best name
  5. Name your blog!

Without further adieu, here is a list of blog name ideas to inspire you, and our free fashion blog name generator!

Read on and find a perfect name for your blog 🙂

1. Foodie Fashion Blog Names

Pick your favorite fashion related item and a dessert-type food, place both together:

  • Sugar Plums and Saddle Shoes
  • Cheesecake and Charm Bracelets
  • Animal Crackers and Couture
  • Peplums and Pineapples
  • Manicures and Extra Frosting… Please
  • Braids and Brownies Blog

  • Models and Macaroons
  • Lipstick and Lemon Drops
  • Celine Bags and Sour Skittles
  • Kate Moss and Candy
  • Polka Dots and Popcorn
  • Fashion Pancakes
  • Fashion Toast

2. Local Fashion Blog Names

Throw a shout out to where you live:

  • Buschwick Babes
  • Parisian Popsicles
  • Western Motion Life
  • Finding Frocks in Fargo
  • Blue in Dubai
  • Kansas, I Love You
  • T-Shirts in Tennessee
  • Hamptons Hippies
  • Austin Style

  • Sassy Seattle
  • A-line in Alabama
  • Meet Me on the Intersection of Main Street and Style
  • Lace in Louisiana
  • English Rose Garden Forrest Flowers
  • Hippies Head Home
  • Chic Le Little China
  • 5th Avenue Lifestyle

3. Fashion Blogger Name Ideas

Add -ista to the end of a word often used in the fashion industry:

  • Chanelista
  • Diorista
  • Anna Dello Russo-ista
  • Gypsyista
  • Jet Settista
  • Manicurista
  • Audrey Hepburnista
  • Sparkle-ista
  • Creative Fashionista

  • Parisianista
  • Romancinista
  • Hippy-ista
  • Rouge-ista
  • Lipstickista
  • Pin Stripe-ista
  • Karl Lagerfeldista
  • Choupettista (I went there.)

4. Creative Fashion Fashion Blog Names

Have a creative fashion blog? Give yourself a quirky name. Go ahead, give it to yourself. Isn't that how cool nicknames really start?

  • The Crispy Lipstick
  • Pristine Polly
  • Jackie O.'s Twin
  • The Aristo-chic
  • The Couture Creature

  • Boss Betty Blogger
  • Iced Coffee Cowgirl
  • The Plaid Princess
  • The Roaming Feral Cat

5. Cute Random Fashion Blog Names

Combine the word “Fashion” with another random word:

  • Fashion Vitamins
  • Fashion Bloggers Alert
  • Fashion Frosting
  • Fashion Giraffe
  • Fashion Crisco

  • Fashion Ninja Turtles
  • Fashion Sushi
  • Fashion Haley Joel Osment
  • Fashion Rainbowz
  • Fashion Folk Tales

Use this domain name generator to see if the blog name you want is available right now!

6. Fashion Question Blog Names

Ask a question about things, people:

  • How Do You Wear That?
  • When Do You Wear That?
  • Why Do You Wear That?
  • Who's Hat Is That?
  • Where Did You Come From?
  • How Many Dresses Do You Own?
  • What's Your Favorite Color?

  • How Many Models Do You Know?
  • Who Wears What When They Go Where?
  • WTF is Fashion?
  • Wait, What?
  • Are You Talking To Me?
  • What's That Smell?
  • What Are You Looking At? Take A Picture Already, Jerk.

7. Nature and Animals Fashion Blog Names

Pick an animal, then incorporate that animal into an aesthetic:

  • Fox Trotting Through Brooklyn
  • The Butterfly Flies Beautiful
  • The Lovely Llama Guide
  • Cat Backpacks
  • lifestyle Owl

  • Cats with Kittens… in Dresses
  • Seagull of Style
  • Otter Spotter
  • Street Style Snakes
  • City Street Cub

8. Vogue Fashion Blog Names

Vogue and… [random object]:

  • Vogue and Vagabonds
  • Vogue and a Picnic
  • Vogue and Vibes
  • Vogue and Whispers
  • Vogue and Puppies

  • Vogue and Shooting Stars
  • Vogue and Graham Crackers
  • Vogue and Sunglasses
  • Vogue and Disco
  • Vogue and Vogue

9. Design Fashion Blog Names

Something having to do with style or design. Really, it could be anything:

  • Styled Mermaid
  • Design Macaroni
  • Stylish Carrots
  • Sweating Styles
  • Seal of Style

  • Style Shirt
  • Beauty Spring Roll
  • Style Hamster
  • Respect Wear
  • Design Queen
  • Fried Fish Look

Alright, alright… I get that some of these names are totally ridiculous, but the point of this article is to wake up and be creative! Your blog name doesn't have to be too complicated, and you shouldn't be a blogger cliche or a copycat. Come up with your own title that portrays YOU.

Need more help with naming your blog and brand? Use the tool below to come up with a great fashion blog name.

Use this domain name generator to see if the blog name you want is available right now!

But wait… what if you don't have enough time on your hands to start a full-blown blog? Consider starting a blog with Instagram! We've got all the tips and tricks on how to start a fashion blog with Instagram here on IFB.

Happy fashion blogging!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you know any unique and creative blog names? Please share in the comments!

Editor's note: The article was originally published on July 26th, 2012 by fashion blogger Kim Toomey. It was updated and edited by Laura Kell on November 1st, 2017. It was later updated on August 23, 2018; March 29, 2019;October 17, 2020, and February 13th, 2024.

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318 Responses

  1. Princess Poochie

    My site is pretty simple because it’s what have all the time… Shoe Daydreams. I guess “Obessively Talking About Shoes and Boring Everyone Witless” is just as descriptive but not as catchy!

    : )


  2. Fajr

    I chose Stylish Thought because I think too much and most of the time it’s about fashion, plus I’m pretty opinionated so I always have a thought on something!

    Cool reads!

    ms. thought

  3. Mei-Li Thomas

    The name of my blog is “No Fear, Just DIVA” and it honestly was just my affirmation statement to myself when going toward any challenge in life. Sometimes we get scared but we don’t have the time, or the means to let fear paralyze us – we just have to go for it. It wasn’t until I started the blog almost 1.5 years later that the idea of finding your “Fashion Freeway” and the tag line “One Step Forward, Just Glance Back. No Fear, Just DIVA” came about .

  4. Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

    I had a bizarre fever to buy a domain name, even though I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I chose Sea of Ghosts before I really even got into fashion blogging, so it doesn’t really sound like a style blog!
    I chose it based on music I love… Mer De Noms (Sea of Names) by A Perfect Circle, and Ghosts by Nine Inch Nails, which had just come out at the time. There are other Sea and Ghost related music I love but those two were the main reason and combination.

  5. Danielle

    i guess the key to a good name is something so “you” that you wont ever regret it. its like a tattoo, once youve started..

  6. fashion fille

    fascinating, really! i chose my name, Fashion Fille, after putting a few words on a piece of paper, and then brainstorming synonyms and combinations. Paris is a dreamworld for me that I have never visited (not yet! I WILLLLL!!), so using fille, the french word for girl, came naturally. Describing that girl is fashion, so the words kind of flew together- Fashion Fille. I now use it as my pseudonym and blog name. i’ve been trying to think of a tagline, but i kind of like the simplicity of just “fashion fille.” any opinions on that?

  7. keren

    Very interesting post!
    When naming my own blog, I found a little trouble. I had many ideas but in the end, I chose the most simple one. I don’t know if that’s what I should have done, but the name makes it quite clear what direction my blog is going in.

    Witty titles do attract, though, and an interesting blog name really can make all the difference. 😉

  8. futurelint

    Very interesting! I named my small t-shirt company FutureLint because I was amazed by all the lint that comes out of the dryer and the fact that all my clothes are slowing losing bits of themselves every time they are washed. I was going to just name it “Lint” but someone already had that name, so I went with Future Lint, since I guess that’s all that clothes are. I kept the name for my etsy shop and my blog since it’s just easiest and the best way to get your name out there.

  9. Monica

    Great post! I know it took me a while to come up with mine & I wanted something that wasn’t too long. Beauty Parler was created because I wanted a play on words using Parlor. My blog is about beauty & fashion (& sometimes a little about random things) anyhow Parlor was changed to the french verb Parler meaning to talk/speak.

  10. Kate Wyver

    I found it so difficult to chose the name of my blog.
    I sort of wish I could go back and change it, and I might in the near future, as I think its too long and not catchy enough.

  11. ICFashionChic

    This is very true. I made up my blog randomly at NYFW SS 12. I just blurted it out when asked, “Who do you write for?” Of course I was embarrassed that I didn’t write for anything and I thought a blog would cover that up, so I said, “ICFashionChic”. But now when handing out business cards everyone automatically says,”I see fashion chick? Interesting.” For some reason, no one understands the difference between Chic and Chick. If I had’ve thought about it more carefully, I wouldn’t have named my blog such an obscure name, even though I love it.

  12. the sparkle (@erincg)

    mine came to me out of the blue… i’ve always loved the word ‘sparkle’ and have used it to describe things ALL the time. but, i can imagine how tough it would have been if it hadn’t just come to me. it’s hard to not be cliche.

    great tips! x


  13. Sandra

    Wish I had these tips about a year ago! I do love my blog name though. It’s pretty unique and fun, but it def took a while to come up with it. I say follow your instinct and whatever name you keep thinking about go for it!

  14. Annching - Avery By Wang

    These are really great tips! I remember when I used to have a fashion blog, and coming up with a name was one of the things that always became a time-suck. Went from fashion 2.0 to Parker and Muse to keeping it simple with my name. Now that I have my own fashion line, I really love what you said about keeping it short and making sure it doesn’t sound awkward to say when explaining to people!

  15. Charley

    I love this! I had a total name-flop with my first blog and was actually a big reason in deleting it. My new blog name works in so many ways! I like the tip for saying it out loud, I also think you should sleep on it and ask other people. I know some big time bloggers who started out with one name and don’t use it anymore!

  16. Beth Greenwood

    My blog had two different names before I settled on The Vintage Style Queen which came about organically really, I love vintage fashion and it just rolls off the tongue.

    I wish I’d had these tips sooner as I would have come up with the name a bit sooner!

  17. ROXYmodae

    I didn’t know how to spell “fashion” in French, I only knew how to say it so I wrote it as it sounded making the word- modae. Then, “roxy” means beautiful in a much less worn out way. Thus creating one of the most important parts of my life- ROXYmodae. That’s my blog story.

  18. Jenny

    Thanks for those tips, the are very helpful. I almost gave up starting a blog cause I couldn’t find a name that was good enough. All I had in mind were taken 🙁 So now I’ll try it 🙂

  19. Farah

    thanks for the wonderful tips! i created my blog a year ago with a friend therefore we named the blog 2 gitanas but she is not collaborating with me anymore…any tips on how to change your blog without losing or confusing your followers?

    • Cameron

      You could always make a post about the change; it’s what I did when I changed mine. Beyond that, it’ll take a while before the casual followers find you again; also what happened to me. Either way, it’ll work out for you in the end.

  20. Christy

    Good tips! My blog name is the name of a song, I can’t say it without singing it! Oops!

  21. Cameron

    When I first started, I had taken the name of my blog from the name of my short-lived, limited-audience podcast series which, in turn, was named after the song of the same name from DJ Shadow’s debut full-length “Endtroducing….”

    However, after the Coveted/Coveteur debacle — as well as wanting to be first instead of third or fourth when someone was looking for my blog — I changed the name to 33 avenue Miquelon; 33 is the international dialing code for France, Miquelon comes from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (trio of small islands south of Newfoundland, Canada that are a part of France), and the way the name is written is in the form of a French street address — the street type is always lowercase in this format.

    As for why I did it this way, I figured it would be unique enough to be noticed, as well as incorporating my slight affection towards France. That’s all I have.

  22. Young, Wilde & Free

    Wow such great advice. Although I love my blog name, when I tell people what it is I always have to explain the “Wilde” and not “Wild” part lol. Jeez.


  23. Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    Great tips! A name is really very important! I think my Bun Bun Makeup Tips is easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and says quite a lot about what my blog is about.

  24. A

    these are some really great tips. thanks for sharing them with us! 🙂

    i definitely wish i had found these before i created my blog…may need to scrap everything and start over…


  25. Christina Noir

    Lmaoooo….omg…. how about “Let me borrow that top”. lol

  26. Molly Laurenn

    Thank you for helping me! I came up with a name in the first 10 minutes! Diamonds and Dachshunds

  27. Georgia Lloyd

    I was worried that I’d read your article and think ‘D’oh, I wish I’d thought of that when naming my blog’ – So I was happy to see that what I did was on your list! (Number 5 – Satiable Fashion)
    I love your list, it definitely would have been a great help to me when naming my blog.
    Georgia x

  28. Maria Losch

    These are cracking me up but some are pretty savvy! Thanks for making me laugh today. Luv IFB!!
    xo, Maria

  29. Cate

    This is cheeky, I get it. I actually thought these were hilarious, but naming a blog *is* a source of major headaches, so it would be awesome to get some actual advice on how to do that. This should have been called “Blog Naming Cliches and How to Avoid them.” Because it’s hilarious to me how many of these titles sound completely legit to me now…

  30. Ley

    …can I call dibs on “Otter Spotter” and “Cats with Kittens… in Dresses”?

  31. sahra

    ahahahaha I love this…. but on a serious note, I feel like changing my blog to StyleMermaid….so 90% serious!

    Xo Sahra

  32. kimmie

    OMG this is hilarious!!! The funny thing is, I’ve been wanting to start another blog but I couldn’t figure out what to call it. Well, I thought if names but every time I thought I had something original I saw it already existed lol.

    There actually are a few gems in these names – we’ll see in a few weeks if anyone registers the names lol.

  33. Rachel W.

    I’m pretty sure that the Quantum Law of Interneting states that as soon as you invent a fake blog name, that blog pops into existence! Having a ton of fun imagining what Fried Fish Style and Fashion Folk Tales would be like… I bet I would read the latter!

  34. Michaella

    haha I’m seriously laughing out loud right now 🙂 I’m totally a ‘Karl Lagerfeldista’ haha
    xx Michaella

  35. Taylor

    I love that you put Dior and Dunkaroos in all caps; that’s hilarious. The Roaming Feral Cat actually made me laugh out loud. Great “ideas”!

  36. Wina Puangco

    :)) THIS IS HILARIOUS. Hahhahaha

    Laughing at cliches aside though, this is really a huge part of Fashion blogging. I was looking back at my archives and realized that my blog’s first name was “Spit & Sweat” (taken from a song by my favorite rock band, Rooney)–it’s shocking that I couldn’t understand the spike in readership after changing the name. xD

    • Anelia

      “Spit and Sweat” is actually really original and awesome, I would want to read a blog called that.

  37. Shilu

    Amazing way of creating catchy yet meaningful names. I was drooling over to change the name for quite sometimes and here it is. sounds quirky though.

  38. WorkOfStyle

    Guilty of using ‘style’ lol
    this article is hilarious! However, it IS really complicated to find a name. i’ve struggled. Still now, I’d like to change sometimes! But between what’s already been done, what is too close from another bloggers names, what’s too long for a name (or too short) etc., it really is difficult to find one great name!

  39. moiminnie

    When I clicked on it, it thought this was a legit article haha!
    It’s funny because it’s true, every other FASHION blog is called FASHION SOMETHING or STYLE SOMETHING. It’s like, it’s clear as daylight that your blog is about fashion, why you gotta stress it that much? Of course people are having difficulties to find a perfect name for their blog, but it think they also strategize: having fashion or style or vogue in your URL attracts so much more attention from Google and other search engines then other unique blog names.
    I’m pretty satisfied with my blog’s name though, I wouldn’t change it for the world! My nickname has been Minnie for years now, and my blog being named MoiMinnie indirectly describes me as a person, my style and what I’m all about!

  40. Becky

    I love this article. I’ve been asked before why my blog name was “different”. It’s not traditional for a fashion blog, but it’s totally me! 
    Btw—> You are quite creative with names! Too funny.

  41. Jade

    Haha I love this story! Some really cute and quirky names here 🙂 Mine sounds boring now 🙁

  42. The Artful Poser

    Oh, haha, talking about fashion clichés, sarcasm and names, I come up with different user names in my blog all the time, like “Outfit posts ate my loan”! Take a look! Love your suggestions as well! xx

  43. Ana

    This list really had me smiling 😀 .

    Oh, and I’m stealing half of these.
    Wait, What? would, in my case, be the “title that portrays YOU” 🙂 .

  44. Dulcie

    Oh dear some people didn’t realise this was a joke…. :S

    Although, yeah, I am aways really paranoid that my blog name is lame or that people think its really unoriginal and I just spelt Dolce wrong as well.


  45. Libertad

    OMG this is so funny, hahahahaha!

    I think that music is one of the biggest inspiration in life, and using songs’ names or bands’ names or that kind of things could be interesting.
    For example, my blog is name behind a Hadouken! album called ‘Not Here to Please You’. I love that album and also I thought is a good name for my blog, as I don’t pretend to be complacent to anyone – It’s my blog, so I can say and show what I please ;P

  46. Francy

    great article it was funny but actually helpful at the same time. The way I named by blog was actually on the list #4 “Fancy Francy”.

  47. Elissa

    wow i’m surprised some people didn’t understand that this was a joke. can’t wait to see “fashion haley joel osment” around lol

  48. Bonnie Friday

    OK, this article is HILARIOUS! But, I have to admit, I kind of love the name “Peplums and Pineapples”…

  49. Adrian Wand

    Well.. My name is Kårvand, which englishspeaking people pronounce corewand, and then I just used wand. Even though it sounds like a pornname, it’s fucking awesome. I can actually go up to people and say “Wand. Adrian Wand”.

  50. Sascha

    This is awesome. My blog, Coffee and Heels, is named according to nr 1…almost.

  51. Nataya

    Catchy, very catchy, why I’ve never think about those in the list???

  52. Chyme

    Hahaha I can relate. I made myself a nickname for my blog… Aka Chymecindy :))) akachymecindy.com!

  53. Sabina

    Yeah it was a joke but there are still some actual cute names in there. Lighten up, people.

    And yes very funny post. And I’m laughing at myself too since my blog is called My Style Canvas.

  54. Kristian

    Haha! Great joke (though a little sad some people did not seem to get it, but then, they could have and I just missed the sarcasm…)

    Though, is it bad I kinda want to see a blog Cats with Kittens… In Dresses. If it really was cats in dresses. I don’t know. So random.

  55. Testaholic

    Also try adding – AHOLIC to just about anything you like or do, this is how I came up with my name – TESTAHOLIC ;)) Other examples: SHOP -AHOLIC POLISH -AHOLIC BAKE-AHOLIC GLAM-AHOLIC BOOK-AHOLIC DESIGN-AHOLIC CHIC-AHOLIC DIY-AHOLIC and so on. Aaaaand if anything else fails, try adding “heart” before anything ;))

  56. Campus Sartorialist

    This article was hilarious, and some of the comments of the people who actually thought it was a legit categorization instead of sarcasm was even better!

    We’re totally trademarking CampusSartorialista and CampusSartorialisto in case any of you get any funny ideas from #3 🙂

    On another note, just as important as having a witty and easily remembered name is having a custom domain…..it’s hard to take any blog that ends in tumblr.com or blogspot.com seriously…god forbid it’s .co.uk or something more exotic. A custom domain is usually in the $10-$15 range/year and it shows people you’re serious about your blog and that you’re not just another person who thought it’d be cool to start a blog, especially when you name it something as awesome as StyleMermaid and not make the best of it 😉

  57. Dee T. ♥HauteFrugalista♥

    Haute Frugalista is mine! love that in every social media theres only one of me so I dont have to be anything / _ or 1 or anything add on! this are really funny and cool ideas! thanks for sharing!! Xoxo

  58. mimi

    lol this is funny cuz my blog name actually falls under these rules do i get away with it since i named my blog before this was posted? lol this article is too cute for words 🙂

  59. Jummy

    This was fun to read. I was thinking earlier in the week about how annoying that first category of blog name you mentioned is…if I see another blog that uses that naming convention, I think I’ll scream!

  60. Jessy

    My blog is “The Little Dust Princess”. Most unique because it comes from my Chinese name! ;D (http://www.thelittledustprincess.com/)

  61. Jane Ighodaro

    Lol it’s funny how even though this is a joke (and I’ll admit I was fooled at one point) a lot of these names are quite nice. I can almost bet some of these names will pop up in the near future. I sometimes think the name for my blog mygoldmine is a bit boring but I guess in all actuality it does describe what I think my blog is, my collection of finds in the fashion world that inspire me.

  62. Khadijat Yussuff

    Haha it took me forever to name my blog! I tried LuluMontenegro ( I thought I was being clever changing up the name of a flower, the Lily Montenegro). Turns out there were real people with that name, and it became disenchanting really easily. So then I tried adding a STYL’D: , so it became STYL’D: LuluMontenegro. But then I found out that styld. is a GAP campaign and it was really awkward for me. Plus it made my blog name uncomfortably long. So then I tried savage youth, but it was taken on blogspot, and I literally sat on it for two days before it occurred to me to change the order of the words to get Youth Savage! This is a hilarious post, and I wish I could have read it a month ago!

    • Monica

      I know what you mean! You think you have something great when you have a “shower moment”… then later you find out that not only has that idea been taken… five variations of it exist!

      I liked your Lulu Montenegro idea even if plenty of people are named that.

  63. Zoe

    I love love love Lipstick & lemon drops I want it now! some of these are hilarious though

  64. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    I also thought this was a serious post before reading it… what ‘fabulous’ suggestions, I don’t think I realised there were formulas like this but they make sense now! But on the flip side, as some others have said, there are some suggestions that could be pretty cute blog names…!

    I’ve only ever had one blog name (which after one year I’m still really happy with) and I’m pretty sure I will never need to change it – I purposely avoided naming it anything to do with my actual age, despite being an older style blogger. I never wanted the name to become “out of date” as it were… it will now suit me until such time as I stop blogging (if and when that happens)!

    Thanks for the great article… they really made me chuckle 😀

    Not Dressed As Lamb

  65. Stylester

    LOVE this post and your sense of humour. Amazing! and amazingly clever. Made me giggle. x

  66. Asmá

    This post is hilarious and fantastic! I laughed out loud at some of the choices but they do work really well. It’s about being unique and being yourself. I went through countless blog names before settling for “A Box of Pretty Shoes”. You just have to find what works for you and your blog.

  67. Katie Lee

    This is cute!! Great job, very creative names. My personal favorite is WTF is Fashion!….. and obviously Cat Backpacks are the new thing, nobody knows it yet. Hurry, quick!! Someone cop that.

  68. FutureLint

    Ahahahaha! So funny and sooooo true… I’m surprised half of these don’t actually exist… they might, did you have to Google them just to make sure? I bet you did!

  69. Monica

    Love the post, very funny.

    However I have to say that I’m getting really annoyed that sometimes people actually take a well known blog name and “personalise” it… such as [insert word here not fashion]toast. That’s just a little sad.

  70. A Girl, A Style

    HAHA, this literally made me laugh out loud! I’d be Collegiate Prepsters and Cobblestones (for Cambridge, England, where I live), or Jewels and Macarons. LOL!

    …although somewhat concerned that many commenters didn’t get that this was sarcasm!

    Thank you for having the most diverse range of helpful topics every single week (even those that make me laugh out loud).

    Briony xx

  71. Nik

    Loved this article. If anyone’s curious about blog names and U.S. trademarks, check out my post at http://threadconscious.com/blog/2012/07/ifbs-blogger-name-generator-is-trademarks-101/ . It’s not legal advice, but may also be helpful if you’re stumped on choosing a good name. : )

  72. Nicole

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have been trying to come up with names for a new blog all day but they all sounded lame… after reading this I already have a few new ideas! Thanks 🙂

  73. Ciara

    I named my blog ‘a trickle of meaning’ after a line in an alice in wonderland book!

    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      Your blog is beautiful! I love the little signature at the end of your posts, and I really love that outfit post with the orange dress – fab from hair tips to toe! 🙂

  74. Crosby

    I landed on PR Couture because (and thank goodness) fashionPR.com was taken (my original idea for the site was much more of an educational/resource/school type site than a blog. I liked it immediately because I am a sucker for double-meaning – and I liked that PR Couture tied in with fashion, but that also it represented an aspirational quality of public relations practice that I could both aspire to and showcase.

    As an aside – I love love love naming things, and routinely get ideas for blog names, and then try and figure out what type of content it should have.

    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      If you love naming things, you should totally bank that! My sister started a website with all african fashion video content, and coming up with a name was torture, even though I thought I was fairly good at it – all the stuff that fit perfectly was taken! Sell a pre-copy written/pre-trademarked name along with a matching URL at the right price, and I would be first in line to buy one. 🙂

  75. Donatella

    well, my niche is DIY fashion and home decor.
    I get inspiration from almost anything and then I make it myself… the realisation part (with the S – because I’m European)
    therefore: www.inspirationrealisation.com !

  76. Nasreen

    mines called lazyobsession but i should probably change it since it doesnt say much about my blog!


    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      haha, good thing you have a nice name. I love my name, but Modupe Oloruntoba doesn’t really roll off the tongue…

  77. Kels

    My blog is a beauty and fashion blog so I named it after one of my favourite nail polishes, Pandamoniumpink

  78. Stephanie

    My blog’s name “Chocolate Laced” is short and sweet (literally!) When choosing my blog name, I wanted it to be all the things that you mentioned under the “Good Blog Name” list, so I created a list myself. I used my knack for poetry to create a list of 5 names that I thought best represent what I wanted to portray and then I asked my Tumblr followers to help me choose. They all chose Chocolate Laced. 🙂

    -Steph, Chocolate Laced

  79. sealaura

    I am a beach lover and travel enthusiasts who loves fashion. I definitely wanted something simple and memorable. sealaura is my blog name because I love the SEA and in Spanish “sea” is the command “to be” so I wanted to inspire people “to be” and enjoy all that life has to offer.

  80. Bibi

    I named my blog “Dancing with Fashion” because i like dancing and fashion !! 🙂

  81. Sierra

    My blog is The Queenpin…I felt that it was different, but it seems that people dont immediately relate it to the term “kingpin” which is kind of a good thing.
    In my mind, it almost represents authority and success to me, but instead meaning “I’m a big time drug dealer” it means “I’m a big time fashion blogger”, lol.

  82. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    I actually decided to take a risk with my blog name. I wanted a blog name that was ME, without being my legal name. I identify as a gaptooth diva, this has now become my brand. My image is about being myself and NOT playing it safe. If brands and companies don’t want to work with me because of it, they’re not who I’m in conjunction with. I think the name doesnt matter as much as tags, titles, & all that SEO business. My traffic isn’t super high, but I’m doing well. If you’re networking and making connections then you’ll do well, also. It’s all just a huge conversation. I appreciate blogs with quirky, controversial, and/or outrageous names. Most of the time, they seem the most real. It seems unfair to think I can’t use whatever best represents who I am for fear of scaring off a supporter.

    • Alessia

      Actually the URL gives quite a good amount of points for SEO but the algorithm changes all the time and a blogging persona should be thought long-lasting so I agree with your approach. Target people, not robots. And everyone does SEO, you have to deal with it constantly and unless you pay a company to do it for you it will cut time for the great content that really matters.

  83. Devon - InformedStyle.com

    I consider my site name to be ‘meant to be’…
    it was the very first name I wrote down during brainstorming, and I remember being so relieved to discover that it hadn’t already been registered to someone else.

    When I’ve shared it with friends, their reaction is ‘Yup. That’s you” – perfect!


  84. The Glamorous Housewife

    Here is the thing about naming a blog: It can always be changed. I swear every time I tell someone I am a blogger they say, “Oh, I would love to blog but I can’t think of a good name”. When you first start out it doesnt really matter what your name is. I started as “Talesofaretromodernhousewife”. I know, way too long. But after blogging for a few months, for some reason I started signing my comments as “The Glamorous Housewife”. I realized that was a killer name and changed the title of my blog. So take it from someone who has changed the name of their blog- it is totally do-able and dont let the name of your blog prevent you from starting a blog.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

    • Kierra

      This is awesome! I’m looking to change my blog name too. Was it hard and did you lose a lot of followers?

  85. Nathalie F.

    Well, let me tell you how I named mine. I created a list of all the relevant, descriptive, and catchy words that came to mind over a period of about 3 weeks. I asked trusted friends and family members to pick their favorite combinations. I ended up going with “Earnestyle”, which I originally loved because I thought it was so clever (Earnest Style, except it’s together: Earnestyle, get it?).

    But then someone on Etsy misspelled it as “Earne Style”, which made me go, “Oh no! What if people are thinking I’m trying to tell them they can EARN STYLE through my blog!” Not the message I intended to send, people. It’s just Earnestyle. As in Earnest Style, except together because the last two letters of “earnest” are the first two of style. See that? *Sigh.*


  86. Rachel

    To me this was the hardest part of starting up! I tried to go with short and simple, while still summing up MY style. Glitzy Blues works for and I just love the way it sounds!

    Xo, Rachel

  87. nicole

    I spent at least two weeks trying to think of a name for my blog. I’ll admit, I’m a little indecisive, so a decision probably could have been made sooner, but still. I wanted to get it right the first time, and it feels so good now that I’ve made a decision. I started with a piece of blank 12″ x 12″ paper and a bag of sharpies. I started writing down any and all words that I find appealing – from kinds of flowers (tulips) and colors (aubergine) to city nicknames (Emerald City) and fashionable details (sequins, lace).

    Finally. I decided on teacups and B cups (a blog about filling life with things you love).

    It made my best friend and my boyfriend laugh, and it represents me in every way.

  88. Akvile

    I named my blog “fashion.doc”. The fact I work in a magazine and write about fashion is probably the reason I open the Word file millions of times. The ending .doc (as Word document code) is this daily documentation of the fashion I work in and I draw. Now it has three sections: working in the magazine stuff, fashion week diary and my fashion illustrations.
    A., http://doc-fashion.blogspot.com

  89. Angelica Lainis

    My blog name A Fine Fashion Frenzy was actually inspired by one of my favourite artists A Fine Frenzy. So when coming up with my blog name it was actually quite easy. In addition to A Fine Frenzy – Alison Sudol, her photography and music capture the essence of my style blog. A Fine Fashion Frenzy is just all about style, fun and getting advice.

  90. melissaos

    Hi.. After reading this I don’t think my blog name represents so much what I’m trying to accomplish.. Do you have any advice as to what could happen if someone decides to change the name of their blog after a year or more with it? Does it really confuse the readers or is there a way to succesfully make the transition?

    Please help!! Thanks 😛

  91. The Style Box

    It sounds really ridiculous but I had no idea that this huge world of blogging existed when I started mine (I only started because my husband has a food blog and I thought it looked like fun!) In a way that really helped because I wasn’t caught up in worrying what people would think of my blog name.

    The Style Box popped into my brain almost immediately with hardly any thought and my husband tried to get me to think of other names after that but I was pretty set on it and knew it was right. I was so lucky that nobody else already had this name and I managed to get the correct URL and Twitter handle.


  92. Ephrath Amin

    My blog name is ImEphrath because I had no other ideas! haha I really should’ve put more thought into it. Although, I think if I had named it after fashion then people would expect too much ha ha! 🙂

  93. Krista

    This is such a great topic. Since November 2007, I’ve been Boutique Flair, Style Epiphany, and Krista Peck. I’ve finally landed at Therapy Darling after changing directions professionally and realizing what works and doesn’t work for me. For me, leaning towards a lifestyle blog is the right fit because the umbrella allows me to keep boredom at bay. I’ve kind of come full circle, returning to my therapy roots, which I’ve found to be the perfect fit because whether I’m being a friend, consulting a client, or writing, I find that I tend to think through a counselor’s lens. I can still have fun with it, focusing on everything from retail therapy (shopping) to career counseling (small business tips). I think short and memorable is the way to go! xo

  94. purplebananasandfudgeballs

    I named my blog Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs, and I get a lot of funny responses to that. It just popped into my head one day, and it wouldn’t leave so I just went with it. I think the my blog’s name attracts curious people, and then I hook ’em with my style. At least, I’d like to think so..lol! www.purplebananasandfudgeballs.blogspot.com

  95. Genma

    My blog is called From Gem With Love, because its written by me and I put my heart in to it. It’s the way I would sign off a letter.

  96. Renee | Beauty Fool

    My blog’s name is Beauty Fool (as in, a play on the word “beautiful”), I love it but I have to take a second or two to explain since most people think it’s “beautiful.com”. But once they understand they think it’s clever so that makes me happy 😛 If I had to name another blog though, I’d still go with a pun/play on words, I like those the best! And sometimes your name can be the best choice.

    x Renee

  97. cyelip

    I named my blog after a song by Muse: Panic Station. I fell in love with that song!

    For me “A Panic Station” it’s great, defines me, defines the whole look of the blog, you can start with a fashion post or a music post, It’s a lovely way to have fun and say: It’s not chaotic, but, you don’t know where to start. It’s a panic station!


  98. shopandtwirl

    One night I was brainstorming on a blog name and I started out by just writing down a bunch of fashion/shopping/girly words like that came to mind. I was watching an episode of Gossip Girl and was thinking about words that rhyme with girl and came up with twirl. Shop & Twirl just suddenly clicked for me. It’s simple, to the point, describes my blog, and can be easily read in a URL, twitter handle, etc (shopandtwirl). Voila!

  99. Carla - Stella Shops

    Stella Shops is a shopping and style blog. Adding the ‘shops’ part to the name was the easy part. The Stella part came from my blog partner and I trying to figure out a name that would work with ‘Shops’ and since we couldn’t really mash Carla and Mizzie together, we went for the alliteration and used my pug’s name, Stella. It wasn’t my original intention, but over time Stella has become a little part of the brand. She frequently pops up on the Stella Shops social media. She’s a pretty stylish pug. 😉

  100. Castle Fashion

    I’m pretty sure I thought of my blog name and registered it in about 40 seconds. I had a spell of doubt about it a few months back but that passed and I still think it’s the perfect glove for my metaphorical internet hand. Hahaha


  101. Maya

    My blog is named: archistas,
    I searched long for it and I should be the only one with the name 🙂 it comes from architecture + fashionista + s it really describes what’s on my blog as I’m an architect student who loves fashion 😉

  102. J. Nicole

    Around the time I decided I wanted to blog, Brooklyn (where I live) was really gaining momentum, esp with the stadium being built. Brooklynites are known for being outspoken, and I wanted to express that; hence calling my blog “Urban Expressive”. Not delegating it to only one topic has helped me discuss things outside of fashion and be taken seriously.

  103. Melanie Fontaine

    For me, finding the perfect blog name was a continuous struggle! I’ve played around with different titles, but couldn’t quite find something right. It took me a while to realize that there is probably no such thing as a perfect blog name, but since that realization I’ve been able to just go on with building my blog.
    I now know that I unnecessarily lost a lot of time on looking for the ‘perfect’ name, time that I could have used to actually do some blogging. My blog is currently called ,Melanie Fontaine’ which is just some wordplay with my first name.

  104. Petya

    I don’t remember how I choose my blog name, but after I called it like that, I understood that there is a magazine called like that. (I didn’t know it before because it’s not published in my country).


  105. Irene

    My blog name, F*ck X’s We’re 12’s, include’s a curse word but I find it entirely appropriate considering the lifelong frustration my target audience has gone through trying to find cute shoes in large sizes.

    I’ve gotten nothing but praise on the name and my style of writing which includes well placed profanity– it’s a reflection of me. If a reader met me they would not be shocked at my personality, but would feel like they knew me already. I believe in Authenticity across the board.

    Now for the more conservative, they can simply refer to it as FXW12 which is my handle for everything and how I refer to it on my professional resume.

    Signs of talented writer…Appealing to many without losing oneself!

  106. Lisa // Elembee

    I named my blog “Elembee,” which is my initials spelled out. I figured I could never get tired of my own name, and it obviously would always be a reflection of me, but my name (Lisa Butler) is a bit too common (though, fun fact, there’s a makeup artist by the same name, and I always say I would be one in another life).

    I’d say the most important thing when it comes to naming your blog is making sure a reasonable domain name is available for it — and snatch it up immediately. It’s $10, just do it.

  107. blue roses

    my blog is called “suits and skirts,” which is a metonym from the 1960s for guys and girls, and also for business professionals in middle management. my blog covers lots of topics, and is mostly a medium for me to practice writing, but it covers a lot of funky, stylized professional ware and general tales of corporate foibles and frustrations.

  108. Cynthia

    Before 2010, my main site was called Prospere Magazine. Originally, I was going to be a business and style publication, but the business part kind of went down the wayside and I became lifestyle only. Name no longer made any sense, so it was time for a makeover. As I wanted to focus on style and food (and a bit of travel and culture), my (now) husband (then fiance) and I came up with DelectablyChic!. We felt the name would encompass both topics (as in food is delectable, style is chic). While I did have some people (including one of my guest writers) wonder why I rebranded, at the end , it was a good thing. Almost immediately after the name change, I started getting many more emails from PR people offering to send me products or invitations to events.

    As for my more personal site, I used to blog about size issues as Shorty Stories. As the years rolled on, I started to post outfit pictures, to a point that it was almost exclusively outfit posts. That, too, led to a makeover when I transferred many of my outfit posts to The DelectablyChic! Closet (since people seem to know me as DelectablyChic! and not Shorty Stories (some 1800+ Twitter followers versus a measly 300ish)). Still, the main DelectablyChic! site gets the most activity.



  109. AJ Wears Clothes

    Here’s the thing about my blog name. I think it’s hilarious that it is EXACTLY what the blog is about. AJ Wears Clothes. Because I do. And that’s what the blog is. I don’t know why it tickles me so much, but I feel like you know exactly what you’re getting and that’s why it’s funny.

    I have started and quit countless fashion blogs before this one because I couldn’t find a great name that compelled me to continue. I feel like the “something AND something else” name is a little tired, though. I was 10 seconds away from naming my blog “Lipstick and a half-eaten sandwich” but I changed it last minute (kidding, of course, although that actually sounds kind of killer too)

  110. Mayette

    I named my blog, Looks Cute Though, after a quote from The Office! I also use this excuse for anything I’m thinking of buying. Sigh.

  111. MonicaP

    It took me months to figure out a name .. I finally came up with a ‘what I am’ name and that’s .. A Pear Shaped Gal.


  112. Shevon Miller

    My blogs name is Trashing Fashion. I came up with the name while watching fashion police. I got so sick of everyone talking about these so called “fashion rules”. So my friend turned to me and said why do you care you trash everything. About a week later I decide Trashing Fashion was the perfect name. Its catchy, It makes people think, Fits my personal style and well its memorable!
    My personal style is far from normal so the name stuck!


  113. Margaux

    I changed my blog name about 6 months ago. I went from “The Girl Who Wore Everything” to “Tongue in Chic” – While I liked my old blog name, it felt a little childish. Tongue in Chic is a play on words, which I love. Sadly, it was taken, so I had to add “blog” to the end, but I’m okay with that! After I changed the name to something I love, I was much more excited to post! The name really is more significant than you’d think.

    XX M

  114. LaJune

    my blog name is long but it’s something my target audience can more than likely remember because it’s a spin on a popular clar sisters song. blessedandhighlyfashionable.com—–>>>>>The song… Blessed and highly favored by the clark sisters

  115. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I played around with many different names and asked my friends. I wanted my blog to reflect that I’m dressing for a job in downtown Chicago (aka The Loop). I also happen to love alliteration so Loop Looks was born! Of course, not every outside of Chicago knows that downtown is called The Loop but I still think it works.

  116. Rachel

    The Year of Slow Fashion

    seems pretty self-describable. I challenged myself to live the ‘slow fashion’ movement for a year and post it EVERY DAY. i kjnow i want to continue after I am done with one year and am kickin around the idea of a name change. It definitely makes it so i cannot get deals with many ppl well but i don’t really want that yet if anything i want to appeal to the Slow Fashion industry!! And i know its too long but i love my acronym YOSF 😀

  117. Katie

    My blog name is glamourdistrict, and I actually considered changing it…do you guys think its a good name?

    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      I love the name, but you should think about whether or not it matches your content. Only consider changing it if it doesn’t fit.

  118. Abby

    One Stiletto At a Time. A little long but it describes myself and my blog just taking life one stiletto at a time!

  119. Katy

    I love reading everyone’s blog naming stories! I’m not sure how I came up with “Floral Mess” but it just seems to suit my personality, my style and my love for strangely pretty things perfectly. I haven’t seen anyone with a similar blog name either, which is a bonus.

    ~ Katy

  120. Vanessa

    I named my lifestyle blog to reflect my move to the Big Apple (NYC!). I have always been a city girl at heart and think NYC is simply a chic, trendy place to live and experience life as a young adult. So my blog name ChicCityLife came to life!


  121. Julie D.

    I had a really hard time coming up with a name for my blog. But then one day it came to me while I was commuting to work. I’m greatly impacted by the city I live in & love to no end– NYC. So I thought of “Hudson East”– after the two rivers surrounding Manhattan.

  122. mo handahu

    I named my site Lion Hunter because that is what my last name means. I love this because it not only reflects who I am but also what my aim is for my site, to “gather a majestic narrative”. I share my personal style, my life and anything that I find that has a majestic quality to it, be in closets, food, art, written work, people, music etc.

  123. Mariliis

    my blogs name is “Let her speak” and it came from my friends always wanting fashion advice from me. So one time we were at a party and people were asking me questions, but all this mumbeling and people over-talking each other got to a point when one of my friends just stood up and said SHHH!!! LET HER SPEAK! and thats how my blog was born 🙂

  124. Austen

    I took the longest time to finally settle on my blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon. But the name is fun, memorable, contains a phrase that lots of people are in to right now and includes my favorite type of fabric!

  125. Hayla

    I named my blog Hayla With Love because I was planning on writing about my work experiences and personal thoughts along with fashion, therefore, I wanted my name to be mentioned. As for “With Love”, I chose it because it is the typical way girls end their messages to close friends and I wanted to have that sort of friendship with my readers!

  126. Nina

    I had a hard time coming up with a name for my blog. At first it was Fancy Beast, based on a little doodle I drew of a little monster wearing a bowtie, monocle, and bowler hat, but once I switched blogging platforms I came of up with Le Fancy Geek — I love fashion and geek culture, and I found that I often incorporate accessories or articles of clothing inspired by the things I nerd out about into my outfits. And I used “Le” instead of “The” because I’m always on Tumblr and noticed that people would say “le sigh” or “le boyfriend” so I thought it would sound more fun and less boring. I think Le Fancy Geek suits me quite well 🙂

    <3, Nina


  127. Cassy Fry

    I named mine Living a Girl’s Adventure Tale inspired by an A-Ha song that I love called Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale. Decided on it at the exact same time I decided to blog. It might be a bit too long, but I love it! It also allows me to blog about any of my adventures!

  128. Dylan Leah

    my blog’s name came from a line in a song that i kind of twisted around. I loved the way that the words “plant begonias and orchids in your hair” sounded together and twisted the words in my favor into “orchids in my hair” and there you have it! http://www.orchids-in-my-hair.blogspot.com

  129. Miloveda

    This is a great post, when I started blogging I named my blog after Fashion Ave. in New York but After a lot of thinking I didn’t think it fit me at all so I changed it to “Style Outlaw” and I love it so much.

  130. Victoria

    I really love this topic & reading everyones naming processes! I have really been meaning to go into detail on my blog about it because I realize that my blog name: Forever Fashionably Late my not exactly be saying great things about me. I mean some people are always saying how being even fashionably late is extremely rude and everything (never to me on my blog, just in general), but to be honest, running late is seriously the story of my life. It’s my biggest vice. I’m not usually ever actually late to important things, it’s just that I’m constantly struggling with keeping time, which I happen to have a horrible relationship with. To me an hour feels like 10 minutes and I always find myself having to hurry to do everything. And I’m not really a fan of hurrying. I suck at it. I like to take my time and do things the way I feel is right. Plus, being a perfectionist doesn’t exactly help save me any time either. I do always try to get better with it though… and I’ve gotten pretty awesome at being able to go from a hot mess to not-too-shabby & out the door in 15 minutes if absolutely necessary.

    I’d like to post something (maybe in an about me?) about this & maybe some tips or something… but I haven’t figured out what exactly I want to say/why/how. One thing I know for sure is that my blog name fits the real me and people can take it or leave it. : )


  131. Asma from Haute Muslimah

    My blog’s name is Haute Muslimah. I chose it because I’m a Muslim woman (Muslimah) and I love fashion, runway, and couture (haute couture). It’s since evolved into The Haute Muslimah because I do believe that most Muslim women have some “haute” in them!

  132. Dorly Designs

    Very good read. I enjoyed perusing through all the answers and reasons for creativity. Mine is simple: DORLY DESIGNS. My first name is Dorly and the blog features my designs: jewelry, fashion and accessories. My last name was already popular amongst other French designers so I opted against using it.

  133. maddie claire beau

    Little Black Beau
    mine actually just came to me one day… it was the first thing I thought of. I wanted to work around my middle name Beau and I loved the double meaning of bows, which also really represents my feminine style. short and catchy too.

    Maddie x

  134. Rose from Stylista Mama

    My blog is called Stylista Mama. My niche is style for motherhood. The background behind the name: I picked up the word stylista after reading a tabloid article about Emma Watson which described her as a ‘stylista’, as she didn’t use a stylist but had the talent and flair to pull together a decent outfit for the red carpet.

    I chose ‘mama’ obviously because I am one and mothers are my target audience. I also chose ‘mama’ over ‘mumma’ (I am from Australia) as I thought it was a better keyword.

    Just a tip: make sure you google your desired name to make sure no one else has anything too similar!

  135. Alessia

    Mine came after a billion failed attempts. I don’t dislike a bit of Hugh Dancy, so when Confessions of a Shopaolic is on I watch it. It hit me once that I could try the blog persona instead of the name, like the girl with the green scarf.
    I look like Karen Gillan, who was the Doctor’s companion in Doctor Who at the time. Amy Pond. She is redhead, I’m blond. Similar style too, and I am a massive DW fan. The blog is about adventures in London’s life more than high end fashion so it metaphorically feels like travelling with the Doctor. A name with a rhyme is easy to stick in mind. I feel like I hit my jackpot.

  136. Tess

    I called my block T-E-S-S, which stands for Taste, Elegance, Sophistication and Style. In my opinion, this name perfectly conveys the message/topic of my blog, as well as serves as a brand. It is short, memorable and very dynamic!

    Stay TESS,
    your Tess! (http://tessyourself.blogspot.com)

  137. Kia Love

    After months of trying to create a name, I decided to keep it keep simple and name it “kialoveblog.com”. It’s sweet and simple and easy to remember.

  138. JenniLee

    I named my blog Once When I Was after a friend pointed out that all of my personal stories tend to begin that way.

  139. Ethan

    I invented a new word for my blog name: sarlakitu!
    I wanted something fresh and new with NO connotations attached to it, that could just mean my blog and/or anything I wanted! It’s short and (hopefully?) memorable.

  140. Happy Brunette

    I named my blog Happy Brunette because it’s short and easy to recall also it’s really who I am 🙂 my blog is not only about fashion, but also decor, lifestyle, food… about all the thing I love and that make me happy so I couldn’t think a better name, and people tend to remember specially about the Brunette part and some of my readers even call me just Nette 🙂 So I would say it works pretty well, at least so it seems ♥

    Come and visit me at www.happy-brunette.com 😉

  141. Lily

    I was searching for a name until I realise that I always knew it!
    I named my blog All time clas-chic because I am the type of girl who loves fashion and all things classic! So I figured out that this would be a great name and I combined the all time classic with the word chic which we use in fashion and describes perfectly my style 🙂

    xo Lily

  142. Lucy Rogers

    I named my blog Lucy Vuitton, as Lucy, well is my name and Lucy Vuitton sounds similar to Louis when pronounced, and said very quickly. It seems to stick in people’s head and is a bit tongue in cheek, and reflects my love of designer fashion.


  143. Megan Doyle

    I love my blog name, it represents everything about my blog, but it’s so long!! I took the line from a Cliff Richards song/ the TV show (The Young Ones) because my blog started as a youth style- street fashion at my uni, young designers and students doing cool things. I can’t really imagine it being called anything else, but it is a mouth full! I always get a smile out of the older people I tell because they used to watch the Young Ones when they were my age!

  144. Mocha Daily

    I actually move my blog to a domain, while doing this I am looking for a new blog name. The thing is everybody starts calling me mocha right now. SO I want to keep mocha part but I want to make it more specific and fashion related:) I am open to suggestions:)

  145. Karen Ussene

    I am terrible on thinking and picking a perfect name for a Blog or a nickname… I ended up naming my Blog “Opening My Mind” because I talk a bit about everything I can’t focus on just ONE subject…
    But I might have to buy my domain I think that is what it’s called in order just to appear like OpeningMyMind.com because when I created I put “shinigami-u” before the rest of the URL, I can’t remember why…

  146. TK

    I wanted the name Pretty Black, because I feel like there isn’t a lot of media attention focused on regular every day pretty black girls, ladies, women that aren’t super models. It was taken, so I changed it to Pretty Noire. Basically the same thing, but sexier because it’s french lol

  147. Tali

    I’m a good illustration for this article. I was hobby-blogging for about 2 years or so under Fetishist’s Notes and loved the name, because it was DIFFERENT. But then this fall I decided to turn my blog from hobby to full-time job and I realized I needed to change the name. The amount of people who thought I’m talking about real fetish (yuck) was growing exponentially. Btw I think this name was also suspicious for Google, not only for people who were looking for fashion.
    So I thought – well.. my life is filled with 2 things – fashion and rock music. In fashion I love shoes the most. Or more precise – high heels. So I named my blog ROCK MY HEELS which is a bit of double meaning, because rock is for rocking the heels but also for me being a rock chick.


  148. Breeanna

    I began my blog as a source of education for who should wear what and why. Based on body shapes and the essential fashion pieces that flatter each feature.

    A Life Among Flowers was created as a play on the image of people. That we’re all beautiful in our own way, much like the diversity of flowers.

    It has kind of evolved since then into a kind of all around educational pieces on the fashion industry, but still incorporates what I came to blog about. The name isn’t really catchy to the fashion crowd as to explaining what it’s all about, but for some reason I really like it.

  149. Dayner

    I named my blog “Mozzypop” as it’s short and snappy, kooky and unique. When typed into Google, I didn’t want my blog name to get lost… and Mozzypop works as when googled, only pages to do with my blog and brand come up! 🙂

    Dayner x

  150. María del Pilar

    Bold In Crimson is the name of my blog, because 1.) Crimson and dark reds are my favorite colors 2.) I love the timeless red lipstick and it’s a bold empowering feministic statement that reminds me of the roaring 20s when women began to take control in society 3.) It is a very passionate, bold, and intriguing color which I feel are my personality traits as well. I’m very passionate about life and the things I do.

    There is a more detailed post on the origins of the blog name on my blog.

  151. Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    thanks for the great insight, ifb.

    i named my blog the gold hat., which i derived from a quote from the beginning of the great gatsby. to me, it’s personal, catchy and short + sweet.

    Aja Lake

  152. Lipstick and a White Tee

    I almost accidentally came up with mine after 2 weeks of agonizing with it: a white print tee & lipstick are my favorite things since they make you look fresh instantly, together as well as separately 🙂 –> Lipstick and a White Tee.


  153. Mattea

    THANK YOU! I found my blog name! You helped a bunch!!


    YOU ROCK!! Thanks a whole bunch!

  154. Modupe Oloruntoba

    I’ve officially paused, because I’ve changed names 4 times (I think), I moved from blogger to tumblr, but now I’m thinking of moving back again, and since I wasn’t taking it too seriously at the beginning, I never truly settled on what I wanted to blog about – as with everything else in my life, I just wanted to do everything! Fashion Blogging is like medical school – don’t laugh, it is. Surgeon, OB/GYN, or GP, even general practice is a specialty. You’ve got to pick something and work to become good at it. I’m thinking of making my blog about learning to dress up again; I’ve gotten so lazy with it. I’m really tired of the ‘no make up/tees and jeans/sneakers’ look. I’ve also been watching a bit of HIMYM lately, so I thought I might work in Barney’s famed phrases: ‘Wait for it’ and/or Legend – dary. Will let you know how it goes… 🙂

  155. Stefan

    The name of my blog is “SpeedTutorial”. As simple as it sounds I don´t want to have way to long posts.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  156. Andreína

    The name of my blog is The Glambition because the word “Glambition” is a term that people use to define “real beauty” that involves caring about the way you look, but not sticking to perfect image.

    • Adriana

      Hi! I’ve read your blog before, searching for trends and events, I read about last editon of Colombiamoda 2013, I really liked the content! Personally, I think the name is really good and the most important thing is that I remembered it, and there’s where you can tell a blog made an impact on you.
      I’m from Perú, hope you can read mine sometime 😉 the-ufs.blogspot.com

  157. Purpleheart

    I named my blog “From my purpleheart”… i’m not really sure why though, but it seems to work. What do you guys think?

  158. jo

    Heey 😀 hahah even though I don’t really have a fashion blog, ur article gave me a nice idea for the title of my blog 🙂 jonevermind.blogspot.com

  159. sobrina

    I name my Blog: “Sweet With Envy” Be Inspired. because I am a big fan of getting inspiration from almost everything, especially fashion. Now I am a sweet with envy for fashion 🙂 I am so curious to hear what you think about my blog name? I actually bug everyone I know about what they thought about my blog name.

  160. pam

    Thanks for the article! I have a blog I want to start and need a name! I went with idea number 1: favorite fashion thing plus dessert. I wrote a column of fashion things (I crochet) and beside it another column of desserts (I am also a dairy free baker.) I compared columns and have a couple of name ideas: CAPES AND COOKIES or COLLARS AND CAPES. I will continue to play. How about WRISTIES AND COOKIES ? I like the sound of that one! New year, new blog! Thanks so much!

  161. Dia Vale

    Hi! I started my blog in February this year, after receiving a visit from a well-known blogger friend (Camila Coutinho from Garotas Estupidas) in Buenos Aires. I decided to start a blog. With so many bloggers, what came to my mind was: who am I to the rest of the world today? anyone. So, making a joke about it, I decided to put the blog name DIA WHO? (I’m Dia). On the other hand, one of my biggest interests and curiosity is to know WHO is behind the work so interesting. Be fashion, gastronomy, art, etc.. then it works well.

    WHAT YOU REALLY THINK about the name of my blog? > DIA WHO?

  162. Lotte

    My blog is called Charlotte Desire, my name is Lotte and the things I write about are the things I love the most, I desire. 🙂

  163. Najma

    My Blog name is Modestly chic, and my biggest issue is designing and figuring out the aspects of Blogger. I want to elevate the look of my blog and i don’t know how to do that. Any suggestions? (Html, fonts etc.)

  164. Gull

    I named my blog The Magfique Way because at that time I felt it described what I was about to embark on with perfection, and magnificent and unique way to doing everything in fashion (magfique is an amalgamation of the two words).
    However, the posts above have scared me a little, and I am thinking should I rename it?

  165. Sarah

    I’ve just set up a new blog and spent days trying to cook up the “perfect” name. I agree with this post to the utmost! I felt like my whole entire future, future house, job, and all was vested in the name I would choose.. Haha so I’m being a bit dramatic but I totally get what you’re saying. I needed to avoid a tacky title, wanted something original, and had to have it reflect me and my blog. I felt the pressure..

    And after going through three choices, I’ve finally/hopefully settled chicbanner

  166. Ana and Diana

    Our blog is called Insanely It. First of all, we are two sisters with a bit of healthy insanity in our own way. We have different styles but we also like to mix trends in our everyday style without being the so called fashion victim, and for that we added “it” which is used to describe the object of desire or style of the moment – the it Bag, the it girl, the it anything…!
    Later we discovered there ir a M.A.C. lipstick with the same name… can this be a big no no for our blog?

  167. Ingz Morrz

    The generator helped me out! The name “Shimanista” just came to me while reading throu the lists. happy new year! /shimanista


  168. Joanna English

    Thanks for the ideas!! I came up with Lipgloss and Candyfloss!! Love my blog name 🙂

  169. Sephie Rojas

    My blog’s name used to be “The Little Dreamer”, but I though it to be too long and a little too bland. So I changed it to “Strawberry Bunny” after I realized I was using that as my email since I was in grade school (My favorite fruit + My favorite animal). Coincidentally, my site traffic shot up after I changed blog names. Guess “Strawberry Bunny” is easier to remember since it kinda sounds catchier 🙂


  170. FashionTier

    I am young, and I just thought it would be cool to put some letters in my name after the word “fashion” i think it works for me!
    Fashiontier for Fashionators cool no?

  171. Renee

    Wow I have loved reading about everyone’s experiences in naming their blogs.
    This is something I struggled with and still do. I named mine renees eclectic creations because I am eclectic. I really wanted and still do something different but for some reason I just can’t get past the eclectic. With a gravatar of a butterfly as a face mask.
    Part of the reason is I talk about decorating, faux, photography, sewing, etc.
    I just can’t stay on one topic because I do all of them.
    Now another delima is that a dear friend and are thinking of doing it together with an eCommerce store so I was thinking of doing a re-naming…but once again lost…lolol

  172. The Workette

    Interesting, I named mine “The Workette” probably because I am always working if I am not lounging around, and even when lounging…I am doing some kind of work.
    So far people have thought it to be a clever little name. I agree. No one else has it (i checked)

  173. chynasky

    hey thank you very much. That was great. I’ve finally have some ideas how to make a name for my blog.

  174. emily

    I loved this article!
    it really helped me find a blog name, so thank you!!

  175. kishore

    dude thanx a lot./
    can u suggest a name for my blog/
    its for helping poor, needy, orphans and old.!
    please guys anyone can help me for this…..!!

  176. Shasha

    Hi. I’m planning to open an online shopping. Now, still searching for a good name for my online shopping. Need some ideas. Creative and easy to remember.
    What do you think about “Twentytwo Collection” or “Fascino Collection”? Please Help Me!

  177. Eva

    Does Viva Sass Vegas sound good? x) Or does it sound misleading as a travel blog? It’s sort of a beauty and fashion blog. Anything advice. comments, or opinions will be really helpful! Please and thanks y’all!:D

  178. Brandy Saldana

    These tips are great! I know I struggled in the beginning and it wasn’t until after a year of blogging that I finally had a name I was happy with. I would say a key tip is to also have something you are not embarrassed to say to someone asking you what your blog name is. I remember taking my daily outfit photo and someone asking what it was for and trying to explain my long blog name probably lost me a potential visitor. Keep it simple and aim for something catchy.


  179. April Hobby

    Uniqueness is important to be successful in the blog sphere. When I first started blogging around 2011 I felt like my Blog content was like everyone else. It wasn’t until September 2012 that I decided to change my blogs content. Now I feel happy and proud that I blog about real issues women go through while still talking about fashion,beauty, style and entertainment news. It takes time develop your unique voice in the blog sphere.

  180. Juliana Bui

    I’ve always wanted to be unique with whatever I’m doing, and my blog’s no different. Lately, I’ve been kind of stumped when I try to come up with reasons why people might visit and revisit my blog. So thank you for the tips on a few ways to figure that out!

    – Juliana

  181. Ariana

    This is a great post! So helpful, I just started transitioning my blog from a fashion blog to more of a personal lifestyle blog about fashion, food, travel etc. Now I will have to rethink all of what you stated.

    Shopaholic Undercover

  182. Sophie

    This is really good advice! I would add a part about how different languages make a website name sound cooler. But other than that, this site is like perfection. Tots cool! (as in Totally cool)

  183. Loo-Loo

    I was thinking something like Colors in A Cup of Tea for a personal style,lifestyle and book blog.

  184. Mollee:)

    I died laughing but I decided on my blog name: Stripes and Skittles! Check me out at stripesandskittles.blogspot.com

  185. Kim

    Wow! These are great! Some of the suggestions are really funny!
    I would have loved to have come across this when thinking up a name for my blog. I managed to do as you suggested anyway! Idea 4 – gave myself the nickname ‘The Misunderstood Fairy’!
    Kim x

  186. Kajol Paul

    Loved this article! Such creative and quirky names. I was absolutely clueless as to what to name my blog. This article helped me think out of the box. I named my blog “The Chichuahua”. Check it out – http://thechichuahua.blogspot.com/

  187. Wat2Dress

    A good idea is to incorporate a number in your blog name. Like style4you.com or way2dress.blogspot.com.

  188. Alexandria Adair

    When I first started I made the same exact mistake. My blog was called “For The Love Of Sweetie Bear.”

    1 – That’s super super long! and

    2 – “Sweetie Bear” is my nickname between really close friends, so it was exhausting to have to explain what it meant all the time

    I had to sit down and think about what I wanted people to take away from the site. I brainstormed a huge list of related words and then mixed and matched until I got “Glitter Brains.” Much easier to say, and more reflective of my content.

  189. Clothes But Not Quite

    I regret nothing about my blog’s name. Yes it’s long but people seem to truly enjoy the play on words. And the best part? It was super easy getting .com and my blog’s name everywhere on social media.

  190. mickysantos

    I’ve been looking for a good name for a beauty blog in English for AGES, the only reason why I haven’t started it yet is because I can’t think of a name!

  191. Katie

    My blog’s name is katielikeme.com. I don’t think that it’s a bad name, but when you see just the URL or the name, it doesn’t look like a personal style blog. But I think it makes sense with the kind of blog the I am.


    Mi blog name is in Spanish : MIS PAPELICOS ( my little cutouts) but most of the English speaking world have found a way around it and call it MIs P when they need to which I would never have thought of.
    Great post as ever Jennine.

  193. Jen @ Jen Darling

    Totally agree with all of this. I agonized over my blog name. I know that one of my goals as a writer is to publish and I know I’ll use J.K.H. Nelson, so that URL was easy. But coming up with a name for my blog was a total pain. I’m still not in love with Jen Darling a year later, but its easy to change if my content changes and it doesn’t fit anymore. Right now it’s just there taking up space on the internet! sigh…..

    Thanks for posting Jennie!

  194. The Internet and The Unicorn

    oooooooooooo! I totally agree whole heartedly with this post. I had gone through, AND brainstormed sooooooo many blog names. So many seemed so brilliant until it ended up being a pain in the ass. Anyways, I ended up with


    because I felt that it was unique and kind of hit spot on the concept. It’s kinda long and typing that handle into instagram is a bitch, but that’s a con I am willing to live with.

  195. Alicia {River City Chic}

    I named my blog when I transferred to a college in Richmond, Virginia. It’s called River City Chic, River City being a nickname for Richmond. I didn’t really think in the long-term, and the fact that Richmond was a temporary living situation.

    I moved out of Richmond in July, but my blog had built up a decent following that changing the name would take away years of hard work. So I’m just sticking to it. I would advise against regional names unless its broad (aka. “The South,” “The Mid-West” etc) and/or you KNOW you want to live there for a very long time.

    xo, Alicia
    River City Chic

  196. Eva Tornado

    I think I’ve done all correct =) Yes, I used dash, but it can be spelled out pretty easy – ko-te.com. Also is funny – “kote” in Russian means funny name of a cat =)

  197. Georgina Hatton-Woods

    Great points, my blog name is Brunette in Louboutins and I love it, I think it’s memorable, chic and works with my LOVE of Louboutins!

    Brunette in Louboutins

  198. Kristian

    My blog is named Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). And I’ve definitely thought about changing it. It’s a looong name plus there are several others quite similar to it that are either also blogs (mostly defunct) or stores. I couldn’t get the just Never Fully Dressed URL either, so we chose to go with “www.withoutastyle.com” which is quick and pretty easy. Plus, I was able to make my handles on Twitter and Instagram @withoutastyle.

    So, I’ve considered shortening it to just Without a Style, but still get occasional emails or comments saying people like the pun (since the original phrase is You’re never fully dressed without a smile). So.. who knows…

    • CynthiaCM

      You know, the first thing I thought of was that song from Annie!!! Love your blog’s name!

  199. Style Context

    Interesting article. It took me weeks (months?) to settle on a name for my blog. I kept putting off writing a blog because I couldn’t decide on a name. I researched names and found a site that suggested taking cues from established blog names like “cupcakes and cashmere.” so for a while I played with the idea of naming my blog “leopard and mint” since I really love leopard and mint. I even registered a wordpress account and twitter account with that name, but thankfully I decided against it. And I say thankfully because there are sooo many blogs with names that copy the “cupcakes and cashmere” or “stripes and sequins” format. One speaker at Luckyfabb last weekend even poked fun at those names saying they were unoriginal.
    I think that when considering a name you should have a tagline in mind and a story to tell that expounds on the name. Your blog is a brand after all.

  200. Daniel Dunt

    I’ve ceased blogging about fashion to focus on other projects now, but when I first started I called my blog “That’s so New York”, despite being based in the UK and completely ignoring how many other sites had “New York” in their titles or pages, meaning there was no way I was ever going to receive huge amounts of traffic through search engines. I then renamed my blog to simply my name, “Daniel Dunt”, and everything was much simpler, as it meant when I was interviewed or featured anywhere, that would show up by just searching my name – as well as all of my social feeds, which proved outstanding for traffic and growing my social following. At one point I was at over 14,000 on my Facebook fan page and had an accompanying 4,000 Twitter followers which have continued to aid the development of my new projects. Short, sweet and simple is definitely the way to go! I find that using your name is helpful as it can prove handy if you ever decide to move away from blogging, which I eventually did. I didn’t think I would when I first started almost 3 years before, but now I’m glad I decided to make that name change when I did.

  201. Natalie Salinas

    I wish I’ve would read this before!
    I don’t think my blog has a bad name: Pretty on Heels, but I don’t feel related to the name, I think that doesn’t identify me anymore. Also, I have a problem with the Google research: there’s a tumblr and a facebook page (which aren’t publishing, currently) but they appear way up on the first page and mine (I publish every week) appears at the bottom of the same page.

  202. Taylor

    my blog is called For Sure J’Adore. I started my blog nearly three years ago and I kind of regret calling it that because it’s so hard to say and I have to explain it to everyone…. I was actually thinking of starting a new blog too…The hardest part about starting a blog for me is coming up with the name.

    Question: My blog is hosted by WordPress, and I noticed that since I switched over from Blogger, my images that I post don’t show up on Google images…Obviously Blogger is a Google site, but it just seems like it is too difficult to get my images on google from wordpress…does anyone know how I can change this/why? All insights welcome! Thanks!! 🙂


    • Bike Pretty

      Hi Taylor, are you adding alt tags to your images in WordPress? I add about twenty keywords to my images (including the name of my blog and keywords related to my niche) and find that my images show up high in the list on Google images.

  203. ReciRich

    My name is Reci Rich and my blog is ReciRich.com even though I have pondered on changing it to something more phrasy (is that a word? LOL) But with all this talk about personal branding I figured it would be perfect even though if you google ReciRich all my social media and website content fills the first 2 pages on google but Reci Rich with a space pulls up my Facebook and stuff about RECIpes SMH

  204. Lauren

    I made the mistake of naming my fashion blog after myself when I first made it (I couldn’t think of any cute names that weren’t already taken). About 2 months after I started blogging, I decided that redesign was the best option because I never really liked a self-titled blog. Now I’ve decided on Sugar & Shine and I love it!

  205. CynthiaCM

    DelectablyChic!’s predecessor was called Prospere Magazine. It was supposed to be a fashion/dining/business site. However, after having difficulty getting enough diversity when it came to women and business ownership (one can only have so many “lifestyle coaches”), I had to change the name. DelectablyChic! was what I came up with as one can find both style and food “delectable” and “chic”! I have had much more success with PR contacts as DelectablyChic!, but I don’t get nearly as many offers (for money/sponsorship) as true fashion bloggers who feature themselves. Some people say that they still don’t really quite “get” my site by its name, but frankly, it’s a bit too late to make another change. I think I’ll basically have to start over, considering my relationship with various PR companies.


  206. Ashley Robison

    Oof! Definitely going with the “hard to say/hard to spell” angle. Dramatis Personae – that’s a helluva lot to say. I’d also add: it’s on a different URL (mischiefmydear.com) and together they’re just…. what they are.

    Nowadays, it’s hard to get the URL, Twitter, Instagram, etc. handle for Dramatis Personae, too. So I’m a mixture of names all over the internet.

  207. Cristiane Santos

    Imagine a brazilian blog with an italian name: il piccolo mondo di cri. It’s my blog! I tried to make a sweet header, writing piccolo (= small) in lowercase. The visual is fine, but everytime I used to say my blog’s name I had to spell! Now, not too much, because I say the name giving a card at the same time! hahahahhaha I’m really thinking in change the name, but I don’t know how much this can prejudice my blog!

    Nice article that made me think!


  208. Tiffany Wood

    My blog is called TorontoBlonde.com. I love the name because they’re the two things that I indentify with most, being blonde and living in the best city in the world. Sometimes I feel that my blog name has kept me confined to a specific type of person, a Toronto blonde. I have thousands of international views but I’m always wondering if I would have more had my blog name been different!
    Thanks for posting xo

  209. Skye Vaillancourt

    My URL/blog name is kind of long, but I loved it so much I had to keep it. It’s Journey to The Center of Fashion (www.journeytothecenteroffashion.com), which is a play on Journey to The Center of The Earth.

  210. Eda

    All of the things you’ve mentioned are correct! My link is http://www.le-young.com , and I guess I’ve followed all your steps. 🙂

  211. fay

    My blog was originally called fuyume as it was entirely about japan but as time went on i wanted to expand the content so it no longer suited. It is now fashion beauty etc which suits it perfectly.

  212. Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

    I definitely thought hard about naming my blog before I started it. Coming up with names for anything is hard but especially so when it’s going to be your blog for a while!

    I am happy with Hyacinth Girl because it is unique, although it can be challenging to use hyacinthgirl as a username on some social media. Luckily I can amend it to make hyacinthgirlbeauty! My url is www.hyacinthgirl.com and there is someone blogging at THEhyacinthgirl.com but not about beauty. I have to admit that did trip me up but there’s no risk of brand confusion so I went ahead and bought hyacinthgirl.com. I am so glad I spent the money on a .com url right away. It definitely lends credibility!

  213. Jenny

    My blog, Cao Bella, is about me and all that I find beautiful, which is fashion and living in Hawaii. The problem is people don’t know how to pronounce my last name (story of my life!), so often times they pronounce it “cow” rather than “ciao” which is a more accurate pronunciation. I don’t regret it though–my blog is about me and as much as I wish I had a name everyone could pronounce, I embrace that I’m different!

  214. TheGirlAtFirstAvenue

    It’s SO hard picking a blog name that you love and is available! I came up with hundreds of names before finalizing on this one – thegirlatfirstavenue.com Currently I am into fashion blogging but I know I would slowly diversify into other topics so I wanted a name that would be suitable for all. I thought of going with the words ‘fashion’ or ‘style’ in the blog name ‘coz its easier to appear in searches… but they are soooo common and I wanted something unique and general that would be about ‘me and my lifestyle’ and not just fashion. It was easy to get a .com, instagram, facebook and everything else for this. I love the name but sometimes I do feel its a tad bit long.. what do you guys think? Would love a different perspective.

  215. Oh K

    I definitely think it should represent you. It doesn’t necessarily have to use the word fashion or beauty!

  216. TlvBirdie

    Well, I named my blog TLV Birdie and feel so good with this name at the beginning. It started with window display and fashion visual merchandising observations over Tel Aviv (TLV), and has grown up into personal fashion and lifestyle blog. Core themes of the blog expanded a little but name remained the same. Sometimes I wish I could rename my blog for something less personal, but at the end of the day, probably that is my type of a name – not keyword reach, but expresses the personality “behind the scene”

    Olya from TLV Birdie

  217. Amanda

    Until I finally settled on my current blog name, it was named ‘Love is Everything’ and ‘City Spirit’, until I realized that what I was really blogging about were the things that I loved. ‘Panda’ is my nickname and so it was really that simple. It was about 2 years after I started blogging that I came to the realization, but these tips are SO on point!

  218. Daisy-Fashion Memos

    Nice post:) I think I spent weeks researching on a name for my blog.. asking friends about names that could be potentially attractive for them to open and read… a lot of work but of course it also comes from my business education:)

    Anyways, in the end my blogs name is FASHION MEMOS…I wanted it to be about famous and unfamous people that has given something to the fashion industry and a part of that to write about things that I am passionate about:)

  219. Liza

    I’ve spent just one or two days thinking about my blog name, because the main idea was just obvious. You know, my region says it all – I live in Siberia. And once I say this to any person, it’s becoming a huge surprise (and also a reason of MANY cold weather-bears-GULAGs-vodka jokes lol). But this is totally something specific and unique in some way and that’s why I wanted to use the word “Siberia” in my blog. All in all I came to “That Siberian Girl” which is not super long, easy to pronounce and quite good for searching engines.

  220. Rebecca for TRENDENEUR.com

    My blog name is definitely good when it comes to the search engines and it’s definitely not easy to say. But I still love it cause it represents me and who I am.
    But definitely see your point!

  221. Vain and Simple

    I just recently started my blog, Vain and Simple. Like many of the comments above it took me months before I came up with a name I liked and reflected my style that wasn’t taken. I’m still debating a bit. Mostly because of the point that it doesn’t include a keyword rich word. I’m considering making it Vain and Simple Style but I think that takes away from the word play and short and sweetness of it. I appreciate any thoughts anyone has!

  222. Xina

    when i started mine january 2012 i NEVER thought i would continue or take it seriously. life is crazy, and time has FLOWN by as i complete project after project. The RENEGADE Fashion Writer doesnt just do fashion, it does art, photography, and pop culture, my life, and the geographic areas of st. pete, tampa, and miami. so i have considered renaming, starting a new blog, or developing my .com (currently a blogspot). but i REALLY enjoy seeing a large number of statistics. if i change it will be low for awhile :-/ but i could start selling my art pieces, images, and merch if i chose. that would be effing awesome!

  223. Clara B

    Great tips! I really like my blog’s name (That Girl Magazine) but it isn’t really keyword rich or even indicative of what my blog is about (college life haha)
    I do love my URL though – thatgirlmag.com. It rolls off the tongue 🙂

  224. carried away

    Hi! My blog at first was named The book of faces, since it was the best that I could come up with at that time. But I always felt like the name is not me so I decided to change it. And now is Stylish Dreams. I love it, it’s easy to remember and to find.

  225. Anna Burrows

    My blog’s name is Anna In Venture. I chose it because it has my name “Anna” in it, and the “In Venture” bit reminds me of “Alice In Wonderland”. Plus, the definition of “venture” is “an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome” and I liked how that described my journey into blogging – I was uncertain how it was going to go! (and still am 😛 ). However, I do regret the dashes… Sometimes I wish I had the word “fashion” or “style” in it, but I think my blog name is unique 🙂


    Anna x

  226. Shira

    I originally started off as “sequins and polka dots” but it was a blogspot.com so when I realized I needed a .com, it would’ve cost me over $1,000 to keep the name….So I changed it to asequinloveaffair.com and I actually like it better!:)

  227. Jessica Nichole

    It took me a few blogs and a (long) while to come up with a name I am very satisfied with.

    I feel like it can take a few different meanings, so I feel good if I ever want to expand it.


    I made my husband name my blog -Chic from hair 2 toe- I wanted “effortlessly chic”, but he said we had to put hair in there because I love hair. Sometimes I think about changing it, but because he picked out the name I cannot do it. I respect his opinion too much:-)

  229. choolee

    well i think thats the only thing that i made right – i love my blogname since the very beginning and its short, com and very ME ♥

    what do you think

  230. T. S. Swedish

    I totally get this! I named my blog The Poppie because my family call me Poppie what how the hell did I think that would make me google friendly I do not know. I guess I did just pick something and didn’t think of how people would find it outside of social media. I sometimes think of starting fresh and over but I don’t know. I guess I’m sorta attached to what I’ve got going…even if it isn’t much.


  231. Lyn

    Can you make a post with how many names do you actually have? For example, my blog name could be XYZ, but when it comes to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’d have different “names” (ABC, LMN), etc. If that makes sense. Is it okay to have a distinct name for my blog, and my own actual names or different names for other sites. Touch on this, please!

  232. Elisa B

    That’s a tricky issue for everyone starting a blog!
    I called my first blog something that can be translated in English as “Style Pills”, but the actual name was in italian, therefore useless.
    I think I came up with a thousand names before settling on styleBizarre , and I love writing it this way, with the capital B and with no spaces. Like iPhone XD
    It’s not really SEO friendly, because my blog focuses on other keywords, like “alternative fashion” . I can’t afford that domain anyway!
    I love it even if lots of people spells it wrong with two b . I wanted to use a word that described something weird, quirky, funny, sometimes grotesque, so bizarre was the perfect word.
    I’m never gonna change it cause I love the sound of it! (even if I thought about changing it when I realized that people were mistaking me for being somehow part of the magazine Bizarre which I don’t really like ><)
    Thank you for your insightful posts <3

  233. Kylie

    I can’t even remember what made me think of mine nearly 3 years ago (Memoir Mode). Its not overly clever or exiting but I think its pretty self explanatory. I think I originally liked the two M sounds. I don’t hate it yet, so that is a bonus.

  234. April F

    I loved coming up with the name for my blog- it felt so powerful to be able to name something ( it was kinda a similar feeling when naming my child)
    and I think its a perfect name- unique, and to the point and has a keyword…now I have to get my own URL

  235. Tana

    My blog name was actually created by my friends – they used to introduce me to others as their marketing bff…and so it stuck! It suits me/my personality, it stands for who I am and what I do, plus it’s really easy to remember – and spell!

    Stuck and don’t know what to name your blog? Ask others what they say about you or how they best describe you/your biz.

  236. Gissi Jimenez

    I did a lot of brainstorming before picking out my URL & name… I settled with
    The Architect of Style… as it fits me perfectly I’m an architect that styles. sometimes I feel is a little long but it seems to be catchy and people remember it


  237. Polly

    I struggled for ages to think of a name for my blog, and I eventualy settled on Polway as it was a nickname my best friend gave me at University! It doesn’t actually mean anything but it’s short and easy to remember! The only problem is that it isn’t really reflective of my fashion content but I still like it!

  238. The Fashionist

    I love my blog name! I looked up what it meant in the dictionary and it seemed to fit what I was trying to convey. Plus it’s easy to say! I had a little trouble finding a .com. I wanted “construct.com” but it was already commandeered. ConStructStyle.com works really well though! I’m hoping to keep it for a long time. 🙂

  239. Paige

    I agree with some of the things said here, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. My blog is called Punkrockparti, and while it is a little long and some people don’t know what a ‘parti’ is, I enjoy explaining it to them because it relates to the content of my blog. And for those who do catch the play on words, it is very fun!

    By the way, a parti is an architectural term meaning the basic form of a building. So its a play on words of punk rock party 🙂

    x. Paige

  240. Nicole

    I thought about what to name my blog for so long, that it was delaying actually starting my blog! I wanted to start it already so I just named it after myself (nicole jennifer), since my twitter and instagram handles were self titled as well..I dont love the name and if I think of something better i may change it, since I am just starting out..we’ll see!


  241. Sahra

    Oooh blog naming. I named my Blog EffortlessCool in 2009 an was wordpress based…after years of battling and fighting over fees to earn The dot com, I gave up and went to re-brand as QueSeraSahra, a fun play on my name and over all effortless attitude. 2 weeks after re-launching with my new name, my boyfriend informed me it was hard to google and there was another blog, QueSeraSarah, that google would auto correct and link to.

    Overall, I wish I had done more research. Now I just need to hold out hope that my name becomes memorable and people can spell it!

    Xo Sahra

  242. Madison Reiner

    I, like most of you, struggled to name my blog. It took me about a year and a half to finally pick a name that I liked and that I could actually get a URL for. All of the names that I picked felt forced and like they weren’t really me. I finally decided on ‘A Moment of Madness’ and I love it! It incorporates my nickname, Mad, and also is open ended enough that anything I want to blog about fits with the name. This was a great post and definitely very relatable. Thanks!


  243. Matthew Pike

    Naming it something that’s already taken or a brand name could be tricky!

    Buckets & Spades

  244. Maggie A

    Omg where was this when I was going to buy my url. . . spent a whole year researching and trying out names and whenever I would come close to settling or when I finally fell in love with one ..the url was taken (even worse by someone who wasn’t even using it!!!!) …things finally worked out and here is the Love Mavin 😀
    If anything changes between now and next year I’ll be sure to look up this app again.

    Maggie A

  245. Candyce aka The Sewcialite

    I love my blog name–The Sewcialite. I thought it would be cute for a sewing blog, but I have to spell it out to folks for them to get it. Dah well, it’s worth it!


  246. Monica

    I named by blog based on a statement my daughter made to me. People get that it’s a fashion blog but what I didn’t consider was a possible change in my own interest. I still love fashion but would love to add some other things like recipes, decorating, and crafts. I’m reluctant because my name is so fashion focused and I want to give my readers what they came for.

    • Sabrina

      I can totally see a blog called Get Dressed Mommy also writing about decoration, crafts and recipes! I think it’s the ‘Mommy’ part that gets the association across. And if your readers also want to read about these things – why not write about it?
      I wish you all the best with your blog!


  247. Ashley Taylor

    Sometimes I think my blog name is too long. Sometimes I think I should’ve used my name in it. But all in all, I like my brand. I like the little smile people get when I tell them the name of my blog, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Also, I’ve changed identities before. It’s not worth losing the people I’ve connected with.

    xo Ashley

  248. Onianwah

    My initial blog name was “barbsiessmusings”. It worked for that point in time and people even started calling me Barbsies (some still do) and that is fine with me. For a brand though, it just wasn’t strong or unique enough and so I re-branded it to Barbara & 1923 as soon as I had the chance. It gives people a chance to know my name and stops them dead in their tracks with the question “Why 1923?”
    I love the new name and I even sign my name with just Barbara these days, lol.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  249. Maggie A

    Prior to officially owning www.lovemavin.com, My blog was called Love Scrapbook, which I believe embodies exactly what my blog is about. Well the time came for me to finally purchase the link and to my surprise, lovescrapbook.com was already owned by someone or something who doesn’t even use it!! I was so bummed but here I am today making the most of it. 🙂 … Turning myself into the Love Mavin 😀

    Maggie A

  250. Stephanie Nwaiwu

    I have no idea if my blog name is good or not. At first it was The Fashion Freshie, which really culminated exactly what I was, a Freshman to the World of Fashion. But then (this week acutally) changed it to Lust For Leather. Hopefully its better!

  251. Ibadat

    I started my blog in May and decided on the first name I thought of-I don’t like it too much now so I was wondering if there is a way to change the name of the blog without losing any readers.

  252. Hani

    I love this blog post. I tried loads of different blog names like wonder laces to even my own name. so I decided to name it ‘Asianfluence’because I’m an asian. I just recently started my blog with this name. Please check it out! thanks 🙂

  253. Adriana

    Hi, mi blog’s name is “The Ultimate Fashion Statement” the-ufs.blogspot.com
    it was a bit difficult for me to pick up a name for it, and I came up with this one, but I think I need to rename it, because it’s too long, and doesn’t mean much here in my country, where we speak Spanish.
    The positive part is that it can reach people from different countries. However, now I don’t have much time to write in English, which was the plus of my site, and now I use the translate widget on my blog, but I think it turns out cold.
    What do you think Modupe? Hope you can help me!!


    Oh… If I only had checked how many names started with ‘fash..’ I would have NEVER picked this name! But it actually resembles what I want to do, be a journalist and write fashion… i was actually surprised it wasn’t taken yet…but then again, hard to spell, difficult to explain…grmbl…

    The Fashiournalist

  255. Kimbella

    This may have been a joke article lol but it did help me find a name for my soon to be fashion blog.

    -Leather and Macarons

  256. Tom

    Very good article, I really liked the advice you have given here. This is now so much important to have a unique yet simple name for users to remember.i would recommend using Dazzle Mind

  257. Tsholo Dikobe

    My blog is called THE KHOI-FRO.
    “KHOI” which mean “real people”. I am simply playing with what it means to be African. 🙂

  258. Elisa Duarte


    I now understand what you mean. I had to change my blog’s name before i got more visits. I’m a plus size model and i start my blog only for curvy women, but then i saw that i have visitors with all types of body, so i change it for a more universal name. It’s in spanish and it means Women’s Expression.

    Hugs From Dominican Republic <3

  259. cassy

    Please what do you think about my nickname.www.Runwaybeautifash/ent.blogspot..am getting confuse

  260. Chelss

    Thank goodness blogger allows me to change my blog name, i dont mind the (blogspot.com) all i have to do is change the name and i can notify my followers. I created the blog when i was fresh from high school and gave it an outrageous name that i had to keep explaining,now am more grown up, so am just looking around for a great name that i will generally be comfortable with. Thanks for the tips.

  261. Jari Ullah

    That is the first article which put some light on my problem 🙂
    Thanks for this,, Now I can select a suitable title for my blog..

  262. Maria

    I have the voguestatements.blogspot.com
    fashion blog, duuuuh.
    But i would like to change to wordpress
    anyone that would want to be a co-author?

  263. Erick

    I still haven’t decided what name I should use for me blog. I came up with highonblog.com, blogolicio.us, urbanpunch.com and thats about it. somehow they don’t really seem to fit with me.

  264. CynthiaCM

    DelectablyChic! is style, food and culture. And I’m trying to increase the “culture” content – more opera, theatre, museum exhibits and such. I just need to get on more lists! I feel that I no longer fit in with the fashion crowd. Many are a bit too…odd…for me. Sorry, but ombre hair, over-the-top accessories and nails just isn’t who I am.

  265. ~ Carmen ~

    Interesting & though provoking. ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲ is a California lifestyle blog from the perspective of a 20-something writer. I’ve realized that being from Southern California actually plays a huge part in my personality, style, life, & thus, blog. Also being a recent college grad plays a huge part in my life/blog. Thanks for this.

  266. Gracious Store

    I like the idea of “defining the personality of your blog’. Often times people tend to flow with the crowd when it comes to fashion. People simply tend to wear or blog about what is in vogue or trending even if it conflicts with their personal convictions.

    A lot of people especially young people are searching for direction and hoping to find someone who will help them express their personality in what they wear -the fashion they like and appreciate
    The name of my online store “Gracious Store” is a name I used to express my brand, the personality of my store- indicating that we carry only clothes and every other thing that is gracious and promotes the dignity and integrity of womanhood and person-hood in general.

    It is will be very comforting and enriching to a lot of readers and fashion lovers if they can find fashion bloggers who share their values especially if those values are not the very popular ones

  267. Ms YoLee

    I feel like we (bloggers) have become so vain with blogging and instagram-ing about ourselves 24/7 — and that makes us no different than the next person — so personality and having a true voice is absolutely important. I feel like not enough bloggers care to get to know what others are doing out of sincerity. But connecting and getting to know others and taking the spotlight off of yourself can sometimes feel refreshing and learn a thing or two, not just for the blogger but for their audience too.

  268. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Its not been a year since I started my fashion blog but its for Over 40 women. So thats your USP right there. But thats still not enough so just like you are describing very usefully here I had to sit down and do some thinking why my blog is like no other. So I travel a lot, live in an international city am from Europe and lived abroad which has very definitely influenced my style. Made that into a slogan: European elegance meeting So Cal Ease to describe my style and readers benefit: relaxed women looking for inspiration on how to style trends. Thanks for the useful advice! Sabina OceanblueStyle

  269. Jill

    I still find it hard to ‘differentiate’ from other bloggers, even after I’ve been blogging a while now. I think it’s something that takes time and to know yourself. I just hope that I’ll be there one day. In the mean time I’m just posting all things that interest me and i think is fun, and do my thang 🙂

    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

  270. Serena

    Thank you for the inspiration. I finally got mine!! Ginger is the new Black 😀
    Keep it up!!

  271. Pamela Rivers

    A very good topic! I am a fashion blogger and it was so difficult for me to decide what name I can use for my blog page. Thanks to your post, now I decided it and it is @becoqueta 😉

  272. Darrian

    I am in the same predicament right now! It all started because of a spat I had with trying to fit my blog title into a Twitter handle. Now I’m really thinking about starting all over again! It’s definitely stressful. Thanks for the great post!

  273. shwetakapur91

    HOW DO I START A FOOD BLOG, This was something I just didn’t know. One click and I need not look any further, You have provided all the information I was looking for. All my doubts have been clarified and now soon I shall start my food blog. Thanks a lot.

  274. Torrian Timms

    I love this blog post! I have been trying to get a blog going that marries modest, yet fun lifestyle with personal finance help tips tricks, etc. It’s marketed toward African American women, but I decided I don’t want to limit it to African American woman as the vision is to branch out into a business model. So first, we had ‘black girl frugal world’ which i loved, it was going to be a personal redemption story….but a marketing and advertising friend suggest i rethink it ….so now we are at ‘torrian’s two cents’. After my name and a double entendre of sort…tell me what you think!

  275. Serendia

    Cool ideas. I’m not a fashion blogger but one for an online game and my own art and designs. Thanks for that article – I got new ideas.

  276. Leah

    Jackie O.’s Twin … I love that sooooooo much!! So clever, I’ll be smiling the rest of the day 😉

  277. cuisine

    I pay a visit daily some web sites and websites to read posts, but this web site gives feature based articles.

  278. Annabel

    This was SUPER helpful. It got me thinking and I came up with 5 names!
    Thanks Kim!

  279. Gloria Molina

    I’ve already purchased a domain name through go daddy. It’s e-volvv.com but it won’t let me register it

    • Laura Kell

      Hi Gloria,

      Try contacting GoDaddy directly for help, I’m sure they sort you out.


  280. Kanyi

    Thanks so much for article. Helped me change my blog url. I noticed people don’t pronounce or spell my previous url very well and knew i needed to change that.