10 Blog Posts You Can Create From A Summer Vacation

Exotic locations. Automobiles, trains, planes and private jet. Total relaxation and quality time with friends and family.

A vacation in the summer months is one of the most cherished experiences we have each year. In the same way that you benefit from a change of scenery, a new set of clothes and awesome new discoveries – your blog can, too!

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A vacation makes excellent blog content, and there are plenty of ways you can incorporate all aspects of your trip, to change up your content and share another side of your life with your readers. Whether you're a closet foodie or the most efficient packer ever – these post ideas are sure to refresh your blog and delight your audience.

10 Blog Posts You Can Create From A Summer Vacation

A Packing List

  • Of course we don't mean list out every, single item you're bringing – but share a visual collage or Polyvore / ShopStyle set of the highlights and main pieces you're packing. (Why not make a Pinterest board while you're at it, too!) Give some context and explain why you like and need a few of the best ones. From accessories to beauty products, bikinis and shoes – make your readers feel like they can already envision your ensembles! (This is also a great opportunity to use your affiliate network links.)

Scenic Outfit Posts

  • A vacation away from your hometown or current location is a natural set up for great outfit photos. Whether you're in the mountains or on the beach, traipsing through a European metropolis or spending time with your family back home, a new setting will give your blog a jolt of energy. The fresh inspiration for your audience and a different climate to dress for is a win-win. Explore your new location and show it's character and beauty as much as you can.

Create A City Guide

  • One of the best parts of traveling is getting wrapped up in the local life and culture. Keep a notebook or running list on your phone of the different sites, monuments, beaches and anything else you do on your trip. Your readers look to you for style advice, so it's a natural step to show them your other interests as well. Share your insider advice in a friendly and personal way. In the same way we trust our friends to recommend activities and eats when we travel, your audience of friends and strangers alike trusts you, too!

Share Purchases And Review Local Shops

  • Whether it's a grand department store in Paris or a flea market in Santa Fe, people love to know about where you actually buy things you love. Snap some photos of the ambiance, take note of what you purchase and if the store has a website or e-commerce component. It'll be like letting your readers in on a fabulous secret.

Create A Playlist That Fits Your Location

  • If you're not a music person then so be it – but a great soundtrack to set the mood on a trip is something many people can't live without! (And even if your readers aren't traveling, they can be transported just by listening!) Perhaps you'll compile a collection of classic rock and folk music for a cross-country road trip or some 1960s French pop for a weekend on The Riviera. To create a sharable playlist you can use Spotify or join Grooveshark.com (Grooveshark lets you embed a player in your post or create a unique link to your playlist).

Recipes From Meals You Cooked

  • Perhaps you're a closet chef, perhaps a vacation just brings out your desire to try local cuisine or use the kitchen in your rental condo. Recipes and food photos are loved and enjoyed by just about everyone – because we all have to eat! (You can say the same thing about getting dressed, right?) Posts like these also serve to share another side of your personality and taste (literally) with your community.

Travel Beauty and Make Up Tutorials or Tips

  • Odds are if you're traveling, you're going to be in a new climate with different weather and therefor – you might need to alter your skin care or beauty routine. Share your favorite sunscreens, frizz tamers, waterproof mascara, you name it! You might even create a fun hair tutorial for beach waves or a fishtail braid that's perfect for tourist days. You can create this content and share it across all your platforms – think video, photos, Pinterest and Tumblr!

A Day-By-Day Journal

  • If you're in a place with Internet access, write a brief post at the end of your day that shares photos and tid-bits from your adventures. Schedule it to post the next morning so you can sleep in or wake up and go for a hike – without having to disrupt your relaxation. If you're in a strictly Internet-free zone (voluntarily or not) just jot down notes by hand and then share them in a day-by-day highlights format when you return.

A Photo Gallery of What You Did and Saw

  • Vacations are the perfect excuse to practice your photography skills. Whether you're diligently mastering the features of a DSLR or snapping away on your iPhone, keep your photographer's eye trained on your surroundings. Look for details in architecture, cultural nuances and interesting people. Practice your street style! Select the best photos from your adventures, edit them and share them in chronological order, adding bits of commentary here and there. Your readers will enjoy getting a glimpse into your trip as well as seeing a new place!

An Instagram Post

  • Your camera broke. You couldn't care less. You had to go off the grid. If all you care to share while vacationing is a few Instagram moments and scenes here and there – so be it. (We hear ya, sometimes you have to tune out!) This is also a good filler post if you need time to get your big posts read upon returning. Be sure to share a link to your account with an Instagram viewer like Web.stagram or Statigr.am.

How do you share your vacation experiences on your blog? Share your original and fun ideas in the comments!

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14 Responses

  1. Sarah's Real Life

    When I go somewhere new I do take advantage of the different scenery for outfit posts. I have 2 spots by my apartment that I basically alternate, so it’s nice to have something else to look at!
    It’s funny, I visited the Biltmore in Asheville recently and I was trying to decide whether or not to post the pictures on my blog since they aren’t exactly style-related. But I do think I will save them for a day when I don’t have a new outfit post to put up. I like the idea of doing an Instagram collage; then you get the gist of the trip without having to scroll through a ton of pictures (and the page doesn’t take forever to load).

    Sarah’s Real Life


    I close my blog for the whole month of August, and dive deep into nature and family life while trekking in the Scottish mountains.
    I take photos and try not to think about the blog or any connection to the outside world.
    This sytem charges my batteries.
    When I come back to my blog I have my friends waiting, and those who don´t miss me, weren´t so interested afte all.
    Have a lovely summer Taylor.

  3. Chloe

    Great ideas! I tend to post a photo gallery because I’d take the pictures anyway, and if you have fantastic pictures it’s ok to have a little less copy some time. Then you can get posts up without being preoccupied by the blog.

  4. Alma

    These are great ideas! When I’m on vacation I always make sure I have my camera and iPhone with me, because you may never know what you’ll see. And I go out all day exploring new things and while I’m doing that I take a lot of pictures, combined with outfitpictures too. Since I dont have internet connection there, I always select the photo’s I want to use, edit them and write a description/post on my laptop and then I put it all on a memory stick and go to the internetcafe where I simply upload and copy&paste it. It saves money, since most internetcafe’s charge high prices during summer.
    And regarding my posts: When I’m on vacation I always make outfitposts, photodiaries and instagram posts 🙂

  5. Trisha

    Theses are such great ideas! I’m travelling to Vegas soon and will definitely be using a couple of these for the blog

  6. Erzsebeth

    Perfect ideas!
    I love visit new places and make some unknown routes.
    Kisses and happy summer!

  7. Maria V @CrashingRed

    What a lovely post! I always miss out on any photos while travelling.. but with your advice I know what to do next time 🙂 So thank you!


  8. Lewes Accommodation

    There’s many more blog post a vacation can lend to; Things To Do, How to save money etc etc. Great selection provided though!

  9. hannah

    Summer is the most exciting event for the whole year. The most perfect season to spend time for your family. Here is my ideas about spending your summer .

  10. Stephanie Ferguson

    I absolutely love these ideas!!! I’m going to the lovely lowcountry of SC in 3 weeks and have been wondering how to document my time there. Great ideas and can’t wait to tweak these and make them into my own blog posts. Thanks for sharing!!!