Chic Geek Giveaway: ONA Bags


It's safe to say you all LOVED last week's Chic Geek Giveaway! Your comments and suggestions were dead on. Many of you wanted sturdier bags, colorful bags, and bags that offered more compartments. I couldn't agree more; there is nothing worse than a bag that falls apart right after purchase or a boring bland bag.

This week, I have another gorgeous bag from ONA, which means “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes” in Swahili. Created by Tracey Foster, the ONA bag is a stylish take on the traditional camera bag. Instead of lugging around the fashionably-challenged camera bag, you can carry your camera in a bag that works for brunch, date night or shopping with your friends.

Foster states, “Each ONA camera bag is handcrafted from premium materials and designed to blend the functionality of traditional camera bags with contemporary styling. ONA camera bags are produced in limited quantities to ensure that an unparalleled level of attention is paid to every detail.”

I think what makes an ONA bag so special is the quality. From the full-grain leather exterior to carefully planned compartments, it is exactly what a budding street style photographer would love to have while shooting and not be embarrassed. A chic alternative to the basic messenger bag, ONA's Venice is one beautiful bag, featuring long straps (easy for you carry cross-body or over the shoulder), and padded compartments for your DSLR or tablet. My other favorite parts of the bag? The gold buckles and zippers. What girl doesn't love a little splash of gold?!

We are giving away one Venice bag to a lucky reader this week and here's how you can enter to win:

1. Tell me how you currently carry your DSLR now in the comments section. Small purse? Camera bag?
2. Like IFB on Facebook 
3. Be sure to leave a valid email address.


The Promotion is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least thirteen (13) years of age at the time of entry. A complete list of rules and regulations are located here.



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  1. Maya

    I hate my camera case so I’m actually hunting for a chic camera bag plus Im a design student so I carry it all the time..

    lets just say that this bag would make my like simpler and chic-er!

    (Currently errh, carrying it on my shoulder just like that..)

  2. Desiree

    I currently have the ONA insert and use it in conjunction with a beautiful Gucci diaper bag from when my daughter was, well, using diapers. It works out well but the Gucci bag isn’t as structured as I would like.

    [email protected]

  3. Christa

    BEST GIVEAWAY EVER. I need a new camera bag. I carry my DSLR around in a small camera bag that barely fits the whole camera, let alone bigger lenses when I can finally afford them!

    This stylish camera bag would come in handy when I go to fashion blogger conferences, like #IFBCon next week 😉

    [email protected]

  4. Kendall

    I carry it in a lunch bag!!!!!

    No seriously, a Hello Kitty third-grader insulated, pillowed lunch bag LOL.

    I refuse to use any ugly bag that the local camera shoppe carries, so I had to be creative, but it is strapless – and a tad chunky for this soon-to-be twenty five year old …

    would LOVE this ONA bag, it would just love my new camera lens too =)

  5. Ashley

    When I purchased my DSLR it was part of a bundle, which included a small black camera bag. The camera fits snugly in the bag with few accessories, but I can’t even fit an extra lens which is less than ideal. I’ve looked into several bags but the ones I really like are sold out 🙁

  6. Vyque

    I put my camera in a small foam case and throw it in my backpack during fashion week – hate it!

    vyque AT

  7. Gina Zammit

    I carry my SLR in an ugly, clunky camera bag or give up & tote around my point and shoot. This bag is beautiful! And, it would definitely get to me too bring out the SLR way more often!

  8. Clarissa Ricardo

    These bags are so stylish, and I can see they’re good quality. Currently I just put my camera in a little camera bag. if I’m carrying a big enough handbag, then I put it in there.

  9. Hilary

    My camera goes in a lovely charcoal Nikon camera bag, its quite the looker. But I recently purchased another lens and a rain coat and now the bag is bursting AND ugly. Its fantastic. Thats why I want that camera bag, its fantastic and not gray.

  10. Jeanine Marie

    I bought a cheap (but stylish) vinyl bag to hold my gear but it much too small. I would love to own one of the bags made for camera gear.

  11. Natalie J.

    I have absolutely nothing to carry it in, ha! Literally just hangs around my neck…

    Would love to have some protection for it 🙂

  12. Margaret S.

    Wow, this is stunningly beautiful! I carry my camera in a small handbag right now. This would be the perfect chic bag. I love it!

  13. Kylie

    I am still currently saving up for my very own SLR camera. But for now, I carry around my mom’s in a large purse, that is actually meant for laptops. As you can imagine, there are no compartments and it is not efficient at all for the camera, lenses, etc. This ONA bag would be perfect! And it’s gorgeous enough to use as a purse when not taking photos!! Great giveaway!!


  14. Kaytee Dunnavant

    I currently use a camcorder bag! It’s black, ugly, small and old-fashioned. I purchased a new bag for Christmas, and I never received it, only to find out 2 months later The company would not be sending it. I’m bummed and have to go back to the ugly, black, small one

  15. Jillian

    I carry my SLR in the camera case that it came on :[ Soooo not sleek & stylish! I’m dying for a lovely new camera bag! It would help me look way more professional & I’d be able to take it more places because this bag is much less bulky than the one I have.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. eileenjennifer

    I bought my camera from in a package deal so it came with an adorama camera bag. I would love to have a stylish purse to carry around my nikon though!

  17. Gwynne

    What a great giveaway! That bag looks phenomenal! (So do all their bags!)

    Currently I’m either carrying my DSLR in my purse, wrapped in a scarf, or not carrying it at all! Sadly, most often the latter.

  18. Kenya Aissa

    I’m embarrassed to say it, but here goes: I was too cheap to get the camera bag for my Nikon, and I just cart my poor baby around in whatever big bag I’m using. Pathetic. I need this gorgeous bag!

  19. Tânia Sequinho

    Lovely giveaway! It would be a lovely birthday present as my birthday is february 14th.
    At currently time I’m carrying my Sony DSLR at a small camera bag which is really small to add some new lens I’m thinking about buying.


  20. Melodie Jeng

    Sometimes Bill Cunningham-style in a medium sized Nikon camera bag that goes across my shoulder and holds a couple lenses/flashes. (I have a Canon, haha). I don’t mind looking a bit touristy since bill does it!

    Sometimes just in my purse (Alexander Wang, Longchamp) or without a bag.

    I have a camera/laptop bag – Lowepro – that’s more for long days or traveling because it’s bigger.

    Sometimes in a soft shell case!

  21. Melissa Burriss

    I carry my DSLR in my purse, always. I don’t go anywhere without it. I want to keep it more safe though! I thought about getting a camera sleeve, but this camera bag is perfect! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! xo

  22. Jinah

    Uhh when I’m out on the town, I wear it tourist style, around my neck. Sometimes I use the camera bag that I got in a kit with the camera, but it’s literally coming apart at the seams.

  23. Natalia Dreamlander

    My camera is rather small, so it fits in any of my purses. Almost. But now that there is more and more traffic on my blog, I feel like I NEED to show better pictures to my readers. So purchasing a nice, voluminous camera is on the agenda. I wonder what I will carry it in… But of course! In an ONA Venice bag!!! 😉

  24. wendy wallach

    Have a case that we bought with the camera

    follow on facebook as required as wendy wallach-zephier

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  25. Charlotte

    What a beautiful, stylish bag!
    I usually carry my DSLR loose/ slung over my shoulder – my camera bag is definitely way too bulky!

    This delight from ONA would be a much-needed home for my SLR!!

  26. Ellie

    I currently carry my camera in a small, somewhat ugly bag made from some tech fabric. It’s a really small bag, there’s no room for another lens or anything besides a spare battery. I also carry a small purse because I have to have something to keep my glasses and other necessaries (like lipstick) in, and carrying the two around together is annoying because they clash and bang into each other.

  27. Christa M.

    Mine is currently in a soft-sided pouch that I made myself and carried in whatever bag I’m wearing at the moment. I’d love to have something more compartmentalized and protective and stylish! Great bag!

  28. Sydney

    How am I currently carrying my new Nikon? In a sock! What the what. I haven’t gotten a good case yet, so obvi I could use this bag. Not only is it functional it’s gorgeous to boot! Thanks for listening to your readers and tailoring your giveaways!

  29. Michelle

    I carry my Panasonic GH-1 in a Lowerpro Slingshot 200 AW. It’s comfortable, easy to access, but man oh man is it ugly. I’d love a gorgeous ONA bag that would inspire me to take my baby out more instead of hating how the strap sits in my cleavage and is just uggo.

  30. Thais

    If i’m traveling for a longer period or if my camera risks getting damaged i carry it in a old camera bag that used to be my dads, so you bet it’s ugly. And that only fits my DSLR. If i’m going take my analog camera too, i either have to press it in, which is scary, or take of the lens and put it elsewhere.
    If I’m just going out and want to bring my DSLR i use a cotton bag, which is the only bag i’ve got that fits both my camera and other stuff. I don’t like using that because i’m always afraid my camera is going to break.

    The ONA bag would be great because it would fit both cameras and more, and yet look stylish

  31. Jessica

    This bag is simply amazing! I’ve been on the hunt for a bag that not only fits my DSLR or my FTb QL 35mm SLR Camera but is also stylish. Right now I have a bag that’s too bulky and nearly not as functional as this one, so I’ve gotten into the habit of just carrying it loose. I’m a photographer and designer so I’m always bringing my camera around with me. This is a great find.

  32. Kathy

    I currently carry my 5D in an ONA insert, but it’s difficult to find the right bag to put it in.

    I also recently got a 70-200 lens that simply won’t fit in the insert, resulting in me carrying a purse and a Lowepro camera bag anyway.

  33. Tors

    I tend to just stick the camera in my normal handbag and hope for the best. I’ve been lucky so far, although the lens cap keeps coming off there’s no scratches! I don’t have a camera bag to use so it’s a case of be brave or leave the camera at home!

  34. Alexis Grace

    I am all about a chic camera bag! I currently carry it in either a purse, a camera bag or on the shoulder of my husband…. all are decent options, this looks like a great one!

  35. Suzy Smith

    I need this bag! I currently carry my DSLR in my sling backpack diaper bag for my son if I am going on a photo-shoot. If I am just carrying it along I…(shhhhh!) just put it in my purse with everything else. I know, it’s terrible. Can you please class me and my camera up a little bit? Thanks.

  36. Quia Q.

    I have the most unsexy Lowepro camera bag. It reminds me of a small lunch cooler. I carry a Canon EOS D20 that I got preowned from a pretty established local photog. I love it and plan to take it with me on my trip to Dubai.

  37. Pamada

    Yeah, that is pretty much exactly what I look for in a camera bag!!! Its really perfect

    Right now I carry mine in its ugly case, lol, in addition to my purse which makes it difficult to pull in and out sometimes. Or I’ll just carry it around my neck but I always worry about bumping it into stuff :T I really need something like this

    <3 Thanks!

  38. Nicole Solimano

    I made a cover for my camera, but then I throw it in my regular large bag where it rolls around amongst my other stuff. That bag would be awesome so I didn’t have to do that. I already like IFB on FB.

  39. Wendy

    LOVE this bag, I’ve had my eye on it for awhile!

    Sad but true, we currently don’t have a bag or case of any sort for our DSLR. I’ve been holding out for a great bag. Would be great to win this one!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Jessica

    I just carry it in the bag it came in, but it is nowhere as cute as this bag 🙂

  41. Dee Dee

    I currently carry my DSLR in a purse, I don’t have a case or bag for it. This ONA bag would be perf! Fashionable and functional–I love it!

  42. Jenny

    I’ve not been using any bag, just tend to carry my camera on my shoulder! Bit of pain, so hopefully if I won this gorgeous bag I wouldn’t have such a strained shoulder!

  43. MoniqueHasana

    I carry my DSLR in a small purse and it is getting old quick. I need to step up my game.

  44. shauna

    I carry mine in an Incase camera bag – but sometimes it is large and awkward so a fashionable camera bag would be perfection for those times. <3

  45. sonja

    I LOVE this BAG !
    IT´s a BEAUTY !

    I usuly carry my camera and lenses everywhere in this very practial-black-but-boring-camera-backpack.

    It´s save for the equipment but all the rest is ruined…i am a small person – so at the moment i put on the big-camera-backpack i feel like a turtle…with red lipstick 🙂

    The Venice Bag does look like a lifetime keeper and if it would travel all the way to europe/vienna….
    …i promise a long and adventure life and visit to every venice art bienale.

    bonne chance, sonja

  46. Katie B.

    i currently don’t carry my camera everywhere because of the bulk! I would love love love this venice bag 🙂

  47. Samantha

    I carry my sizable camera in my also sizable purse! As long as it keeps my camera dry, protected, and covered, it’s a good place for me to carry my camera…but that bag is gorgeous!

  48. Amanda Albert Moore

    I carry my Camera in an ugly old camera bag. I’ve had it since I’ve had my camera (3+ years now). I’ve been looking for something more sleek and stylish – this ONA bag fits the bill.

  49. Rikki-lee L

    This is a brilliant idea!

    I don’t have a bag for my DSLR at the moment, I normally just wear it over my shoulder or around my neck with help of the camera strap. This bag would be great for me so I don’t have to juggle so many things!

  50. Karen Allen

    I don’t own that type of camera, but wtih a bag like that I wouldn’t mind to buy one, plus I will be traveling to Colombia, that would be great to have a new bag and a new camera…Love it!! A nice Stylish piece to have. Great giveaway!!

  51. Lyddiegal

    Ahhh, the ONA bags are so gorgeous!
    I recently bought their bag insert so I could safely carry my camera in some of my larger purses. Before that I just put it in ‘naked’.

    chiclyddie at gmail dot com

  52. Zosia

    I’m a bit of a heretic. I carry my camera around my neck by a strap – I NEED a bag.

  53. Redglass

    Thanks for this giveaway! ONA bags are soo awesome, so functional and so chic. I am gearing up to purchase my DSLR (new blog in the works) and right now I just throw my camera in my bag (messenger or otherwise). But this bag is awesome! Great color and wonderful compartments.

  54. Hayley

    I carry my DSLR in my brothers old camera case! It’s is a horrible dark green but I hide it in my handbag because it can’t go loose. Took me such a long time to save for it! It deserves some style and so do I 🙂 x x x

  55. Nikki Porcher

    I currently carry my DSLR in my purse or bookbag whatever I have that day…I want to take more street photos, but don’t want to take the risk of breaking my camera. Something like this would be perfect, and just on time to have for next weeks IFB Con.

  56. kristen

    I carry my camera in an old Domke camera bag (very obviously a camera bag- nothing stylish about it!) or stuffed in my big purse if I am not also needing to carry other lenses or equipment along. This bag is amazing!!!

  57. Cristina Burgos

    I have a backpack that has served me well for 4 years. Its looking pretty dated an worn out though. I would love to upgrade to something more fashionable and unique.

  58. lucy warren

    i carry mine in a black thinktank bag, and while i think its a great camera bag, its not very good looking!! i wish i had something prettier and more stylish that isnt obviously a camera bag.

  59. Angela

    I don’t have a bag yet for my Nikon and have been eyeing an ONA bag forever! I guess I’m a little picky! But I mean, if I love my DSLR so much then I should love my bag just as much, right?

  60. isabelle

    i carry my DSLR in a black, boring domke but love, love, love the ONaA bags!!!

  61. Amber

    That bag is so pretty! I currently carry my camera in a small camera pouch insert, then I slip it into my purse. So this would be awesome to win, love the style of the bag. Thanks so much! I like on Facebook (Amber H).

  62. Tanya De Leeuw

    How do I carry my dslr? Depends on the situation. Sometimes, but rarely, I just carry it with me au naturel, ie: on its strap over my shoulder, or on the floor of my car where it can’t fall, or slide around too much – that’s for quick trips that I know aren’t going to develop into anything else. For going neighbourhood walking where there’s a chance that I’ll slip or trip (yes, I’m a klutz), but I only need the body and one lens, a shoulder bag with limited space and no pockets. Otherwise, I have to take my heavy backpack style carry-all. A shoulder bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, that can accommodate the camera/lens plus a spare lens or two, would be an awesome addition to my gear!

  63. Sofia

    That IS the problem! I rarely carry my beautiful brand new DSLR because I still don’t have a camera bag.

    i have been drooling over the ONA bags for long, though…


  64. Lisa

    I carry my DSLR in a dust bag within a small purse… I’m ready for a proper bag!

  65. Kim

    I have a small camera bag that is a pain in the neck. Since I am also carrying a purse, I feel like I have straps all over me.

  66. Morgan

    I carry my DSLR in a chrome bag (a gift). it’s a tight fit for my lenses, flash and camera, and really impractical if i want to get my camera out quickly (as it’s an industrial style backpack. its fine and functional in that it keeps my camera safe and dry, which is important because i mostly shoot gigs and live in london. but it’s not very pleasing to the eye, and something i only use on a gig shoot. if i’m going out with my friends or away on holiday, my dslr gets thrown into my small topshop purse. poor guy.

  67. tina r

    My camera usually gets tossed in whatever purse I’m using at the time. I usually wrap it in a small towel since I live in the pacific nw. It would be great to keep the camera and lenses protected more without me having to bring along the black clunky bag that it originally came with.

  68. Ashley McPherren

    I carry my camera in my cross body purse… It’s not ideal for sure! Help me step up my camera swag, and I’ll be on the road to photography greatness!

  69. junneen lee

    I have this really hideous camera bag I got free at a yard sale when I was vacationing in Tahoe that I use most of he time. Otherwise it bounces around in my purse…would loe an Ona!

  70. Kaitlin Schitea

    Currently I take my camera with me in a single strap Targus camera bag. It can be uncomfortable sometimes esp. when carrying it long distances. Its also rather bulky, so a nice ONA bag would be quite a treat.

  71. Angela Cardenas

    I carry my DSLR camera in my huge camera bag but it is so bulky for a petite photographer like me. I need something that will allow me to move around without discomfort. Something more like a purse with style! Love this purse!!

  72. Maryrose Brame

    I carry my camera in a camera bag, but I need a pretty one like this!!

    I also liked you on FB!

  73. Sonya Gogna

    I currently carry my dslr in my diaper bag (well wrapped up). I could use a better and more fashionable alternative! (I’ve liked your page on Facebook)

  74. Jane

    I carry it in a Thinktank Airport Take-Off for days when I’m in the theatre, a Thinktank Shapeshifter for days in the street and just sling it into a big yellow leather handbag, where it rattles against all the other Gurl-Trash in there when I’m out and about and off-duty (if there ever is such a thing for a photographer!). The Thinktanks are great for protecting it on the job, but not exactly a fashion statement, the yellow bag is a fashion statement but doesn’t protect – ONA would be the PERFECT combination! Pretty please!

  75. Christine

    I currently carry my camera equipment in a Lowepro Passport Sling. It is practical but still looks like a camera bag. I would love to have some that is both fashionable and functional. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  76. Lisa

    I currently carry in a sling case that screams camera bag and have been dying to order this in Tan so I can carry my camera bag every where. Also…just “liked” on FB.

    • Lindsay long

      I have a side sling back pack…I am DYING to have an ONA bag!!!!! I will wear it proudly and will be a FREE walking and talking advertisement/promoter!!!!

  77. Sunshine Monica

    Love this bag! Right now I have the Ona purse insert and its great. I’ve wanted to buy an actual Ona purse for agggges

  78. laurie

    I carry everything in a huge messenger bag right now. I’d love to have something a little nicer! I’ve been drooling over ONA bags!

  79. kayleen burke

    I carry my camera in a lowepro sling. It protects but leaves no room for anything else and certainly isn’t this pretty.

  80. Sarah Garman

    I currently carry my DSLR in a backpack camera bag from BestBuy. It is SO bulky and screams 1990. I’d love to own a bag like this. I love the color and that it has a small space for my ipad. The pockets on the front are perfect for girlie accessories or SD cards and cords! 😉

    (Boutique owner at The Purple Fern and photographer at Purple Fern Photography)

  81. Dana Bultje

    Oh, right now I just throw it into any old bag :/. I’m terrified of breaking my new lens, so I haven’t been taking my camera anywhere recently because I don’t feel like breaking such expensive equipment!
    I absolutely love the Venice ONA bag!!!!

  82. Laura

    I carry my camera in my husbands big backpack designed for such things, but it is rather ugly!

  83. Casie Haley

    I told myself I would use my bag until it falls apart, and well, I guess you could say it is. I carry my camera in an old Samsonite like carry on bag. There is duct tape on the handles & bottom of the bag to hold it together. So what if it’s pleather, I like the old “leather” look of it! I have cut up t-shirts shoved inside for padding. Winning an ONA bag would be a major upgrade. They sure are beautiful & practical (happy about the interior padding & that they are real leather) & I would use it forever! Thank you for the opportunity!

  84. Tess

    I currently carry my camera equipment in a standard black Canon camera bag. It’s square, it’s ugly, it’s BORING!!! Would love a beautiful, fashionable bag from ONA! 🙂

  85. Alejandra Maria

    so, being the resourceful (read: broke) woman that I am, I currently use a variety of different winter hats to wrap my baby (camera) in to protect her from the elements (wind, snow, rain, etc) which… has worked out surprisingly well thus far haha, but I’m starting to think I am ready for a little upgrade

  86. Gail

    I carry my camera wrapped in an old very soft t-shirt I don’t wear anymore inside my clunky old purse. I’m so pathetic!

  87. Nandiya

    My camera tags along with me in my flimsy, cheap purses I get from stores like Forever21 and H&M. The only protection my baby is getting is from my sketch book that I also carry inside my purse.

  88. Twyla

    I carry my camera in a terribly ugly sling bag that a friend mistook for a diaper bag… defiantly in need of something a little more stylish (and functional).

  89. Victoria

    Day to day, I just sling my camera around my neck and carry one extra lens in my purse- which hasn’t been great for my little crossbody purses (oops.)

    I have an ONA bag insert…but it doesn’t fit into any of my purses 🙁 So I just use it for when I am traveling and have to pack my gear.

    Thanks for setting up this contest!

  90. Mariko Hesterman

    I borrow my dad’s equipment (he’s a photographer as well). I am grateful he’s willing to share, but it is a pain to always have to travel to his house first to pack up all the gear. So I’m starting fresh and am in need of everything in order to keep my company going! Can you help me by graciously providing a bag?? THANK YOU!

  91. kat

    It depends on how much gear, which camera, etc…. sometimes (frequently!) it gets wrapped in a scarf and shoved in a hobo bag to keep my style points 😉 No need for that with this bag!

  92. Jess

    After buying my first telezoom I no longer have a camera bag that fits since my current one only has room for my camera + kit lens

  93. Lucy Smith

    I’ve attempted to convert a messenger bag into a camera bag without much success. I really need a camera bag that will protect all my gear and make me look like a professional. Your bags are awesome, I hope I win!

  94. Wayne Smith

    I am currently carrying my camera in a tiny camera bag. I need a bigger bag that will fit all my gear!

  95. Hannah Wilson

    I carry my camera and extra lens in my large tote bag, and because I’m always worried about damaging my camera, I cushion the bottom of my bag with scarves! I think it’s safe to say I need a proper camera bag.

  96. Jen

    I carry my camera in a not-so-pretty messenger style bag. I could definitely use an upgrade. This one is gooooorgeous.

  97. sooji

    i carry my camera bag in the smallest bag EVER, which only allows me to carry one lens (on the camera). i always find that it’s not big enough to carry any other lenses so i have to think hard before i go out that i’m carrying the “right” lens -__-

  98. Allison

    Honestly, I either use a tote bag/big purse or carry it alone on my shoulder. I would love to have an ONA bag for my camera. It’s getting pretty beat up because it travels so much without a proper bag.

  99. Ericka

    I used to carry my cameras in a Lowepro bag until a homeless man told me, “you’re gonna get that camera stolen.” Now I just carry them in my Chrome bag, but all that jostling around can’t be good.

  100. Jenn

    I have been coveting ONA bags for so long! Currently I keep my camera in my purse, I use one of the pockets for my extra lens and I usually wrap the camera in a scarf.

  101. Amelianne

    I am a bad camera mommy and have been wrapping my dslr up in a scarf or two and stowing it in my purse when we go our together. I would adore to own an ONA camera bag! (and be a more responsible camera owner!)

  102. Jennifer K.

    I carry my camera in my hand or around my neck mostly. I have a camera bag but it is bulky and actually hurts my back when I carry it. I would love an ONA bag and think being able to sling it across my body would help with my back issues.

  103. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. I’ve been saving for an Ona bag. My camera travels in a boring but mostly functional black camera bag or family diaper bag. I think using the bag would feel like a vacation – complete departure from the everyday. Cheers

  104. Kim N

    I carry my dslr and lenses in a boxy, bulky camera bag, but it is so heavy and cumbersome, especially when I’m also carrying a purse and a heavy-duty tripod. I really need something with a more sleek, functional design.

  105. Lacey Horst-Thomas

    yep, I just liked you on fb. and I carry my camera in an awfully hideous “I’ve got a camera and I’m going to take your picture” bag from best buy that came with the camera. oh how I would love an ONA bag.

  106. Lacey Horst-Thomas

    yep, I liked you on fb. and my camera is currently being carried in one of those awfully hideous bags that screams “I’m gonna take your picture!” it came with the camera. oh how i’d love a bag from ONA.

  107. Blair LeBlanc

    I currently house my camera in a well loved-and tragically falling apart-bulky camera box I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago. It would be great to have the Venice to load my gear in; it will protect my camera without screaming “hey Imma take your photo!”, while all wrapped up in a classy design. Thanks a million.

  108. Maïa

    Hi !
    for the moment I have a jill-e camera bag but it’s getting old so I’d love this ONA bag :))
    I liked IFB on Facebook 😉

  109. Satpreet Kahlon

    I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I just sling my camera around my body using the strap. It’s no way to live. It’s uncivilized. Savage, I tell you.

    Getting an ONA bag would be the equivalent of taking my camera out of homelessness and putting her (yes, my camera is a she) into a Trump penthouse (if a Trump penthouse was kind of rustic and ten times more tasteful and awesome).

    Oh man. I’ve rambled. You get the point, yeah?

  110. Jade Sheldon

    I currently cary my camera in a bag that came with the purchase. It’s way to small and has absolutely no style. Been dreaming of owning an ONA for quite some time now.

  111. MJ

    Sometimes a hip pack, sometimes in a timbuk2 messenger bag, sometimes in a vintage coach purse… Depends on the shoot or set up. An ONA bag would be awesome AND CLASSY! Sometimes my stuff screams camera or gear… When classy and chic and deseret would be nice. ~crossing fingers~ Yayy!

  112. Kaylan Phillips

    I just got my first DSLR last week and I’m using a very boring and mildly unsafe camera bag. I LOVE this ONA bag!

  113. daria

    When it’s not cold I just carry it crossed-over, when it’s cold I just carry a large purse. I don’t like camera bags, but this one is stylish, too.

  114. Emily

    I’m using a small leather camera bag I got off of ebay. It’s adorable, but it’s starting to fall apart. I’m ready for an upgrade!

  115. ToNhu Do

    Another giveaway! YES! After saving up for a couple of months, I bought myself a canon rebel two years ago. The only thing I could afford to put it in was a dinky 15 dollar case from target! I’d be embarrassed to bring my camera around, so lost out on some photo ops. my camera barely fits in it, but we gotta make do with what we have. I’d love a chance to win the ONA Venice bag!

  116. Emily

    Right now, my Nikon is tossed in the bottom of my bag, wrapped in scarf, meaning there’s not much separating it from all the other junk in there. I’ve been lusting after an ONA bag for years!

  117. angelica

    well, i carry my camera in a backpack. the problem is when i have to carry one or more lenses with me. i win it or not this bag is gorgeous!

  118. Sally R

    I carry it in a boring black camera bag – yuk. Been trying to decide on a “stylish” bag and pretty much leaning towards ONA because if I’m going to drop some money I think leather is the way to go.

  119. Molly

    I currently have a velocity slingback bag. It has been a wonderful bag for my Canon 5oD. I need to upgrade to a better more durable bag due to the addition of a new lens, hood and flash. I have heard wonderful things about the ONA bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  120. Peter McMahon

    Love your bags. Right now I carry my DSLR in the small camera bag that came with the camera when I bought it. It’ barely fits the camera with my 18-200 mm lens and my Nikkor 80-200 1:2.8 lens in the side pocket. I carry this with me everywhere because you never know when you’re going to see something you have to shoot.

  121. Tan Hao Juan

    Currently using a typical camera bag, which is annoyingly hard, boxy and UGLY. I love my DSLR—it deserves something as sexy and fashionable as the ONA Venice Camel bag to complement it. Sure hope I’m lucky enough to win this 🙂

  122. Jessie in Fashion Limbo

    I carry my camera in a vintage satchel I got recently. More of a girlie, ladylike style than the schoolbag types you see a lot of right now. It fits perfectly 😉


  123. Toni

    I have a competitor’s camera bag/purse and it’s fine, but I really covet an ONA Bag for it’s gorgeous leather exterior (and not the faux leather like the one I have now).

    (I like you on FB.) 🙂

  124. Amber S

    I have a small insert that I can put in a purse that will hold one lens. So I carry my camera around my neck and carry a purse with my small insert. I love ONA bags and I have been trying to win one for a long time because I am a fashion fanatic who would love a fashionable camera bag! It would be so nice to be able to carry a cute bag that can hold more than one lens, plus my camera!

  125. tisatamima

    i used to carry my camera on my camera bag, but now my camera bag is broken the strap got ripped, and now i have to carry it by hanging the camera strap arround my neck

  126. Tamara

    I house my D300S in a plain Jane Hunter Green Lowepro backpack…I have been dreaming of this Venice Ona bag bag as it is simply to die for~

  127. Laura S

    The camera I have right now, although big, isn’t as fancy and expensive as a DSLR, so I usually just cram the case and camera into a big enough tote, though that usually hurts my shoulder because it’s hard to find bags big enough to hold it AND be cross-body. This is SUCH a cute bag!!!
    Oh, & I liked you on facebook :).
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway,
    Laura S / [email protected]

  128. Mani

    I carry my camera in a normal satchel handbag, which surely can’t be good for it! Can’t be helped though, those clunky black camera bags don’t go with anything…

  129. Amber Nicole

    My poor DSLR has been tucked away in a small, non padded purse since I got the camera a couple months ago. But I’d love to carry it in something as timeless, classic and functional as a beautiful ONA bag! Thank you for the opportunity =D

  130. Bhav

    I carry my camera in a very old tattered basic camera bag that we got for $5 in a yard sale. Something like this would be a dream come true.

    bvbabybv at gmail dot com

  131. emily

    i used to carry my camera in a crumpler bag, until this past saturday when my house was broken into and everything was stolen! 🙁 i could use this ona bag as my fresh start as i slowly begin to replace all my equipment…

  132. Sharon

    Mine comes along in my backpack most of the time. I thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous bag and I am following you on facebook.

  133. Chrissy

    i carry it in my backpack. it has definitely taken its toll on my poor lil DSLR. Gee whiz….a new camera bag would sure help right about now….

  134. Kirsten Amanda

    I carry my camera in a small purse, but I’d love an ONA bag! They’re awesome 😀

  135. Jose Alvarez

    I carry my DSLR in my bag, but it gets really annoying because I also carry books, water, my phone and other stuff in my bag so it get’s really heavy and I keep worrying that my camera will get damaged. I haven’t been able to find a stylish bag to keep my DSLR in, this one would definitely do the trick!

    josedan_al at hotmail . com

  136. Truan

    Oh wow! I need a stylish camera bag so badly, right now I carry it in one of those ugly black bags. Urgh!

  137. Janis

    Sadly, I’ve been putting in my purse with all my junk. Meaning, I DESPERATELY need this beautiful bag!!

  138. Jill Denise

    I just carry my camera around on the neck strap. But a fantastic bag by ONA would be so much better!

  139. Paola Ospina

    I carry my camera in my bag with my books, pencils, juice and always is in danger of damage!
    This one is gorgeous!
    paolira1235 at gmail dot com

  140. Sharon Kelly`

    I’m a poor college student – So, it goes in my junky tattered purse, like carrying wine around in a thermos; just begging for a proper upgrade. ;D

  141. Christelle Osera

    I carry it with the free bag it came with when I purchased it. I really wish I’d win this! It’s so fabulous! 😀

  142. Rachel Larson

    I currently carry my Canon Rebel in a large ugly black canvas camera bag that we got for free when we purchased the camera. I make my husband carry while we are out because it’s so obnoxious!

  143. Erica | cupcakes & coffee breaks

    I carry my canon rebel in either the camera bag that it came with, or a backpack. The camera bag doesn’t actually fit my two lenses properly, but the backpack is too big and requires me to wrap my camera in sweaters to protect it! I’d loooove a real camera bag that fits all of my equipment and looks great too 🙂