Separated At Birth: Fashion Blogger Look-Alikes We Love!

As fashion bloggers, our individuality is what makes us stand out. We each have our own sense of style, our own way of layering, mixing and matching, accessorizing and hair-doing. The diversity of looks, shapes, sizes and sensibilities makes the blogging community one of the most democratic spaces on the Internet!

Then again… Do you ever notice that it seems like some of your favorite style bloggers could be sisters? Not just because they have the same color hair and the same sunglasses, but their features are actually very similar? Okay, maybe sometimes it is just the sunglasses and the hair – but there's no denying that we have some major faux-family resemblance on our Internets!

We scoured some of our favorite personal style blogs to collect the best double-take-worthy twins we could find. Without further ado, behold…

Separated At Birth – Fashion Blogger Look-Alikes We Love:

1. Helena of Brooklyn Blonde and Blair of Atlantic-Pacific: We've been fans and followers of both these blogs for ages, and we love how they both have a penchant for glamorous black sunglasses, tailored ensembles and a colorful lip.

2. Arielle of Something Navy and Lindsey of Saucy Glossie: These Manhattan-based beauties both have gorgeous and glowing olive skin and envy-inducing brunette locks. Seriously though, they really look like (too gorgeous) sisters!

3. Christine of My Style Pill and Kelly of The Glamourai: Ever since Christine chopped her hair into a sassy bob, we can't help but feel like she resembles the perennially short-haired Kelly Frammel.

4. Chiara of The Blonde Salad and Sandra of 5 Inch and Up: We'll admit, we have hair envy like none other when it comes to these two striking Europe-based blondes.

5. Hedvig of Northern Light and Hanneli of Hanneli Mustaparta: Hanneli is Swedish and Hedvig is Norwegian. Is there something in the water up there? From the model good looks to sleek designer ensembles – we're obsessed.

6. Rachel of Pink Peonies and Caroline of Sweet Caroline In The City: Sweet smiles, polished style and a good cat eye are signature staples of these two brunettes.

7. Anna of See Jane and Lynzy of Sparkling Footsteps: These two have remarkably similar hair, great legs and a playful, chic-meets-girl-next-door sense of style.


[Image credits: Brooklyn Blonde; Atlantic-Pacific; Something Navy; Saucy Glossie; My Style Pill; The Glamourai; The Blonde Salad; 5 Inch and Up; Northern Light; Hanneli Mustaparta; Pink Peonies; Sweet Caroline In The City; See Jane; Sparkling Footsteps]

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25 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    What a cute post! I love seeing them side by side – there really are many similarities!!


  2. Kat

    I’ve thought the same about Atlantic Pacific and Brooklyn Blonde myself! Glad others see it too!

  3. Sound of Chic

    Great article. I started my blog because I felt that my look and style was underrepresented in fashion. I’m curvy but not plus size, retro but modern. I’d like to see more size twelves make it to the tops of ‘best blogger’ lists!

  4. Kashara

    haha:) great post. Maybe it’s just me, but only with a lot of imagine do these bloggers look alike to me without the sunglasses. 🙂

  5. Emily Ulrich

    Wow, there really are some striking similarities! Hedvig and Hanneli – I can’t believe two people mirror such distinct bone structure! Incredible!

  6. Farah

    I am seriously shocked on how identical all of them are to the other….I thought they were the same person on both pictures!! You guys did a great job!

  7. Vibeke

    Well, as I proud Norwegian girl I just have to announce that both Hedvig and Hanneli is Norwegian 🙂

  8. Fabiola

    I follow both Hedvig and Hanneli and I must confess, sometimes I don’t know who’s blog I’m looking at, they’re really alike and they both have a very clean minimalistic look, so it’s a little confusing, jaja.

    But… Chiara and Sandra?? eeek, I don’t think so, apart from being blondes… I just don’t see the resemblance 😛

  9. Jelena

    Wow 😀 Amazing ^^ I just think that Arielle and Lindsey are not so look alike, but other girls.. it is just unbelievable!