5 Twitter Changes Bloggers Need to Know


shutterstock_94150762Can you believe Twitter is over 8 years old now? It looks absolutely nothing like it did when you posted your first tweet, with good reason. People and brands alike have taken to Twitter to connect in ways we never have before (good and bad!) As bloggers, Twitter can play a key role in growing our audiences well beyond blog comments. Savvy bloggers know that brands are looking at social media sites in addition to blogs for potential paid contract work. It's commonplace now for brand/blogger partnerships to include ‘social amplification' of blog posts. For example, a specific number of tweets or Instagrams with a particular hashtag is agreed on to promote a sponsored post.

Twitter (like almost all social media sites) never likes to sit still and remain the same for long. They're always observing how we're using the site, making many tweaks along its way. Bloggers don't need to be on top of every little change Twitter makes, but it's essential to know which ones affect how your personal brand (and blog) are represented. With that, here are some of the major changes Twitter's made recently that should be on your radar:

A whole new profile look

Twitter's rolling out a completely revamped profileΒ to users as we speak. I know most of you are thinking “But I never go to Twitter.com to look at my profile. I use HootSuite/Tweetdeck/TweetBot!” That might be the case, but you know who does look up your Twitter web profile? Brands who want to work with you! When you do get the new profile look, make sure your cover photo and profile picture are updated and sized correctly. Wouldn't hurt to update your bio then too!

Multiple photo upload & tagging

For the first time maybe ever, Twitter's paying special attention to how photos are shared in its platform. Now you can upload up to 4 at a time, and tag up to 10 Twitter users in each photo! Multiple photo upload is great to highlight different perspectives of the last outfit you blogged, while photo tagging will allow you to make sure all the right brands are included in your outfit breakdown. Remember, brands will see when they're tagged in photos! It's the perfect way to get on a brand's radar.

Real-time notifications

You may have already seen real-time notifications in your profile, but if not – you can now see not just when someone mentions you, but also when someone retweets or favorites them as well. Imagine hosting a live Tweetchat with a brand. You can get an instant gauge on the tweetchat audience's energy and enthusiasm, and react or respond accordingly.

Pinned tweets

This feature of ‘pinning' a tweet has been around for some brands for awhile. Now we can all enjoy the same luxury of keeping one very important tweet pinned to the top of our profile! Pinned tweets open up the door for more strategic sharing of major blog posts, like a giveaway, votes for an award, or big changes to the blog.

Best tweets

I have yet to see a real-life example of this out there in the wild, but Best Tweets will be a useful feature for all of us. Tweets with the most engagements (favorites, retweets or replies) will ‘appear slightly larger' (I'm assuming they mean larger font.) This means they'll stand out and make it that much easier for you to see what your followers are responding to (or not.) Best tweets sounds like a great litmus test for figuring out how to word your tweets promoting your blog most successfully.

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24 Responses

  1. Lyn

    Oh tagging brands and people? That’s a good & cool improvement!
    Twitter : @lyndesloovere

  2. Munachi

    I love the Best Tweet feature. They used to send out a weekly email telling you which of your tweets got the most replies, favorites, retweets, and views. I really liked that feature so I don’t know why they took it away. I’d love to know my “Best Tweets”. That could reeaally come in handy.

  3. choolee

    i really dont like twitter and i think about deleting it couse noone uses it… and thoes who use it are also very unhappy with it πŸ˜€

    come and follow me on my fashion blog
    there is a new outfit post online as well πŸ™‚

  4. Jennifer Ashley

    This is great information! I didn’t know you could now upload multiple photos. I just started using twitter recently, but I have made some great connections with other bloggers through it! You can find me at @PLDetails

  5. Kajol

    Wow! I didn’t know about any of these. Thanks for the info! I think it’ll definitely be a game changer, especially for us bloggers. Twitter has relatively been a slow traffic driver for my blog, but i’m hoping for the best through these changes! πŸ™‚ In the meantime, follow me maybe? @thestylesorbet


  6. Lauren

    Awesome tips! I’ve been needing to update things for awhile so now sounds like the perfect time to spruce things up!
    Twitter: @bostonsweettea

  7. Catherine

    Great idea to have pinned tweets. I noticed the different font sizes for tweets – also a useful feature.

  8. Lauren Hochman

    Thank you for posting these tips! I love Twitter and check it regularly, so these tips were very helpful! I already knew about Best Tweets and the new look, but I hadn’t known about the multiple photo uploading and tagging and pinning tweets. Good to know!



  9. Samantha Mariko

    I don’t use Twitter that much but knowing these new features makes me want to use it a little more to promote my blog! @samantha_mariko