Figuring Out What Your Blog is About in Three Steps


It might seem obvious what your blog is about. It's a fashion blog, right? It's about fashion. It's about your personal style. Or maybe it's about cooking or being a parent. Obvious. Duh.

However. If that's where you stop in your analysis, it may not be enough to take your blog to the next level. We've talked about developing a personal style, and that's an important step. But there's lots more you can do to give your blog a unique and hopefully magnetic personality.

I spoke to branding consultant Natalie Goel (who also blogs at Like Fresh Laundry), who helps brands “clarify their essence” and use that to guide their actions. I asked her to come up with some guidelines for bloggers to do the same, and she was kind enough to share the following:

1. Assess your goals, strengths and areas for improvement. Consider feedback you've gotten and check out how other bloggers are positing themselves to get a sense of how you can differentiate.

2. Figure out what you want to stand for. That might seem daunting, so start by asking yourself a few questions: What benefits do you provide? How do you make people feel? What is your blog's personality?

3. Boil down what you're about into just one attribute or phrase. Use this thought to guide everything you do. It's the experience you create. Remember, you can't be everything to everyone!

Do you have any of your own tips for boiling down the essence of your blog? Please share in the comments!

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  1. CynthiaCM

    DelectablyChic! is style, food and culture. And I’m trying to increase the “culture” content – more opera, theatre, museum exhibits and such. I just need to get on more lists! I feel that I no longer fit in with the fashion crowd. Many are a bit too…odd…for me. Sorry, but ombre hair, over-the-top accessories and nails just isn’t who I am.

  2. ~ Carmen ~

    Interesting & though provoking. ▲ ▲ is a California lifestyle blog from the perspective of a 20-something writer. I’ve realized that being from Southern California actually plays a huge part in my personality, style, life, & thus, blog. Also being a recent college grad plays a huge part in my life/blog. Thanks for this.

  3. Gracious Store

    I like the idea of “defining the personality of your blog’. Often times people tend to flow with the crowd when it comes to fashion. People simply tend to wear or blog about what is in vogue or trending even if it conflicts with their personal convictions.

    A lot of people especially young people are searching for direction and hoping to find someone who will help them express their personality in what they wear -the fashion they like and appreciate
    The name of my online store “Gracious Store” is a name I used to express my brand, the personality of my store- indicating that we carry only clothes and every other thing that is gracious and promotes the dignity and integrity of womanhood and person-hood in general.

    It is will be very comforting and enriching to a lot of readers and fashion lovers if they can find fashion bloggers who share their values especially if those values are not the very popular ones

  4. Ms YoLee

    I feel like we (bloggers) have become so vain with blogging and instagram-ing about ourselves 24/7 — and that makes us no different than the next person — so personality and having a true voice is absolutely important. I feel like not enough bloggers care to get to know what others are doing out of sincerity. But connecting and getting to know others and taking the spotlight off of yourself can sometimes feel refreshing and learn a thing or two, not just for the blogger but for their audience too.

  5. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Its not been a year since I started my fashion blog but its for Over 40 women. So thats your USP right there. But thats still not enough so just like you are describing very usefully here I had to sit down and do some thinking why my blog is like no other. So I travel a lot, live in an international city am from Europe and lived abroad which has very definitely influenced my style. Made that into a slogan: European elegance meeting So Cal Ease to describe my style and readers benefit: relaxed women looking for inspiration on how to style trends. Thanks for the useful advice! Sabina OceanblueStyle

  6. Jill

    I still find it hard to ‘differentiate’ from other bloggers, even after I’ve been blogging a while now. I think it’s something that takes time and to know yourself. I just hope that I’ll be there one day. In the mean time I’m just posting all things that interest me and i think is fun, and do my thang 🙂

    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

  7. Arit

    This is really nice,
    I’m still in the budding stage since I started my blog..and the question is really about what should I be doing since I know what my blog is about, and how do I engage people