Blog Name Ideas: 6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Blog Name

Here at IFB, we know the fashion blogging world is constantly growing. And we know you’re probably wondering, “How on earth do these new bloggers keep thinking up blog name ideas?”

blog name ideas

Luckily, we’ve given it a lot of thought. We know it’s hard to find names that aren't already taken on the internet and social media. So, we’ve mined our archives for some of the best tips our writers have come up with over the years, when it comes to blog name ideas.
If you’re struggling when it comes to seeking our original blog name ideas, before sure to check out the below for a few tips and tricks. Happy Naming!

Editor's Note: This article was originally written and published by Kristen Philipkoski in June 2015.  It was updated by Laura Kell on August 25th, 2017

Brainstorm New Blog Name Ideas on Paper

Start brainstorming. Get out a paper and pen, and do it the old fashioned way. Write down up to twenty-five blog name ideas on paper – even the ones you aren’t keen on. Take a break, then write down another twenty-five or so. Go back and find a handful you’re keen on, then see if you can improve or merge those ideas together. Writing your ideas down on paper is an excellent way to effectively generate a solid blog name, so don’t dismiss this step.

Combine The Best of Both “Niche Market” Worlds

Nowadays many bloggers straddle two or three different niche markets, when it comes to categorizing their blog (i.e. fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel, etc.) If you plan to cover multiple topics of interest, feel free to incorporate that into your list of blog name ideas. Planning on blogging about fashion and food? The second part of your blog name could be related to something yummy (ex. Cupcakes and Cashmere). What about beauty and home décor? Feel free to let that reflect in your new blog’s name (Maybe Lipstick and Lounge Chairs?). Don’t feel the need to stick to one category; find a title that suits both you and your new blog's interests best.

Use An Online Name Generator

If all else fails, get some help from technology. Lean Domain Search is good for finding available domains, that you can then turn into a blog title. Panabee is great for coming up with combinations of words and Domainr can help you come up with titles that utilize extensions creatively. And browsing this one is pretty fun, if you’re looking for some creative inspiration.

You can also check out IFB's article “The Blog Name Generator: 9 Easy Ways to Name Your Blog” for more blog name ideas.

Give Your City A Shoutout

This is good SEO practice, especially if you want out-of-town brands to notice of your blog when they come to your city. For example, if the public relations department of a company wants to invite local bloggers to an event and they can easily find your blog in Google, you’re more likely to be invite. Therefore, it’s worthwhile considering blog name ideas along the lines of “Celine in Cleveland” or “Mel in Miami” if you live in Cleveland or Miami. That way, when a PR rep is googling “Cleveland bloggers” or “Miami bloggers”, you’re more likely to rank in their search if your city is in the title.

Don’t Be Afraid to Forget The Rules…

You'll find tons of tips on the internet about the importance of keywords and SEO, when it comes to thinking up blog name ideas. Some like to reinforce the idea that your blog name should be clear and easy to say. But for every tip like that, there's a Man Repeller or Stop It Right Now or Go Fug Yourself. A unique blog name can work just as well as an SEO-friendly one, so be creative. Follow your instincts and let your new blog’s name reflect your personality.

…But Take Inspiration From Other Bloggers

Some successful bloggers put very little thought into naming their blog (ex. Rumi Neely and Fashion Toast). Others spent a month coming up with a name they liked. This roundup from Who What Wear is a reminder that inspiration for blog name ideas can strike when we least expect it — and that it can be like pulling teeth! Any method can work if the name reflects your personal vibe and feels authentic. it's your content and execution that will ultimately determine your blog’s success.

Have Any Tips, When It Comes Blog Name Ideas?

Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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20 Responses

  1. Raivyn dK

    My method was none of these, actually…. As a [controversial] musician, I wrote a song [and entire album] a few years back entitled Infekt. Not knowing what else to go with, I just kind of fed off that ‘fame’ [or lack thereof] and went with “Infekted”, with the tagline ‘F*ck Fashion – The Art Of Not Giving A Sh*t.’ Turns out my distaste for passing trends and mean girl bloggers seems to be working for me…

  2. Raissa

    Well said! I don’t think I read a post with this much information when I was trying to think of a name. And I like that these tips can be used for blogs that are not necessarily about fashion.

    I can’t remember how I came up with my name. The thought of a leather fanny pack just seemed tacky and weird – like me. It made me laugh! So I used it.

    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      That’s awesome. And coincidentally I had a hideous black leather fanny pack in the ’80s! 🙂

  3. Sagan

    Great tips! The important thing is to find something that *speaks* to you. Choosing a fashion blog name isn’t something to rush into – it’s worth taking the time to really think it through (and of course, going with your gut instinct is a good option after you’ve done a solid brainstorming session!).

  4. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    I just started blogging in Frankfurt so my first blog connected to the city. But when my fashion blogging took off and I was offered a post writing about the city for a local publisher a new name was in order: I still got the sheets full of ideas. Playing around with words certainly helped me a lot. But you know what? In the end, I didn’t use any of these ideas although I really ended up with two names I really love. But then Oceanblue Style is just my heart speaking about my love of the ocean and the color blue as well as a homage to San Diego where I used to live and which I am missing so much! <3 Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  5. Kene

    I started a blog because I wanted to reflect my personal style and ideas, as well as an avenue to give motivational talks to my readers., hence the use of my name as a blog.
    I also want to use my blog to promote myself as a brand.

  6. Brooke

    Fun ideas! I had a hard time a couple of years ago trying to find a name for my blog about travel and fashion. I finally sat down with a friend and we listed a map with words related to fashion and travel and then combined them to come up with my blog name. Although what my blog focuses on has changed, I still keep format for my blog the same and post travel, fashion, and personal posts each week to keep up with my focus. It’s challenging, but it’s fun and I love the name I came up with!

  7. Jennifer Hankin

    I took the two predominant colours from my first ever shoe photo (I start every blog post with a photo of my shoes) Colours just happened to be a bright red, and bright green. I tweaked it a bit, and that’s how The Emerald Ruby was born.

  8. Olwethu-Thando Klaas

    The benefit of being a South African blogger is that my country and continent is a well of raw inspiration..I rebranded my blog, which was previously known as “Hells Couldron”, which came from my love of Harry Potter’s Leaky Cauldron, being in a dark creative place at the time, and wanting to have something entirely different from the norm. When I was conceptualizing the new blog I consulted my close friends and my mother. We decided on me using a lazy tongue-in-cheek name variation of my surname, so “Klaas in Session” came about. Visit and have The Dictator of Taste school you in all things fashion, film, lifestyle, literature etc.


    Klaas dismissed
    (another reason we settled on the new blog name. I get to sign out each blog post with a signature phrase. Jealous much?!)

  9. Tunisia

    I always wonder how and why people come up with and choose their blog names. I’ve come across far more cliche titles than creative. Honestly I think at this point people are taking hints from big name bloggers and trying to tweak it just a little so that it’s not exactly the same but close enough. Maybe it ends up driving traffic their way.

    My own is just my birthday (novxvi = November 16th). I’ve been using this for the past three years or so on social media and for about a year with my blog. I’ve had quite a few other blogs in the past. I remember one of my blogs in my early high school years being called Sand Tropez (yes, named after the Essie polish). I had a few more embarrassing titles on older blogs from my high school years that I fortunately can’t seem to remember.

  10. Gracious Store

    A combination of technology and your intuition can sometimes be of good help. Look through the generated names and then modify any according to the theme of your blog or website, you will be surprised at the uniqueness of the name you can come up with. This is how I came up with the name of my website


    This is amazing! I changed my blog name a few days ago and it was very hard to find a new name but the old one didn’t match with the subject of my blog!!
    Great tips!

  12. Chinar

    Nice and thoughtful artical, I am currently working on naming my blog and trying to find out my own brand. I have two names in mind ‘SoloSoul’ and other is ‘OrangeHorizen’ Which one is better?

  13. AArti

    That’s what I was looking for.
    Very well said.

    But Domains on your name make you popular. Don’t you think they are effective as your personal name promotion on the web?

  14. Zachary Tomlinson

    I like that you said to make a statement. I agree; I think you should be bold in every facet of your life. My 12-year-old daughter keeps talking about how she wants to start an everyday fashion blog, and I can’t help but laugh a little and encourage her.

  15. Ann Yip

    This is how I came up with my blog name, Paddling in Stilettos.

    From time to time, life can feel as if you are paddling in six inch stilettos. You may need a break from this reality. That’s how I came up with my blog name. I wanted to empower people while giving fashion tips. My blog’s title definitely distracts you from moments when you feel like you are indeed paddling in six inch stilettos.

    What do you guys think about my blog name? I do kind of regret it sometimes…

  16. Anjuli

    Thank you for the tips. I am struggling with it right now and a thousand names are crossing my head as I am trying to finalize the name of my website.