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22 Offbeat Holiday-Themed Post Ideas

bird dinner table unique idea

I remember back in the day when Christmas decorations and holiday music in stores didn't start until after Thanksgiving. Seems quaint nowadays, doesn't it?

Even though the entire country is saturated with holiday commercialism, it doesn't mean you can't find something unique to say on your blog during this crazy season. Here are 22 ideas to get you thinking outside of the poorly-wrapped, well-intended Christmas gift box. Oh and don't forget, lists don't have to be in increments of 10 or any other number. Mix it up!

1. Thanksgiving Outfits That Will Let You Feast on Stuffing

Thanksgiving Outfits Feast Stuffing

From billowy dresses to stretchy pants, there are plenty of sartorial options that won't require opening a button after dessert.

2. 17 Unexpectedly Good (Non-Christmasy) Films for The Holidays

Non-Christmasy Films Holidays

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most people get together with family over the holidays. And there are plenty of films that aren't about Christmas, but highlight wacky tribes. Anything from The Royal Tanenbaums to Meet the Fockers are unique ideas for your Xmas-overdosed readers.

3. Home Lounging Style Guide

We may not leave the house much, but there will still be mirrors. And people who will see you now and again. The athleisure trend is still going strong, so this is an easy post for anyone who has goals over the holidays including changing your shirt at least twice.

4. 10 Stylish Tv Shows To Binge On

Stylish Tv Shows

We've all seen every episode of Scandal and drooled over Olivia Pope's white outfit skills. But what other TV discoveries have you made late at night when you should be sleeping and have work the next day? Peaky Blinders is a gem when it comes to costumery, as is, surprisingly, Fargo!

5. Zombie Christmas Party? 7 Hilarious Holiday Party Themes (And What to Wear to Them)

Hilarious Holiday Party Themes

The schmaltz isn't everyone's thing, and maybe it's not yours, either. Giver readers a step-by-step on how to throw a totally non-conformist and unexpected holiday soiree. Who wouldn't love a zombie Christmas Party? Brains!

6. Santa & Me Over The Years

child with santa

Did you find your old Santa photos? Share them with your readers! I haven't found mine, but here's my daughter with Santa just before her first Christmas. TRY TO RESIST! I dare you.

7. Santa Photos All Over Town

santa photos over town

Don't have pictures from years past with Mr. Claus? Go around town and make new ones! In a chic outfit, of course.

8. A List of The Weirdest Holiday Songs Ever

Weirdest Holiday Songs

Ever wonder “how did that happen?” while listening to a Christmas song? Or, just generally, WTF? Let's talk about that.

9. 11 Indulgent Books to Read

Indulgent Books

You might actually have some time for reading over the holidays, so provide your readers with some fun, fashion-centric options. I highly recommend Crazy Rich Asians and the sequel China Rich Girlfriend. The luxury fashion and jewelry indulgences are incredible!

10. Holiday Tablescapes

Holiday Tablescapes

One of my most popular blog posts ever featured photos a table-top show in San Francisco—and this was just a couple months after I launched my blog and we were still trying to figure out how the DSLR worked. Everyone loves tablescape porn! And this one works for any holiday.

11. How to Make Any Outfit Festive

Not everyone can run out and buy a new sequin dress for every party or every year, even. How do you glam up what's already in your closet to make it holiday-ready? That might help out a few peeps.

12. Rules for Dressing for Holiday Parties

Rules Dressing Holiday Parties

One of my favorite Anna Dello Russo blog posts was when she shared her rules for Christmas Dressing: Wear Gold. Emphasize that you are a gift!

13. My Most Embarrassing Holiday Party Story Ever

Everyone has one. Like that time our founder got drunk and told Martin Parr he was the most boring person. Ever.

14. What The Holidays Were Like at My House

“Home for the Holidays” means different things to different people. What does it mean for you?

15. Surf's Up! 12 Cool Things You Can Do On Christmas

Cool Things Do Christmas

There's no rule you have to stay home and stare at the Christmas tree on December 25. If you're getting cabin fever, get out of the house! One of Jennine's favorite Christmases was when she took surfing lessons in Waikiki. Some other fun things to do on Christmas: go to a yoga class, go to the movies, go ice skating. Whatever!

16. Drinking Eggnog Out of The Carton & Other Holiday Confessionals

Drinking Eggnog carton

For some reason it tastes better that way.

17. 8 Ways Christmas Is Never Like It's Portrayed in the Movies

Christmas Portrayed Movies

The snow. The mansion. The beautiful dinner. The harmony. The Lexus with the bow on it. RIGHT.

18. Why I Hate the Holidays

Embrace your humbug. You're sure to find some comrades.

19. Why I LOVE the Holidays

Buddy The Elf

Give Buddy a run for his elven money.

20. What Makes a Great Gift?

Great Gift Holidays

Is it the thoughtfulness? Whether it fulfills a need, or is it extravagance? What makes a great present GREAT?

21. 22 Things You Can Do to “Give Back”

You know, because it's the season of giving and all.

22. 16 GREAT Presents You Can Give Without Spending a Dime

Now here's a challenge. They say the best things in life are “free” so how can you give presents that are both great and free? Ok, well, how about great presents on a budget?

What other types of posts will you write for the holidays?

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