4 Tips For Writing Your Fashion Blog Like A Magazine

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By: Mignon A. Gould of  The Chic Spy

So, you’ve decided you want to launch your very own blog or revamp your current style blog. Others in the blogosphere have inspired you, but you can’t decide which type of blog is for you. You can post images of yourself in different looks or you can share the who, what, where of fashion and trends. Maybe you want to use words rather than relying solely on pictures to express your passion for fashion. Unlike a style blog, where there is a bit more flexibility in what you post since you are sharing images of your personal style, an editorial blog needs to be more targeted. Will you write about the newest fashions to hit the runway or the latest red carpet sightings of celebrities wearing designer confections? The options are limitless, but it is important to stay true to the theme of your blog and maintain a consistent voice. Here are few tips to help you write an editorial blog:

Imagine Audrey Hepburn Writing A Goth Blog

The best advice I ever received when I launched my style and entertainment blogzine was to develop a distinctive voice that would engage readers, while staying true to my personality. Creating content you are passionate and knowledgeable about, will result in engaging blog posts that eventually grow your site traffic. If you create a blog based on what you believe to be popular at the moment rather than what interests you, your readers will sense the in-authenticity. Imagine Audrey Hepburn, with her classic styling and poised demeanor blogging about the world of a Goth girl. The real Audrey would soon surface; maybe a posting about the many ways to sport pearl piercings would be the giveaway.

Skaters Don’t Want to Read About the Latest In Preppy Fashion and Vice Versa

It’s important to know your readership. Understanding your audience and what appeals to them, will ensure you create content that engages and keeps them returning to your site. If your readers are tuning in because they love your ramblings about fashions that fit a skater lifestyle, they will be quite confused when you post about five ways to wear a crested blazer. This may sound like common sense, but I have quite often spotted obscure content on blogs, in some cases featuring products from a sponsor. Much as you may want to please a sponsor with a write up of their product, never sell out your blog.

Envision Vogue Magazine Without Pictures

Just because you opted to start an editorial blog doesn’t mean you should skimp on the images. Photos, illustrations and graphics are very enticing to readers. Just make sure they are relevant. The array of colors in a box of Ladurée macarons makes for a pretty visual, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should select that image to illustrate the vibrant colors you spotted on the runway. The exception is if your blog theme melds two diverging topics such as food and fashion, or you are musing about Lanvin’s latest collaboration with the French patisserie. Remember, your images may show up as thumbnails in feeds and should be in sync with the post title and excerpt.

 Your Blog Is Not the Next Great American Novel

Avoid being too wordy. According to an informal study based on Site Meter stats, the average reader spends 96 seconds reading the average blog. This means you have about a minute and a half to capture your reader’s attention. Although you want to be brief, it’s also important to be clear and concise. The best solution I found for keeping a post brief and clear is to edit, edit, and when finished, do a final edit. You will be surprised how engaging a tightened piece of copy will be. Unless you are posting a special editorial feature that needs to be lengthy (this is okay occasionally), keep post length between 150-300 words.

As bloggers, we are reshaping the way media is viewed and used. Frankly, it’s a great time to be a blogger and the options are plentiful. Whether you want to share your fashion findings with family and friends or deliver your to-die-for style interpretations to the masses, be true to yourself and your blog. It will be incredibly rewarding.


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17 Responses

  1. Bree

    This post is so true – authenticity is incredibly important as well as images. It’s easy to tell when someone isn’t writing and being authentic to themselves, it shines through their writing. I always write my honest thoughts and opinions, I’d rather be me than try hard to be someone else.

    • Mignon

      Love your quote, “I’d rather be me than try hard to be someone else.” So true!

  2. Steph

    Love that you mentioned other blog format possibilities besides personal style blogs! I Absolutely agree that until you find your own voice the blog will not be unique and a joy for you to write.

  3. Márcia Eliasson

    I have been writing on my blog as if it was a magazine. I use to call it a digital magazine about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. And this is truly me. I love fashion, but I also love traveling, drinking good wine, meeting people and so on. Those who know me recognize right away that my blog reflects me. I could never write just about one thing because this is not me. Sometimes I find myself asking me if I should focus on just one topic, that thing about targeting your audience, but it doesn’t feel natural for me. I would like to hear from you what you think.

    • Mignon

      Hello Márcia,

      As editor of http://thechicspy.com, I cover style and entertainment topics as well. When I say maintain a consistent voice and theme, it relates to how you compose the content. I tend to write about the runway, film, and celebrities and quite often how they intersect, such as style in a film, or how celebrities look on the red carpet for film reviews, etc. It all ties in and connects. This is what I mean by staying focused. The tag line on your site, “Your e-magazine About Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle” meld topics that are in sync with each other. It sounds like you are on track because you are writing about what you love. Good luck with your e-magazine!


  4. Carol Marks

    Good tips, seeing as how I just launched my own editorial style blog. Thanks!

  5. Mahfud

    This post rocked!! thank you. I try to speak in my own voice in my blog but do find myself holding back, as to not offend anyone. I’m so over that now. I needed this kick in the ass. thanks again.

  6. Devon

    I think that the advice on post length is on target – blog posts aren’t term papers!

    That said, I think that a good way to keep posts concise while still delivering the right message is to stick to a basic 3 section essay format. Each mini-paragraph has a purpose: easing into the subject, developing the subject, and then easing back out. Even if each section is only 100 words, they’ll all be put to good use.


  7. Subham Rai

    I so agree with whatever is written above , especially the readers spending very less time part , I am actually struggling hard with words & that ‘you’ factor but one thing is sure IFB always helps me out !

  8. Gem

    Great advice I am currently in the middle of relaunching my blog and I want to do it with a bang. I want every thing to be consistent and have variety mixed in. I believe I can do this, I just need to keep going.

  9. Silkymag

    Hello. We are looking for a few fashion lovers/bloggers who are willing to write for Silky – fashion and lifestyle magazine (English language only). In exchange we are offering you to leave a link to your blog and affiliate link on the bottom of your articles.

  10. Diane Cameron

    I love what you have written here. I am poised on the brink of a new blog and I have wondered which way to go…your wisdom here is helping. Thank you so much!