5 Types of Posts Fashion Bloggers Should Really Do More Often….

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Ever get tired of the same-old, same-old posts? “Here's what I'm wearing today!” or “Look, this collection launched!” Yeah, I like those posts too, but I also like a little variety in my fashion blog consumption. Stepping out and creating different kinds of content is a great way to test your audience to see what they might be missing from your blog.  Maybe they want more meat (text) or something to chew on (thought-provoking content), or maybe it's YOU who needs to change things up to give yourself perspective. Whatever it is, there are certain kinds of posts that shake things up no matter your niche. After all, who couldn't use a bit of shaking every now and then?

Devil's Advocate

Right or wrong, people tend to give into a “mob mentality.” Say, something controversial happens in your niche, and everyone jumps the gun to say why this event is right or wrong. For example, take something like:

“Fashion Bloggers Make Too Much Money”

Everyone in blogging says:


In all caps, at the top of their voice. Write a post playing the devil's advocate…

“Actually… Bloggers DO make too much money for what they do.”

And support this with facts or observations you have made. You could even play a “safe” devil's advocate, and agree with everyone else, but sympathize with the other side:

“I don't think bloggers make too much money, but here's why people think they do…”

Playing the devil's advocate is a great way to get a view point  that isn't like everyone else out there. It's also a good way to write an opinion piece without getting preachy, or seeming like  you're jumping on the bandwagon just because.

Busted Myths

No matter what your niche is, there are PLENTY of myths. Your niche could be “Super-Hero Style” and you can write about myths about cosplay. Personal style bloggers are all in debt, fashion news bloggers have no experience in real journalism, all popular bloggers look like X or Y. Whatever it is floating around your circle that has more myth than fact, bust it. Share the truth with your readers, it'll give them something to think about!

True Confessions

Everyone has bad habits. Everyone! Commiserate with your readers, share a personal battle you have, share how you broke your bad habit, whatever makes fantastic material for thought provoking posts. Relate it to your niche, and wella! You have something extra exciting!

Outrageous Claims

One of the first outrageous claims in fashion blogging that really stuck with me over the years was Susie Bubble saying on the eve of 2007… “We will all be famous one day.” Such has come true to a certain extent. Did she have evidence at the time? Fashion blogs weren't hot back then. Did she know for a FACT that it would happen? No. But it was something that she felt based on her observations and experience. Do you  have a feeling that something ominous is going to happen in your niche? Is there a big trend that will happen that no one is talking about? Make that claim! And support why you think so in a post. Who knows, seven years from now, people will be talking about that time YOU predicted correctly!

Conspiracy Theories

My dad likes to tell me, “Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you.” Haha, good dad! He has a twisted sense of humor. Anyway, what kind of conspiracy theories exist in fashion? Loads! Who are the top 10 people deciding what we are going to wear every year? Why do certain designers make it to the top when clearly other talented designers do not? Is there something at work here? Do you own detective work and share your conspiracy theory, who knows you can open a crazy discussion of speculation with your readers!

What kinds of posts are YOU itching to see more of?

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  1. choolee

    thanks for that great post. i always think about doing something special and new to come up… hm its soo soo hard these days to be a good blogger and to “make it”


  2. andreea

    Well, this is a quite interesting post. Because if you think about it, we are all playing it safe most of the time on our blogs. Or at least I am. But maybe stepping out of our comfort zone, is just what we need every now and then. Again, very good post.

  3. Juliana

    I definitely agree with the idea of writing more debate-like posts because I really love it when a blogger gives their two cents on a certain topic. It shows that there’s more to them than looking good in clothes.

    – Juliana


    I think I am going through a DIY phase so I enjoy tutorials… could be hair, make up, home decor, table setting, flower arrangements… anything easy and stylish to improve your lifestyle.

  5. Rebeca

    Great article, I like sometimes, write about another themes, no only my look of the day, because myself tired and prefer write about, food, beauty, lifestyle, etc.


  6. Shae

    Thanks for this!! This is what I did in my recent post about Forever 21. I was tired of people criticizing how old you have to be to shop there and also people acting like they are sooo above it.



  7. Oksana Radionova

    I feel like I’ve finally figured out my niche and have blossomed into a decent writer, if I do say so myself. I post relevant and thought-provoking content and high quality images, and the readers that do come across my blog almost always engage in conversation {which, for some bloggers, may be good enough.} But the issue I struggle with is growing a bigger audience! It’s oh-so-frustrating when you’re cranking out high quality content! Obviously, the reason I started blogging in the first place is to have a creative outlet for myself, so I’m not looking for a lesson in integrity, but I would appreciate if you’d take a look at my blog and perhaps help me brainstorm ideas to grow my audience in my niche.


  8. Jill

    Interesting article. I myself am in need for a change in posts as well.. I’ll try to predict things 😛

    x J. http://iatenoodlesforbreakfast.blogspot.com

  9. Candice

    I love the true confessions one. I think I’m going to do a post like that soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Dulcie

    Cool post!
    I don’t just talk about fashion but when I do its often in relation to art
    Or women I find inspiring in my heroine series
    I would love some feedback on these and to know what kind of posts people find interesting! Please come by and leave your link.

    I really like this idea of writing proper comment/opinion articles like the ones suggested, think that would be challenging, I’ve only done a couple.

  11. Madeline Faith

    Ahh, yes! I love to read about peoples confessions. Even the most perfect fashion bloggers I read about have flaws too! It’s so nice to read that those who seem like celebrities to me are actually real people too.

  12. CynthiaCM

    I’d love to see more bloggers talk about how they REALLY feel rather than rehashing press releases and writing reviews (whether their own or sponsored). I’d love to hear how fashion bloggers REALLY feel about body image, about certain designers’ collections (rather than just praising them) and maybe even posts about arts and culture (if they’re into that kind of thing – I’m making myself do more for my site). A lot of the big bloggers are so smiley and over-positive that it’s annoying. They’re like that bubbly girl at your high school who’s nice to everyone in a really bad, sugary sort of way.

  13. E-M

    I am so tired of bloggers who only write two sentences with showing their new clothes – there is no content in those, nothing to think about or comment about. I think some bloggers have to take the direction and start writing genuine true articles abotu fashion! I’ve also changed my nieche recently and instead of posting what I buy etc I write articles – for example just today I published an article, a quite critical one, about teens looking like hobos and now I’m really waiting for some responds on what followers think about these critical articles 🙂 I think we all need to really be bolder and say what we believe is true!


  14. Onianwah

    I love the outrageous claims one. Serves for really good controversy, lol.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  15. moiminnie

    This was an interesting read and I just had to chime in and share my experience with these types of posts! I wrote a few posts on some, I guess you could say, controversial topics and I had a great feedback from my readers! It is true that people are getting tired of reading the same old, same old all the time, it’s good to stir things up a bit every now and then. Also, what I learned is that you shouldn’t over do it, you might end up being labeled by Debbie Downer if you constantly whine about something. Or your readers will just get tired of those types of posts. Either way, a good balance is the key!
    I’ll list those posts bellow, if anyone’s interested in reading my thoughts on some interesting subjects. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write your own thoughts on some of those. If you do, let me know, I’ll be glad to read them!

    1. How To Be Yourself – http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-be-yourself.html (A sarcastic guide to building your own personality)

    2. Abstracters Anonymous – http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com/2013/03/abstracters-anonymous.html (A post about perception of things in life and how everyone of us see things in a different way)

    3. [Im]Perfect – http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com/2012/10/imperfect.html (About blogosphere, fashion and image in general – why do we strive for perfection so badly?)

    You can read more under OPINION category on my blog!

    minnie @ http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com

  16. La Gamine

    Great ideas! I recently did a devil’s advocate style post on a trend that I cannot get behind and got some pretty great comments. Sometimes we focus too much on shiny, happy posts that play it safe in lieu of going with how we really feel, when all readers want is how we really feel. Authenticity is always the best policy!

  17. Jodie Marie Davey

    Great ideas 🙂 sometimes I wonder that by stepping out the box a little/going super personal is something that’s discouraged and felt that it was ( by doing these sort of personal posts) was holding me back
    It’s great to have this sort of encouragement.

  18. JayRose

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  19. Jessie

    Thanks for the blogging inspiration! It’s easy to get caught up in a routine.

  20. bemonkey

    Thanks for the inspiration! I am sure we are all sick of the same posts about new beauty/clothes arrivals.. time to time it’s always good to post some outfit, but impressive blogger should dig deeper ! 😉


  21. Toni

    Just yesterday, I was thinking about a devil’s advocate post. I am planning on writing about it soon.

  22. The One Eyed Turtle

    Fair trade and fashion blogging…Do you have recommendations? I am new to the Fair Trade business and am overwhelmed at the beauty of handmade clothing from some of the most desolate regions of the world. We are a start up with clothing and apparel targeting 20 year olds.

  23. Nimoh

    Am from Kenya (Africa). I just started blogging and I must confess that this article came in handy and several others that I have read from here. I also think the same way, it should not solely be about fashion since that may easily bore the readers but instead we should offer diversified content that will keep readers glued on our blogs, something real and something they can relate to.
    Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  24. Ulia

    I try to post 5-6 times a week, but it is hard. But I see the blog growing rapidly which I am very happy about!


    • Mario Sergio

      I love the outrageous claims one. Serves for really good controversy, lol.