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5 Ways Fashion Bloggers Can Use Fiverr

Have you ever hear about Fiverr? If you haven't, we're about to share one of the best kept blogging secrets on the Internet with you…

Fiverr is the world's largest online marketplace for freelance services. Beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed (which is where it gets it's name from), there are over three million services listed on the website. You can commission anything from a “well-designed business card” to “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JQuery”. Pretty neat, huh?

fiverr for Fashion bloggers

You might think Fiverr is a great platform for bloggers looking to pick up freelance work (sometimes those paid brand deals are far and few between). But it can also be very useful for those of us who are busy and need something done asap. On a budget, swamped and need help with a blogging-related task? Try Fiverr.

From SEO help to WordPress Support, you can seek out any kind of skill you lack and “hire” someone to help you out. Spend anywhere between $5 to $500 on your commission – you can easily find someone who will help you out within your budget's range.

It's important to invest in your blog and while some of us don't have the luxury of throwing serious cash at our blogs, it's nice to know we can get a helping hand for just a “Fiverr”.

Check out 5 ways bloggers on a budget can make the most of Fiverr's below.

Find Someone To Edit Your Posts

Many fashion bloggers claim they aren't great writers, but in today's blogging era we know how important it is to churn out quality content. If you aren't confident in your writing skills use Fiverr to help you find an affordable editor or proofreader.

We know it might be tempting to hire someone to write you posts for you, but IFB doesn't recommend that. In order to ensure maximum authenticity in your posts, write as much as you can yourself before having someone from Fiverr to take a quick look at your work. That way, you'll improve your writing skills and your post will still radiate your “voice”.

You can even find freelance editors that specialize in SEO, product research and press releases on Fiverr.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Need someone to help filter through with your customer service-related emails? Wish there was someone who would magically reply to all your DM's and comments on social media? Need product research done? Considering making the most of Fiverr's virtual assistants.

If you need help with menial tasks, hiring a VA is the way to go. Small businesses are notorious for using them for data entry, cold-calling, etc. Influencers are known to use them to help interact with other accounts on their behalf (i.e. increase interaction and engagement rates) and manage their Instagram Pods (which is a bit of a controversial subject)

For as low as $5 for a per hours, you can pay someone on Fiverr to help you out with your “e-chores”.

Outsource Your Graphics

Need a logo for something, but need it done fast and are on a budget? Try finding a graphic designer on Fiverr.

Fiverr boasts a huge “Graphics & Design” section, where freelancers are offering affordable design services. Business cards, photoshop editing, social media design, custom headers for your website – you name it.

Get Help With Video Editing

As many bloggers start making the jump to vlogging and establishing their YouTube channels, finding time to edit videos (not to mentioning learning how to edit videos) can be tough. The good news is you can easily find a video editor to help you out on Fiverr. All you'll need to do is contact a freelancer on Fiverr and send them the footage (via dropbox or Google drive), once you've agreed on a price.

The cost of a standard video editing and post production package starts at $25. You can negotiate costs based around what you need

Spruce Up Your WordPress Blog

Having a WordPress issue you can't solve on your own? Need someone to quickly set up a WordPress site? Fiverr can help you out with that.

When most bloggers run into a WordPress issue, they start digging for the answers themselves. But this approach might take some time and won’t guarantee finding a fix. Some will turn to their friends for help, but this might also not work if the issue proves too complicated. Fiverr offers a reasonably priced and quick to manage solution, that will save you copious amounts of time.

Next time you have a WordPress problem and can't find the solution, try hiring someone from Fiverr to help you out.

Have you hired a freelancer from Fiverr? Did you have a good experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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