6 Dream Jobs Custom Made for Fashion Bloggers

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I grew up in California, miles away from Condé Nast. I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry, but the specifics were a bit hazy. Aside from being a designer or a buyer or a magazine editor, I didn't really know much about jobs in the fashion industry. If you are a newer blogger, or someone with friends or family knocking your blogging habit, here are a few great jobs you are primed to excel at, all thanks to the skills you have developed through your fashion blog.

Fashion Publicist

Much in the way that former fashion editors are behind some of the top agencies in the country, fashion bloggers have a unique perspective when it comes to working on the other side of the fence, as we sometimes say. You understand the relationship between brands and media, you have a knack for coming up with story ideas and strategies that appeal to other bloggers, and you have the digital savvy to stand out among other applicants. If you're interested in finding out if a job in public relations is right for you, sign up for the next Fashion PR Confidential workshop in NYC in late October (enter to win our scholarship slot  and attend for free when you apply by September 12).

Example Job: PR Samples Coordinator, Fossil, NYC

Blog Ghostwriter

Here's a secret: not all companies write their own blog content. In fact, many outsource blog article to their PR or marketing agency, or to a freelancer. I supplement my income quite nicely each month by penning a few articles for different companies. As a fashion blogger, you can easily move into different verticals by taking what you know about article research, writing for a social audience, SEO (keywords and headlines), and clearly explaining different concepts and ideas by becoming a freelance writer for different company blogs.

Example Job: Sell your articles at Constant Content

Fashion Copywriter

My first entry-point to working in fashion was to write the product description for hundreds of different jewelry pieces for a large ecommerce website. As a blogger you are well-versed in what words captivate interest, latest trends and writing irresistible headlines. As a fashion copywriter you are tasked with everything from the words on a website banner to the descriptions that accompany the pages of a catalog.

Finding a copywriting job is very straightforward. You can reach out to various eCommerce companies that work with fashion products. Alternatively, you can also reach out to agencies that hire freelance fashion writers. The pay is attractive and as a freelancer, your timings are also quite flexible.

Example Job: Fashion Copywriter, Amazon, Seattle, WA

Social Media Strategist

While social media is no longer the new kid on the marketing block, there are still a ton of companies who have no idea what Pinterest is. As a blogger you understand how to use different social platforms to grow community, drive traffic and grow your brand awareness. As a social media strategist for a digital agency, you are responsible for making sure your clients products and services are being written about, talked about and that the number of people who “opt-in” to be a part of that company's social properties increases month over month.

Example Job: Social Media Specialist, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, NV

Trend Consultant

Fashion is just one part of your lifestyle, and if part of your expertise as a fashion blogger is to know about trends before they happen, understand where they are coming from, and predict what it all means in a cultural context, you could have great success as a trend consultant. As a trend consultant, you may host focus groups with women from all over the world on behalf of a department store, issue reports or be paid the big bucks to come in and present to executives about how emerging trends are affecting consumer purchasing behavior.

Example Job: Apply to become a Trend Hunter

Community Manager

Imagine working for one of your favorite companies or brands – from Virgin America to Modcloth –  in charge of making sure that all social customers were having a great time engaging with and chatting up that company. Part customer service, part hostess, community manager positions are great ways to do what you are already doing for your readership, just on a larger scale.

Example Job: Video Community Manager, Citizen TV, Remote

Any of these career directions light you up? I'd love to hear about your career journeys and what your ultimate dream job would be!

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23 Responses

  1. Alicia {River City Chic}

    Ah, I just graduated with a degree in Public Relations and am desperately trying to attain one of these jobs. I agree, we’re a perfect fit for it, but boy is it competitive.

    Alicia / River City Chic

  2. Seppy

    Very interesting ideas!! Makes me think about my career and what I want to do even more..even though I am about to finish a Master’s in a completely unrelated field!

  3. Chary

    What the…

    Half the jobs on this list I never knew existed. I am inspired to work my way towards one, definitely going to look into Blog Ghostwriter.

    Thanks for the great share! (:

  4. Soraya

    Fashion Publicist or Fashion Copywriter would be lovely! It is funny because as a Social Media Strategist and Community Manager I know many like me have started blogs to become even more engaged online. It is a great learning experience!

  5. kimmie

    great article! It’s crazy all of the different opportunities fashion blogging can afford you!

  6. Noemi

    This post is absolutely useful, I’d really like to try to get a job like these, and I think you shouldn’t even be a very successful blogger. I mean, sometimes very famous blogger can’t even write like adults… I guess this kind of jobs require real skills and not just a pretty face.

  7. Melissa Cuentas

    What a great article! I’m interested in Social Media Strategist and Community manager. But as in the Fashion Industry there are so many branches not only fashion design, magazine editor, etc. I’ve been interested in Image Consultant and Styling. That’d be my dream job, plus been thinking about write a book with some tips and advices or something for both, women and men. I love Photography, too! So, let’s see what life has in store for me. 🙂

  8. Tiffany Elam

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a fashion publicist. I am still working hard to achieve this dream; unfortunately, there isn’t much of a ‘fashion scene’ in Richmond, VA. One day, I can only hope I’ll reach my dream!


    • Danika Daly

      Hi Tiffany,
      You should definitely try out the Fashion PR Confidential workshop as mentioned in this post. We teach the ins and outs of Fashion PR, have amazing guest speakers, and teach you how to make the best of fashion where you are.

  9. IKRAM Ben

    hhh actualy my career was bit different cause I never planned one day I can be Fashion or blogger or someone who cares about Fashion and stuff but I noticed that outfit and stuff can make others happy, so it become my dream to create something different and make people feel more comfortable about what they wear I dont have that skill of writing or even a good english
    you have only to be real and honorable with you self so you give your self valuer and what you wearing ….

  10. Oh K

    Social media strategist would be so fun. I love the idea. But for right now, my blogging path is but a portfolio of my work and thoughts and ideas. 🙂

  11. allison Jones

    Great article as usually. I always find your content to be useful, helpful, in the blogging day to day. We are all on such a {constant} learning curve to the little tricks of this trade, as far as its use for marketing & getting your message out there. I often ask myself this question- “Why are we all doing this blogging thing anyways!?” For me it is a chronicle of a well curated gallery of images & quotes that inspire me & hopefully my followers.

  12. Layla

    A fashion publicist sounds like a wonderful job….and I didn’t know companies hired others to write their blog posts for them…..interesting haha!

    Layla xx


  13. bkcopywriter

    I’m a copywriter and I’m looking forward in having fashion as my niche. I started a blog for that very reason. 🙂

  14. Alyssa Maddox

    I love this! I’ve known for a while that I want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but I’m not sure what area or even where to begin. I graduate in May and decided to start a fashion blog to at least get me started with something! Hopefully by then I’ll figure out my area!

  15. Kelsey

    soooooo happy i found this. I’m a senior in college and ive always loved blogging but wasnt sure how to translate it into a marketable skill for a career. and these are amazing options! so helpful!

  16. Onianwah

    Thank you so much for this Crosby.
    I can almost literally see a new career path for myself in this.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  17. Jacqueline Jax

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    • Tadja Williams

      I am new to all of this I’m a writer and I want to make a career I’ve decided to start fashion blogging because fashion is my passion as well as marketing I’m very lost on where to begin how to start who to submit my work to and how to apply I ran into this thread and was wondering if you might have some helpful information you can give to someone who is new and trying to get jumpstarted. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

  18. Hannah

    this is great! i now know more info on the types of jobs and you gave me a new direction to aim for, thanks a bunch xo

  19. Manisha Tungar

    I am new to it.. As well. Want to be a designer so I got inspired and and to nail it in fashion blogger