6 Great Custom Logo Shops on Etsy

Getting that perfect logo is never easy. The FedEx logo famously cost $1Million dollars because it has a hidden arrow. Paul Rand, designer of the iconic IBM logo once told Steve Jobs that he would only design one logo for him, and he wouldn't guarantee that Jobs would like it. Jobs being a typophile agreed to the deal.

Branding is an essential part of establishing your voice. Believe it or not, your logo will say a lot about your brand, especially in blogging because your logo is often the first thing people see when visiting your site. While, as bloggers we might be great writers or photographers, logo design it it's own quirky animal, where even the smallest thing like the letter spacing can make the difference between a beautiful logo and a hack job. Thankfully with sites like Etsy, it's relatively easy to find designers who can design a logo for you without costing a million dollars.

Here are a few logo designers that I found on Etsy, who charge anywhere between $35 and $$250 for a range of services from just logo design, to brand development, and even website design.

Logo Luxe: $99 for custom logo

As someone with a typography background, I found LogoLuxe to be one of the more typographically diverse designers on Etsy. To be honest, many of the designers seemed to just have the same logo in different arrangements, not so with Logo Luxe. With 100% positive feedback, you can probably be assured this shop will deliver results that will make you happy.

Here is one I found to be particularly cute and great for a fashion blog:


I also liked this one as well:


Tiny Designs Studio: $100 for Custom Logo

This design studio has a bit more playful and colorful logo designs. Each package will include the logos delivered in several formats and sizes. They also have services like custom holiday cards, just in time no?


Mount Pleasant Designs: $35 for Premade Logo

Maybe you don't need a custom logo… one that you like that can be tweaked to suit your needs can work just as well. After all The Sartorialist's logo is basically whatever that header for Blogger's main template is. Mount Pleasant Designs has a great variety of cute logos that can be used for bloggers as well!


Aviary Creative: Custom Logo Design $250

While this package is on the higher end of the scale, looking through the Esty shop, at the other logos designed, you can see that there is a particular look and feel to this designer's work. It's very feminine and has almost a candy shop appeal, which fits with many fashion bloggers aesthetic these days. If you have a bigger budget, it might be well worth the investment, hey, for $250… it's about the cost of a pair of shoes.

Aviary Creative Logo

66 Works: Premade, but One of A Kind Logo $66

You my not want a logo that someone else might have, but you still can find a design that will work for your brand. This is how several designs at 66 Works has. In the logo design world you have the ones that are type heavy and ones who are graphic heavy, 66 Works does a great job of integrating both. They also have custom packages for $199.

66 Works Logo

Starling Memory: Premade Logo $60

Like i said before… some logo designers are better with image, others with typography, Starling Memory has a great grasp of bold typographic logos, which you can get premade, and customized for a relatively cheap cost.

Starling Memory Logo

She also offers adorable social media buttons for a great price $15.

Starling Memory Buttons

Have you used a graphic designer for your blog? How did it work for you?

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11 Responses

  1. FreeUrCloset

    Thanks for the info. I was actually looking for someone affordable to design a better logo for our website, I will look into one of these sites.


  2. Devon - InformedStyle.com

    It’s kind of like you’re in my head…
    I’ve been fiddling around with a new design and a logo for a while now, and have been considering calling in reinforcements (i.e. the pros) to get it off the ground properly.
    It can be so frustrating when you have the creative vision part down – but can’t execute the files or images adequately to ensure good print outcomes – argh!

    Heading to these links asap.


  3. Maya

    Great tips on here! Although I’m still thinking about just finding the time to design my own, this would be a great alternative! I’m not that happy with my logo as off now but I just stick with it for the time being :p it doesn’t seem to bother anyone anyway (mostly myself)

  4. Blondies Style Fix <3

    I used a lovely friend of mine (who just happens to be the most amazing 16 year old graphic designer!)
    She designed my banner and logo, but i’m hoping she’ll be doing more in the near future! 😀
    Grace X

  5. Saskia

    I started and shop on etsy and my custom logo for less than 10 dollars 🙂

  6. Saskia

    I started and shop on etsy and my custom logo for less than 10 dollars 🙂
    Dreambiggraphics on etsy

  7. Aviary Creative

    Thanks so much for the write up. I’m so excited to see that I’m getting a great response to my work.

  8. Amanda Fifield

    I am a logo designer on etsy. checkout my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LionfireDesign

  9. S T A R L I N G M E M O R Y D E S I G N S

    Thank you for featuring my Etsy shop ♥