9 Books Every Style Blogger Should Read

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Put down that copy of 50 Shades of Grey, do you hear me?

Perhaps that sounds a bit harsh, and if you must, you can go on and finish it. When you're done though, why not pick up something of a little more substance? A book that will educate, inspire and entertain you, and probably make you a better and smarter blogger as well. Sound good? I thought so.

Now trot over to your local book store, load up your e-reader or click on over to Amazon.com, and stock up on these titles. While you lounge poolside this summer or before you rest those work-weary peepers each night, browse, devour or simply enjoy one (or all) of these amazing books:

9 Books Every Style Blogger Should Read

On Fashion:

Fashion: 150 Years of Couturiers, Designers and Labels

  • This beautifully illustrated book chronicles the evolution of fashion from corsets to pant suits, and all the designers and cultural movements that drove style forward. It's a gorgeous coffee table book and an educational necessity for anyone who wants to blog seriously about fashion from an informed and enlightened perspective.

The 100: A Guide to the Stylish Pieces Every Woman Must Own, Nina Garcia

  • As the Fashion Director at Marie Claire and a judge on Project Runway, we've come to trust Nina Garcia on all things fashion. She has an eye for trends, talent and classic appeal that manifest perfectly in this book's collection of pieces and inspiration for any well-dressed woman. Garcia's advice will inspire your wardrobe and the way you style your blog.

On business:

Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell

  • This book came out back in 2008, but its over-arching question, “What makes high-achievers different?” and the answers Gladwell supplies still ring true today. From The Beatles to software billionaires, the author breaks down how where you're from, your upbringing, your culture, family, and generation – all play a roll in how great success is reached.

By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt And Changed The Way Millions Shop, Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis

  • The founders of Gilt Group share the story of how they started out as re-connected acquaintances at Harvard Business School, with backgrounds in e-commerce and investment banking, and ended up as the heads of a brilliant fashion-meets-tech company valued at over one billion dollars.

Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR: Transform your passion for fashion into a successful career, Crosby Noricks

  • Whether you're pursing a professional fashion career as well as blogging, or looking to gain insight as to how fashion PR agencies and in-house teams work, this is great read. Noricks covers everything  from education to internships and interviews, as well as personal branding, reputation management and setting goals for an inspired  and successful career.

On Writing:

On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, William Zinsser

  •  No matter what topic or for what reason you may need to write, this book gives sound advice in a warm and friendly tone that is accessible to everyone. Its not a book you need to read cover-to-cover, but is perfect to turn to when you need a quick jolt of direction, inspiration or guidance. From writing about yourself to writing an email, its all here.

Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, Roy Peter Clark

  • “You need tools, not rules” says the author of this helpful guide. He includes 200 writing samples and examples from literature and journalism to illustrate each concept, making the tools accessible and relevant.  Like On Writing Well, this book is full of wisdom that can be applied to any style of writing.

On Blogging & Social Media:

Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust, Chris Brogan

  • In this book, two social media veterans show readers how to tap into the power of social networks to build a brand's (or your blog's) influence, reputation, and potential profit. The author explains why online influencers like bloggers rely on trust, reputation, and relationships to grow, and how they use social media to do it.

Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to The Front Row, Yuli Ziv

  • In this first-of-its-kind book, the founder of Style Coalition (a network that represents top fashion and beauty bloggers, in partnership with ELLE magazine), gives tips based on her own experience as to how style bloggers can build their brand, expand their network and influence and turn their site into a profitable business. (We'd call this a must-read for any aspiring style bloggers out there.)

Have you read any of these books yet? Let us know if you have any great recommended reads for our community!

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25 Responses

  1. Missy Vintage

    I have The Little Book of Schiaparelli ready to start reading, I’ve dipped in to it and it looks amazing!! It’s also perfectly handbag sized so good for plane/train etc.

  2. Shannyn @frugalbeautiful.com

    I love these recommendations- fashion blogging is a mix of many talents. Not only do you need a good eye for style, but you must communicate it effectively in a website setting with good photos, great writing and relevant content. It truly is a talent to spin in all aspects of a successful fashion blog!

    I’m checking out these books- I’ve read On Writing Well and would also recommend Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie (TOMS shoes) and Tribes by Seth Godin (great if you want to build an audience).

    Happy reading!

  3. Its It's

    Please add in The Elements of Style. Fact checking (Group/e) and grammar (it’s. its. Not the same thing) aren’t really touched on in here, are they?

  4. Emmy

    Completely agree with Its It’s. Elements of Style should be in everyone’s library…a little book but such a gem. And yes yes yes on Outliers. I love this book and tell everyone to read it:) My fave has to be the section on plane crashes.

  5. Rachel

    Sort of a book, but Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins #7 re. fashion blogging is amazing!

  6. Heather

    I’ve read yuli ziv’s book “blogging your way to the front row” and found it informative. Thanks for the list!

  7. Intrinsically Florrie

    Thank you so much for these recommendations! A couple I have been planning to read and it’s a welcome reminder to get on with getting my hands on a copy, and some are new to me but sound very intriguing!

    Florrie x

  8. Punky

    On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, William Zinsser is 1 cent on Amazon right now!!

  9. FashionistaNYC

    I started with Writing for the Fashion Business by Kristen Swanson & Judith Everett. Many fashion colleges consider it required reading.

    I also have enjoyed Kelly Cutrone’s books.


    Fashion Development Group

  10. Carolyn

    This a really helpful, particularly for a new blogger in the fashion and style blogging world!

    I’m currently reading “By Invitation Only” and it’s really interesting. There’s a lot of business lessons in the book so far that are transferable to managing your blog. These girls know a lot about loyalty and building your brand!

    Thanks again!


  11. Aves Gry

    Thank you for the list of recommendations, I will def. have to run to the library to check it out.

  12. Monica

    Great list. I’ve read a few. For all the moms out there I would also add Mom, Inc by Meg Ilasco and Cat Seto. Chapter two is dedicated to launching a blog. The book even talks about what to expect at your child’s different ages and how it affects you working at home. There’s also a section for what pregnant mothers to be can do now to start their business before the baby is born and maintain it after. Fantastic read for any mom or mom-to-be bloggers.

  13. Steph

    Two faves…

    I’m a social entrepreneur and I focus on disability fashion styling and blogging exclusively. Here are two of my faves right now…

    Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie (TOMS)

    The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

  14. Synthetic

    Fashion 2.0 is great. I find Yuli Ziv’s straight forward approach refreshing. Finally someone talks about how much to charge, how to deal with PR and how to get into Fashion Week.

  15. sahra

    Other’s I have in my collection that I adore:
    Style, by Lauren Conrad; Writing for the Fashion Business, by Kristen K. Swanson; The Fashion Book…

    XO Sahra

  16. Starfire

    I have another recommendation, Style Clinic by Paula Reed is also a good read if you do a lot of styling/outfit posts..

  17. Rachel

    That is an amazing list of books. I have read a few, but there are some I haven’t even heard of before! Now to get reading!


  18. ♥NekoCandii♥

    Thank you for these! Oddly enough, I’ve never thought of looking for published books about blogging. I’ll start looking for these to read 🙂

  19. Jessie

    Buying: Fashion 2.0 as we speak.
    Own: Nina Garcia’s and I use it as a reference book, often!
    Recommend: The Zen of Social Media Marketing – just borrowed from a friend and love it. The foreword was written by the co-author of Trust Agents.

  20. kimmie

    Great list! There are many that I need to add to my list but Gladwell’s Outliers is in the home library now!

  21. Asia Monique

    Thank you for the list! My fave refer to guide from Nina Garcia is The Little Black Book of Style which is amazing, so I think I am AMPED about her Guide to the Stylish Pieces!

    Thanks again!

  22. Pandora

    Great post! Just ordered Fashion 2.0 to read and will check out the rest soon. I think maybe Blogging for Creatives would be a good addition to the list, but not necessary of course. Thank you.

  23. Rinku Dogra

    Great post it is. I am new to blogging and finding some helpful material. thank you very much for these recommendations. Have you any suggestion for affiliate marketing book?