A Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Covering Events Like a Pro

covering events like pro
Last week we did a little bit of crowd sourcing to get an idea of the kinds of posts that the community might want to see from us. One such idea, which I really liked, was to discuss how to cover events as a fashion blogger “without overdoing it.”

It's a good question, isn't it? How do you cover an event without bombarding your followers with superfluous Twitter updates and a post that reads like a gushing press release?

At least to us, it seems like the trick to making your event coverage (whether it's only on social media or also on your site) interesting to your followers comes down to these 3 things:

1. An interesting angle.

With event coverage, your readers are going to be asking themselves, what's the point? If your audience isn't there, why should they care? Well, if you can offer something to them that's entertaining, presents new information or tells a story – they will care.

Events, concerts, store openings, parties, collection launches – even fashion shows – happen all the time. Give your story something unique that no one else will have in order to make it worth reading.

2. Insider access.

You don't want to use your invitation to an event – no matter how public or exclusive – as a bragging tool. That will ostracize and off put your readers. You do want to use the access you have to get the best, most useful information and rich experience possible.

Make your audience feel like they're right along side you. Share something exclusive that will make them feel special for knowing it and hearing it from you.

3. Show, don't tell.

This is a classic writer's technique that always holds up. Instead of telling your readers what you saw, who you met, what you did – show them! Use photos and descriptive adjectives and colorful narrative to bring the event to life on the screen. Whether you're posting Instagrams of a designer presentation or weaving a tale of your weekend at Coachella, do everything you can to avoid the dry, dull, who/what/when/where formula. (You need the why, though!)


A few last thoughts:


  • If it's an educational event, take notes!
  • If it's a party, talk to people. (Make friends and/or try to snag an interview.)
  • If it's a show or presentation, bring that DSLR!
  • Use social media to illustrate moments and atmosphere.
  • Send your post to the people who invited you after it goes live, with a quick thank you note.


Remember that most often, live-tweeting anything is going to overkill for a lot of your followers. Share the best, the funniest, the most intimate or amazing moments of the event. When writing a post, remember to tell a story. Don't pander to the press release or what Brand X's PR team is feeding you. Be honest and genuine (as will all blog posts, right?) and make your readers feel like they were a part of it with you.

 Do you cover events on your blog or social media? How do make your experience interesting for your readers?

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    this is a great article! its so true! i notice that everyone is sharing the same info about the same events eg. the fashion weeks. No stories, no funny moments. Its all the same. No one (well at least those I read/follow) managed to say smth or show smth that would draw my attention.


  2. SociaLifeChicago

    This is an interesting topic, my site started out as an event blog and it took me a while to find an angle or several as well as a proper voice to make a reader feel like they were there even if they weren’t. Still working it out but I really like your advice on not using the event as a braggign tool. While at events we tweet and IG and recently started vine-ing too(maybe overload).

  3. Jessica Flores

    Thank you for the interesting tips. I’ve covered a few New York City events as an amateur and really appreciate this kind of information.


  4. Jamie

    I’m glad I came across this article! In 2 weeks, I’ll be covering Midwest Fashion Week on my brand new blog, Street Style Indy. I’m really nervous for some reason, but tip # 2 ‘Make your audience feel like they’re right along side you’ will be a good point to remember. And yes, Indianapolis has a fashion week =)



  5. Adela

    This is very useful article. Thank you. I only rarely cover events on blog, I’m more likely to tweet or instagram something interesting about it.
    Adela x

  6. stylecurated

    Seeing is believing, and I’m a firm believer that photos make a post THAT much more interesting. I definitely agree with #3 (and the other 2 points as well!), though it’s important to pair good commentary with a well edited selection of images. Sometimes it gets laborious to scroll through all the same photos everyone else took or see a whole block of text without pictures to break up the monotony. My blog has been around for 6 months and I’ve noticed that readership spikes on coverage of high profile events. I’ve found myself “getting the scoop” by reading other people’s blogs of experiences that I’d wish I could be at 🙂 and returning to the sites that are well written to get tips on how I can improve as well!

  7. Tiffy Diamond

    Great post I will definitely keep this in mind when I got to events that are fashion related this year. 🙂

  8. Rena A Thompson

    Thanks for the article. I was thinking about covering some local events but I’m not sure if I’m confident to do that yet. You’re article was helpful in reminding me the basics and made it seem like it really shouldn’t be as difficult as I’m making it out to be (in my mind, anyway).
    Thanks again!

  9. Daria Burkova

    Hey! I’m blogging from Moscow and do always blogging from fashion weeks here (nearest will be in the end of March).

  10. Miss Assay

    Fabulous advice. Used this on my latest posts.


  11. Spencer

    Thanks for the tips. I go to alot of fashion related events so it is very useful.

  12. Yazer

    hello IFB!, well actually I cover Award Shows like the following: Grammys, Billboards, Teen Choice Awards, Oscars, Vma’s and more through the social media site “Twitter” and I tweet a lot and my followers actually love it. What I do is i put the best performances, moments, best dressed, worst dressed on my blog.

  13. Debbie Baker Burns

    Good tips! I’ve pinned this for future use. And I definitely see it getting future use. Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  14. Patsy Marie

    I will be attending my first fashion show next week so I’m so glad I ran into this article!

  15. Bridget Lappert

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.” I think it couldn’t be more true when it comes to covering events. If you just blast your audience with tweet after tweet they will start to ignore you – even if you have something great to say. Great post! Thanks.


  16. Chloé Dumont

    Really interesting ! I’m a fashion blogger from Quebec city and my blog’s online only since 2 weeks. I’m already covering events, so it’s nice to have tools to make it better !



    Thanks so much for the tips !
    I have got some fashion/ beauty events coming up and really needed guidance on which way to approach it.
    I think the best thing is to have fun, be yourself, talk to people and don’t be shy to ask questions !
    I’ll try all that ! 😉