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Everyday, it seems that a new shopping app launches itself into the fashion digital space. You're either get Fancified or you are Lysting your entire fall wardrobe. I never thought I'd be a mobile shopping kind of gal, but guess what? I'm making the change.

Yes, this former brick-and-mortar, I-only-love-boutiques shopper is using digital to go shopping and you know what, I kind of like it. That being said, nothing can replace the actual in-store shopping experience. But these new shopping apps are lifesavers for us ladies who spend more time on our mobile devices (hello multitasking) than actually taking a shopping jaunt.

After a little research, we scoured the nets and found the 10 ultimate shopping apps we think you just need to use:

1. Gilt: You simply can't talk about mobile shopping without mentioning Gilt. It is by far one of our favorite shopping apps. Bags, shoes, dresses, jewelery, you could literally buy your entire wardrobe from this site. I'd be willing to take that challenge, at least. Easy to scroll through, clear pictures and the shopping cart functionality is so shopper-friendly. It's almost dangerous.

2. Fab.com: If Kate Spade partnered up with Ikea and West Elm, you would get a glimpse into Fab.com's well-curated products. While it's not fashion-focused, I appreciate the various products they sell, from design to tech to accessories. And, to be fair, every blogger needs a cute laptop sleeve or fun print in her office, right? On top of the products, the actual interface is quite easy to understand and I highly recommend checking out the Popular feed, which gives me the most popular items on the platform.

3. Svpply: With over 1.1 Million products in their shopping selection, it's fair to say that Svpply has something for literally everyone. Hand selected by Svpply members, the app boasts products that are actually wearable and have pretty reasonable price-points. With literally a flick of your finger (literally, try it), you can browse the app's collection in less than a minute. Perfect for that walk to the subway or lunch break.

4. Saks: We can't help it, I love Saks. I know, it's a problem seeing as how I am trying to be as budget-oriented as possible, especially with NYFW coming up, but oh well. Lookbooks, Catalogs, Videos. You can literally dive into the store from your smartphone. Plus, their array of products is massive. Need to stock up on your NYFW looks? This is your stop.

5. Nordstrom: I can't help it, being a west-coast girl, but I love love love Nordstrom and was devastated when I realized that the retailer doesn't have a NYC location. However, I downloaded their mobile app and wow. Seriously wow. It is exactly what I was dreaming about. It lays out all of their product according to categories and brands, delivering every product on their site straight to your screen. Also, leave it to Nordstrom to have excellent customer service and offer a “Call Customer Service” button on their shopping cart. Much appreciated!

6. Net-a-Porter: What makes the Net-a-Porter app stand out from the rest? It's visually stunning, almost like a magazine with its clear photos and layout. And you know that I am a sucker for great design. In fact, I've been to known to spend hours on the app, looking at the latest collections from Miu Miu to Stella McCartney. I also really like how their “Fashion Fix” tab which gives you exclusive interviews and trend alerts from the online retailer.

7. Outnet: Anywhere, anytime, the Outnet allows you the chance to create and share your looks on your mobile plus you get the kind of deals us fashion girls dream about. Seriously, it's designer items at a reduced rate. Oh yes.

8. Sephora: When it comes to beauty, you only need to go to Sephora to stock up on everything. Run out of your favorite foundation? You are only five clicks away from buy it and having it shipped to your doorstep. Need to know the latest Sephora sales? One click gives you the ultimate access to all things beauty. Man, I love this app.

9. Amazon: I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon's mobile app. I love how easy it is to use, how many products are on it and how fast certain items get to my doorstep. However, I hate how empty my bank account is after I spend a few minutes on the app. You can't blame me though, Amazon makes it so easy for you when using their app from the saved credi card information to the saved mailing addresses. They just want you to stock up on every season of Friday Night Lights and read the latest book (current addiction is “Gone Girl'). And it works on both Android and iPhone. Score!

10.  Uncrate: Yes, this app is geared toward the menfolk but I'd like to think that menswear plays a big role in my shopping tastes, even though I'm a lady. Plus, they have feature the kind of tech gadgets that I am supremely obsessed with, like camera straps, headphones and more. I also like the Scout option that lets you submit your favorite finds to the Scout team.Who knows, maybe one of your picks will end up on Ucrate's main page?!

With all these new apps, it's hard to keep up but hopefully this list gets you started in the mobile shopping world. Is there one that you are particularly fond of? Share in the comments!

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14 Responses

  1. Gabby

    You definitely missed ShopStyle! I prefer to use it instead of downloading Nordstrom, Saks, Sephora, etc. As it says in their description: All the store you love, all in one place.

  2. Niyah

    You missed Shopstyle! Search anything you’re looking for and it comes up with a mega list of where you can buy. You can also filter it by price range, color, brand, etc. It’s my go to shopping app 🙂

  3. Coco

    Poshmark is also a really fun shopping app that you can get some really good deals on.

  4. Emily Ulrich

    My phone grew devilish horns with how addicted I was to these sites! Especially the Net-a-Porter app – stunning on the eyes, yes, and so simple to navigate!

    The scary part now involves the apps listed here that I haven’t heard of… /strolls on over to App World/

  5. Lily

    It takes a lot of due diligence to acquire or offer jewelery and get the best from it. This advice may make you unclear about the best places to start.

  6. Lily

    It will take a great deal of due diligence to get or sell jewelery and obtain the most out of it. This advice might make you confused about the best places to commence.

  7. Lily

    It will require a great deal of due diligence to acquire or sell jewelery and have the most out of it. This advice may make you confused about best places to start.

  8. Supriya G

    Thanks for this compilation… Have already bookmarked this post for future reference… Some of these sites are not known to me… Gonna check them out

  9. Becky

    I can’t wait to check out Uncrate! I LOVE Nordstrom and Outnet and seriously have to take deep breaths and meditate to deter myself from ordering everything. Thanks for the fab list!

  10. margarita

    Hey!! you missed a great one: www.flechada.com with gorgeous latin american designers stuff…really beautiful and right to your fron door!!

  11. Sweets in rabwah

    You definitely missed ShopStyle,I prefer to use it instead of downloading Nordstrom, Saks, Sephora, etc. As it says in their description:All the store you love, all in one place. I like this blog.