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8 Best Grammar Checker Tools for Bloggers

There are a lot of grammar checking tools, but which tool is best for bloggers? We did some research and now will share the results with you.

Why Check?

Automatic grammar checking is useful for everyone, from ordinary people to professional proofreaders. It helps to detect errors that are not noticeable at first glance. You’ve probably heard about such a phenomenon of the brain: sometimes we do not notice that the word is spelled incorrectly, because the brain itself “corrects” the error. Sometimes there are cases when three editors looked at a word, but did not see a simple error. Automatic grammar checking helps reduce the number of errors left unnoticed due to these mind tricks.

Grammar checking tools often do more than check your grammar.

Let’s find how these tools can help you, and what the best grammar tool is.

8 Best Grammar Checker Tools For Bloggers

How Do Grammar Checkers Help You

No matter what you blog about, your copy needs to be flawless, every time. If it isn't, then the mistakes in your blogs can distract from what you're trying to say. You want your readers to get the most out of your posts, so ensure that you're proofreading and editing everything you write. If that sounds like a lot of work, then there's no need to fear. Here's some good proofreading tips, and the best tools that fashion bloggers like you are using online.

While proofreading, there are many things to keep in mind:

  • Ask yourself, “Did I spell this word correctly?” Even if there's just a small question in your mind on whether or not you spelled a word correctly, I would advise you to go ahead and check the spelling anyways.
  • If you're proofreading and you come across a sentence or two that doesn't clearly state the idea your trying to get across, I would suggest that you try wording it differently. The main purpose of your post should be for the reader to understand the post easily and clearly.
  • Make sure what you're proofreading doesn't just drag along. Your post shouldn't be soporific, it should be full of life! People should want to re-read your article again, and again!
  • If you aren't already, strive to use paragraphs. Try to refrain from writing just one long block of words. Use paragraphs to group together similar ideas and thoughts.
  • Don't rely on spell check to do all the proofreading for you! Many words that you may have misspelled are probably real words themselves, so spell check won't underline them with that red squiggly line. The best spell checker is yourself!
  • Try sending the post to a trusted friend. Ask him/her to read the post and to give you his/her ideas on it. This technique works very well because different people see different things. The point of view of a writer on their article is probably very different then the point of view of a reader on the same article.

Spelling Checking Tools

Spelling checking tools mainly differ in the interface and set of dictionaries. Dictionaries are important for checking new words – some programs already know them, others do not. But on average, they have the same dictionaries.

During a spell check, the program compares each word with a dictionary. If the word is not in the dictionary, the program indicates an error. Some tools simply highlight the word, but most offer replacement options. If the error in the word led to the formation of another word which is in the dictionary, the program will not notice anything.

Grammar Checking Tools

There are also grammatical errors. These grammar mistakes are made even more often than spelling ones, and checking them with a program is much more difficult. However, there are programs that can find such errors, even if not all of them.

Plagiarism Checking Tools

Plagiarism checking tools will check your text against their database to make sure your content is original.

Tips To Check Your Writing

1. Have someone else take a look at your work

If there's another person that you trust to read your posts, have them read it for you. You're very close to your own writing, so you'll miss errors as your brain fills in what the copy should say. The second person can see what's wrong, and point it out to you.

2. Do several passes

If you read through the piece once, looking for any issues you can find, then you'll miss a lot in the process. Do several passes, looking for one kind of error every time. For example, you can look for grammatical errors first time, factual errors the second, and so on. This way you'll catch everything.

3. Read from the bottom up

Start from the bottom and work your way up the text. You won't be able to follow the flow of your blog, so you'll find it much easier to catch any technical issues with your writing.

4. Print it out

If you read everything on a screen, print your blog out to read it. Viewing it in a different medium will make it much easier to see errors you couldn't spot before.

5. Read your blog out loud

Do this, no matter how silly you feel. Reading your blog out loud lets you see how it flows, and how others will read it. You can make edits as you come across errors as you read.

Best Grammar Checker Tools

Microsoft Word

Before downloading a special application, why not take a look at the good old Microsoft Word text editor? Microsoft Word software has built-in grammar and spelling tools that are useful for both native speakers and non-native speakers.

Microsoft Word’s check tool will highlight misspelled words and repetitions in red, and syntax violations in green. If you click on a word with an error with the right mouse button, possible correction options will open.

In addition, in the settings of MS Word, you can select the particular dialect of the English language you need (American, British, etc.). This is important because spelling and grammar are different in different dialects.

Microsoft Word has the “Thesaurus” option, which helps you find synonyms for words, and the “Research” option, which shows you the definitions of words.


Best Grammar Checker Grammarly

Grammarly is simply an awesome grammar checking service. It knows how to penetrate the context of your sentences and catch even the most subtle grammatical mistakes. A Grammarly subscription costs $30 per month, but any user can freely get it at least for a year in advance by sending invitations to their friends in their mailboxes. Grammarly gives a week for each registered friend.

You can also use it for free – see right here.

Be sure to install the plugin for the browser – it works in any text field and helps a lot when you are chatting with someone on the internet. Sadly, Grammarly does not support Google Docs. What about classic MS Word? Grammarly does not work with it in the best way. The issues consist of some restrictions (like the missing undo function) and general instability.

Grammarly provides its own document repository and online editor, which is very simple and enjoyable to use. However, there are no text formatting functions – but do you need them for your texts? In general, I highly recommend you work in the online editor.


writer free grammar checker tool

Writer’s state-of-the-art AI technology will finesse your writing into something an esteemed writer would be proud of. The free grammar check tool will pick up on subtle grammatical errors and will offer great insight into how you can improve tone and style in your blog content. It’s responsive grammar and spell check will not let any errors slip through, ensuring your writing is as good as it can be.

Writer’s free grammar check tool also actively checks for plagiarism, meaning you will always be creating engaging and unique content.

Available to use on all of the large web browsers, this convenient online tool is perfect for those who do not wish to download an app for your desktop – although that feature is available on the paid plan. All you need to do to get started using Writer’s grammar check tool is to copy and paste your text into the text box and the program’s recommendations on how to improve the content will be highlighted and color-coded on the right-hand side of your screen.


Best Grammar Checker Ginger

Ginger is a grammar check plugin for Chrome. However, the Ginger app has valuable distinguishing features. For example, the application checks the spelling of words in context, that is, it checks spelling considering surrounding words. This helps identify words that are spelled correctly but do not fit the context (for example, “their,” “there,” and “they’re” are all spelled correctly, but are often used incorrectly).

Ginger helps to expand your vocabulary and even rephrase whole sentences. It is the perfect proofreading helper for beginners!


Best Grammar Checker OnlineCorrection

If you are looking for a convenient online tool for checking texts, but do not want to download and install a desktop app, then the OnlineCorrection grammar corrector website is what you need. The site checks texts for spelling and grammar errors. You can enable the autocorrect mode, which will automatically correct your mistakes (a list of the performed autocorrections can be viewed).

The site allows you to choose one of the English language options: American, British, South African, New Zealand, or Australian English.

Sentence Checker

Best Grammar Checker Sentence Checker

The spell checker is for those who prefer a simple means of checking your content against grammar rules. Sentence Checker is a web-based text checker app that checks to see whether you built the sentence correctly. All you need to do is copy and paste your text into the window and click the “Check Text” button. All of your errors will be highlighted in red and yellow.

Virtual Writing Tutor

Best Grammar Checker Virtual Writing Tutor

This online tool has many more features than the previous one. After free registration on the site, a text check of 3,000 words is available. Without signing in, you can check a text of 500 words. In addition to the usual check for spelling and grammar errors, you can check the choice of vocabulary for context – for example, academic or colloquial vocabulary, and also to avoid the use of cliches.

If you are writing a summary of the text, you can use the “Check Paraphrase” function and check your summary for compliance with the source text.


Best Grammar Checker PaperRater

PaperRater essay checker is not only a grammar and punctuation checker, it is also a plagiarism checker. This tool not only checks the grammatical correctness of the texts, but also teaches you to write essays, and also checks the texts for plagiarism. If you study in high school, college, or university, this site must be bookmarked: with PaperRater, improving your writing skills and writing in English is much easier. The program “reads” your text, and at the same time takes care that you do not accidentally copy someone else’s.

In addition, your text will be checked for readability: you will find out what phrases are worth replacing, whether you have gone too far with passive voice, and even how successful your introduction of the essay turned out to be.

This grammar checker software is perfect for quick free online proofreading, and you do not need to download or install anything.

Hemingway App

Best Grammar Checker Hemingway App

This grammar checker software is named after the writer Ernest Hemingway, who, among other things, is famous for his laconic writing style. Hemingway app is available as a desktop app, and as an online text editor. It teaches you to write short, understandable sentences and create easy-to-read texts. Upload your text to the page and the Hemingway App will color it in different colors.

If the sentence is highlighted in yellow, it means that it is too long. Red color indicates that the sentence is difficult to understand and editing is required. A word marked in purple must be replaced (you can get help from the list), and phrases colored in green contain passive voice.

The Hemingway online application is conveniently used not only for blogging, but to check business emails to see how they are intelligible and understandable.


All of these tools are convenient, reliable, and fairly easy to use. However, do not forget that the last, main check is yours. Try using these programs as training tools: determine what mistakes you make more often than others, and try to avoid them in the future.

It is always a good idea to improve your communication and language skills, especially when it comes to your online presence. Those include online grammar checkers which are an amazing opportunity for all of us. Of course, gaining knowledge and knowing how to write without a single mistake is the perfect option. You can get there with hard work, knowledge-gaining and constant self-improvement which all are, undoubtedly, essential for every aspect of your life.

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