9 Best Natural Makeup Brands in 2024 (and Which of Their Products to Try)

best natural makeup

Animal-tested products are definitely not “in” in 2024. The same goes for any GMO, synthetic, unethically sourced products that come in unrecycled (or unrecyclable) packaging. You want to go to bed at night feeling you’ve made good choices — but we get it, it’s hard to keep up with these trends. While global makeup leaders are turning over a new leaf (pun intended) and striving to keep their product lines free from harmful ingredients, we want to put the spotlight on brands that are green from the very beginning.
So, which are the best natural makeup products these days?

The natural makeup revolution has been happening for a while now, and more and more women worldwide are being mindful of the products they put on their faces. We’ve selected some brands that set the standard in the all natural makeup world, offering products of great quality that highlights natural beauty.

Shall we take a closer look?

This article will dive deep into:

  • Which are the top organic cosmetics brands for 2024?
  • Which are their best products?
  • How did I decide that these are their best products?
  • What do you have to know before deciding to convert to natural makeup?
  • How did I find natural cosmetics?

And, as always, we’ll finish with the answers to the most frequently asked questions, which you might share.

We have a lot of work on our hands, going through all of these best natural makeup brands, so I suggest we get to it. Can you feel the rejuvenating powers of oils, fruit and botanical compounds already?

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Best Natural Makeup Brands 2024

  1. RMS Beauty – best natural face products brand
  2. ILIA Beauty – best organic cosmetics brand
  3. Juice Beauty – best all natural mineral makeup brand
  4. W3LL People – best natural looking makeup brand
  5. Vapour Beauty – best shade variation brand
  6. 100% Pure Beauty – best cosmetic brand for sensitive skin
  7. Bite Beauty – best brand for natural lip care
  8. Alima Pure – best affordable organic makeup
  9. P/Y/T Beauty – best non toxic makeup

9 Best Natural Makeup Brands to Try in 2024 (and Their TOP Products)

The natural beauty scene is an interesting place. Most brands try to provide the very best formulas for their clients’ skin, but I did some nitpicking to find which are the best of the best. So… do you want to know which is the best cosmetic line overall? Well… that’s not so easy to answer. What I found was that no single brand was best for every particular product type (e.g lipstick, mascara, etc) and every type of skin (dry, oily, sensitive, etc). But, if they made it on this list, it means they are best in a category that most users find important.

Now that that is out of the way, buckle your seatbelts and let’s start charting natural beauty territory.

1. RMS Beauty

  • Best for | Concealer & highlighters
  • Sustainability | Recycled glass & lid
  • Ethical | GMO-, soy-, & nano-free, cruelty-free

RMS is a well-known brand when it comes to natural cosmetics. It was founded by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift when she was dealing with intense health issues. What she realized then was that most beauty products contain harmful and toxic ingredients — and so RMS makeup was born. This cosmetics brand rejuvenates the skin by using organic and food-grade ingredients, which give it plenty of natural vitamins and antioxidants! The brand is also enjoyed by plenty of celebrities RMS products can be found on the shelves of Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen.

Luminizer Highlighter

  • The ultimate illuminator for creating a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow. A must have beauty product and our biggest seller, nothing compares when...
  • Each shade of our best-selling luminizers melts into skin to create a subtle, elegant light-reflective sheen, bringing out your skin's natural...
  • Apply sparingly with brush or fingers over elevated areas of the face such as cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, inner corners of eyes, and on...

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This is probably the most popular product that comes from RMS and with good reason. The chemical free makeup formula with coconut oil, vitamin E and castor seed oil soothes and moisturizes the skin, without being sticky, greasy or glittery. The highlighter has a translucent, satin-pearl finish and works well with all skin tones. The shade I chose Champagne Rose gave my cheekbones the perfect dewy glow that looks so natural I can easily say that I woke up like this. It’s very easy to apply directly with your fingers, as the coconut oil melts directly on your skin and leaves no unblended traces. And what’s most important it feels light and nourishing on the skin, which can be a nice change from the usual heavy makeup formulas most of us are used to. To be honest, I find RMS to have the purest makeup formulas when it comes to highlighters.

The RMS “Un”Cover Up concealer is a product with cult status in natural and organic beauty circles. It uses mineral pigmentation to give your face saturated pigment, which also looks very natural. Even though it can’t vaporize deep dark circles or a full-faced red breakout, it is perfectly good to use if you want to even-tone your skin and give it a bit of luminosity. The natural oils inside the formula (coconut, castor, jojoba) make it easy to blend and melt into the skin, and also moisturize it plenty making it a perfect sensitive skin makeup product. The concealer can also be used as a light foundation, but this was a bit of a hassle for me, as I lack a naturally even complexion. In my case, it took too some time to build up, in order to get the result I was aiming for.

This lipstick in a jar doubles up as a cheek stain as well how is that not the best face makeup ever created? A tiny bit can go a long way, and it lasted very long when applied to my cheeks. Lipwise I feel like there is more to be desired, as the formula was a bit dry, but when combined with a bit of lip balm makes it work nicely. Don’t be fooled by the small jar you only need to apply just a little bit! Also, it is one of the best chemical free makeup on the list I can vouch that you won’t get poisoned if you happen to put some in your mouth by mistake. I tested the Beloved shade, which is a true red color with a hint of poppy and I discovered that you can get a varying finished result depending on how much you saturate the color on your lips. When richly applied, instead of a rosy hue, it gave me deep, opaque and shiny color.

2. ILIA Beauty

  • Best for | Multi-use sticks & serum foundation
  • Sustainability | Largely recycled packaging, vegetable-dyed, recycled aluminum
  • Ethical | Natural & organic ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, cruelty-free

One of the top cosmetic brands for anyone interested in natural cosmetics, ILIA promises makeup products which are also beneficial to your skin. This is another brand founded by a beauty industry veteran — Sasha Plavsic worked as a branding executive before setting out to build her own brand of non-toxic, nourishing products. What works with ILIA products is not that they are an organic, green makeup line, or come in recycled packaging — which they do — but that they have an incredible effect on the skin. Period. Each product is filled with natural botanics to rejuvenate the skin, and each formula is made from scratch. If you are just starting out with ILIA, I recommend trying the multi-purpose sticks and serum foundations, as they are ILIA’s forte.

Multi-Stick for Lips + Cheeks

  • WHAT IT IS: A Creamy, On-The-Go Formula For A Soft Wash Of Color On Your Cheeks + Lips. Our Multi-Sticks Warm Up + Flatter A Range Of Skin Tones,...
  • WHAT IT DOES: Seamlessly Blends Into Lips + Cheeks Thanks To A Soft, Buttery Texture That Instantly Melts Upon Contact.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply With Your Fingertips Or A Densely Packed Brush, Like Our Perfecting Buff Brush, For A Natural, Skin-Texture Finish.

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Multi-sticks have to be the best makeup product ever. Even though multi-sticks are marketed to be used for lips and cheeks, I found that there is no harm in trying this one out as an eyeshadow it works! Because of the smoothness of the formula, it’s extremely easy to apply, without dragging your skin. The pigmentation starts off as semi-sheer and can be built up to increase intensity. It should come as no surprise that these Multi-Sticks are made with natural ingredients, most of which are also organic certified. Here’s a peek of what the sticks are made of: sunflower seed oil, caster seed oil, beeswax and cocoa seed butter. This waxy-oily combination is what gives this product its creamy texture and makes it the best makeup to use to hydrate, nourish and heal the skin on the side.

True Skin Serum Foundation

  • WHAT IT IS: A Weightless Foundation With Buildable, Medium Coverage + A Natural, Skin-Like Finish — Now With Active Levels Of Skincare Ingredients.
  • HOW IT WORKS: This Silky, Breathable Formula Melts In + Moves With You, Seamlessly Blending + Building For Skin That Looks Like Skin.
  • BENEFITS: Active Levels Of Niacinamide + Allantoin Help Smooth + Soothe To Visibly Improve Bare Skin With Every Wear. Skin Is Left Looking Real +...

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This aloe-based foundation just might be the best makeup out there as it doubles as a makeup-skincare product and boy oh boy is it some good stuff. The True Skin Foundation has a semi-dewy finish and offers nice medium coverage, which can easily be built up. Despite this, the formula still feels lightweight, and I would say that this is the perfect foundation for people (like me) who hate wearing foundation. Unlike most foundations, this one isn’t cakey and it feels as if it’s refreshing my skin giving me a true natural makeup look. As I have oily, acne-prone skin, I was delighted by this product, since it doesn’t clog my pores and makes my face look radiant. Overall I would recommend it to people who want that flawless even-toned look without the unnecessary weight of foundation.

True Skin Priming Serum

  • WHAT IT IS: Bridging The Gap Between Makeup + Skincare, ILIA’s True Skin Radiant Priming Serum Does More Than Create A Perfect Base For Makeup...
  • WHAT IT DOES: Utilizing Ingredients Like Hibiscus Extract, Aloe + Beta-Glucan, This Silicone-Free Primer Helps To Firm, Moisturize + Soothe Skin,...
  • TIGHTEN + REFINE: Upon Application, The Serum Has A Tightening Effect That Diminishes The Look Of Pores + Fine Lines, While Improving Skin Texture For...

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I swear by primers. They are the best makeup for your skin, if you want your makeup to last as long as possible. Given their supernatural ability to make my face last from morning ‘til night, they have become an integral part of my beauty routine. However, sometimes they can feel a bit thick and unpleasant, especially in the hot summer months. The True Skin Priming Serum by ILIA isn’t any of that. With ingredients like hibiscus extract, beta-glucan and aloe, it’s easy to see why this product doesn’t feel like a second skin on your face and instead soothes and moisturizes it. The formulation of this eco-friendly makeup is watery and light, which had me surprised at first (does this thing really work?) but once it contacts your face it forms a protective layer and tightens it, to minimize fine lines and pores. A perfect product for the summer, and my go-to primer ever since I tested it out.

3. Juice Beauty

  • Best for | Tinted moisturizer
  • Eco-Friendly | USDA Organic, locally sourced, recycled packaging, solar & wind power operations
  • Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, gives back

A well-known organic cosmetics brand, Juice Beauty was launched all the way back in 2005 by Karen Behnke, a wellness entrepreneur. Back in 2005 not many people cared much about natural beauty, which makes this brand a true pioneer in the field. Gwyneth Paltrow joined the company as a creative director in 2015 and helped shape it into a resilient skin-nourishing line, made with organic and sustainable ingredients. Each plant based makeup formula includes a botanical juice base, combined with phyto-pigments, which are derived from plants. What’s more, everything is USDA certified organic, so you know you are putting good stuff on your skin.

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SPF is no joke and luckily this tinted moisturizer comes with an SPF 30! It’s rare to find regular, let alone organic beauty products with these qualities tinted? Mineral? Moisturizer? With SPF 30? Whaaat!? But really, this product is absolutely great. The tint didn’t look unnatural on my skin and instead boosted the radiance of my own skin tone. It has a very subtle, yet recognizable dewy finish, and the sheer coverage evens my skin tone so much that I don’t need to drench myself in concealer. A perfect choice for the summer, when lighter formulas are preferred, this moisturizer does a great job in hiding all sorts of imperfections. It smells like freshly squeezed apple juice and next to SPF also offers UVA and UVB protective layers.

Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer

  • Item Package Length: 3.0cm
  • Item Package Width: 9.3cm
  • Item Package Height: 17.8cm

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This concealer is a formidable piece of organic makeup, which effectively hides dark circles, smooths skin texture, and doesn’t crease. The formula with coconut, jojoba and grape seeds locks moisture in the skin, and vitamins C and E offer reliable antioxidant protection. The concealer comes in 5 shades and provides medium to full coverage, should you decide to build it up. I made a comparison between this one and several other natural beauty concealers and I found that the Juice Beauty one is the best clean makeup, concealer wise, as it lasts longer, especially when combined with a setting powder. Redness and discoloration of any kind doesn’t stand a chance against it it does an amazing job vaporizing any color impurities.

Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Solution Kit

  • Improve the appearance of skin tone and luminosity
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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Next to their makeup line, Juice Beauty are also known for being one of the makeup brands with the best natural skincare products. A good way to try them is with this kit which includes a serum, a moisturizer and an eye treatment. The products work well together and are suitable for anyone who is interested in both organic skincare and anti-aging products. They are also among the best chemical free cosmetics for eyes coming from any natural beauty line. They smell like fresh green apple and provide your skin with a blast of powerful and delicious plant-based nutrients, oils and antioxidants. The creams don’t weigh down your skin, and have that nice wake-me-up rejuvenation effect on it. I am quite satisfied with these and would buy them for myself in the future especially the moisturizer!

4. W3LL People

  • Best for | Minimalist makeup
  • Eco-Friendly | Uses natural ingredients, sustainable practices
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, made in the USA

W3LL People is one of the go-to sustainable makeup brands for people who tend to go for the no-makeup look. Affordable, versatile and with a lot of vegan products as well, W3LL People is what happens when a makeup artist, dermatologist and eco-entrepreneur decide to create a brand. In fact, this is what the 3 stands for in the name. Each of their products has botanical compounds as their base, feels light, hydrating and nourishing, and doesn’t crease or cake up the skin. You’ll find nothing toxic, risky or unpleasant in the ingredients of these products — they are suitable to be included permanently in your daily makeup routine. In fact, W3LL People is among the best cosmetic companies for minimalist products — not just in the natural beauty world, but overall.

Bio Brightener Invisible Powder

  • WHAT IT IS: Your Skin, Transformed Into A Flawless, Radiant Canvas. This Light-As-Air Loose Brightening Powder Is Infused With Plant-Based Green Tea,...
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: The Ultra-Fine Powder With Reflective Light Crystals Blurs Imperfections, Diffuses Fine Lines Without Adding Texture, + Give Your Skin...
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Mica Provides Skin With A Natural Shimmery Finish + Youthful Glow As Organic Green Tea Extract Works To Rejuvenate The Skin.

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This is it. The best all natural face powder is here to be reviewed. It doesn’t add shimmer to the face, as most products like it do, but instead gives it a tiny hint of radiance, which immediately brightens up. It’s a bit mattifying but nothing extreme, as it doesn’t contribute to an overly chalky and dry look. There is a bit of a difference between the powder texture and that of other natural makeup powders the Bio Brightener Invisible Powder is finer and this allows for easier blending into the skin. The sheer, loose, transparent powder can be used as a standalone product if you are going for a no-makeup-makeup look. The addition of freshwater pearl in the formula softens lines and blurs imperfections nicely which makes it a nice addition to any makeup bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Expressionist Mascara

  • This Boundary Breaking Formula Creates Big, Bold Fluffy Lashes Instantly.
  • HyperPure Mineral Pigments Create The Blackest Of Black For Highly Defined Luxurious Lashes.
  • No Harsh Artificial Chemicals Or Petroleum Derivatives That Can Irritate The Sensitive Eye Area.

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An organic makeup cult favourite, this mascara seems to have it all. A nicely shaped wand to lift and thicken individual lashes, the dermatologically developed liquid-y formula, which is non-toxic as per EWG verification, the jojoba oil which further nourishes the lashes… Am I missing something? Right, you can also count on it to stay on through the whole day, without smudging or flaking. I am a big fan of this type of brush, as it gives me a more natural look, instead of chunky volume, which comes off as dramatic and fake to me. For all the fans of nicely separated, long and simple eyelashes, I cannot recommend this product more.

An Amazon’s Choice badge owner for a reason, this eyeliner is very impressive by natural beauty standards. Most natural eyeliners either glide too easily and leak, or are too hard, making it difficult to apply on the eyelid, which is (as if you didn’t know!) a soft and sensitive area. The Hypnotist Eyeliner is here to change this misconception and prove why it is the definitive best natural eyeliner. It lasts for the entire day when applied on the upper lash line and doesn’t fade. Be sure to apply the product on dried up lids as, if they are oily, it might smudge unpleasantly in the crease. This is normal, as eyeliner pencils aren’t waterproof. Overall I liked the product a lot, because of its smooth application and impressive durability.

5. Vapour Beauty

  • Best for | Multi-use products
  • Eco-Friendly | Recycled packaging, wind-powered factory
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in the USA

Vapour Beauty is the best organic makeup brand when it comes to awards — they have earned a ‘Champion’ Safety status from the Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics and are a member of the Leaping Bunny Program. Never testing their cosmetics on animals, Vapour strives to be 100% inclusive of all ages, races and genders. Their dedication to being as ethical as possible ranks them as one of the best chemical free makeup brands on the list. Their philosophy that beauty products should be as accessible as possible is translated into the 12 different inclusive gradients of foundation shades that they offer. No matter what skin tone you have, Vapour’s got your back, which can’t be said for many of the higher-end brands.

Aura Multi-Use Stain

  • Aura is an essential tool in creating your naturally radiant look from monochromatic elegance to a fresh pop of color
  • This cult favorite is beautifully blendable in a range of high impact shades
  • Aura Stain features shades that bring a bold wash of color going from sweet to seductive in a few strokes

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The best makeup product for me, not only in natural makeup terms but overall, have to be multi-use sticks. Typically used as blush and lipstick, the ones by Vapour take the term multi-use to another level you can also smudge them on your eyelids. The formula brings instant radiance to whatever area it is put on and looks extremely natural, like you are sun-kissed. What is more impressive is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients, 70% of which are organic. All the oils that are used as a product base are perfect for dry skin, as they hydrate it deeply. The sticks are also enhanced with Vapour’s own “Herbal Enlightenment Complex,” which is a mix of frankincense, tulsi and lotus, and helps to soothe and protect skin.

Atmosphere Foundation

  • Reveal your inner radiance with effortlessly beautiful and totally breathable Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation
  • A wealth of organic ingredients nourish a selection of light dry plant oils replenish and fine mineral pigments even skin tone to impart Vapour's...
  • The Soft Focus liquid formula is designed to balance normal sensitive and combination skin types while instantly providing a naturally soft satin...

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Finding a good foundation is hard work. It always seems as if the formula is lacking in some way it is either lightweight but doesn’t offer a lot of coverage, or it covers well but at the same time you can feel how the pores on your face are being clogged up. And don’t even get me started on cruelty-free foundations if you throw that as a requirement in the mix, it makes the job of finding a nice product even harder. Enter the best non toxic foundation I have tried so far – Atmosphere Foundation by Vapour Beauty. It’s dewy. It’s nourishing. It’s gym friendly. And it comes in a plethora of shades. This is a product that will never do you wrong and I quickly became a follower of its cult status.

Siren Lipstick

  • Treat lips to an infusion of beautifying organic botanicals including Pomegranate and Rose with show stopping color
  • Siren is the industry's healthiest lipstick and the full coverage shades are beloved by beauty enthusiasts across the globe
  • Achieve rich classic luscious color that lasts and lasts

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The Siren Lipstick is Vapour’s go-to best organic lipstick. Cruelty-free, made with organic botanical compounds, it’s silky texture feels like velvet on my lips. Like most natural makeup products, this one doubles up as a nourishing lip conditioner — the ingredients in the formula are kind to the skin and have rejuvenating properties. The packaging is slick to use just like those blister cards – Andex, and I love to keep one of these in my bag at all times. It’s just so easy to apply! This product is 70% certified organic, which puts me at ease that I am not being hard on my lips with a product of low quality. Furthermore — once you are done with the lipstick, it’s recyclable, for minimal eco impact. How cool is that?

6. 100% Pure Beauty

  • Best for | Fruit-pigmented products
  • Eco-Friendly | Recycled packaging
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in the USA

100% Pure Beauty is one of those organic makeup brands that aims to create the world’s purest organic and 100% natural cosmetics line, beauty products and skin care essentials. A bit ambitious, we have to admit, but so far they have been doing an amazing job pursuing that goal they are very strict in how they source their ingredients and make no compromises. You can be sure that no synthetics are to be found in any 100% Pure cosmetics product. Their vegan cosmetics formula contains high-performing antioxidants, natural vitamins and essential oils, which are a true bliss to your skin. An interesting fact to note is that they also offer shampoos and soaps, which makes them a solid multi-faceted beauty brand.

Fruit-pigmented Tinted Moisturizer

  • HYDRATING CREAM WITH A TINT - Clean up your daily routine with our moisturizing concealer from super foods to nurture and revive your skin; naturally...
  • MOTHER NATURE'S ANTI AGERS - A smooth, lightweight formula helps even out skin tone, perfect for a natural makeup look with the hydrating benefits of...
  • GLOWY GREEN SKIN CARE - Achieve a natural dewy finish for a healthy look, without clogging pores or leaving skin feeling greasy; organic white tea,...

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When selecting the best makeup for sensitive skin (like foundation or concealer) I am often faced with a pick-three-only situation. The categories I have to go through are: moisturizing, SPF, evening complexion and being all natural. I simply can’t pick which three are most important to me all of these factors hold a certain value to my skincare routine. At times I even wondered did a product to combine everything even exist? Or was I simply chasing a daydream. Enter 100% Pure’s Fruit-pigmented Tinted Moisturizer. Does it moisturize? Absolutely. It has the word moisture in the product name, doesn’t it? Does it have SPF? Hell yeah, SPF 20 baby! Does it even my complexion? It does so flawlessly. And is it all natural? You bet it is. I expected nothing less from a top certified organic makeup brand.

Fruit-pigmented Powder Blush

  • Make you sparkle and shine
  • Colored with the antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit pigments
  • Natural organic ingredients

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Let me start off by saying that this is probably the blush that all Disney princesses are putting on before they go to sing to the animals in the forest. Did you see that packaging? It is so beautiful that I was awe-struck and procrastinated opening it for a while, so I could feast my eyes on the prettiness. *sigh* But let’s cut to the chase. The quality of this thing is amazing it has to be the best all-natural blush I ever tried. It works, the pigmentation is formidable, it feels gentle on my skin and I bet it can outlast the zombie apocalypse. If you are trying to find something off with the ingredients, you will be disappointed everything in there is clean and certainly non-toxic. This might be because the blush is packed with antioxidants, or should I say… anti-toxidants. Check out the ingredients, it’s like treating your face to a fruit salad a good indicator that this is one of the best all natural organic makeup products around.

BB Cream

  • LUXE GO TO MULTITASKER - Clean moisturizer and makeup combined for active on-the-go mornings infused with skin-soothing aloe, shea, and vitamin E;...
  • HYDRATING NUTRIENTS WITH A TINT - Get that glowing, flawless and illuminated complexion naturally; packed with anti-aging antioxidant-rich fruits like...
  • SUPER CREAMY TONE CORRECTOR - Hydrating liquid cream provides easily blendable and buildable medium to full coverage; perfect for people looking to...

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I like BB Creams a lot. They give you that even complexion without much hassle or layer on top of a layer of heavy formula foundation and they also give you that healthy glow. This one in particular, just like any 100% Pure makeup product, is packed with healthy ingredients, which are like food for your skin. Speaking of food, it also doesn’t cake the skin instead it looks almost translucent, glowing and radiant. Make no mistake, just because the BB cream accentuates my skin and makes it seem dewy, it is far from that sweaty look some products leave you with. I noticed that it’s better to blend it with a beauty blender, as it can feel a bit sticky on the fingers but to be honest, this is the only issue I have with the product. The great coverage for a fresh look, combined with the subtle lavender scent completely sold me on this one.

7. Bite Beauty

  • Best for | Lip products
  • Eco-Friendly | Recycled packaging
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in the USA

Bite Beauty is one of the most popular makeup brands when it comes to natural lip care they simply set the standard in that area. Their collection is huge and includes not only lipsticks but lip crayons, lip pencils and lip care products as well. Their lipsticks are made with 12 different oils and plenty of butters to make you forget all about the pain of chapped lips. Bite are also a heaven when it comes to color choices you can find many vivid and bold nuances, as well as more traditional and classy ones. They remind me a bit of the clean, vegan, gluten-free alternative to Urban Decay, but quality wise I would say they deliver superior products. The lip products aren’t the only products that deserve your attention all good makeup brands have product lines of equal quality, and this one is no exception.

Agave 3-Piece Lip Care Set

  • Mini Sizes for All 3 Products
  • Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy, Agave Lip Mask, Agave+ Daytime Lip Balm

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This handy lip care set has everything you might need to make your lips into the most kissable shape possible. Inside the set you will discover: a lip scrub packet, lip balm and lip mask, all with nourishing agave. The lip scrub does a fantastic job ridding your lips of dead skin cells and if you happen to snack on the formula, fear not it is 100% organic makeup. Coming up next, the lip balm instantly moisturizes your lips and leaves them feeling extra nice. I also sometimes combine the balm with matte lipsticks, as to not let them dry out my lips too much. Finally, the lip mask gives extra deep nourishment to your peck and seals the deal as a final step. No matter the season, it is always a good idea to take proper care of your lips and this set does wonders.

Amuse Lipstick

  • A mauve brown color
  • Mini/travel size, 0.05 oz

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Bite Beauty’s most popular lipstick stuck to my lips instantly it’s no wonder that they are the best cosmetic brand when it comes to natural lip products. The Amuse lipstick offers extreme moisture, soft texture and creamy wear with a highly-pigmented range of bold colors. The one I went for wasn’t that bold and was instead a mauve brown tone, as I found it suitable for the upcoming fall season. The color is buildable and compliments the lips in a natural way. Given the moisturizing effect of the lipstick, it is very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time, especially with autumn and winter coming, when lips tend to get more chapped than usual. If you are a lipstick fan, then this is the best makeup for your money, period. The lipstick I got had a herbal and lemony scent and lasted me around 4 hours, before I had to reapply. It’s not too shiny, nor too matte a perfect in-between alternative.

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Another hyper hydrating lip product from Bite, these lip crayons do not disappoint they even include some anti-aging ingredients. The organic natural makeup formula itself is enriched with orange zest wax which is kind to the lips, and the resveratrol helps anti-aging with its antioxidant qualities. The pencil format is quite comfortable to use and makes application more precise. The packaging includes a pencil sharpener, so don’t worry if the pencil becomes rounded with use. What is curious is that the lip crayon is actually matte but still remains deeply hydrating, which is a rare find. The finish is very nice and luminous which actually might lead me to labeling this one a semi-matte. The scent is similar to the Amuse lipstick fruity, mango-y and delicious. It offers a great pigmentation at the first swipe and the color I got, Tatin, went very well with the Chai Amuse color. Overall, for me this is the best makeup buy from this list, from the semi-matte lipstick section.

8. Alima Pure

  • Best for | Powder foundation for all skin tones
  • Eco-Friendly | Soy-based inks on recycled packaging, carbon-neutral, reusable compacts
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, Certified B Corp

Alima Pure hail from Portland, Oregon — a city dedicated to eco-friendliness. The brand itself is an incarnation of this spirit, as it is grounded in sustainability. It promotes a strong “less is more” mentality and produces its mineral-based makeup products with minimal ingredients. Alima Pure is one of the safest makeup brands on the list — you can be sure that the product formulas are free of toxic and harmful materials and no preservatives or irritants can be found in them as well. This is particularly helpful for people with sensitive skin, as they have to be extra careful with the products they decide to trust for their skincare regimen. Pure ingredients for maximum impact — this is Alima Pure’s philosophy and so far they are sticking by it religiously. Next to providing organic and healthy beauty, they also offer a wide range of diverse shades — and are the most affordable natural makeup brand on this list.

Satin Matte Foundation

  • Foundation Powder: Satin Matte Foundation provides buildable coverage in 45 shades. This lightweight foundation powder is a perfect natural makeup for...
  • Perfect Blend: Our Mineral foundation powder will blend perfectly with your skin. Our makeup powder foundation will feel light on your face with matte...
  • For All Skin Types: Our satin foundation makeup is great for all skin types. The foundation powder is a matte makeup that is a great foundation for...

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Looking for the best natural face powder? This just might be it. The Satin Matte loose powder foundation provides you with weightless buildable coverage, enhances complexion and reduces pore and fine lines appearance. The result? A smooth and matte finish with a nice, subtle glow. What is impressive is that there are 45 colors to choose from! How neat! What is even more impressive? It contains only 4 ingredients and still does its job so well. Do you see how it’s one of the best natural products on this list? No? Well, it is also pretty easy to blend and work into the skin, which is cool and all, but a problem could be that it can cling to any dry patches you have on your face. The solution to that is simple make sure to moisturize your skin well before putting the product on it. Durability wise, the foundation is good for about 4-5 hours, before starting to wear off on expected areas such as the nose and the cheeks.


  • Bronzer: Create the illusion of summer all year round with this blendable, buildable loose mineral bronzer with a lightweight, natural-looking finish....
  • Application: Apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit, across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, on the forehead, and over the chin.
  • Maracaibo: Light matte bronze for light skin tones. Alima Pure only uses the highest quality, purest ingredients.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I feel that every second natural bronzer contains a certain amount of shimmer which is just plain annoying. This takes all the purpose of the bronzer, which is to contour the face and give it definition. Alima’s bronzer however is a different story it is the best natural cosmetic matte bronzer I’ve tried. The color is very nice and subtle and mimics a natural suntan perfectly. It is also buildable, so you can adjust depending on occasion. The bronzer itself is a loose powder, which combined with the smart regulating piece on the jar makes it easy to put on, even for clumsy people like me. I tried out the shade Maracaibo, which complimented my skin nicely and I recommend it to any fair-skinned gals that are reading this. Many people on Amazon also agree with this bold statement of mine this product got one of the best makeup reviews overall by consumers!

Natural Definition Eye Pencil

  • PENCIL EYELINER: This eyeliner is a long- lasting, natural eyeliner pencil made with soothing natural oils, waxs, and Chamomile extract to protect the...
  • APPLICATION: This eyeliner pencil glides on smoothly, blends easily and lasts all day.
  • ABOUT US: We are Alima Pure. We only use the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, our products are never tested on animals.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A highly pigmented and long-lasting eye pencil with smooth application, this product deserves its spot in any best makeup collection of natural products. The chamomile flower extract in it is perfect for the sensitive eye area, as it soothes and protects it. The moisturizing extract helps the pencil’s smooth gliding on the skin and doesn’t irritate the eyes. I have very problematic eyes they always get red and watery by 98% of the products I make them up with. However, this one is part of the 2% which pleasantly surprised me. Durability wise it is also a champion expect to wear it for 6 or 7 hours without the need to reapply. Small, healthy and sturdy, I couldn’t recommend this eye pencil more a true gem of natural makeup.

9. P/Y/T Beauty

  • Best for | Essentials
  • Eco-Friendly | Natural ingredients
  • Ethical | Cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny Certified

Amy Carr and Mary Schulman, along with their daughters, just had it with all the BS ingredients to be found in cosmetics these days. They had it to a point where the two mums decided — This is it, we are making our own cosmetics brand! And so P/Y/T Beauty was born — no BS (bad stuff) to be noticed in sight. One of the best non toxic makeup brands on the natural cosmetics market is free from non-hypoallergenic products and ensures that said products are also cruelty-free. Fairly new to the market (they started their business in January 2018), P/Y/T Beauty managed to establish themselves as a strong natural beauty contender. Fun fact: P/Y/T actually stands for… pretty little thing.

Upgrade Highlighter

  • RADIANT HIGHLIGHTER POWDER: Illuminate your best features with P/Y/T Beauty highlighter. Our champagne highlighter has a warm, golden tone that...
  • NATURAL LOOKING GLOW: Formulated with hydrating and enhancing ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E for a lightweight, subtle glow and soft...
  • BUILDABLE & BLENDABLE: Our silky highlighter powder glides on smooth, blends in easily and layers beautifully so you can create a natural or glam look...

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Upgrade highlighter in the color of Front Row has to be my favourite highlighters out of all that I tested to write this article nothing less is to be expected from one of the best natural cosmetics brands when it comes to essentials. It has everything I am searching for in a highlighter it is subtle, understated and gives me just the right amount of glow, without looking weird or radioactive. I found it flattering and light perfect for an everyday clean look. What I found looks best (on me, of course) is if I use it on my forehead, chin, brow and cheekbone for a subtle yet eye catching shine. If I had to compare it to a higher end product, it would probably be Becca’s infamous Moonstone highlighter, which has become a cult favourite. The pigmentation is similar and the fact that it’s made from clean, sustainable products, makes it a much more appealing alternative.

Plumping Lip Gloss

  • NATURALLY FULLER LOOKING LIPS: Create the appearance of naturally fuller looking lips with our non-sticky and non-stinging formula enriched with...
  • MOISTURIZING & HYDRATING FORMULA: Our lightweight formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients like mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil and...
  • ENRICHED WITH PEPPERMINT OIL: Our lip gloss is formulated with peppermint oil so your lips feel revitalized and refreshed after every use with a...

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

P/Y/T embrace natural plumping ingredients to deliver the best possible results with this lip gloss. The ones to blame for the nice swelling effect are the peppermint oil and methyl lactate and interestingly enough, they do not cause the lips to sting as with other lipglosses of that kind. Maybe that’s because of all the other oils in the formula as well sunflower, avocado and jojoba. Orrr it might be the mango seed butter for moisturizing. As it turns out, this lip gloss is a best all natural cosmetics product yum. I particularly liked the plump applicator, which fits around the lips nicely. There are three colors to choose from. I went for Influence, which is a shimmery peachy tone. I recently started using colored lip glosses, as opposed to my go-to translucent ones, and I can say that this one is a very nice addition to my small but growing collection.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Out of the best natural organic cruelty free eyeshadow palettes that exist, this one hit the jackpot for me. The 8 shades in the palette have all the essential mattes and glam shimmer finishes you might need (the included mirror makes it even easier to do touch ups on the go). Something that made me stare with disbelief was the size of the shades they are huge, maybe twice as big from what I expected for such a small palette. And when I say small, I mean it it is the perfect travel sized piece of essential makeup, ready to take it with you wherever you might go. Another handy piece of knowledge is that the eyeshadows transition really easy from day to night looks, which makes them twice as valuable.

Methodology: What Did I Do to Compile This List?

Making a list of the best all natural beauty brands is hard work. It’s research, research, research and digging deep into the core of product ingredients, brand practices and user reviews. Curious about my process? Let me unfold it for you: the good, the bad and the ugly side of my research.

  1. I made a huge list of organic makeup brands from far and wide. There were about 40 of them.
  2. I skimmed the list, removing some lesser known and sketchy looking ones. The list went down to 25.
  3. I further read user reviews for all these famous makeup brands. I got acquainted with what they did, what they were best at and made yet another list of the best products per brand.
  4. I carefully read the best organic skin care products reviews and was sure to take notes.
  5. I ordered my chosen few products… If you consider 55 samples a few.
  6. The testing began — like a true researcher I was sure to note down my findings.
  7. I ditched brands I didn’t like (I won’t tell you which ones) and selected only the 3 best products per brand.
  8. I sat down and wrote this article for you.
  9. Voila.

Buyers Guide: Natural Makeup 101

So you want to switch to natural beauty, huh? After reading all you just read, you decided, this is it, no more toxic chemicals and yucky things on my skin! First of all, let me applaud your decision — it is definitely a conscientious and admirable one. However, just to cement that decision firmly, here are some curious insights regarding picking the best cosmetic products — and the processes that stand behind them.

What is makeup made out of?

Most makeup products have between 15 and 50 ingredients. Nearly all of them include water, oil and wax. Water helps ingredients mix together by dissolving them nicely. Oil and wax on the other hand help the smooth application of makeup, as well as help the skin to stay soft. Now on to all the other chemicals that can typically be found in makeup. Emulsifiers help water and oil mix, preservatives help makeup last longer and coloring agents help… well, give color to the products. Even the best face makeup products from commercial brands have these in their formulas. Natural makeup on the other hand sticks closer to nature and makes sure that makeup is colored with products from nature and the preservatives used are healthy for you.

What are the cleanest makeup brands?

  • RMS Beauty
  • ILIA Beauty
  • Juice Beauty
  • W3LL People
  • Vapour Beauty
  • 100% Pure Beauty
  • Bite Beauty
  • Alima Pure
  • P/Y/T Beauty

The best clean makeup brands are those that do not include harmful ingredients in their products and are ethically sourced. Duh.

Anddd here are some more natural makeup brands that didn’t make it to my list (but are still pretty good!):

  • Honest Beauty
  • Kjaer Weiss
  • Lawless
  • Plain Jane Beauty
  • Au Naturale

How long is lipstick good for?

You should throw your lipstick away about 1 year after you first use it. Normally, lipstick doesn’t hold much bacteria because of the preservatives in its formula — parabens, essential oils and vitamins, but even these start to fall apart after a certain period of time. Natural lipsticks aren’t very different from synthetic ones — the advised expiry period is 12 to 18 months after opening. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the expiry period of each product type you are using, as having bacteria and germs on your face is a recipe for breakouts and disaster and even the best makeup in the world isn’t safe from that.

Final thoughts

Natural cosmetics are great — they’re nourishing, good for the skin and no one can tell the difference between a Chanel and an all-natural product. After my venture into natural cosmetics, I can confidently say that I will be including more of it in my beauty routine — being kind to my skin makes me feel better on its own. I have also noticed way fewer breakouts since my experimentation with natural beauty products began — which must be a good sign, right?

In case you decide to conduct your own experiments with natural makeup looks, let me know how it goes for you. Drop me a line in the comments below and let’s start a conversation! I am curious if you have anything else to recommend me to try.


Q: What is the best natural makeup brand?
A: There are many best makeup brands it all depends on the product you are searching to buy. If you like tinted moisturizers, for example, you should take a look at Juice Beauty because these are the products they are best known for. If you are a fan of multi-use products (like cheek stains/sticks), Vapour is the brand for you, and Bite Beauty is the place to go for lip products. Fruit-pigmented products are 100% Pure’s forte and RMS Beauty’s concealers and highlighters are some of the best on the market. Do your research per product, not per brand and you will find the best makeup for your face in no time.

Q: What is the healthiest makeup?
A: The healthiest makeup is the one that is as natural and nourishing as possible, and stays away from including harmful and toxic ingredients in its formulas like talc free makeup, for example. This can mean different things for different products. Concealers, for example, often contain polyethylene, which is a carcinogen plastic and is horrible for the environment. Green products on the other hand give the skin a natural radiance, thanks to the numerous oils, botanical compounds and other healthy ingredients, which naturally help the skin thrive. The best all natural makeup works both as a makeup product and white skincare product, because of the rejuvenating properties it can often have and this 2 in 1 effect is part of what draws people to it.

Q: Is BareMinerals(R) really all natural?
A: Even though BareMinerals have a lot of plant-based ingredients in their products, they also use plenty of metal-based ingredients as well, which don’t do your skin health much good. Some of their ingredients are also a bit sketchy (like, what does ‘soil minerals’ even mean?) and a lot of the products can’t be certified as organic, as they are made of non-living ingredients. Furthermore, they are neither vegan natural makeup, nor cruelty-free certified even though they claim that their products are cruelty-free. If you are a fan of mineral makeup, I suggest giving Juice Beauty a try they are the hero of natural mineral makeup products.

Q: What are natural makeup brands?
A: Good makeup brands (good meaning natural) use essential oils, botanical juices and gentle ingredients in their products. This makes their cosmetics less irritable than your normal countertop brand, and they are also easier on the skin, nourishing it gently. For makeup, these brands use natural pigments to add color to their products, which in today’s world look like formidable competitors to the stuff of Urban Decay, Nars and Dior. Most (not all) of these brands are also vegan and/or cruelty-free, and the packaging is often recycled. Take a quick peek through the list above to see what are the top products from the best natural makeup brands.


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