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Best Podcasting Courses for Bloggers 2024

Have You Ever Wanted to Start Your Own Podcast?

In this week’s instalment, IFB will be discussing the top three best podcasting course for bloggers. 

best podcasting courses for bloggers

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be running a series titled “Start Your Own Podcast: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”. We’ll break down everything you need to know: What you should consider before you begin, to what equipment you need to purchase before you start – and how to get your followers to tune into your podcast. 

Our goal is to help fashion bloggers and influencers make the jump from blogging to producing successful audio content. These posts can also be helpful to anyone interested in dabbling in the world of podcasting; they are not solely geared at individuals in the fashion industry. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, or are just curious to learn more about producing podcasts, check out “Start Your Own Podcast, Part III: The Best Podcasting Courses for Bloggers” below. And if you haven’t already checked out “Part I: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”, “Part II: What Your Need Before Your Begin” and our roundup of the best podcasts for fashion bloggers, be sure to do so! 

In this week’s instalment we will be discussing the top three best podcasting course for bloggers. Look out for an in-depth review on each course in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to leave us a comment below, if you have any questions or feedback on the podcasting for fashion bloggers series.

Best Podcasting Courses for Bloggers

There are a lot of benefits in signing up for a podcasting course, if you're interested in starting a podcast. It will save you time, and allow you to pick up tips and tricks from experienced industry insiders. And while being “self-taught” is a cheaper alternative, you will end up paying through the process of trail and error. Fortunately, there are plenty of podcasting resources and courses out there. But if you’re coming in as a beginner, it might be a bit overwhelming. Which courses are worth the cold, hard cash? Are there less expensive alternatives, or do you need to fork over hundreds of dollars? And what if you already have experience podcasting, and still want to sharpen your skills? Is there a course out there for you?

Here at IFB, we know it can be a challenge choosing the right podcasting course. Therefore, we have rounded up the top three best podcasting courses for bloggers of all abilities here on the blog. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting (Smart Passive Income)

Power Up Podcasting

Enter Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income.

Smart Passive Income is a resource website, that aims at helping digital entrepreneurs succeed in online business. It also places a strong emphasis on teaching its subscribers how to maximize their passive incomes, from their respective online businesses. And one of the many courses Flynn has to offer to his followers is Power-Up Podcasting.

The Power-Up Podcasting course provides its students with “everything you need to know to launch and market a podcast.” Flynn walks his students step-by-step through the entire process of podcasting, using high-quality videos and examples to help educate his viewers. He is also available during his office hours (that take place in the first month of classes) to answer any questions. Students are able to work at their own pace and are assigned tasks to action (ex. purchase equipment, etc.), before moving on to the next step. If you sign up for Power-Up Podcasting, you will also have access to a printable workbook and the course's exclusive private Facebook group.

Don't believe us? Julie Merrill, Flynn's former student and podcaster at The Paddleboarding CPA, gives rave reviews on her Youtube channel about Power-Up Podcasting.

If you're looking to branch out and start a podcast to supplement your current content, and are a podcasting beginner, this is the course for you. Flynn will hold your hand through the entire process, ensure you have the best experience in learning how to podcast.

Cost: TBA

Number of Students in Course: TBA (in the past, during it's beta testing, it had over 160 students enrolled)

John Lee Dumas' Podcasters Paradise (Entrepreneurs on Fire)

podcasters paradise logo

John Lee Dumas is the creator and founder of Entrepreneurs On Fire. Also known as EOFire, Dumas' website provides a number of resources and tools (both free and paid) for entrepreneurs. Dumas and EOFire's goal is to help individuals achieve success in their business lives and with their business-related goals.

One of the products Dumas offers is Podcasters' Paradise. It's an online community for individuals looking to create, grow and monetize their podcasts. Dumas also claims it's the #1 podcasting community out there on the Internet. Dumas also has a free email podcast course readers can subscribe to, if they're on a budget.

Signing up to be part of Dumas' podcasting community includes access to step-by-step video tutorials, a podcasting “check list”, live chat support and much more. There are also a number of different payment plans to choose from (starting from $75 per month, for a 12 month period), and a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee if you don't like Dumas' product.

Want a sneak peak inside the community? Check out this Youtube video by Podcasting Magazine (Disclaimer: This video is from 2015 and the community website has probably been updated since then.)

Dumas also offers a free 15 day podcasting course. This course is emailed directly to your inbox, over the course of these fifteen days.

Interested in giving it a whirl? Go to EOFire's website, click on the products page and enter in your email to have the course directly sent to your account.

The email course provides basic information about starting a podcast, along with video lectures and worksheets. For a free resource that is emailed directly to you, it's quite a detailed and valuable “freebie”. Before you hand over cold hard cash to be part of Podcasters' Paradise, check out the 15 day podcasting course first. It gives you a good taster of what's to come with the community.

Overall, Podcasters' Paradise can be a useful tool for those bloggers who already have experience with podcasting. It's a great resource for those of us that tick the “Intermediate” and “Advanced” podcasting experience boxes. If you're a novice podcaster, trying to choose between Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting and Podcasters' Paradise, you're better off with Power-Up Podcasting. It's less overwhelming than trying to navigate a massive community with users, boasting varying levels of experience.

Cost: Starts from $75 per month, to a one-time payment of $750 for Podcasters' Paradise. John Lee Dumas' Free Podcast Course is, you guessed it, free.

Number of Students in Course: 3000+ community members for Podcasters' Paradise. Probably a whole lot more for the Free Podcast Course.

How To Register: At present, the Podcaster's Paradise community is closed. Go to Podcasters' Paradise website and sign up for their next live Podcast Masterclass. Sign up for the Free Podcast Course on the product or resource page on the EOFire website by entering your email.

Udemy's Podcasting Courses

udemy podcasting courses for bloggers

If you're a blogger, vlogger and/or influencer, and you aren't familiar with Udemy, go check them out now!

Udemy offers 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors, on a variety of topics that can be useful to bloggers of all levels. This also includes podcasting, and they offer a number of different podcasting courses on their website. It's also a great inexpensive alternatives for bloggers that are interested in learning about podcasting. Especially if you are on a budget and can't afford to spend a lot on podcasting classes. Keep in mind there won't be one-on-one vibes within these courses, as large numbers of individuals are able to enrol at once and classes are not very personalised.

Keen on giving Udemy's podcasting courses a try? IFB recommends “The Podcast Blueprint” by Andrew Ferebee and “Podcasting: How To Make Your Own Podcast” by Adam Ashton.“The Podcast Blueprint” boasts a total of nine hours of video lectures; “Podcasting: How To Make Your Own Podcast” is much shorter at 2 hours in length. Both are excellent options, if you don't have a few weeks to devote to learning how to podcast. Both courses can be easily completed over a weekend. Therefore, it's a good place to start if you want to learn about podcasting, are on a tight budget and aren't sure of how much time you have to devote to your podcast.

Cost: $15

Number of Students in Course: 1000+

How To Register: Sign up on, by creating an account. Search for the course you would like to enrol in. Enrol and pay the fee. Super easy.


Have you ever enrolled in any podcasting courses? What are your recommendations for the best podcasting courses for fashion bloggers? Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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