Blogger True Story: My Blog Helped Me Get My Dream Job

kiley stenberg pencil heelI met Kiley Stenberg of a Sequin Dress at Breakfast a few fashion week seasons ago at a brunch (where else?) and we've been fast friends ever since. While living in Des Moines, Iowa, Kiley has been working at an agency who's clients are mostly construction and agricultural companies, and writing her personal style blog.

Today is her last day at this job. Because of the connections she made through her blog, she'll be starting her new job on Monday, doing everything from marketing to buying and social media for a specialty apparel boutique, Badower's, in Des Moines.

I got to congratulate her in person last week, but I caught up with her again yesterday so I could share this inspiring blogger success story with you! I love her story because she did what so many of us do – created an outlet for her passions through her blog – and it lead to a professional advancement she's truly excited about.

Why did you first get into blogging?


I started A Sequin Dress at Breakfast three years ago, when I was starting to read a lot of blogs and felt like I needed a creative outlet of my own. It seemed like the perfect way to document all the things I loved and I was able to dip my toe in an industry I otherwise wasn't a part of while living in Des Moines.

What is your motivation to keep it up, even while working full time?


I always have said and still believe that I would continue my blog even if no one read it, because it's my own little space where I can create, share, design, and gush about the things I love — and there's no guidelines or rules to follow. It's also so motivating to hear from readers, whether they mention something to you in person, leave a comment, or reach out to you in another way, it's always nice to be noticed for something you work incredibly hard on and care so much about.


Can you tell me the little story of how you first got connected with Badower's?


I first stopped in this local men's boutique, Badower's, over a year ago when they were having an event with NYFW menswear designer Todd Snyder, and I wanted to check it out. I thought the store had an amazing, well-edited mix of brands and products, and started stopping by the store occasionally and covered a few of their events on my blog.


…And so how did this new job come about?


Awhile back, I started joking with the people at Badower's, asking when they were going to open a women's equivalent in Des Moines, and to my surprise, they told me they actually wanted to talk with me about just that! A couple weeks ago they asked if I would come on board with them to bring in some women's lines and help out with their social media. I'll be jumping in a variety of roles – buying, social media, marketing, events, and sales for them.


What advice would you give to bloggers who want leverage their blog as a portfolio or resume-booster?


Always write for yourself first. Blog because you love doing it, and your excitement for what you're writing about will come through. Keep in mind you never know who is reading your site. I also think it's important to type like you talk, so readers get to know your ‘voice,' so when people or potential employers meet you in person they are getting the same voice and person they got to know on your blog.

“It's crazy to think that the next chapter of my life would have never have happened had I not had my blog,”

Badower's saw that I had established credibility and trust with my readers, and they know I can bring that to a store setting with customers in person. It's crazy to think that the next chapter of my life would have never have happened had I not had my blog, and I wasn't even trying to get a job out of it. Work hard on what you're passionate about, and find a way to make yourself part of that industry so you can spend your time doing exactly what you love.

Have you gotten a job or amazing professional opportunity through your blog? Share your success story in the comments!


[Image credit: A Sequin Dress at Breakfast]

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  1. Rachelle Porsenna

    Wow Congrats on the new job, I love that she mention to write for yourself first. Looking at other more successful blogs, others can be tempted to follow some sort of particular path. Very inspiring story. xo


  2. Nikki Hodum

    This is such an inspiring story!! It just shows that when you work hard and really follow your passion that doors can open up.

  3. Tolly Dolly Posh

    WOW! Congrats! I’m a blogger too, and I really want to become a Fashion Designer! Fingers Crossed!

    Lots of Love
    Tolly Dolly Posh
    Age 12

  4. Andréa

    This is so inspiring because this is what keeps me going and trying with my blog! I know working in the industry I am in currently is not what I see in the long run and considering my geographical location, fashion related jobs, besides the mall, are not abundant. It’s great to see that hard work can pay off and create opportunities! Congratulations!



  5. Jana Meister

    So inspiring! I can completely relate to this. Writing a blog can be a lot of work, but if it is what you have passion for it is bound to lead you to the career you dream of. Congrats on the new job! 🙂

  6. AnarkaliLovesMe

    Love her blog! I got my current job due to my blog! It looks awesome on a resume!

  7. Eva Tornado

    My dream is to have a collaboration with a fashion magazines, because I am a journalist, and I fell wishings to write=) And I hope I will have this opportunity=)

  8. Fabulous 30s

    Congratulations on a new job!!!

    This is so inspiring for us new bloggers. Hard work, passion and patience and you can get far, and who knows even get a collab with your favourite brand. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  9. Andreea

    This is so wonderful, congratulations! I guess all young bloggers hope to come across this situation

  10. Sabina

    Very inspiring. I like that she pointed out that you never knew who’s reading. That’s something that we all know, but tend to forget, especially when blog posts don’t get much in the way of comments.

  11. kelsey

    Congrats, lady! I’ve wanted Badower’s to carry women’s clothing for a while now, so this is awesome!

  12. Ankita M

    Very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing, it is a big boost to move ahead. 🙂 and all the very best for your new endeavour!

  13. Jennie

    This article is a great example of when you do things with passion, good things can happen! Congratulations Kiley!

  14. Katie Stuart

    Same thing happened to me! I’ve had a blog for a few years and have just been using it as an outlet, and the owner of a boutique here in Laguna Beach found it, and asked me to come on as the Social Media/Marketing “Guru”! This is something that before, I dreamed about having as a career. It’s crazy that I’m doing it now!
    I also just had someone that found me through my blog, email me asking if I could help her create a new wardrobe!

    XO Katie

  15. Stacy Blaise

    I am currently travel nursing in Des Moines. I’ll have to check the new store out.

    Stacy Blaise

  16. Dian

    Lucky girl! It’s amazing how having a blog can open up so many opportunities these days 🙂


  17. Samantha Peterson

    Kiley and I both live in Des Moines and have been friends with her since we went out to dinner to discuss blogging a few years ago. It was great to finally meet someone with the same passion for fashion and blogging in my hometown. I’m so proud of everything she has accomplished and helped push for Des Moines to be on the map when it comes to this crazy blogging and fashion community. Can’t wait to see what is to come! Very inspiring! Adore her!

  18. Kny Fortaleza

    This is definitely awe inspiring. Sometimes, I lose inspiration in writing my blog. But, yes it is true if you really are into it you won’t mind if no one even cares to read your stuff. 🙂

  19. Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty

    So so happy to read this post. Kiley inspires me with every post and thrilled for her new career.

  20. Jessica

    I LOVE that store! The guys who work there are wonderful! My BF and I live in KC and stop in every chance we get. I am so excited for the women’s boutique and a little scared for my wallet :). congrats on the new gig, can’t wait to check it out.

  21. Elena

    Wow, she is a real inspiration!!! Actually I can say that my blog helped me as well, I consider my blog not only the place where I share my passion to fashion but also publish my artworks, such as fashion illustrations, and some of my readers became my clients.

  22. tasha

    Congrats! Thats such a great thing. There are so many opportunties out there. People need to just keep pushing to their end goals and not focus on others. Completely excited for her and the success that surely will follow

  23. paula

    congrats! very inspiring, I am blogger, I have a blog called paula va a la moda, I love that story.Completely excited for her.

  24. Huong

    This is so great! Congratulations, Kiley! I’ve been blogging for a long time, but just recently ventured into fashion and am learning so much!

    Anything can happen. That’s why I was hired for the job I have now. The employer saw my blog on my resume and asked about my entrepreurial spirit interview. I learned from the recruiter that my now, supervisor, loved that I was a self-starter and that’s how I beat out the other candidates.

  25. Emily Ulrich

    I would never stop blogging because of poor readership. Sometimes, it can be disheartening to feel like you’re talking to a blank wall, but at least you have a voice to speak (well, write) for. And if you stress and scrutinize your content and still don’t have readers, well hey, that’s all the better. Because it means being a little more relaxed and having a lighter approach won’t do any harm–if anything, it will improve the authenticity of your writing.

  26. navneet

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  27. sophia kaylee

    what a two toneThis is such an awesome story.It’s great to see that hard work can pay off and create opportunities! Congratulations! dress

  28. Maggie A

    Wow! Congratulations of your success. This post is definitely very motivational!

    Maggie A

  29. Kholá

    First Congrats!

    Second, my blog has been the catalyst for many amazing opportunities. I’ve had appearances in local and international magazines, blogging for a prominent magazine and now sit on the board of CMH Fashion Week (www.facebook.com/cmhfashionweek), one of the biggest fashion movements in the Midwest….it all started with my blog, Khola’s Kloset. (www.kholaskloset.blogspot.com)

  30. Tavoya

    Congratulations. I am so excited for you. I am a true supporter of people following their dreams. We will spend the majority of our adult lives working. Why not enlist the help of our passions and natural gifts when choosing where we work? I am sure this is only the begining for you and your goals. Please continue to work towards all your goals and dreams. You inspire us all.

  31. irene

    Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want…just let me know :3 <3



  32. Rebecca

    Incredible! I love when dreams come true!