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A Blogger’s Guide to Growing Traffic

Blogger Guide Growing Traffic

You've seen the surveys, the questionnaires, and the blog posts: Today's bloggers' biggest struggle continues to be growing traffic to their website and how to effectively do it. Growing your blog's traffic after all is the only real way that you're going to start seeing big results in your business–whether that be through monetization, partnerships, or promotions.

We've taken notice to this issue in the last year and have come up with a way to help bloggers all over the world uncover how to grow their traffic without the headache of figuring it out themselves. We're so thrilled to officially introduce and share with you our newest IFB eCourse, Traffic for Bloggers!

Once you have the formula, growing your traffic isn't all that difficult. It all comes down to an easy-to-learn 6 step process. In our Traffic for Bloggers course, we'll give you that exact process to implement within your own business right away. Check out each week's step-by-step lesson plan and how you can start to grow your traffic in the next few weeks!

Step 1: The Psychology of Blogging

This week's lessons dive into why you blog, why your readers are reading blogs, and how you can match your content with their needs. We focus on standing out in a very crowded blogosphere, and what you can do to increase engagement on your posts. We have several action steps that will take you through all of our information and help you create a meaningful plan that you can act on. It's not difficult, but it's meaningful and it gets results.

Step 2: Understanding Your Audience

For this week, we dive into understanding and creating User Personas. This allows you to humanize your audience and create better, more targeted content that you know will get them engaged. We go through the ways you can learn from your existing traffic, and how to create goals for yourself and your audience.

Step 3: SEO – Part 1

For week one of the SEO saga, we look at what SEO is and isn't. Which parts you need to focus on and which ones to ignore. We cover onsite vs. offsite SEO so you can have a firm understanding of what drives the needle, and how Google interprets all of these things. Lastly, we cover the importance of links and how to not get them, while touching on things like CTR, article length, and other analytics metrics to watch for. Most people are scared by SEO, but we break it down to simple ideas that will get you the biggest results.

Step 4: SEO – Part 2

For this week, we'll explain keyword research and how to use it to grow your organic traffic. We discuss our favorite SEO tool that does 90% of the technical stuff for you. And lastly how to rework your old blog posts so they're as valuable as your next blog post. These draw upon internal tests we've been working on for the past year and we know they work and will increase your traffic faster than any other thing you can do.

Step 5: Social and Sharing

How to choose the right social networks for you, and why having too few may be better than having too many. We discuss how to get others to share your content, and how you need to approach the content to make people emotionally ready to share it. Finally, we discuss which tools we use and why we feel every blogger should be using them.

Step 6: Email Marketing

This is something that everyone needs to be doing, and we break down years of experience so you can understand the right way to do it, and the right way to encourage people to join your list. We'll discuss the tools to use and the emotional appeal necessary to make your email list a traffic creation tool.


If you'd like to learn more about the Traffic for Bloggers eCourse, just head right here! The course is only open until February 22nd, so make sure you check it out before it's gone!

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