Blogger’s Toolkit: 8 Things You Must Put on your Business Cards

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Business cards are an often overlooked tool in a blogger's marketing arsenal, but they can be extremely effective in introducing yourself and your blog to potential partners or readers offline. Including your blog's name and URL, a logo, your name, contact information such as an email address and phone number, and social media handles on your business card is essential. Additionally, adding a tagline can provide a brief and informative description of your blog or business. When creating your business cards, it's important to select a design that aligns with your blog's aesthetics and branding. Even if you're a new blogger and haven't attended any conferences yet, having business cards on hand can still help you connect with readers and potential partners. Remember to prioritize professionalism and consistency across all of your marketing materials. Here's what to include on them:

Logo/Blog header

If you have a logo for your blog, or if it's the same as your header, use this on your business cards; ideally you want the person with your business card to notice continuity when moving from looking at that to your blog. If you have an overarching company that includes your blog, among other things, use the logo for this company. For example, I use the logo for my media company on my business cards because I have multiple blogs within that business.

Your Blog's Name & URL

Obvious, maybe, but even if your blog name is also your URL, I think you should include both on your business cards, not just the URL. And I always abbreviate the URL to be blogname.com (without the http://…..).

A Photo

If you're a personal style blogger, this is a must (I love using moo.com for this and including a few different outfit posts on the backs of business cards). If you're not a personal style blogger, I still think it's a great idea to include a photo of yourself on your business cards. With a photo, your business card will stand out, and trigger in the recipient a memory of when/where they met you. You could use a personal photo instead of a logo if you'd like to, although including a logo generally looks more “professional” to most people.

Your Name

Sure, this seems like a given, but I've seen lots of business cards with just the blog name and not the person's name on them; I've had to go to a person's blog and look at their about page to find their name – if it's even on there – if I want to send a follow-up email. Putting your name on your business card is an easy way to help your contacts remember it. And I don't know about you, but I always remember faces – not so much names.

Contact Information

Email address!!! If you have multiple email addresses, use the most “professional” sounding one, NOT [email protected] or [email protected]. Also, use [email protected], not [email protected]. Please, when you're creating email addresses for your blog make sure you have one with your name in it – others like info@ or whatever are okay too, for directing other correspondence, but in your email signature and on your business cards, your email address should ALWAYS be [email protected].

Phone Number

I didn't put my phone number on my business cards, but every time I give one out, I wish I had! I don't just hand out cards willy nilly anymore, so the chances that I actually want the recipient to have my number are very high, and hate to have to pull out a pen to write my number on the back all the time.

Social Media Handles

I wouldn't put every single social media account you have on your business cards, just the ones you are most active with. If you don't use Google+ very much, don't put it on there because you'll be embarrassed when your contact goes to look you up and you haven't posted in months…


This is a short, one-sentence description of your blog/business. If you don't have one already, come up with it NOW! A tagline is important for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to provide a concise description of WHAT you focus on & WHY YOUR blog/business is relevant/important. It's even shorter than an elevator pitch, and should describe what sets you apart from other bloggers. I put contact information, etc., on the front of my business cards and my tagline on the back.

This may seem like a lot of information to include on a little business card, but I'm always a fan of making it as easy as possible for someone to remember me, contact me and interact with me online. Having your tagline on your business card may make the difference between getting that next freelance or stylist job, for example. Just make sure to play around with formatting/font/etc., to make sure your card isn't too cluttered (I ALWAYS use both sides). It should be an “extension” of your blog in terms of design and colors too, so keep that in mind when designing your business card.

I personally use vistaprint for my cards; it's easy to use and inexpensive, but I also love moo cards for bloggers. And as I mentioned before, if you truly don't have money for business cards, or need some in a pinch, hand-written cards or stamps on thick card stock can work as well – be creative!

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  1. Style Context

    I designed my business card for the first time for NYFW. Good to see that I included all of the guidelines you suggested (with the exception of a photo). I was pressed for time so I couldn’t use Moo.com but I would highly recommend it. http://stylecontext.com

  2. Natty

    Thank you! This is awesome. I was just thinking about how I need business cards (you read my mind, you sneaky minx).


  3. fly won

    I went a veryyyyy minimal route, just using my logo on front (which encompasses my biz name) and the websute and tagline on on back, as on the front page of my ecommerce site; has all my corresponding links and contact info

  4. Chelsey

    This is incredibly perfect timing! I was just on vistaprint last night designing my business cards, and decided to sleep on it before ordering.

  5. Oh K

    Business cards excite me soo much. I don’t think I need them just yet but it’s great inspiration!

  6. Melissa Varela

    Hey! Nice article! What do you think about adding a QR? Good or bad idea?

    Thanks xx

    • Grechen Reiter

      i personally wouldn’t, because i think they take up too much room, and i don’t use them EVER, but if you have room on your card without it looking too cluttered, it wouldn’t hurt to include a QR code.

  7. Sigita

    I have used moo.com to make business cards for my work as a photographer. Right now, I have made some new ones, so i put on them both professions. people on both fields seems to take me more serious, because of the fact that I know how to blog and I actually work as a photographer, so they realize that I will understand their thing. This article was helpful to check my cards again and gave me some new ideas.

  8. Jolly Caucus Race

    Business cards root out the professinal bloggers from the unprofessionals. They make a statement. They also make people take blogging more seriously. Non-bloggers think my blog is a hobby…until I whip out the business cards 😉

    • Carol @ JollyCaucusRace

      I’ve since updated the cards…they look much better! And I’ve learned how to use bit.ly in the meantime 😀 😀 😀 Here they are http://on.fb.me/1WuLgVZ

  9. Chrissabella

    wow this is probably the most useful blog I ever read 🙂

    Thank you so much

    Greetings from London,


  10. Jamee

    I am always hesitant to put my picture on my business cards because I tend to change my hair frequently! Should I add a pic anyway? I don’t want to have to constantly order new cards because I feel like my picture is dated. Thoughts?

    • Grechen Reiter

      maybe include a picture with your hair pulled back? or a “close-up” that is mostly your face? that way hairstyle won’t matter much. but that’s a good point – my hair is always changing as well, but i wouldn’t worry much about that, your picture is still you 🙂

  11. Elaine

    Would it be good or bad to also include your address? Just curious. I’m contemplating on business cards now! eeek!

    • Grechen Reiter

      i would NOT include my address, mostly because i don’t see the point. if you get asked for it frequently, and/or it’s relevant to your business, then definitely include it. otherwise, it’s not necessary.

  12. Layla

    I think it’s always best to keep things simple on a business card…make it eye catching so people look at it but keep it short and simple, contact info, website and that’s it! 🙂

    I suppose everyone is different though and what I may like others might not haha xx


  13. Miss Monet

    Over the summer I made business cards with VistaPrint and I basically have all the things you mentioned except for the social media handles. My cards are stylish and professional which sums up what my blog is like. Thanks for mentioning moo cards I’ll have to check that out.

  14. Angel Haughton | SeaOfPrairies.com

    I know you talk about not using GMail.com for your contact e-mail address, but I really find it the easiest to manage and use on the go. My website is hosted through GoDaddy, and their E-mail and Website app kind of sucks. Has anyone else encountered this? What do you recommend using?

    • Patrice

      I’d suggest Google apps for business or if email is included already via Godaddy as a part of your hosting plan then set up an email with your blog address but set all the messages to forward to your Gmail. There is also a Gmail plug in that will let you reply to your domain mail from your Gmail box so you don’t have to go back and forth all the time.

  15. Onianwah

    Just got new business cards designed and I included everything in this post *yaaaay me!*

    Lagos, Nigeria

  16. Camille

    Great article! People always comment that it was a nice touch to have my photo on my business card.

  17. Natalie Salinas

    Thanks for the post Grechen!
    I’ve been thinking on doing business cards for a while but I didn’t know the necessary info to add to them.

  18. ink

    I’m just thinking of what to do if say, you own two blogs… of diff topics. .is it advisable to put them tog on one card? food for thought.


  19. Kerry Adams

    Great article Grechen. Yes, all the points mentionend here are true and informative and make a lot of sense in today’s fast-track world. Business cards are surely a glimpse of your identity and personality so they need to look complete and smart and trendy. These days I’ve been getting my promotional business cards created via www. readysetprint.com.au and they’re doing an awesome job for me in helping my business growth.

  20. Dina

    This is a great post! I found it helpful because you’re tips were pretty straightforward. You had pretty great advice. Thanks!

  21. LK

    I’ve been having a hard time with a tag line. Would anyone care to share theirs, for examples sake?


  22. Nicole Kergy

    This is a great read about marketing and printing in brisbane. Thanks for this!

  23. Crazy Bird Print

    Thanks for this perfect blog! You can choose Best colour business cards from Crazy Bird Print.

  24. Dough Lunder

    Very true and informative article. It provides me a way to create an effective business card with business cards brisbane. Big thanks!

  25. Print Dallas

    These are definitely indispensable tips for anyone looking to make a solid impression with their business card, though sometimes you can bend the rules if the design’s good and memorable enough. =)

  26. a c y h o z

    Really great tips. My blog is small but i rlly want to make some business cards. Just bcuz its fun and indeed very handy to hand out


  27. Richard Ackey

    I think these are great tips. Obviously things change over time – what to include and what not to include. I’m right there with you about including social media handles. Social Media continues to grow and I find that people contact me more through social media than email or by phone. 🙂

    I like your comment about QR code. They take up a lot of space…maybe on the back of the card depending on your design. Thanks for the great info.

  28. Dave Hill

    I love these blog. I’m on the look for new cards and bumped on your post it’s perfect timing. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting business cards done. Thanks for sharing these.

  29. Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    These are great tips. I don’t have a business card as yet, but do have a media kit. Will keep all these in mind and maybe get some printed!