Blogging Tip of The Day: Grab Your Bloglovin’ Custom URL

how to verify bloglovin url

We've been big fans of the highly handy and easy to use blog reader Bloglovin‘ for years. It's a great one-stop-shop for browsing and discovering fashion and lifestyle blogs. It's also a great tool to get your personal blog in front of new eyes, and make it easy for your readers to keep up with your content.

Perhaps riding the wave of the new Instagram profile pages and re-vamped Twitter profiles that came out this year, Bloglovin' is launching profile pages. You will be able to list and show all of your blogs ( or you can switch blogs to private), as well as see who your followers are.
claim profile url bloglovin

To claim a custom URL that best matches your blog name, visit: http://www.bloglovin.com/get_profile. Creating a custom URL for your profile is easy, and to add an avatar image, you must link your Bloglovin' profile to Facebook.

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16 Responses

  1. KCYouThere

    Great news! I’ve always found bloglovin’ to be useful but very impersonal.

  2. Duarte

    I always thought it was a shame we could not see who is following our blog. I did create my profile, but I’m not sure yet where do we see the list of followers, or maybe we can only see if they also have created a profile?..

  3. Beeswonderland

    I always wanted to see my followers, it’s like they heard me:-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maya

    I think it’s a great update but sadly you can only see who your followers are from the people who ALSO have a profile, so yeah, hopefully that changes soon!

  5. Broke & Beautiful

    I love this! The Bloglovin’ team seems to be super interested in user feedback right now. I left a few of my comments on their recent mobile optimization upgrade on Twitter and someone from their design & dev team was quick to respond to me and ask me to explain! Very good step for Bloglovin’.

    Just got posterity, my comments regarding their UI were basically that I missed the individual Top _____ Blogs lists, because I discovered TONS of new blogs to read there. Also, the graph from the “My Blogs” page that showed the growth of readership over the last week – that was nice! I miss that, too. Everything got real minimal, real fast… I’m glad they’re slowing down a bit and listening to their user base!

  6. Karen Ussene

    Oh wow finally! This is great. I always thought it was a bit weird the fact that we couldn’t see our followers.
    I’m gonna try it!

  7. FallForFall

    I honestly don’t know what would I do without bloglovin! I love it and this improvement is great 🙂

  8. .

    I hate this.
    Up until now, I adored Bloglovin’ for that one thing – that you’re not able to see who’s following and who’s not. I loved the fact that everyone’s free to read and follow whatever blog they like, no matter what. Now it’s all going to be the same as on every other social network – ‘you’re not following me so I’m going to unfollow you, even if I enjoy your blog’.
    It’s sad what blogging world has come to – vanity and quantity over creativity, quality and freedom. Really really sad.

    • Mattias Swenson

      Thanks IFB for featuring this, and so glad that many of you seem to like the public profiles! 🙂

      @moiminnie you’ll still be able to follow blogs privately if you prefer that, so no worries!

      /Mattias Swenson, Bloglovin’ co-founder

  9. Barbara

    I am on bloglovin and just claimed my personal url (after reading this post). I am however relatively unused to it and how it works (definitely on my list of things to do in Jan next year).
    Lagos, Nigeria

  10. Angel Haughton

    Hi there! I’m a very frequent user of BlogLovin’ (like a few times a day) and for some reason my feed for IFB has stopped updating. Am I the only one? If so, can someone help me fix it?

    • Abby

      Unfortunately I can’t help fix it, but you are not the only one! IFB hasn’t updated in days according to my bloglovin feed 🙁

  11. Caroline Topperman

    Personally I’m not thrilled with the changes to Bloglovin. I liked the fact that I couldn’t see who was following me. Every site you get spammed with follow for follow, I was so happy that here you follow who you want to and no one has to know. Really it’s nobody’s business who I choose to follow or not, it’s personal!
    I’ve made almost every single blog I follow private so lets see how many people drop me just because of that!

  12. Nasreen

    Finally!! I always felt the format was so impersonal. It didn’t feel like the blogger is actually present on the site. This is really good!


  13. jenny

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