Boost Your Fashion Blog Traffic: How To Write A Stellar Blog Post Title

Blogging traffic is like money; you can never get enough. Want to know how to boost your fashion blog traffic by writing amazing blog post titles? Check it out below here on IFB.

write traffic boosting post title

Post titles are essential to promoting your blog's content.

Believe it or not, it really makes the difference when a you carefully craft post title to work well, social media,  in SEO, and most of all, with your readers. But how do you do it? Actually, it's not as hard as you think. With just a few tips to keep in mind writing posts titles that get people to click on your links is as easy as pie.

If you don't believe me. Give the tips a try, and test them. You can use tools like bit.ly to track the post titles, and you can see which post titles get more clicks. If you're using a newsletter service like Mailchimp, you can test with A/B split testing to see which headlines get more opens. While each person's blog is different, I've found the tips below to increase click rates quite significantly, sometimes as much as the difference between 100 clicks and 1,200 clicks.

Reflect The Content Of Your Post In Your Title

Fashion bloggers love puns and cute titles…hey, the fashion industry does that. But when it comes to the digital world where people scan and search (using keywords) people are not going to find your post if the title doesn't reflect the copy. But don't worry, there are ways to be creative when it comes to writing titles!

Keep It Short and Sweet

Twitter, Facebook, short attention spans… You want your readers to get your post title in the glance of an eye…yes, a glance. Even shortened links take up 20 characters, and if you include space for a RT and your handle, you'll have less than 100 characters for your title.

Go Beyond Labels, Include A Verb

Merely labeling your post gives your readers an excuse to pass on clicking through. “Awesome Shoes” is ok, but “Awesome Shoes You Can Wear This Summer.” Is better. People respond to actions, even better a call to actions.

Use “Power Words” To Grab Attention

Words like “free” and “easy” work for a reason. People are always looking for free and easy ways to solve problems, and if you can help them out, they'll be enticed to click. But it doesn't stop there, any word that provokes emotion or urgency in your title. Other power words include: best, top, reasons, worst, now…

Make A Promise (And Keep It In The Post!)

“Get rid of muffin top forever” and post about how you can really get rid of muffin top. DIY posts are a good example of promises and delivered promises. Making a promise in the post title implies the post is going to help the reader, giving them a reason to click through.

Don't Forget About Your Keywords

A vast majority of traffic still comes from search engines, and post titles that contain keywords not only make sure your post comes up when people are looking for content that's in your post, it shows the users that your post is exactly what they're looking for. Your post might be about summer shoes, but if it's titled, “What I Wore to the Beach” it may not show up in search, and even if it did, someone who has never been to your blog before may not click because the result did not show what they searched for.

Ask A Question

Asking questions is a great way to pique someone's curiosity. It also opens up your post for discussion.

Solve A Problem

Say you have the answer everyone is looking for… where to find the best deals, how to find the perfect fit of jeans, if your posts solves a problem, reflect that in the post title.

Stir A Controversy

People love drama. While this can be great for your blog, or blow up in your face, if you have a controversial point of view it will get  people talking. Yesterday, I read an post on Fashionista about how Debrorah Neeldman at T Magazine promoted a post by Suzy Menkes as the end of “slut clothes” being as the word “slut” is highly charged, Faran Krencil gives her reasons for why it's not ok to use that term.

Include A Number

List posts work. But then again, any number works, a percentage works as well. Numbers give your readers a sense of reality to your post, even if it's “7 Reasons Why Unicorns Rule” they know they'll find seven reasons why an imaginary creature has garnered positive opinions. If you have either conducted a study, or found a study, finding a statistic to put in your headline ie. “Bloggers Influence 31% of Online Purchases.” instead of “Bloggers Influence People to Buy” something I did last week, but looking at the difference in the Tweets that included the number as opposed to the ones that did not, I should have went with the number:



But the most important thing is to give your audience a reason to click on your link.

While your readers do care about you, they care more about themselves. How can your post improve their lives in some way? Whether it be 10 things to brighten your day, or how to wear vertical stripes without looking like Beetlejuice, including some compelling reason for readers to click will get them to your site.

Now, they have to read your post!

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Laura Andrea Kell is a Canadian freelance writer and IFB's Editorial Assistant, and is based in Dubai, UAE. She also writes for itpliveme.com and occasionally blogs at lauraindubai.com Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @lauraandreakell

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15 Responses

  1. From Tiffany With Love

    This is great Jennine!!! I’ve just recently learned this fact…the hard way. I’ve been really studying my blog analytics lately. And I’ve noticed that posts I thought were fantastic, didn’t get as much traffic as my more simple posts. It seems that the simple posts with less content (maybe just a picture and caption), I would give a more detailed title to explain the purpose for the post. Whereas, the more complex posts, the purpose will be explained in the body of the post, so I would just give it some cute title. Which is cool for my current followers who come to visit without being prompted to. But you are right on with being detailed for search engines and gaining new trafikers.

    Hey! This could also tie into, or spawn another post about how to properly tag and create categories…increasing page view.

    Geesh…so much to learn. lol.

    Love IFB!!!



    Very good tips!
    I notice that when reading other blogs that sometimes the title has nothing to do with the content itself.


  3. Marie Vlasic

    Great, useful tips every blogger should know. Thanks!

  4. Abigail

    Great post – and great title. All of your tips are quick and easy to use. Thanks for the good ideas!

  5. Kashara

    These are REALLY great tips! Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. Kenneth Jacobs

    Such great advice. I feel like I write great titles, but there’s always room for improvement! Thanks for the post!

  7. Tara

    Great tips but yeah the controversy one is… not one I would recommend.

  8. Nathalie F.

    I really like the use a verb tip. Makes a lot of sense, kinda like how they always tell you to include action verbs in resumes. Same principle, really.

    I found that the stir up a controversy thing really works, as long as you’re genuine and try to be careful not to hurt someone. At least that’s what I did in my fashion blogging pet peeves post.

  9. Jana Rose Carrero

    Makes so much sense. I always wondered about those “puns and cute titles.”

  10. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    For some reason I’ve always hated the number posts, but you are right, the one time I did a ‘list of 10 family friendly places to visit in New York City’ it is still one of my most viewed posts! (And it was posted right before a Major Blogging Conference was coming to New York City, so it got tons of traffic and feedback!

  11. Alvin Smith

    You shared an impressive post, title and content is a very effective for website, title should be short and meaningful and attractive and content must be unique, this is the reason for visitors to spend much time on your website,. You have written a noticeable that “Awesome Shoes” is ok, but “Awesome Shoes You Can Wear This Summer.” is better. Such kind of variation in keyword can attract visitors. 🙂

  12. Man Cave Zen

    Just what I was looking for. I just went through and changed almost every title of my articles. It’ll be interesting to see how it changes the traffic.

    • Helen Butler

      The bad news is you can’t. The good news is you can’t because it’s free.