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The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Photoshoots in Exotic Locations

The wedding day is without doubt the most important event in the bride's life, so it is but natural that the journey leading up to the altar should be captured in vivid detail in order to cherish the most memorable moment of your life and be remembered forever.

So whether you are planning to say “I do” on the white sand beaches of Santorini or elopement under the waterfalls of Iceland, the key to a successful destination wedding is the unique beauty of an exotic location.

That said, no wedding album is deemed complete without the bridesmaid photo sessions, after all it is every bride's dream to get herself clicked in company of some of her best friends before walking down the aisle.

Choosing the best exotic destination for a dream bridesmaid photoshoot

Deciding where and exactly how many locations you want to travel to for your pre-wedding bridal photoshoot can be a difficult task, particularly if each short-listed venue has its own unique appeal.

To simplify your task, here are some wedding photoshoot spots from around the world, both on land and water for your inspiration and to take your photography session to new heights.

The open seas

Imagine a wedding celebration on a luxurious cruise. Many cruise lines offer fantastic group discounts. In fact, the more the bridesmaids,the bigger the cruise deal, so gather your never-say-die crew of friends for an unforgettable pre-wedding photoshoot on the high seas and save big bucks on the way.

Santorini, Greece

Without doubt Santorini is a popular wedding destination for couples from around the world. This Greek Island is known for its iconic beauty against the backdrop of white-washed buildings and stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany offers some of the most romantic destination wedding spots in Italy, especially in the rolling vineyards, olive groves and historic buildings.

Bali, Indonesia

If you want to capture the heavens in your bridesmaid photoshoot, nothing can match the beauty of an island destination, and for an exotic place, Bali is no exception.

Click with your photographer on white sand beaches against stunning sunsets and spectacular views of volcanoes and temples in the background. You can even do a fashion photoshoot in your stunning Balinese villa.

London, UK

Ancient churches and colonial architecture always form a great background for iconic photoshoots, so if you and your partner want to elope off the beaten path, consider a bridesmaid photo session in London at  Westminster, the largest church in the country and a leading tourist destination.

Paris, France

What better destination one can dream of for an ultimate bridal photoshoot session than Paris, widely regarded as the “City of Love” which offers some of the best opportunities for taking pictures in Europe, if not the world.

Imagine, a bridal shoot amidst the magnificent Eiffel Tower that will leave your guests mesmerized when going over the wedding photos.

Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a much sought after bridesmaid photoshoot destination, especially due to the conglomeration of six beautiful states, all with their distinctive monuments and photogenic subways and streets like Melbourne.

If you are into nature, the Crawley Edge Boatshed in Perth is fantastic for a nature-filled bridal photoshoot that will create lingering memories.

Factors to consider when choosing the perfect destination for a bespoke bridesmaid photoshoot

When looking for an exotic destination for your pre-wedding bridal photoshoot, certain factors need to be taken into account to ensure a picturesque and memorable experience.

  • Theme and style: When looking for a destination for your wedding photos, it is crucial to keep in mind the theme and style of your wedding
  • Scenic beauty: Choose a location which is scenic and has a stunning backdrop which is essential for taking good photos.

Consider places of historic significance, lush vineyards or pristine beaches.

  • Amenities: Make sure that the chosen venue has all the upscale amenities and high-class service in order to enhance the overall photoshoot experience.
  • Access: Opt for a location that offers easy and exclusive access in a private setting for a more personalized photo session.
  • Climate: Bad weather can disrupt even the best wedding plans, so check the forecast at the venue beforehand to avoid any unfavourable weather condition.
  • Cultural importance: Apart from all above, explore a venue of cultural significance or of unique traditions to add a new element of depth to the photo narrative
  • Rules and regulations; Every venue is different so inquire about the rules and regulations of taking photos at your desired destination, especially whether it is a private or public property, as you may have to pay for a temporary licence to get your photos taken.

Work with a professional photographer

For the ultimate bridesmaid photoshoot experience, the key to a bespoke photo session is the skill of the photographer who only can ensure that all images are captured in style to portray your unique love story.

Before collaborating with a skilled photographer, review the portfolio to assess the expertise and style in high-end bridal photoshoots.

Emphasise on any special requests for the event through clear and distinct communication regarding your vision and tailored to your personality.

To maximize the potential of the photoshoot as well as the destination, choose a photographer with adequate experience in taking pictures at a luxurious venue.

Opt for a professional who values a collaborative approach and encourages you to provide input throughout the photoshoot process. These moments are precious and will never repeat.

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