Collaborate: 23 Beneficial Ideas To Do With Blogger Friends

look cameraBy Jessie Holeva of trendhungry.com

Blogging can be lonely. Whether you blog in the early morning before your 9 to 5, on the weekends, or 24/7 it’s usually a solo task. But take a look on Instagram. A lot of your favorite bloggers are friends. They’re invited to the same events, work with the same brand, or even are at the same house for Coachella. The girls that are major players in the blog game know that there’s enough room at the top for friends. So stop taking a look at other blogs and comparing yourself. Instead, befriend the blogger in your neighborhood and do something productive in your newfound friendship. Here are 18 ideas.

Collaboration Ideas for Bloggers

1. Start a blogger network: highlight your entrepreneurial spirit and get a group of bloggers united. Foster rewarding relationships and have an army of bloggers in your corner. I did this with The Style Darling, who I met at an IFB Con and it led to us working with Diesel for an in-store event.

2. Teach a workshop: I just taught one at West Chester University with my makeup artist friend empowering students to look their professional best for the job interview. Other bloggers are using workshops to make money. There’s Pepperologie, Blogcademy and Blogshop to name a few.

3. Plan a sponsored event. Scout out a brand, boutique, or local hair salon and hold something fabulous to promote you and their biz. Win, win! Rent Multi-Level Modular Staging to attract more people to listen to you event.

4. Create a local styling competition. Your blogs can host the event and award something fabulous from a sponsor.

5. Guest blog on each other's site. This is great for vacation season.

6. Create a gift guide to share on each of your blogs.

7. Craft an ebook. Share you knowledge to your fan base and theirs.

8. Share a sponsor and do same-day giveaway. Get multiple girls involved (like what blog agencies do) and make this campaign make an impact online.

9. Start a twitter party #bestieblogbuds.

10. Host G+ chat hangout.

11. Cohost a web show.

12. Pitch to do TV together. Your local news may want to showcase local bloggers (blogging is hot right now, so capitalize on it!). Show how to make a signature cocktail together or vintage shopping tips, whatever makes sense for your brand.

13. Throw a clothing swap for charity. Sharing is caring… and great PR.

14. Create a blog series. Weekly, monthly, whatever. Make it consistent and people will follow.

15. Be each other’s outfit post photographer. 2 posts done at one time. Perhaps pose together?

16. Go to events together and take lots of Instagram pics. You’ll stand out more at an event with your blogger entourage and brands will remember that when they invite you they get lots of social media exposure. Perhaps the next event you’ll be hired to host?

17. Create an Esty shop together. Curate vintage and go into a mini biz with a blogger bud.

18. Blogger brunch bash! Get the gals together (or guys) and network. Happy hour works too!

19. Join in on Facebook. There are some amazing Facebook groups you can join where content creators connect, ask questions when they are stuck and participate in daily topics, such as, content sharing! Tip: Most of these Facebook groups have a list of bloggers – add your name to it!

  • Tip: Join other Facebook groups for bloggers and creatives. Blogging Facebook Groups that are awesome:
    • Creative Superheroes (with Allison from Wonderlass)
    • Being Boss (with Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson from the Being Boss Podcast)

20. Twitter Chats. Another way to get active is by joining in on live Twitter Chats! Twitter chats allow users to communicate on the platform by using hash-tags. The host of the live chat will send out questions for users to answer, while, encouraging conversations among the creators.

  • Tip: Follow some of these hashtags on Twitter: #bbloggers, #lbloggers, #theGirlGang

21. Guest Post. Guest posting is when bloggers write a blog post for another blog that is not their own. This is the perfect way to connect with bloggers, as well as present your creation to a new audience! The easiest way to do this is by searching on Twitter (use hashtags like #GuestPost, “guest post,” #bloggerswanted) and check to see if any bloggers are interested. 

  • Tip: Try starting your own guest post collaboration. Choose a topic and pitch bloggers to write on your blog about it!

22. E-mail. Send an e-mail to your favorite content creator and pitch them a collaboration idea! Ask if they would like to work with you in a guest post, a review, or even an interview!

  • Tip: Be clear of your pitch when you reach out. This means you should know what the person you're emailing gains, what you gain, and the purpose. You should also know what you want the person to do (i.e. promote on social media) and include dates as to when you will be submitting the blog post and/or posting it.  You will be amazed at how many people actually say yes to this method!

23. Guest Pinterest Board. You can start a board on Pinterest and invite bloggers to contribute to the board. This helps to build both your brand and build other's. 

  • Tip: You can tweet something along the lines of: “I am starting a “How to Blog” Pinterest Board & would love fellow #lbloggers to contribute! Let me know if you are interested.” In the words of Taylor Swift, “Bloggers gonna pinterest, pinterest, pinterest…”  

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of beneficial ideas to help you make blog friends and build your brand. Use these as inspiration and set up a power lunch to start planning with a new blog friend.

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30 Responses

  1. Bike Pretty

    Here in San Francisco, we have a lot of awesome, successful bloggers. And they are all so nice! More is definitely more when it comes to blogger friends.
    Especially when it comes to staying up-to-date on sponsored parties. I mean, who doesn’t want to be invited to cool stuff? It’s a great way to reinforce your network.

  2. Juliana Bui

    My best friend’s a fashion blogger as well, so I’m definitely going to try out some of these tips sometime soon!

    – Juliana

  3. Monica

    In my country blogging isn´t “hot” we are old fashion. With my fellow bloggers we are trying to promote that fashion is what we wear every day is not only for rich people or models.
    We also get together to do parties of cloth swaps.

  4. Monique

    none of my friends are into the blogger thing. I’m totally taking applications for some fun girls to go be fly at coachella with me next year! lol

  5. Tiffy Diamond

    I absolutely adore the idea of creating a blogger network. I already have an idea about how to go about it! I’m gonna search and see if there is one ye. Awesome!


  6. The Science of Happy

    I feature other bloggers in a feature on my blog showcasing the materials of others. You can submit here: http://thescienceofhappy.blogspot.co.uk/p/whats-in-your-bag.html

    For anyone interested, my MAC giveaway is still running!


  7. AJ Wears Clothes

    One of my besties started a blog at the same time I did, so we’ve always swapped tips and tried to help each other out. Now we’re thinking about collaborating on a style guide for our state! It’s more fun to work with others.

  8. Queenly Tan

    This post is great! But, how if like me, I’m living in a city where bloggers are very rare (I think). I can’t see or encounter co-bloggers here, only on the metro.

    • Jessie of TrendHungry.com

      Research. You may be shocked how many bloggers are everywhere. It doesn’t have to start with a lot of bloggers, but finding a friend or a few can def aid in growth and it’s also great to have a support system!

  9. Barbara

    *HUGE SIGH!* I tried to do something like a blogger sponsored event in collaboration with another blogger. We met up somewhere to discuss and we had a meal alongside the discourse. I forgot to pay for my meal but called here almost immediately I rushed off (was in a cab so couldn’t go back) and apologised while stating that the next outing was on me.

    I haven’t heard from her since then regardless of however much I try on twitter, FB and even calling and texting. Frankly, I won’t be surprised if she goes ahead to execute the event without letting me know and also not inviting me.

    So now I am quite sceptical about doing something in collaboration with anyone else especially since I have been caught up in a situation like this before ie. I shared an idea with a friend, she said she wasn’t interested, months later I got a BB broadcast from her and she had gone ahead to start the idea she wasn’t interested in.

    Is that a bad thing Jess?
    P.S. I LOVE your site.

    Jeez, this is my longest comment on IFB ever!

    • Jessie of TrendHungry.com

      Don’t give up! You two didn’t work out, it happens. I worked under a blogger prior to starting my own site and as soon as I started getting opportunities she badmouthed me and wanted nothing to do with me. It hurt my feelings, but I learned that not everyone wants to help you. Keep looking and find someone that not only wants your help, but wants to lift you up too.

  10. Emily Ulrich

    Sometimes I feel my attempts to befriend fellow bloggers comes across as shmoozing. How do you get the honesty of your intent across?

    • Jessie of TrendHungry.com

      Good question! Don’t sell too hard. Simply let them know you admire their work and would simply like to grab a coffee to get better acquainted. I’ve used this method to land jobs and build my network of contacts.

    • Kathleen Lisson

      I usually pitch potential collaboration ideas to the bloggers who have commented on my blog.

      I started last year by doing a series of posts featuring photos of my top readers in their hats. I have asked one of my blog fans for her advice on vintage items several times and quoted her in my blog posts. Just today I posted an interview with a blog reader about her search for larger hats. She actually approached me for advice via twitter a few months ago (I turned my response to her into a blog post) and the topic was really well received my my readers as well as new readers that found me through a Google search on the topic.

  11. Kamilla

    I haven’t met any bloggers my age here yet (most of the blogs I’ve found are mommy-type ones and I don’t feel like talking about diapers and private schools), but I definitely hope I will get a blogger friend at some point and be able to collaborate together! Even better would be a three- or four-some!


  12. Jessie

    I love this list! Collaboration is the name of the game, in my book… In case anyone is curious: You can find out more about our creative lifestyle workshop at Pepperologie.com!

  13. divadellecurve

    great ideas, I started a network long ago, the first of its kind in Italy, we had a couple of interesting group collaboration even with brands, but after getting some exposure through the netwotk, some people started being too competitive with each other and I did not like it, thus I closed the network and went happily my own way again. I suggest networking only with people who really share your same vision…

  14. Anami Blog

    Love this post and all the great ideas, including in the comments! I am looking for collaboration with other bloggers, I live in London, so any locals, please contact me.
    Also, I have a feature on my blog, an online interview serial with creative people. Anyone interested to be my next interview ‘victim’, please email me. Here’s a link to check out how it looks like:
    Happy blogging ladies 🙂

    Anami 🙂

  15. Ais

    Myself and a fellow blogger, Hailey, started a monthly themed outfit challenge a few months back; so far we’ve had three others participate. We’re all plus sized, but the challenge is open to anyone (male, female, petite, tall, whatever). I just love the idea of showing off everyone’s interpretation of the theme.

    Hopefully it’s not in poor taste for me to advertise it here; but, if anyone’s interested, just drop by my blog and leave a comment, or send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.

    I’ve met a couple of local bloggers, they seem really nice but as others have said, hard not to come on too strongly when excited and nothing much has come of it (yet). I’m hopeful.

  16. Courtney

    I love the idea of guest-blogging, but I’m not really sure how it works. I am going on a few vacations this year, and I would love it if a few of my blogging friends could guest blog while I’m gone! Has anyone done this before and know how it works? My thinking is that you give them free range of your blog! No?

  17. Kimberly Ann

    I love all of these ideas! I’ve been looking to do some sort of collaboration/guest blogging post with another fashion blogger! I think they really help both people AND it’s so great to get to know other bloggers.


  18. Karen Farber

    I love these ideas! I just launched my fashion blog about a week ago and are researching like crazy to make the most of it! So far I’m loving it, but definitely need some blogger friends to make the experience even more fun!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!


  19. Michel'Lee Williams

    Hi, I’m a new teen blogger. I could love to collaborate with other bloggers. I literally only blogged twice so far, still trying to get the hang of it all. Check out my blog and give me advice. Thanks.

  20. Aarti chaudhary

    I loved the whole post, and looking forward to collaborate with my fellow bloggers. I am visiting france, swittzerland & italy in this coming summers anyone from there up for collaboration?