Daily Dose of Inspiration: The Quieter You Become, the More You Can Hear

become quieter hear more


Silence is golden in the blogging community.


There is so much power in listening. I think it is one of the greatest strengths a person can have. Everyone talks, yet do they listen? Not likely. To listen is to observe, to contemplate, to open your eyes (and ears) to the other person. For a fashion blogger, listening to your audience, whomever that may be, might be the most valuable thing you could do to grow both your traffic and community. It forces you to take in another person's thoughts and opinions, which can provide feedback and insight you would have never received. So let's all try to listen just a bit more, to be quiet and hear what others are saying. You never know what you can learn.


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.


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4 Responses

  1. Petya

    Just another amazing title! So inspiring… again.

  2. Kathleen Lisson

    I absolutely agree. As a hat blogger, I was focused on posting photos of different hats. A regular commenter asked where she could find hats for larger head sizes. I researched the answer for her and turned the information into a blog post. Now – it is the post with the most hits everyday.


    • RikaConfesses

      That’s a really good way to come up with posts – solve a problem for someone. I don’t quite know how to implement this for my own blog, but I’ll be kicking this idea around..