Daily Inspiration: Be a Voice, Not an Echo

voice not echo

We talk a lot about developing a “strong voice” here on IFB. It's the quality of a blog that's often cited as the single most important.

Another way to think about it, are you voicing something original, or are you just echoing what you find to be the most popular? Granted nothing is truly original, but that doesn't mean you can't have your original angle on a particular story or niche. It doesn't mean you can't make the connection between two things that have never been connected. It doesn't mean you can't point out what others have overlooked.

Just because there is a formula out there for blogging success, doesn't mean you need to echo it to achieve your own success. Be your own voice, let others echo you.

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  1. Kathleen Lisson

    I totally agree. I have been inspired by two things recently:
    I was watching an episode of the Rachel Zoe reality show while on the treadmill a few months ago and Rachel said that she wanted to create a piece of clothing that was so ‘her’ that when someone wore it, others would say – is that a Rachel Zoe coat?
    I hear the same phrase popping up every so often “only Coco Rocha could pull off that Kentucky Derby hat” “Only Dita Von Teese could wear vintage every day.” I think so many woman hold themselves back and think that other women can be standouts.
    I don’t think I have “the perfect face for hats” but that’s how everyone explains it.

  2. The Science of Happy

    Great quote!