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Daily Inspiration: Everyone Is Perfect

everyone perfect unusual ways

“You are perfect, just the way you are.”

Either you love hearing that, or roll your eyes. But the truth is, that more often than not, we subject ourselves to self-criticism in the name of improvement. However, how often do we spend looking for the things that are perfectly fine? Everyone has their super powers, everyone. It's just a matter of figuring out what is perfect about you. Are you a go-getter? Do you bring people together? Are you a great writer? Are you fearless when it comes to trying new things? There is not one person who does not have something that makes them special.

Everyone is perfect in unusual ways. Don't get caught up in an image of perfection, because almost no one fits that image. Accept who you are, and your perfectly unusual way will come out.

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  1. E-M

    This article is just perfect! So inspiring and so so true. I totally believe it and I think everyone should believe it <3