Daily Inspiration: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

great things series


There is nothing like having a grand idea. I remember the first time I wanted to do a full day conference, even though had never done a conference before. I had thrown a few events, but nothing like orchestrating 25 speakers, getting people to attend, finding a place to host it and finding sponsors to pay for the expenses. But I did it. Not with one action, but with a series of very small actions. From sending emails, to creating outlines and brainstorming how things were to be.

It's like that with blogging. It's not as easy as just having a big idea then doing that one thing that makes a blog great. It's doing all the small things like posting, tweeting, connecting with the community that make a blog great.

So when you're getting caught up in the motions, remember that you're working on something special, and these little things will make your efforts into something truly wonderful.

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  1. Jennifer Rose

    This is beautiful! A lovely little reminder – JR of SpoiledLittleLAGirls.com