Daily Inspiration: If You Think Adventure is Dangerous, Try Routine, It’s Lethal

adventure dangerous routine lethal

As bloggers, we're encouraged to develop routines: post at the same time of day, the same days of the week.  Create a brand, and stick to it through all social media platforms.  It can be scary to think of living a life or building a business through an adventurous mindset, even though the most successful businesses are built on chance.

Think of all the hardships, battle wounds, and misfortunes that befall heroes — those poor Hobbits, the Jedis, and little Harry Potter!  And yet, if they had lived a life of routine… they would have never achieved greatness.  It's true that their adventures brought them close to the brink of death many times, but they never died.  They lived, and they lived with wild stories to tell and remember.

We may not have to face Darth Vader in our daily lives, but the fact is that routine can be the killer of creativity.  As much as the creative process encourages– demands — routine and practice to develop your skills, too much of a schedule can become monotonous.  Every once in awhile, or more often than we give ourselves, our lives and processes demand adventure.  Adventures inspire stories, actions and reactions.  Whereas routine: waking up, checking your email, writing a blog post or 4, checking social media, checking email, and going to bed– it hardly breeds a life worth writing about or sharing.

So step away this week. Bring a little adventure into your life, and step away from the routine.

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5 Responses

  1. Chiara

    Best advice I’ve ever gotten – advice I genuinely swear by: “Never live the same day twice.”

    Thank you for the reminder

  2. Anggraini Hapsari

    I couldn’t agree more. This is indeed inspiring!


  3. Krystal

    Great post! That was one of my biggest fears coming into the industry, I didn’t want to be confined by a schedule. I understand the need to be organized and have an editorial calendar, but I was afraid there wouldn’t be any room for spontaneity. This is a great inspirational post!

  4. Kenneth Jacobs

    I definitely agree. I understand consistency, but routine is boring. I like to changing it up a bit when I can so my blog stays fresh. Great quote!


  5. tiffany

    I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to step away every once in a while to refresh and recharge!