Daily Inspiration: Nothing Great Ever Came That Easy

nothing great ever came easy

It always fascinates me how people think that bloggers just sit around all day taking Instagrams of cupcakes.

For some of us, it might be that easy. But for me, it hasn't.

It's important to note that if it were easy to be great, everyone would be great. If it's difficult, and challenging, that's not a bad sign. It actually means that the challenges will keep us engaged, and forever trying to be better. If blogging actually was all about sitting around taking Instagrams of cupcakes, then we'd all get bored and move on to the next thing.

So take blogging as a challenge, and it may be hard now, but just think how much better that will make success feel.

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  1. Haruka

    I agree. When the internet was in it’s early stages about 15 years ago, whenever I saw any fashion blog, I was like, “Wow!” But there are so many of us now we’re all just drops in the sea. It’s becoming incresingly harder to really create posts of content and engage readers, which is why I opt for something more similar, like the Satorialist’s blog. Post pictures and then your readers can look and give their opinions. People love eye candy and giving their opinions anyway, his was the first blog I followed because I like how he isn’t always trying to write posts of how we all can re-invent the wheel of fashion or posting new makeup finds that others may find completely non-usable or uninteresting.