Daily Inspiration: Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm

nothing great ever achieved without enthusiasm

The thing about blogging is that it is a long term activity.

It's easy to be enthusiastic in the beginning, but as time goes on, it becomes easier and easier to become jaded, frustrated, burnt out. And true, once you learn about the reality of blogging staying, that it is hard work… maintaining enthusiasm can be a huge challenge.

However, the real reality is, nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. Without passion, without joy you just don't have the energy to keep things fresh, to keep learning, and to feel good about it. Sometimes it takes work to be enthusiastic about a long term project, especially a challenging one.

If you keep your eye on what you can be grateful for, what you love about blogging, even if you have to write it down every day, you'll see you can find enthusiasm quite easily. Because after all, what a wonderful thing it is to have the opportunity to write about what we love every single day?

[Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Typography by Jennine Jacob]

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2 Responses

  1. Nadya Helena

    You know, this is kind of the case happening to me (and everybody else I realized). I’ve always thought that if you love something and truly passionate about something, you will always have the spirit, the fire will never burn out, etc etc. But I’ve come to a realization that nothing is black and white. Love fades, spirit ceases, and enthusiasm are winding down. If we are to let ourselves drown in our procrastination (that happens quite a lot of time to me), then our dreams might do the same thing to us. Just the thought of that gets me going again most of the time.

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  2. Cassandra Ikegbune

    i’m a new blogger and i’m pretty sure i’ll have this problem soon. Nice to have this advice early, thank you