Daily Inspiration: People are going to judge you anyway…

people judge anyway
As bloggers we're constantly putting ourselves “out there” as personal style bloggers we're putting our images out there, as fashion bloggers we're putting our opinions out there, it can get pretty personal sometimes. It puts us in a vulnerable place, open to judgement and criticism, even if we don't do anything wrong, someone can disagree.

The truth is, no matter what we do, people can or will judge. If we do nothing, we'd be judged for not taking enough chances, if we push the envelope we'd be judged for being controversial. If we conform we'd be judged for being to bland, and so forth.

So what does it matter what “other people” think? They'll think whatever they do anyway, so don't let their issues stop you from being who you are, and doing what you love.

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6 Responses

  1. CynthiaCM

    Fashion/style bloggers are in the public eye, whether they’re a popular site or not. Unless the comments are really, really harsh, one shouldn’t be too sensitive about other people’s comments and critiques. If you are, you really shouldn’t be blogging.

  2. Gem

    Great Inspiration. Its true people are going to judge either way so you may as well do what you love and get on with it. I love blogging its a fun and creative thing that allows me to write and share about things I love.


  3. Ivana

    True that.
    People have different perception of things, they will like it, they will hate it. The most important is to do it for yourself and be happy with it!


  4. Justine

    This is the best inspiration I’ve gotten on this site so far. The approval of others is not what motivates me. I motivate myself.

  5. War Julian

    I believe one is heading for a big disappoint if they blog only to please other people. Blogging should stem from your own personal passion/happiness. Everything else follows.

    -War Julian