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Daily Inspiration: The Key to Failure is Trying to Please Everybody

trying please everybody
We've all heard you can't please everybody, and that you shouldn't try to be all things to all people, but have we ever thought about linking failure to trying to please everybody?

When I read this quote, it rang true on a few levels. One, is you can't ever please everybody. Also, when trying to create something that pleases everyone… that's not only impossible, but often is the recipe for a terrible product, blog, whatever that something is.

So instead of trying to create a blog that has something for everyone, that pleases “everyone” stop for a second. At what cost is it to your blog's brand? Your mission? Your purpose for blogging in the first place? It's ok to please a few as opposed to the masses, you just might find it'll be easier to please yourself that way.

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  1. Anastazja Oppenheim

    There are many keys to failure. Trying to please everyone is one, giving up easily is another, there’s also self-doubt or good old laziness. Success is more tricky. If I ever open the doors, I’ll pass the key to you 🙂