Daily Inspiration: Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together

good things fall apart

There was a lot of great energy this week, but over the last few days I've heard of a theme of things falling apart from various people. When I saw this quote it struck home, as every time something I wanted to happen didn't happen, or fell apart the amazing things that came along afterwards. Things falling apart only made room for something better to happen, and something better did happen. Whether it be a relationship that didn't work out or a business deal that fell through. Each of these experiences teaches us more about what we want out of life.

Before I started making money from blogging, I was unemployed and in debt, so I applied for a job I really wanted in social media. It was a great job description and I thought it would mean an entry into a whole new career (even though I had already sewn the seeds for a new career).  I went through the interview process, several phone calls, and meetings, and the more we talked the more excited I got. Then in the final interview, it became apparent I wasn't a good fit for the job. It would require me to build “authentic” campaigns around processed food. Something I like about as about guns and porn. So it fell apart.

Even though I had a million bills to pay and debt collectors harassing me, the experience showed me I had enough talent to be considered, so why not take my own experience and make my own company? That's when things really changed. Within one year I had a consistent income from my blog doing what I loved and living a great life from it. But if I hadn't gone through the process of failing, I would have never learned what I needed to move on to the next level.

You just never know which disappointing experiences will open the doors to something wonderful beyond your wildest dreams.


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  1. Kajsa J. Andersen

    I actually like some portions of hardships. I tend to work better with them, than without them.

    I am glad that things worked out for you, that motivates me 🙂 Happy Weekend!


  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you for sharing your story. We have many similarities. I too have been unemployed for seven months now, the bills are adding up and bill collectors are harassing me!
    I also work in Social Media. I been on several job interviews—everyone is impressed with my accomplishments. One person even told me they could not believe I had not been hired yet! Needless to say, I did not get any of those jobs. However, I did receive a verbal job offer and when I followed up I did not receive a response.
    This experience has pushed me and I recently decided to launch my own agency by the summer. I know there is something better on the other side.

  3. The Science of Happy

    Love this quote, just pinned it!


  4. Dosta Radnjanska

    Great post dear, and very helpful. Your posts are very inspiring.