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A Simple Guide To Eco-Friendly Gifts: Black Friday 2024 Edition

More and more people have started noticing the impact commercial holidays have on our environment. So much so that a ten-minute research on the internet can give you enough anxiety to turn the word “Christmas” into a panic trigger. In fact, a study shows that 25% of people throw away their gifts, which is just awful in perspective, and yet I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of it at least once.

As a result tons of people are trying to turn Christmas and other gift-giving holidays into a more sustainable tradition. Personally, I am a huge fan of gifts myself, and much of my preparation starts a few months ahead. The best deals are usually found in late autumn and you can save a ton of money if you shop at the right time.

Don’t know if you heard, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are growing in popularity with in-store and online sales. A lot of people argue that Black Friday encourages mass consumerism, which can be true, but not if you’re clever and look for sustainable and eco-friendly Black Friday gifts. I say reap the benefits of tiny price tags and shop sustainably!

Instead of having a morally conflicting Christmas, why not go eco-friendly? A lot of people are of the opinion that the way we celebrate Christmas should drastically change. Of course, change is incredibly personal and I’m here to tell you all about how you can modify this holiday and start a sustainable tradition, all the while spreading Christmas cheer! Consider this to be a guide to ethical Black Friday shopping as well!

When is Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2024?

Get your calendars out and note down the dates of this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Black Friday falls on November 26th and Cyber Monday falls on the Monday right after that (November 29th). You might notice Black Friday comes on the day right after Thanksgiving. I find that to be the easiest trick to remembering the date. Traditionally, Black Friday heralds the mass Christmas shopping, and in recent years it has turned into a global event. 

If you’re looking for an online version of a shopping rush, Cyber Monday is your thing. Apple and Amazon are usually ready for the date and have some online exclusive offers ready to go.

If you want to shop eco-friendly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider your energy and fuel impact. Try to have one shopping trip to cover all your gifts. And why not make it a group thing? Give a friend a lift and carpool together. Alternatively, if you don’t drive (good for you!) use mass transportation to conserve energy. And don’t forget your tote bags! I keep mine in the car so they’re readily available and I don’t get tempted to buy any. I actually use one of those gigantic IKEA bags every time I do my shopping. They tend to hold the most items and they’re super compact!

Where to Look for Black Friday Deals?

I’m sure most of your favorite stores and brands will prepare heavily for Black Friday 2021. Walmart, Amazon and Target, for example, are all ready for the event, and some of them even hosted Pre-Black Friday sales in the beginning of October. Best Buy also announced they’ll be offering Black Friday deals.

It’s also a good idea to check your favorite brands and websites on the day and see if they’re offering any deals. Days like Black Friday are great if you want to support local independently-owned businesses, too. Many online small businesses are also a great investment – you’d be feeding a family and you’d own something unique.

Why go for Eco-Friendly Products & Gifts this Black Friday?

Don’t know if you heard, but our planet is in a bit of a state right now. Still, I think guilt-tripping and making people feel like they never do enough to protect the environment isn’t the right way to handle the situation. We should try and implement small changes into our lives. Changes like these are extremely individual. Sadly we can’t all just pack up and head straight to the nearest cave and plug out of society. Small steps are the way to go!

For many of us, celebrating the holidays means spending quality time with family members but we can easily fall into the trap of spending too much and creating tons of waste. So what can be done? Eco friendly shopping is your answer. Here are a few facts that might convince you to buy ethical sustainable gifts for your loved ones:

  • Americans throw away about 25% more trash in the time between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.
  • If each family chose to wrap just 3 presents in sustainable or reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45 000 football fields! That’s crazy numbers!
  • Nearly 35% of Americans keep an unused present in their homes!

Not to mention the energy wasted when each family plugs in their fabulous fairy lights and Christmas lights over the holiday season. Saving on energy resources helps protect our environment and safeguards health for us and the future generations.

Purchasing sustainable gifts and choosing eco friendly Black Friday shopping deals can help reduce all this waste. The following section includes tons of ideas, so you can find gifts for sustainable friends, vegan gifts, and some of the best eco friendly gifts out there!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Black Friday Deals

If you’re looking for gifts for eco-friendly people, allow me to point you to some amazing ideas. Whether you’re looking for sustainable gifts for her, or are yet to introduce sustainable gifts to relatives and friends, there’s a little something for everyone in the list below! Black Friday is also a great opportunity to stock up on some sustainable home products that will not only help you save money but also help the environment.

Eco Tools & Cool Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

1. Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes (12 Pack)

  • Go Green - Both the toothbrushes and packaging are eco-friendly, allowing you to clean your teeth with a clear conscience every day. Plus, the...
  • 12 Durable Toothbrushes - The design is robust and durable, with each toothbrush lasting up to 6-months of use. What's more, every pack features 12...
  • Soft Bristles - Our BPA-free, charcoal-infused bristles feel soft on teeth and gums. We only use premium quality materials that are sustainably...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Who says a toothbrush is too personal to buy for a friend? So long as they don’t get the wrong message and you convince them their breath is totally fine, a 12-pack of sustainable tooth brushes can be a wonderful eco-friendly gift for him and her. It’s recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, and Greenzla claims their toothbrushes are made with 100% organic charcoal blended bristles. They are also incredibly cheap and can make an affordable surprise work gift if you’re someone’s Secret Santa.

The packaging of these toothbrushes is also zero plastic, and you can keep the individual cardboard containers if you’re planning to travel somewhere. That way, you can store your toothbrush and make use of the card all at the same time!

2. Bamboozle Food Compost Bin, indoor Food Composter For Kitchen

1,926 Reviews
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: This compost bin has been thoughtfully designed to manage natural decomposition at home. The decomposing bin converts organic...
  • NATURE FRIENDLY: This natural garbage bin is made of sustainable bamboo fiber to reduce the impact on the planet. It will help you utilize regular...
  • EFFECTIVE COMPOSTING: Designed to help you adopt a greener lifestyle, this reusable compost bin comes with hemp-based filters to control the odor and...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You know you have become an adult when you start dreaming of a compost bin. This one specifically is aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and made of durable materials. The most important factor here is that this compost bin is also perishable, so once you're ready to move on, the bamboo material will break down cleanly, with a practically non-existent environmental impact. The bin also comes with two charcoal filters, which last about two months and doesn’t allow stinky odors to escape through the holes.

The small size allows you to place the bin anywhere on a tabletop near your cutting board, so you can easily transfer scraps of food into it. Compost bins are a great in-between to collect enough material for fertilization if you have outdoor space. Compost bins are the perfect gift for plant moms and dads. You can put all sorts of waste in there, like fruit peels, vegetables, coffee grounds, but you’re not just limited to food. You can put paper rolls, yard waste, egg cartons, napkins, non-glossy paper, and other compostable items. There is a great article on amazon which will give you all the information you need on how to use compost bins!

3. Tree Tribe Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Insulated, Indestructible, Eco Friendly

1,022 Reviews
  • KEEPS WATER COLD ALL DAY - Double walled, vacuum insulated design keeps water cold for an entire day! Hot liquids can stay super hot for 6+ hours, and...
  • LEAK PROOF - Carry your water bottle in your backpack with other valuables worry-free. The vacuum insulated silicon gasket guarantees your bottle will...
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel on the inside and 18/10 outside. Built for rugged use, yet lightweight to carry...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You might be asking, what’s so sustainable and eco-friendly about a water bottle? To start, this particular Tree Tribe Stainless Steel Water Bottle is built to last and is made of sturdy material, so you can be sure it will last a great deal of time. Not to mention it comes in plastic-free packaging, which you can put straight in the recycling bin free of guilt. But here’s the best part – with every purchase of a Tree Tribe water bottle, the company plants a tree. So far, they have planted over 400 000 trees across the world.

Reusable water bottles stop mountains of plastic from being wasted. You can also be certain that your gift won’t be left to collect dust in the back of a closet – it’s bound to be used daily. A carabiner can be easily attached to the bottle cap and brought along on mountain hikes or camping trips. This double-walled vacuum insulated water bottle is designed to keep your liquids cold or hot for hours on end. The bottle also has a bamboo lid and a wide mouth, making it easy to pour liquid in and out. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate it when I have to clean my water bottle, and I can’t even get a brush inside to clean it. Thankfully, with the Tree Tribe water bottle, you don’t have to worry about that!

4. Eco-friendly Reusable Grocery Net Bags

314 Reviews
  • Eco Friendly - Use these mesh market bags instead of single-use plastic and paper bags to your trip to farmer's market for any kinds of produce,...
  • Durable medium sized net totes - Please take note of the size: Drop length is about 24 inches with a 9 inch handle. They may appear small but these...
  • Multi-purpose - A reusable grocery net bag that you can also use as storage or organizer for toys, laundry, and many more. You can also hang them in...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

At first glance, you might think, what sort of gift does a shopping bag make? But hear me out. These reusable, washable shopping bags are made of natural cotton and are capable of holding up to 30 lbs. They’re stretchy and spacious, unlike your regular tote bag. When you first take the bags out of the packaging (yes, bags, plural – they come in packets of two!), they may appear small, but that’s exactly the point. They can fit in your handbag, rucksack, or your car’s glove compartment.

You don’t have to use these stretchable cotton bags strictly for shopping. I use mine to collect my cat’s toys when I’m cleaning or vacuuming, so they stay out of my way. You can also keep shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials in this type of bag. These net totes are also see-through, which is perfect if you’re looking for something specific – it takes seconds to find it. You might also decide to hang the net tote and keep bulky food like potatoes, oranges, and other round food in them.

If you want to spice up your gift even more, you can fill the bag with the gift receiver’s favorite food! Grab some chocolates, snacks and fill them with comfort food!

5. Eco-Friendly Fun Bulk Succulent Pots

  • 100% Handmade Wooden Pot: Made up of rubberwood with natural wood texture, brings elegant style with a natural touch, inside ceramic pots make your...
  • Promote Your Plant’s Living: Bring your home to life with our outclass wooden pots, the inside ceramic pots prevent overwatering, promoting plant...
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Décor: Our stylish 3 in 1 style Wooden pot set is suitable for elegant and simple interior style, the classic design...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Another cool eco-friendly holiday gift can be a plant pot, especially if you’re looking for a sustainable gift for her. Personally, I tend to give plant pots as gifts without a plant inside. The atrocity, I know, but I have a good reason. Most of my friends are plant moms, with tons of succulents, flowers, and spices growing in their houses. They hardly need more plant life as it is, but they struggle every year when their plants have grown, and it’s time to repot. I can’t tell you the number of times they have been super grateful for giving them empty pots!

Of course, if your friends are trying to grow their own personal jungle, there’s no reason why you can’t buy them a plant as well! These special pots are made of ceramic and have bamboo trays that are extremely dense and naturally beautiful. The best part is that this is an eco-friendly plastic-free gift!

6. BOETECO Reusable Ear Swab 2 Cases of 8

1,751 Reviews
  • ✅TIPS THAT WON’T FALL OFF: Isn’t it horrifying to see silicone reusable cotton swabs being sold that dislodge their tiny tips INSIDE people’s...
  • ✅2 KITS, 4 SWABS (8 TOTAL): Use one for home, and one for somewhere else! You get two reusable swabs cases (2 x 3.2 inches) with (2) “Regular”...
  • ✅ Ideal for the elderly, children, pets: The BOETECO Zero Waste Reusable Swab Set is ideal for the elderly, children, pets and babies. The case and...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I know, I know. Ear swabs as gifts? I must be kidding. Well, I’m not. Buying a family set of reusable silicone swabs may not be such a bad idea. After all, saving the planet isn’t something shameful, and we all clean our ears. So let’s get to the point – what makes these reusable brushes so good, you’ll want to buy one yourself?

Firstly, they’re ideal for children, pets, babies, and the elderly – the case and stems are made from plastic-free BPA. The reusable cotton swabs last ultra-long – buying just one pack will keep you stocked up for 10 years, and you’ll save the Earth from 20 000 disposable cotton swabs being dumped into the ocean!

7. Reusable Sandwich Snack Bags Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags 3 Pcs

Reusable Sandwich Snack Bags Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags 3 Pcs
Waterproof & good sealing function.
The sandwich bag is made of high quality waterproof PEVA material with sealed zipper, which can effectively protect your inside food from splashing water and keep the food’s good tasting.
One set of the sandwich bag includes one small bag, one medium bag and one big bag, which can suffice your different size food storage needs. Besides, three bags is convenient for different kinds of food’s segregation storage avoiding mixing.
   View on Walmart

You probably haven’t thought about it, but reusable food bags can be a wonderful eco-friendly gift. Currently discounted on Walmart, this one comes in a set of three, with sizes – small, medium, and large. This isn’t your boring, average transparent bag – the funky patterns on top make these items unique and fun.

The great thing about these types of sandwich bags is that you can reuse them, wash them, they’re durable and economical. Whether you’re heading off to work for a busy day at the office or your kid is at school, having a sandwich bag can save you a lot of hassle. Not to mention the amount of plastic you’re saving from each sandwich wrap or chips bag you buy! This is an excellent gift for people of any age.

8. Premium Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Matt

  • ✅【PREMIUM WEIGHT & SIZE】-- Our longest & thickest mat || Weight: 7.5 lbs | Length/Width: 72 inch x 24 inch | Thickness: 5 mm | This mat will...
  • ✅【SUPERIOR NON-SLIP GRIP】-- Heavyweight cork's grip & traction increases with moisture and heat, offering a superior grip || Provides far more...
  • ✅【NON-TOXIC & ODOR-FREE】-- 100% natural cork yoga mat. Built to resist retainment of odors even with frequent hot yoga use.

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I love a mat with a good grip. No one can do a downward dog with a slippery mat, am I right ladies and gentlemen? Don’t you worry, this extra-long 72” by 24” yoga mat will give you all the space and freedom to do your Vinyasa yoga. It’s also super lightweight and sustainable. It’s made of natural cork and TPE, which is eco-friendly. If you have a friend who’s a yoga freak or has been using the same mat for god knows how long, this might be the perfect fun vegan gift!

9. Second-Hand Books

Second-Hand Books

There’s a great section of “Used Books” on Amazon that won’t look like this when you buy them. Although if you’re buying for a bookworm, I seriously doubt they’ll mind receiving a second-hand book that’s lacking in quality. The good news is most books resold on amazon tend to be as good as new, and I’ve often been immensely impressed with their quality. You can find pretty much anything on there, and I doubt there’s a more vegan-sustainable-eco-friendly gift than a good book! So long as you get the title right, you can hardly go wrong with this amazing deal!

10. Digital and Audible Books

  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Flynn, Gillian (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Speaking of eco-friendly book buying, you can fit an entire room full of books on a kindle or tablet, and you won’t be contributing to tree cutting. Some minimalists prefer this way of living, and I’ll give it to them – fewer books means less hassle when moving, less dust cleaning and an A-Z library of books that you can access in a manner of seconds.

No more “where is my bookmarker”, or trying to figure out how far in you are with your reading when you lose one. It sounds like a dream, to be honest! So what is more sustainable and eco-friendly than buying a digital book for someone, or even an audiobook? The best thing about digital books in any shape and form is that they’re typically cheaper, too. This is an excellent gift idea if you have to buy a gift for someone at work and you have a cap on your spending.

11. Plant Terrarium With Wooden Stand

  • ✿ Nice photo prop - Suitable for Cool and Vintage Ins style. It will be more beautiful and eye-catching if you fill the bottle with colored water or...
  • ✿ Perfect combination of natural wood and clear glass- Frame is made of sturdy and robust nature wood, 3 bulb terrariums are made of High boron...
  • ✿Retro Home Office Décor: Great for floral arrangement, cutting plants, artificial, freshly flowers, mixed bouquets, water rooted plants or live...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Plant terrariums are a great way to propagate your indoor plants and have them looking fabulous while you’re at it! Has your plant mom friend been going on and on about their new baby plants – it might be time to give them a hand with this amazing vintage stand. Alternatively, these beautiful flasks can be used as vases too. They’re a great accessory for your office or restaurant, and here’s the best part – they’re currently discounted on Amazon!

12. Ethique Sustainable Beauty Bars For Face and Body

9,122 Reviews
  • Contains: Three shampoos (Frizz Wrangler for dry hair, Heali Kiwi for an unbalanced scalp, & Saint Clements for oily hair) and two conditioners (The...
  • Discovery packs: Looking to #giveupthebottle but not sure which Ethique products are best for you? Our Hair Sampler is great for those who want to dip...
  • Trial & Travel Kit: Five of our best-selling mini hair care bar in cute heart shapes! Also perfect for travel!

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Looking for some plastic-free, vegan, compostable, and zero-waste beauty product? It sounds pretty difficult to find – but it doesn’t have to be. Ethique creates bar sets that include 5 fantastic heart-shaped samples – Frizz Wrangler, Heali Kiwi, Saint Clements, The Guardian, and Wonderbar. The shampoo bars are perfect for all types of hair: oily, frizzy, dry, and normal! You can sample each one until you find your favorite. A single bar is equivalent to 1 bottle of shampoo, so don’t feel like you’re missing out – they last a long time!

When you buy solid shampoo bars, you save tons of water. You might be thinking, “How does that work? I’m washing my hair with the same amount of water after all.” But it has nothing to do with your water consumption. In fact, liquid shampoos usually need 3-4 liters of water to make a single bottle. So you’re not only saving on plastic, you’re reducing water consumption by buying this product! Isn’t that fabulous?

13. Rosa Rugosa Menstrual Cups + Steamer Steriliser Bundle

  • Say Goodbye to Trouble - Throw away your pot and give up your microwave, you never need to sneak into the kitchen again. Never has cleaning menstrual...
  • Complete Automatic: Just need to connect plug and pour in water, it would do anything well by itself and not ask for your care. it's a very automatic...
  • Reusable Period Cup - Rosa Cup the most comfortable period product on the market. It prevents menstrual odor, irritation, and dryness. Most women...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Menstrual cups are an amazing way to save the environment. They reduce sanitary waste, and one cup can last up to ten years! They are entirely safe to use and made of medicinal silicone, which is friendly to your body – unlike tampons which hold a considerable risk and can create a toxic shock for some women.

Reusable cups are also a fantastic tool to help with a clean period and help your body breathe without clogging it with cotton. Pads can be a hassle as well – if you decide to use a cup, you can say goodbye to the unpleasant odor and the feeling of having a burrito stuck between your legs! This specific cup by Rosa Rugosa also comes with a steamer that can sterilize your cup for under ten minutes! It's an excellent gift for your daughter, mother, sister, or best friend!

14. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – Eco-Friendly

  • 【FEEL FRESH, HEALTHY AND CLEAN】: Wouldn’t you love to feel fresh and clean in seconds? These super fluffy and soft beauty pads are great to...
  • 【TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN】: The set includes 3 black scrub and 12 white and mint soft make up pads. The scrub pads are perfect for cleaning off...
  • 【SAVE YOUR MONEY AND OUR PLANET】: These 15 reusable cosmetic makeup removal pads are the equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Bamboo facial wipes are a fantastic eco-friendly addition to anyone’s makeup desk. They’re ultra-easy to clean – just pop them inside the net bag (included with purchase) and throw them in the washing machine. The set contains 15 bamboo wipes, 3 black scrub double-layered pads, and 12 soft pads for everyday use. The makeup remover pads are lightweight and convenient to carry with you on trips and can be easily hand washed if you’re travelling and have no access to a washing machine. This can be the perfect gift for beauty enthusiasts and nature lovers!

15. Eco-Friendly SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

5,049 Reviews
  • Multi-Function Activity Center –[See Video on Left]- Bed & Play Space – Pets Scratch, Stretch, Groom, Pounce & Sleep on the Ripples or Inside...
  • Infinite Configurations Helps to Prevent Boredom - Keeps Them Entertained - Create New Shapes - Any Time, All the Time
  • Perfect For Multiple Cats - Room to Play or Rest - Insulating Non-Slip Rubber Bottom Prevents Slipping and Sliding When Kitty Pounces

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Why shouldn’t your pets benefit from our eco-friendly Black Friday gifts? Has your cat been dying of boredom lately? Entertain them with this activity play mat which doubles as a blanket! It’s an amazing tool to help train your cat or small dog. The insulated base will keep your cat or dog warm, and they can easily snuggle in it too! The “fabric” is made of recycled plastic bottles, and the company has recycled over 3 million bottles so far!

16. Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher Lounge From Recycled Carton

  • CATS LOVE IT: A scratcher, lounge, catnip toy & SO MUCH MORE. Incl premium USA organic catnip leaf. Natural scratching healthy claws, great exercise,...
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Flip over for two designs in one that provides extra stimulation and prolonged life. Subtle curves make for easier scratching & a...
  • GREAT VALUE: 19. 7 x 10. 2 x 3. 2 inches. Reversible for 2x the use. Superior cardboard & construction lasts longer than other scratchers; preferred...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Now that’s a happy cat! Yours could be, too, especially if it hasn’t received any scratching accessories lately! I’m the type of person who loves to leave a gift for my pet under the Christmas tree, and this 100% recyclable cardboard cat lounge has made my list! The best thing is it fits large cats as well – it’s 17-inches in length, longer than your average scratch matt. The matt board itself is made of catnip leaf and recycled cardboard – your cat is bound to fall in love with it!

DIY and Craft Gifts

1. Urban Kangaroo DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

27 Reviews

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Do you have that friend that says: “I really like presents that are more of an experience rather than a physical gift?”. If so, I’ve got the best vegan gift for them. A soy wax candle-making kit! This one is just fabulous. It includes two different oil blends – fragrance and essential oil. You can also choose to pour the mix into a reusable mason jar or one of the candle tins included with the package. The step-by-step instructions will turn you into a candle-making pro, worth starting an Etsy business. You can also use jars or continents of your own to really spice things up. The best thing about this gift is that you can choose to distribute your candles to friends if you want. What’s better than a gift that keeps on giving?

2. Embroidery Kit For Beginners 3 Sets

  • Value Package: 1pc white cotton fabric with Flowering Shrubs pattern, 1pc black cotton fabric with Daisy Flower pattern, 1pc Blue cotton fabric with...
  • Suitable for Beginners: The instructions includes illustration of embroidery, teaching you how to deal with embroidery floss, printed pattern, and the...
  • Classical Ornaments: After finishing the embroidery, the embroidery pattern can be framed in the round plastic embroidery hoop, hanging in the living...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The perfect gift for your cottagecore best friend. Embroidery kits are a real therapy for the soul, and they are perfectly sustainable! Not only do you learn an entirely new craft (that is also super easy!), but you get to hang something beautiful on your wall. I tend to give my friends embroidery kits if they’re moving to a new place and face the horror of blank walls. Once you complete your masterpiece, you can hang it somewhere special where you can look at it every day.

Learning how to embroider can really inspire you. Don’t be surprised if more and more embroidery starts popping up on your cottagecore best friend’s clothing. Or if some embroidery ends up on your wall!

3. DIY Macrame Kit

318 Reviews

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This beautiful Macrame kit for adults comes with three different designs and is perfect for beginners. If your friend can tie a knot, they can macrame! Reviewers are raving over it and don’t hesitate to give it five stars. You know what they say, the simplest solution is often the best!

4. Sunshine Punch Needle Kit

Sunshine Punch Needle Kit
  • 1 NO-SLIP HOOP 12″
  • 1 MONK CLOTH (20″ X 18″)
  • 1 INTERLINING (17″ X 18″)
   View on We Are Knitters

Punch needle kits are so in right now! This one by weareknitters is currently reduced and can make the most memorable gift for your loved ones. What’s more eco-friendly than making something yourself? If you’re not familiar with trendy punch needles, this amazing craft is all about making rugs, coasters, and fluffy wonders!

With this punch needle kit, you can choose your own colored wool, and you’ve got everything you might need to complete the pattern – no-slip hoop, monk cloth, interlining, sewing needle, and the very much needed how-to guide!

Ethical Gift Giving Advice

You might think we’ve covered most subjects in terms of eco-friendly and sustainable shopping this Holiday season, and you’re right… almost. There’s one subject left to cover. Packaging!

Gift wrapping has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, and in recent years I took it one step further. I said no to picturesque shiny paper. Why? Well, strap in for some shocking news! Wrapping paper is not recyclable.

I wish I was joking, but unless you’re using brown Kraft paper, it’s not recyclable. If it’s laminate, glittery, or in any way shiny, it’s not recyclable. My advice – don’t buy any! In case that seems unachievable for you, just grab the regular old kraft paper and be safe.

For the rest of you interested in more original and eco-friendly ways to gift wrap, try using fabric! Tote bags, palace mats, scarves, and fancy pillow cases eco-friendly toothbrushes can make excellent gift wraps. Just take a quick trip to a thrift store or charity shop and scan the area. Here’s a quick two-minute video teaching you how to knot wrap a present:

The same goes for string. I can suggest you choose a string or a bow that can be kept and reused again. Fabric strings are perfect and durable. And if you’re up for the task, you can always make your own from old clothing you no longer wear.

If you think about it in perspective, the whole point of wrapping presents is to keep the gift a surprise for a brief moment before they grab it and open it. If you try to explain to an alien or someone who doesn’t inhabit planet Earth, they might look at you and think you’re a little crazy. Is it worth having these three seconds of mystery for that paper to be on Earth forever? Probably not.

And if you really want to avoid wrapping gifts altogether, you could try the old-fashioned way of gift-giving. In the olden days when wrapping paper didn’t exist they probably just asked the person in front of them to close their eyes and hold out their hands – that seemed to work like a charm.

All jokes aside, I really hope you’ll look at gift wrapping in a different way now that you know all this information. And for those of you who love wrapping gifts, you can challenge yourself to do it differently this year!

Before you go…

If you’re looking for some amazing Black Friday Deals that aren’t necessarily eco-friendly, why not take a look at some Black Friday deals on cameras?

There are also some fantastic Black Friday beauty deals worth checking out!

I hope you found this article helpful and you’re one step closer to having a sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly holiday!


Please note that this is a list containing eco-friendly and sustainable products that may or may not participate in deals, sales, or discounts during the upcoming Black Friday 2021 or Cyber Monday 2021. Our team will regularly update this page with Black Friday 2021 deals and offers throughout the month. We are not responsible for any product price changes, can’t guarantee the participation of products or brands, and can’t foresee the withdrawal of brands or products from this Black Friday 2021. Please double-check each product and its price before purchasing from the brand’s official website, Amazon, Walmart, or any other online retailer.

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