8 Facebook Groups All Fashion Bloggers Need To Join in 2024

Facebook groups can be a little bit overwhelming, don't you think? Especially when it comes to Facebook groups for fashion bloggers.

Facebook Groups Fashion Bloggers Need To Join

Especially if you're a blogger looking to connect with other bloggers, troubleshoot problems and promote your content. There are so many out there on Facebook, which ones are worth your time and which ones should you skip?

Don't worry, blogging babes and beaus.

We're rounded up ten of the best Facebook groups for fashion bloggers here on IFB. Check them out below and let us know your favourites (or if we missed any) in the comments.

Facebook Groups For Fashion Bloggers (2024)

Boss Girl Bloggers

We're kicking off this list with Boss Girl Bloggers.

Run by EllDuclos, this group is a place where lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers can interact and collaborate with one and other. It's a great group to join if you're looking to connect with other female bloggers and entrepreneurs.

We also recommend checking out the Becoming Fearless podcast episode, where Ell tells her blogging story to Style Collective founder and Becoming Fearless host Annie Spano.

The Intentional Entrepreneur

According to Sabrina Philipp who runs the group, the Intentional Entrepreneur is “…the digital home for high-vibe entrepreneurs building intentional, manageable, and profitable online businesses.”

This group was created by Sabrina to support entrepreneurs in building their businesses. Her goal was to put a strong support structure in place and help entrepreneurs them find multiple streams of income, so they can achieve ultimate personal and financial freedom like herself.

Sabrina Philipp is a Business Coach for online entrepreneurs, and the creator of the Intentional Manageable Profitable framework. Check her out at sabrinaphilipp.com.

Creative Superheroes

Creative Superheroes is the group for creative entrepreneurs.

The group provides support, feedback, brainstorming, growth and tips for its members. It's run by Allison from Wonderlass, a blogger turned blogging coach.

It's a great place to seek out help for anything creative- and entrepreneur-related, and to connect with likeminded people.

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 is run by Nicole Floss, a blogger and social media strategist. Nicole founded  and the founder of Uniquely Women.

The group is “smaller” at 3, 400 members but Floss provides members with plenty of freebies and helpful blogging tips.

The Influencer Podcast – Official Facebook Group

Here at IFB, we're big fans of Julie Solomon. We highly recommend you check out her podcast AND her equally awesome Facebook group. 

The group is excellent if you're more “influencer” than “blogger, if you know what we mean. It also isn't too large and currently boasts only 741 members. Julie is great at replying to queries and the group has a very positive vibe. And while “promo” days are kept to a minimum, it's a great way to connect with other influencers who also listen to Julie's podcast.

Blogging Boost

This a good group to start out with, if you're new to Facebook groups.

Blogging Boost boasts over twenty six thousand members and aims to connect its members with other bloggers. It's also a group where you can share your posts, while also learning the ins and outs of making a living online.

According to Zoe Linda there aren't many weekly prompts or promo threads (apart from Promo Monday) but it's a great platform for asking questions, getting support, and making connections with fellow bloggers.

The Sway Facebook Group

The Sway Facebook group specializes in blogger education and helping influencers build online communities.

The group was created by The Sits Girls and aims help bloggers connect with sponsored opportunities. As a community, it hopes its members will help each other in defining their business and success in the online world.

The Blogging Squad

The Blogging Squad is for advanced bloggers, looking to promote their content on Facebook. It also serves as an online community for bloggers of all niche markets and areas of interest.

It's a good place to promote your content, seek help and find other bloggers interested in collaborations.

Are you apart of any of these Facebook groups? Is your favourite missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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