25 Instagram Accounts We’re Totally Obsessed With

Would it be inappropriate if we wanted to climb to the top of our New York City office building and shout, “We love Instagram!” Seriously, we could literally shout it from the rooftops. The photo-sharing app gets a lot of love from us because it's as addictive to follow as it is to participate. From our perspective, it seems like the blogging and fashion communities have totally embraced Instagram as a way to share a moment in time not just with words (Twitter) but with images.

instagrams we love

As the smart phone app has grown in popularity, it's been interesting to see how our favorite brands, blogs and publications have really made their content unique. We've rounded up 25 of our current favorite Instagram accounts to share with you below. Since you can't link directly to the app from a computer, we've linked to their feed through our prefered viewer, web.stagram.

25 Instagram Accounts We're Totally Obsessed With

  • GlitterGuide: From fashion to lifestyle and all things sparkling, their feed is girly perfection
  • Sincerely_Juless: We're obsessed with her SoCal style, and her Instagram feed features outfits, beach days and of course, that amazing hair
  • Cheetahisnb: We love her local adventures around New York, but right now we're following her gorgeous photos on a cross-country road trip
  • facehunter: Yvon Radic captures his chic street style subjects across the globe and back again, it's scenery-meets-style at it's best
  • Vanityfair: We love their vintage cover shots, but really, it's all about their #shoesday posts on Tuesdays
  • bergdorfs: Speaking of shoes, it doesn't get much better than Bergdorf Goodman's combination of footwear and New York City life
  • Taza: Her life (the kids, the dog, the cute husband) is just too adoreable – end of story
  • refinery29: Their feed gives glimpses behind the scenes at shoots, adventures across the country and at all the best events
  • blaireadiebee: Blair's feed is all about outfit details, accessories and blog post sneak-peeks, with no lack of bokah light effects
  • newyorkcity: Call us biased, but we love this feed of amazing photos of the city we call home
  • coachblkrwomen: If you don't like food, cute dogs, amazing jewelry or classic handbags, this feed is not for you
  • psimadethis: Erica Domesek creates playful messages and shares snapshots of her inspiring DIY lifestyle
  • honestlywtf: From DIY projects to amazing travels, we love seeing Erica & Lauren's mini moments
  • katespadeny: Their feed perfectly captures the #livecolorfully lifestyle from dressing to dining and beyond
  • bryanboycom: Travels, hilarity and a lot of hang time with Rumi Neely; we love it
  • garypeppergirl: Just like her blog – every photo is gorgeous, perfectly lit and taken in an enviable locale
  • intothegloss: Beauty blogger and gal-about-town Emily Weiss gives us a glimpse into her rather glamorous life
  • oscarprgirl: Honestly, we live for her Oscar de la Renta-clad mirror shots
  • krystal_bick: Just like her blog This Time Tomorrow, Krystal's feed is a stylish slice of San Fransisco life
  • toryburch: An addictive peek into the life of Tory Burch and behind the scenes of her brand
  • tavitulle: One of the coolest and quirkiest feeds we follow, Tavi's perspective is unlike anyone else in fashion
  • whowhatwear: We wouldn't expect anything less than shot after shot of amazing fashion from one of the chicest daily newsletters around
  • miraduma: Miroslava Duma is a fashion week street style darling, and her Instagram feed gives us even more of her unique style
  • nicolettemason: Her globe-trotting ways and amazing shoes make Nicolette's feed a must on our list
  • ispydiy: Jenni's feed chronicles her adventures in crafting, traveling for her book tour and her latest DIY projects

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers to follow? Let us know if we missed your favorite! (And be sure to follow us, too!)

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  1. the sparkle (@erincg)

    would love to see some undiscovered gems instead of big names only – maybe a good idea for another list!


    • Deniz

      I agree with rest of the comments on here! I work in the creative field so you can tell I enjoy insta a little too much. My IG is:denizyy

  2. Michelle

    Yawn. Same old, same old. I feel like IFB does what everyone else does – pick the same people over and over.

    • the sparkle (@erincg)

      sad to say, but i agree. would be great to see you guys expand your horizons a bit.

    • karen

      definitely agree! i was expecting to see some undiscovered people but sad to find the same people as always…



  3. Christa

    The Sparkle, I was just thinking the same thing! That would be another great blog post for IFB 🙂

    • the sparkle (@erincg)

      totally – totally interested in finding some new, unique and inspiring accounts! 🙂

  4. Emma

    I follow most of these although my favourite person on Instagram at the moment is Bryanboy!
    Feel free to check out my Instagram 🙂 My user name is: emmylouisexo

    • karen

      omgosh! i follow you! you have the most amazing shoe collection!! I’m ‘thechicndamned’ hahha



  5. Lisa D.

    Love the ones listed, but agree with the others about discovering some new content. I hope some more Instagram lovers will leave their usernames in the comments here, so we can check out their photos. =) My username lisadenoia — and my feed is sprinkled with a few outfits, accessories, restaurants, pics of my puggle, and lots of beach days and photos from around Virginia Beach. =)

    • Christa (@christamarzan)

      I forgot to leave my Instagram account! I mostly post pics of my outfits, my pup, and food 🙂 Follow me here!

  6. TheOnlineStylist

    You would love A Girl, A Style’s Instagram feed (agirlastyle) ….her photos are wonderful! Thanks for this list – now following the ones that I wasn’t already. No more work for me today! x

  7. Dark Blue Stripes

    Great list. Some of my favourties! I agree a post on undiscovered accounts would also be cool.


    @darkbluestripes on Instagram

  8. Nancy (@Beauty411)

    Thanks so much for that rec! I am now following robaurelius and his NY pics almost make me feel like I’m there!

  9. Alice McGenniss-Destro

    oo there’s some great ones on that list that I wasn’t following!

    Feel free to pop by mine @alicemcgennissdestro
    Trawlings of a fashion journalist, student, and everything in-between!

  10. Taina

    My fav instagram and blog site is @kelawalker/kelaskloset.com! Fab daily style blog!!! IFB should def feature her!

  11. Ashley Torres

    Agree w/ discovering new accounts – maybe 2 lists: Top 25 brands/companies (ie: bergdorfs, Tory & Kate spade) and Top 25 bloggers.

    I follow and love:

    My instagram @pursuitofshoes is filled with #ootd and shoe eye candy!

  12. Kate

    3 of my absolute favorites that aren’t on this list are:




    Such pretty fashion filled photos!

    • taylordavies

      Hi Kate – thanks for including those – going to check em out right now.. and who knows, maybe we’ll have to do an update post 🙂

  13. KaitlynMcCall

    I’m now following all of them!
    LOVE finding new daily inspiration 🙂
    Be sure to follow


  14. Raiana Schwenker

    I follow most of these! Thanks for the recommendations for the ones I have missed 🙂 I also agree that there should be a list for obscure people with lovely images!
    You can follow me @raianaschwenker, also be sure to come check out my blog – just posted a list of my favourite links this week!


  15. Joallen

    Instagram is amazing, I like to check it everyday to see photos shared by Instagram users from world. Cool and nice Apps.

    Get More Instagram Followers

  16. Parshar

    Wonderful list 🙂 but would be nice we look for someone totally undiscovered yet whether if its a fashion,daily lifestyle,nature or other stuff I’m following one or two of them
    1) tonydetriot
    2) junethemoon –>she still don’t know how good she is ..
    Btw mine is Parshar

  17. Rebekah Wa

    I do already love some of these but this same list of the same bloggers just keeps appearing every time IFB does a blogger list. Nearly all of these are American based as well. Come on IFB. Give us a new list. Go check out Tuula, peonylim, leeoliveira, apairandaspare, just to name a few. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully we will see some new names. I want some great new ones to follow.

  18. Maggie

    @mulhollandlife – great behind the scenes of clothing brand. inspirations, travel, fashion

  19. Nate

    I follow ktrstyle.com or @officialktr Great sense of style and she’s a designer too!! Cute skirts

  20. carey bradshaw

    the sparkle, you should check out @bradshaw_c, i think you will be totally delighted

  21. Jessica Tuong

    I adore @ Margaret__zhang of Shine by Three!

    Follow me: @mindbodyshop

  22. Jasmine N

    If you love animals, healthy food working out and fashion
    These are my personal favs: