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Top 10 Fashion Trends Spring 2024 Edition

Miranda Priestly can finally have a breather – there won't be any groundbreaking florals this spring. Instead, spring-summer 2022 fashion trends are a surprising twist between classic shapes and patterns.

There are tons of bold silhouettes introduced on the runway by Prada, Fendi, Commes de Garcon.. But, of course, we all know the photogenic clothes seen on runways are carefully curated designs by splendid artists, and chances are, most of us won't go out looking like Space Age babes. These fashion trends start trickling down from significant fashion houses through influencers, teenagers, and fast fashion until they make it to our very own closets. The question is, how much of this glamor will end up in our wardrobes?

Spring 2022 fashion trends are a throwback to the New York fashion week and London fashion week, mixed in with 1920's and 1930's fashion trends. The global pandemic has had a massive influence over this season's Michael Kors collection, with flowy leisurewear popping up by Loewe and Dior. Charles Jeffrey, Miu Miu, and Prada introduced the pleated skirts, skirt suits, and air parachute tailored trousers for the professional look. We can notice a ‘back to work' theme creeping in.

Chances are, you can rummage through some of your early 2000s clothes and find enough gems to add to your spring wardrobe. Designers have experimented with bold looks and geometrical silhouettes this year, so you can spice up your closet and get some inspiration from the trend below. The shoulder-padded coats are also in this next season. So stick around and get a head start on the most influential spring 2022 fashion trends!

Photo of Woman from Behind Standing in a Line at a Fashion Show

What Trends to Expect this Spring 2024?

An eclectic mix of patterns, shapes, and sizes has been introduced on the runway, and it has been difficult to summarize the trends. The most inspirational decades for these styles are the 2000s and the 1920s/30s, with a sprinkle of 80s in them. It sounds like a lot, I know, but you can masterfully curate your wardrobe if you keep an eye on the most popular trends this year:

  • Low slung waist on show
  • Black and white patterns
  • Large patterns: polka dots, plaid, and stripes
  • 1920's fringe dresses
  • Airy parachute pants
  • Bridal vibes – white dresses
  • Sharp geometry and cutouts
  • Crop tops and bikini tops
  • Oversize shoulder-padded jackets and coats
  • Pointed pumps
  • Flowy oversized leisurewear
  • Very Peri – the color of the year
  • Head to toe denim
  • Ballet shoes
  • Maximal silhouettes

Despite being nominated “color of the year” by Pantone, the Very Peri pastel violet with blue and even neutral tones hasn't been present on the runway. Still, do keep it in mind, as it might pop up in interior design and graphic design pieces throughout the year. You can also consider incorporating it into your clothing.

Another trend that brought a lot of attention is blue eyeliner, it certainly created a dramatic statement. We decided to dedicate an entire article to it so that you can learn everything about this trend! Here are some blue eyeliner tips you shouldn't miss!

So how about we look at some incredible examples of this spring's fashion trends and what has come up in the fashion world? We have listed the top 10 highlights of spring 2022. All of them have been worn on the runways, of course. We have also listed ten items according to those trends, which you can grab for yourselves and look fabulous this spring! All of them have been worn on the runways, of course.

Spring 2024 Trends to Watch Out For

1. Black and White

a woman wearing a black and white polka dot dress

Black and white stripes, polka dots, and plaid are returning to the catwalk, and stars on the red carpet have already shown off some incredible designs. Zendaya attended the premiere of Euphoria's latest season's past, wearing Valentino's back and white column dress, paying an homage to model Linda Evangelista. The latter first wore the dress in 1991. Tony Burch and Schiapparelli also introduced some luxurious and playful black and white dresses featuring large, graphic-like patterns.

2. Maximal Fashion

Actress Carrie Bradshaw's Walking in the Street Wearing Overlaying Patterns

Maximal clothing seems to have become more and more popular in recent years. The aesthetic of excess features tons of overlapping patterns with various textures. It was first popularized in the 1960s, and it bravely mixes colors and designs. Picture most of Carrie Bradshaw's clothing in Sex and The City, and you'll be on the right track.

3. Ballet Flats and Pointed Pumps

Brown Ballet Flats with a Bow

It seems that ballet attire is making its way into our wardrobes. From the adorable ballet flats to the stretchy leotards, this style's comfort and delicate beauty are perfect for spring. Leg warmers also seem to be popping up here and there, paired with the elegant ballet flat. On the other side of the spectrum, smart business skirt suits are seeing a return, and with that, pointed pumps too. Tons of designs have been pouring in from Paloma Spain, Richard Quinn, Prada, Chanel. They are everywhere this year in many shapes and forms. 

4. Bridal Vibes

Woman Standing Looking into the Camera Wearing a Bridal Grown

Finally, you won't have to say “I do” to come out in an over-the-top beautiful white dress. In spring 2022, white dresses with crochet elements are everywhere, and those dreamy and flowy designs have poured out from the runways of Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Simone Rocha, Givenchy, and Miu Miu. Sydney Sweeney recently showed off a beautiful Miu Miu silk design with crystal embroidery and a crop top, accentuating her waist.

5. Low Slung Waists on Show

Young Blonde Woman Wearing a Crop Top and Skirt

You can say goodbye to high-rise jeans and hello to the Y2K and Tom Ford extravaganza. The belly button is showing again, and abs are all the rage. But, combined with the block geometry, showing some midriff is more about complementing the silhouette and composition of your outfit rather than showing off a rebellious schoolgirl attitude. So keep the thong hidden and don on an oversized coat!

6. Oversize Jackets, Trench Coats, and Outerwear

Woman Standing in Nature Wearing an Oversized Jacket

Any oversize outerwear goes! Think business school dropout – a tiny crop top is peaking through underneath the large and bulky oversize coat or the pleated skirt suit. Embrace the power of volume! The Row, Coach, Prada, Raf Simons, Peter Do, and Chanel featured loose and broad-shouldered garments. Returning to the office now features bras and bikini tops in place of sophisticated shirts. At least we won't be sweating away unnecessarily anymore!

7. Sharp-Edged Geometry

Woman Standing Looking to the Side Wearing All White Clothing

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is the sharp edges and stark designs of this year. Triangular and square silhouettes are shown off on runways, and the center of the composition is the waist – either visible or tucked inside a corset. It's the most delicious part of most designs. Despite being out in the open, it remains somewhat curtained by other clothing garments, such as coats and airy parachute pants. But, unlike the Y2K years, when tight jeans and crop tops only accentuated the waist and sexualized it further, this year, there's something a lot more sophisticated when it comes to uncovering your belly.

8. Crop Tops, Bikini Tops, and Baby Tees

Woman Standing and Sticking Out her Tounge Wearing All Black

The 2000s are peaking through indeed, with some minimal and revealing garments coming into play, all in favor of showing off your le taille. So yes, expect the return of bikini tops, baby tees, bra tops, and crop tops, and if you've got any lying around, now's time to give them a second life. In addition, of course, the baby tees with funny writing and quotes are most likely going to make it to your favorite clothing stores, and a lot of crocheted crop tops and psychedelic designs are in the forecast too.

9. 1920's Fringe

Woman Smiling into Camera wearing a Gold and Silver Fringe Dress

Sexy flowy movement is the accent of this spring, all inspired by the wild designs of the Jazz Age. Boxy dresses with fringes have been introduced by Dries Van Noten, Ferragamo, Proenza Schouler, and Rodarte. So put on your favorite playlist and dance the night away… infringe!

10. Leotards and Catsuits

A woman with a black catsuit and high heels

You can finally embrace your inner Catwoman. Leotards, catsuits, and bodysuits are back in the game. We've already seen some sparkly designs by Stella McCartney and Burberry, classic black by Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Maximillian, Alaïa, and color explosions by Lanvin, Theophillio, Victor Glemaud, Marine Serre, and many more. Gage some bodysuit outfit ideas worn head to toe to complete your 2022 style.


Spring and summer isn't where it ends, we have some juicy suggestions for valentine's day outfits and easter outfits you should check out, as well as some adorable long-sleeve dresses for spring that must be seen.

Of course, not all of us have the perfect supermodel body, so we've selected the best shapewear for lower belly pooch, too!

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